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  1. Confused about cervix Mucus
  2. Pink-tinged CM?
  3. I'm Back with News!!!!
  4. Back from my appt! (xposted)
  5. Help...I have no idea where to start!!
  6. GTKY... Christmas Style!!!
  7. Getting ready...
  8. Expert charters please advise!
  9. Q about OV and temps
  10. Miscarriage?
  11. Charting Questions
  12. Today is the day!!
  13. Monday's Daily Stats for Fertility Charting Girls!!
  14. AMY! When are you testing?
  15. Same temp 5 times?
  16. Ugh. Now I need to NOT be pregnant this cycle.
  17. Please stalk my chart, opinions please
  18. Starting fish oil
  19. Temp question
  20. Weird BBT Problem
  21. *Updated* With a dip ugh please look!
  22. What do you call spotting??
  23. I really wish my period would start already.
  24. Questions for BTDT moms who have charted post-partum (x-posted)
  25. Early-Pregnancy-Tests.com HPTs and OPKs
  26. summer baby?!
  27. weirdest O ever!!
  28. Just a little GTKY
  29. How many days after the O do temps keep rising?
  30. Snow at Patty's (for Michelle and Nikki)
  31. B6? When to stop once you get a bfp?
  32. I'm back with my crazy chart for this cycle
  33. 11dpo and BFN, am I out?
  34. Confusing myself
  35. non-ovulation chart
  36. Well, well, well...
  37. Saturday's Daily Stats for Fertility Charting Girls!!
  38. Would you say I have a fever? lol
  39. Question about IC OPK's. (x-posted)
  40. Confused???
  41. I am a closet...... (Patty, this one is for you!!!! LOL)
  42. Random question about pregnancy dating (x-posted)
  43. AF is here
  44. How much does DH/SO understand?
  45. How many times were you SURE this was it.
  46. Out of Curiosity
  47. Missed ovulation on opk's? (x-posted) pics added *update* help!
  48. Had my u/s this morning
  49. Okay seriously that's a spike?!!
  50. What is the world is wrong with me ?-- Stalk My Chart
  51. Cara ~ 16 days of high temps?! Have you tested yet???
  52. Hot diggity dog Nikki What did I tell ya!
  53. Friday's Daily Stats for Fertility Charting Girls!!
  54. Tested this morning.....10 dpo (X-posted)
  55. woot woot! chs!
  56. Cervix Check
  57. Fertility Friend - Basic v. VIP?
  58. stalk me please
  59. mark as +opk?
  60. Back from doc, good news and expected sort of bad news...
  61. Went to the doc yesterday
  62. I've done so well this month but now
  63. Nikki
  64. Pre-O temp question... big drop and confused...
  65. Thursday's Daily Stats for Fertility Charting Girls!!
  66. Do You Think I O'd?
  67. Q about ovulation pains
  68. come out come out wherever you are
  69. I am so nervous. Wish me luck - off to the RE (updated post #10)
  70. CM question.
  71. So Michelle's post got me thinking, who likes snow?
  72. Quick question about ovulation
  73. I didn't get my temp this morning...
  74. If your bored take a look at my chart
  75. BBT vs. normal body temperature (x-posted)
  76. When would you call? (x-posted)
  77. bbt question
  78. My chart actually looks normal! Could this be start of triphasic?
  79. I just called the nurse to see if I could stop taking the bcp (xposted)
  80. This cycle is stupid
  81. oh please oh please let me have Od!
  82. Wednesday's Daily Stats for Fertility Charting Girls!!
  83. Can it be considered an O if...
  84. A new outlook on ttc...
  85. Another horrible horrible migraine (xposted)
  86. Question about CM
  87. Do you chart CM everyday?
  88. I need O dust please
  89. Dropping in from TTC#1 - question about space heaters & my chart!
  90. Doctor appts/updates?
  91. Sick and Frustrated!!
  92. Please stare at these. (x-posted)**UPDATED** w/today's pics
  93. Just when I thought things were getting clearer
  94. Poppin' In with a ? if ya don't mind...
  95. Does this look "normal"?
  96. Looking for a co-host for this board.
  97. Temp Drop
  98. Tuesday's Daily Stats Fertility Charting Girls ^_^
  99. Anyone have trouble getting FF vip??
  100. Confused with charting
  101. New to Charting...
  102. 17 days later and AF is rearing her ugly head again...
  103. Stepping down as cohost
  104. Monday's Daily Stats for Fertility Charting Girls!!
  105. I forgot to ask about the white dots
  106. Where are my CH??
  107. S/A
  108. I swear AF loves me!
  109. will I ever O?
  110. New Here
  111. Pre O or Post O?
  112. Finally!!
  113. is my opk pos? i cant tell
  114. ^_^ Sunday Stats ^_^
  115. 2 in a month
  116. omg! please please look at my chart
  117. Question about temps and mucus
  118. Saturday's Daily Stats for Fertility Charting Girls!!
  119. Day 1 of Cycle 6
  120. Really high temps. Help
  121. What brand of opks do you normally use?
  122. Traveling? Do you bring your stash when you travel?
  123. FF Question
  124. Okay so I have kind of given up on charting for now...
  125. Do you still have family visiting/ are you still visiting?
  126. question about OPKs
  127. ~**~ Friday's Daily Stat's ~**~
  128. Got my first set of crosshairs!! :)
  129. Can stress move your ovulation?
  130. Anovulatory Cycle?
  131. What do you make of this?
  132. Sad - my chart did it AGAIN!
  133. Happy Thanksgiving!!!
  134. Thanksgiving Day Daily Stats for Fertility Charting Girls!!!
  135. i don't usually ask, but....
  136. why today :(
  137. got cross hairs from ff
  138. which is the best setting to have your chart on?
  139. Check out these OPK's... x posted
  140. I've got a bad feeling about this...
  141. Wednesday's Daily Stats for Fertility Charting Girls!!
  142. I'm moving in here
  143. I shouldn't complain but I can't help it
  144. 14 DPO, temp still up, but still getting BFNs
  145. Positive opk and temp rise next day?
  146. so remember me whining about "painful ovulation"?
  147. Not feeling well (xposted)
  148. Up, up, and away!!!
  149. Does Prometrium cause false positive opk or is this a real surge?
  150. Back and Ready to Do This! (X-POST)
  151. Painful ovulation
  152. This should be interesting...
  153. What are you favorite tv shows?
  154. Do you get the house cleaner or act nicer around your o date?
  155. Natural fertility aids? What have you tried?
  156. Tuesday Daily Stats for Fertility Charting Girls!
  157. 8 DPO - Is this the same old thing?
  158. It is the period that never ends and it goes on and on my friend...
  159. Question about OPK's
  160. Hi ladies! Introducing myself new to charting
  161. cm question
  162. Finally got my chart linked (I think!) Please check it out!
  163. What do you condiser CD1?
  164. What do you make of that??
  165. Finally got my chart added to my profile...
  166. When can I stop temping for this cycle???
  167. Should I even bother?
  168. Do you temp vaginally or orally?
  169. Do you ever get scared to look at your temp?
  170. Is your chart getting you a little excited?
  171. Big temp drop, could it be pre O dip?
  172. Finally a pos opk
  173. Monday's Daily Stats for Fertility Charting Girls!
  174. Charting to avoid? Where do I start?
  175. Sunday's Daily Stats for Fertility Charting Girls!!
  176. help! need chart advice
  177. Hi everyone.
  178. my ff chart is making me nervous
  179. Lost Sleep
  180. Low temp today
  181. FF vs FertilityTies
  182. Finally on to Cycle #1!
  183. Saturday's Daily Stats for Fertility Charting Girls!!
  184. Can you see my chart?
  185. Lilsunshine !!!
  186. Friday Daily Stats for Fertility Charting Girls!
  187. Are you ready for Thanksgiving? Are you cooking anything?
  188. Have you ever thought about quitting charting or taking a break from it?
  189. Are the holidays going to mess up your bd or charting routine?
  190. 2 dpo??
  191. Update on my cycle.
  192. Does anyone else have a chart like this?
  193. Kind of interesting
  194. Concerned about this pain I've been having...
  195. I have mono :(
  196. Back Full Force (On Tuesday!) X-POSTED
  197. CM ?
  198. 3 bfps today?! WOW!!
  199. BFP (not real) for patty!
  200. what is going on with my temps?!
  201. Welcome to all our new grads!!
  202. August 10 DDC Grads
  203. Blah
  204. I'm going UPDATED w/test results
  205. Thursday's Daily Stats for Fertility Charting Girls!
  206. Sorry for being MIA
  207. i just realized...
  208. Surprise BFP!
  209. FertilityFriend Membership
  210. Bfp!!! Omg!
  211. Cmon red lines !!!!!!
  212. Temp rise!
  213. How am I going to remember?
  214. DH has already been warned LOL (X-POSTED)
  215. Question
  216. Going to buy OPK to get me through cycle, please advise
  217. 12 DPO pictures...x posted in ttc1
  218. Cramps!
  219. *Sighs* What do i believe??
  220. positive, positive, negative
  221. Positive OPK...but...
  222. Next Wednesday!!
  223. Clearly positive OPK, yahoo!!!
  224. FF cross hairs question.
  225. So...
  226. what do you think of this?
  227. What?? Confused...
  228. The Fertility Shop- WARNING
  229. Tuesday Daily Stats for Fertility Charting Girls!
  230. BD positions, does it matter to you?
  231. What crazy things do you obsess over during the 2WW
  232. What is your favorite ttc product?
  233. ack did i o?!
  234. Got it, got it :)
  235. I hate bcp. I am getting a migraine already
  236. Step One - got thermometer!
  237. Do You Dream about TTC, Charting or testing
  238. Bah. Af is on her way.
  239. Do you guys think I am stupid
  240. thinking i'm out
  241. I am so annoyed - semen analysis results given to dh and not me (xposted)
  242. Recording Drinking on Chart?
  243. I don't know....
  244. Well today's ultrasound went about as well as my last one- IVF postponed (xposted)
  245. Monday's Daily Stats for Fertility Charting Girls!
  246. So far.....
  247. Let the testing begin
  248. Worried???
  249. How do I enter this? x-posted
  250. My dd lost my thermometer