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  1. Just a reminder...
  2. Monday's Daily Stats for Fertility Charting Girls!
  3. Think I O'd but FF says no...
  4. Back from MIA-land with an update
  5. Charting on vacation?
  6. frustrated
  7. Opinions on names
  8. intro
  9. can you help me
  10. Maybe today...?
  11. Sunday's Daily Stats for Fertility Charting Girls!!
  12. Thank-you Nikki, Shawna and others
  13. Hi everyone!
  14. Excited that my body is giving me O signs!
  15. Do you think i O'd?
  16. Saturday's Daily Stats for Fertility Charting Girls!!
  17. What do you guys think
  18. ignore
  19. Very confused about this cycle -- never mind!
  20. wth is going on with my chart?
  21. To all...
  22. Christmas Day's Stats for Fertility Charting Girls!!
  23. Merry Christmas
  24. Thank you, Patty!!!!
  25. Christmas BFP
  26. Am I just chart challenged?
  27. FF question
  28. Would you consider this CD1?
  29. question about my chart
  30. Hey Nikki!
  31. when do temps drop back below the coverline?
  32. for those that POAS
  33. Info for those of you who take B6
  34. Wednesday's Daily Stats for Fertility Charting Girls!!
  35. I'm still obsessing over CM, sorry .. more expert input requested!
  36. Temp Drop, No AF, No BD
  37. Weirdest places you've POAS???
  38. I'm new to the whole temp charting..
  39. Question....
  40. Wish me luck!!!
  41. Ho, Ho, Ho!
  42. Totally sucking at chartng this month...
  43. diagnosis via email????
  44. how tall are you?
  45. quick questions
  46. lets get a prayer and dust thread
  47. I have a question about temps
  48. Tuesday's Daily Stats for Fertility Charting Girls!
  49. A testament to the power of fertility awareness
  50. Something to share...
  51. CM and CP questions [x-posted]
  52. Question about LP
  53. Final Results
  54. Home from my transfer!
  55. Do you think my coverline is accurate?
  56. Not feeling so good...
  57. Way TMI, but I have a CM question
  58. Help needed! Which temp should I use?
  59. Question about OPK, Ovulation and PCOS
  60. OPK help! x posted in TTC
  61. Someone please help!! X posted.
  62. low preO temps
  63. Sunday's Daily Stats for Fertility Charting Girls!!
  64. Question about FRER OPK
  65. FF says I'm possibly triphasic... *Update*
  66. Fertilization report, transfer tomorrow!! (xposted)
  67. Drop in temps?
  68. possible being sick & charting, HELP!
  69. Start a new chart or not?
  70. My Little Update (xposted)
  71. Kinda O/T -- acne after going off BCP
  72. Retrieval went well (xposted)
  73. Saturday's Daily Stats for Fertility Charting Girls!!
  74. I need chart help, please!
  75. OT question for Patty, Teresa, or anyone actually.
  76. Ignore
  77. Cycles
  78. Chart Pushers?
  79. What is your least favorite part of charting?
  80. In need of tips on when to temp
  81. S.t.a.c.y!!!
  82. B6 rises progesterone??
  83. Christmas Shopping!
  84. What'cha bakin'?
  85. Hello Grads!
  86. Weekend Plans???
  87. It's COMING!!!!!
  88. Friday's Daily Stats for Fertility Charting Girls!!
  89. Does someone want to explain VIP vs free?
  90. It's CD 10 and you know what that means.....
  91. Pending BFP
  92. Ok...FF might change my O date
  93. Egg white-ish CM but low temps?
  94. Back from my appt. Retrieval Saturday! (update post #6)
  95. Surprised, did I O?!
  96. Need expert charters' opinions...
  97. I'm in need of some stalkers please!!
  98. Thursday's Daily Stats for Fertility Charting Girls!
  99. Can you take a gander at my chart?
  100. More BDing at in-laws...
  101. My dog ate my
  102. Pre-O temps are very different this cycle
  103. Implantation bleeding?
  104. OPK/Charting question
  105. FF changes "O" date?? opinions/help, please? *pic of chart* (also posted in AIP)
  106. One more question!
  107. Tested This AM
  108. Wednesday's Daily Stats for Fertility Charting Girls!!
  109. Test Or No Test?
  110. what BBT to get?
  111. Im Baaaaccccckkkkkk
  112. Appt update (xposted)
  113. Finally, finally, finally!
  114. Stalk me Please!!!!
  115. Sleeping with your mouth open while charting BBT?
  116. Tuesday Daily Stats for Fertility Charting Girls!!
  117. chart is getting me down
  118. I just have to say...
  119. New BBT, temps vary depending on which one you use?
  120. There's no way, right?!??
  121. newbie time :)
  122. Can you stalk me please?
  123. Christmas Projects for the week?
  124. Any beauty treatments on tap?
  125. Patty!!
  126. Wow...how low can I go?
  127. Monday's Daily Stats for Fertility Charting Girls!
  128. What day did I O?
  129. A couple more questions!
  130. trying.................
  131. +OPK
  132. I officially hate my body. And FF.
  133. Sunday's Daily Stats for Fertility Charting Girls!!
  134. Can I Join? (also some questions)
  135. Invitation to a pity party
  136. She's Heeeeere!!!
  137. I didn't know I was pregnant!
  138. Temperature Adjustment
  139. Can I chart?
  140. Why does FF tell me to test on CD 34 (19DPO)?
  141. C'mon Flo!!!!!!!!!
  142. to BD or not, hmmm
  143. Saturday's Daily Stats for Fertility Charting Girls!!
  144. anyone wanna stalk my chart?
  145. This is taking....forever!!
  146. Ashley!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  147. My apologies!!!
  148. When do you think I o'ed?
  149. ^_^ Friday Stats for Fertility Charting Girls! ^_^
  150. Question
  151. No Christmas BFP, no August baby
  152. Ugh! I give up!
  153. Gals I feel bad I have been MIA over here
  154. Sorry to be a pain in the butt but can you look at my chart. i am royally confused
  155. dollar tree vs family dollar hpt?
  156. So... WHAT is going on?
  157. Negatory test at 12 DPO...really?? xposted
  158. Need some OPK help...did I ovulate?
  159. Low post-O temps?
  160. More OPK help please
  161. Home from my appt (xposted)
  162. Blah.
  163. Is there hope for me??
  164. And that's the end of that...
  165. Thursday's Daily Stats for Fertility Charting Girls!
  166. Brand new to charting - just a few questions...
  167. can you guys help me...I have some questions???
  168. Is my thermometer broken?
  169. FF wrong about O date? WDYT?
  170. nikki, where is that picture??!
  171. Temping problem...is this what I should do about it?
  172. For you ladies who like snow!
  173. I see everyone else is asking for stalking!
  174. I think my BB Therm cools my mouth down
  175. Appt tomorrow blizzard conditions stressed out (xposted)
  176. Nikki!!
  177. Wednesday's Daily Stats for Fertility Charting Girls!!
  178. do you think my post O temps are bad?
  179. So who thinks we are going to be getting lots of presents from Santa on this board???
  180. Is this a positive opk?
  181. Coverline Q
  182. OPK Pics, need advice :)
  183. Need a pep talk please
  184. I think FF might have my O date wrong...stalk me??
  185. Old Navy Sale!!
  186. Holy Temp Jump!!
  187. Tuesday Daily Stats for Fertility Charting Girls!!
  188. Finally getting the ball rolling xposted
  189. Temps trending downward??
  190. Drinking a lot of water and not getting any line on Ovulation Test
  191. Confused about cervix Mucus
  192. Pink-tinged CM?
  193. I'm Back with News!!!!
  194. Back from my appt! (xposted)
  195. Help...I have no idea where to start!!
  196. GTKY... Christmas Style!!!
  197. Getting ready...
  198. Expert charters please advise!
  199. Q about OV and temps
  200. Miscarriage?
  201. Charting Questions
  202. Today is the day!!
  203. Monday's Daily Stats for Fertility Charting Girls!!
  204. AMY! When are you testing?
  205. Same temp 5 times?
  206. Ugh. Now I need to NOT be pregnant this cycle.
  207. Please stalk my chart, opinions please
  208. Starting fish oil
  209. Temp question
  210. Weird BBT Problem
  211. *Updated* With a dip ugh please look!
  212. What do you call spotting??
  213. I really wish my period would start already.
  214. Questions for BTDT moms who have charted post-partum (x-posted)
  215. Early-Pregnancy-Tests.com HPTs and OPKs
  216. summer baby?!
  217. weirdest O ever!!
  218. Just a little GTKY
  219. How many days after the O do temps keep rising?
  220. Snow at Patty's (for Michelle and Nikki)
  221. B6? When to stop once you get a bfp?
  222. I'm back with my crazy chart for this cycle
  223. 11dpo and BFN, am I out?
  224. Confusing myself
  225. non-ovulation chart
  226. Well, well, well...
  227. Saturday's Daily Stats for Fertility Charting Girls!!
  228. Would you say I have a fever? lol
  229. Question about IC OPK's. (x-posted)
  230. Confused???
  231. I am a closet...... (Patty, this one is for you!!!! LOL)
  232. Random question about pregnancy dating (x-posted)
  233. AF is here
  234. How much does DH/SO understand?
  235. How many times were you SURE this was it.
  236. Out of Curiosity
  237. Missed ovulation on opk's? (x-posted) pics added *update* help!
  238. Had my u/s this morning
  239. Okay seriously that's a spike?!!
  240. What is the world is wrong with me ?-- Stalk My Chart
  241. Cara ~ 16 days of high temps?! Have you tested yet???
  242. Hot diggity dog Nikki What did I tell ya!
  243. Friday's Daily Stats for Fertility Charting Girls!!
  244. Tested this morning.....10 dpo (X-posted)
  245. woot woot! chs!
  246. Cervix Check
  247. Fertility Friend - Basic v. VIP?
  248. stalk me please
  249. mark as +opk?
  250. Back from doc, good news and expected sort of bad news...

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