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  1. Hey there~ have a question*edited w/ working link*
  2. Doc says not to chart? Hmm...
  3. Does your "bean" have a nickname?
  4. What have you bought so far?
  5. His parents or your parents
  6. What are your most noticeable signs of ovulation?
  7. TTC vacation thread
  8. Two for Tuesday!
  9. Should I test??? ** Update, I tested**
  10. Kicking my coffee habit is killing me
  11. Today is Bloodwork!
  12. Tuesday Daily Stats for Fertility Charting Girls!!
  13. ahhh help
  14. That was kind of shocking.
  15. uh....... ok... more confused?
  16. My appt update! (xposted)
  17. Received my BBT today..........question
  18. Pretty sure it's just an evap.....Update post 14
  19. Headin' out the door...
  20. OMG I gotta pee!!
  21. opinions please!
  22. Back from Appointment
  23. That's better
  24. CM. What is going on?
  25. I'm so confused..
  26. are you proud of me??
  27. My appt is today and I have a ton to do today (xposted)
  28. Today is the day!!
  29. Monday's Daily Stats for Fertility Charting Girls!!
  30. Finally a temp spike.
  31. Charting newbie :)
  32. Which temp would you use?
  33. Soooo confused.
  34. Could someone take a look at my chart? :) Thank you!
  35. Am i 5 or 6 DPO
  36. WT...?
  37. when is ovulation?
  38. Not feeling Well and Charting..
  39. Best BBT Thermometers?
  40. Sunday's Daily Stats for Fertility Charting Girls!!
  41. what are my chances?
  42. I guess that huge temp dip didn't make me out (pg mentioned)
  43. Has anyone?
  44. Patty! Question about displaying a chart
  45. Can't figure it out...
  46. Questions about Charting my Temps
  47. Weird crosshairs
  48. FF gave me Triphasic Possibly
  49. When to call the dr???
  50. Will it be a repeat ?
  51. Well, it may be a "W"
  52. Saturday's Daily Stats for Fertility Charting Girls!!
  53. BBT in days of arousal.
  54. How To Chart This CM?
  55. temp question
  56. FF those meanies!
  57. Please stalk my chart!
  58. Is anyone else seeing this?
  59. It seems like every month...
  60. Getting a big O dust thread going for Tammy!
  61. For the pee stick addicts
  62. When was the last time your chart played a trick on you?
  63. Up or down?
  64. I'm wondering...
  65. Friday's Daily Stats for Fertility Charting Girls!!
  66. Any thoughts?
  67. Tricky little witch
  68. CM Question with a lil bit of TMI!
  69. Multi ewmc & ovulation questions
  70. Be honest, timing stinks right?
  71. Theresa!
  72. Do you look up your edd most cycles?
  73. How are you sleeping? Has temping insomnia/pee stick insomnia been getting to you?
  74. Lurkers! I challenge you to buy a bbt thermometer?
  75. Constructive input on your chart
  76. Several charting questions
  77. S/A Results
  78. I didn't expect that...
  79. Grad Roll Call!
  80. Gender Prediction Thread (post your guesses here)
  81. who is peeing soon?
  82. Before you started ttc what did you use for birth control?
  83. stupid body
  84. Thursday's Daily Stats for Fertility Charting Girls!
  85. Confused about CM (m/c mentioned)
  86. Is FF full of bologna??
  87. I forgot to tell you all about my pee stick dream
  88. Does a BBT shift mean you definitely ovulated?
  89. So happy I think I found a new OBGYN that does vbacs! (xposted)
  90. Stalk my chart please, two temps below coverline 8dpo
  91. Is there any bad habits you are trying to give up?
  92. Krista!!!! I think we get to be pee buddies again!!!
  93. Karin!!! Where are you?
  94. Cara! Not much longer till you can start your Clomid!!!
  95. Alice - you sure you don't want to take test today?
  96. Patricia ♥ Good luck at your appt today!!!!
  97. The Mother Load!!
  98. Wednesday's Daily Stats for Fertility Charting Girls!!
  99. So mad at my Doctor's office (X-Posted)
  100. Woohoo!!!! + OPK! (X-POSTED)
  101. Bummer, now all my delusions of testing early are taken away
  102. Newbie charters come here!!!
  103. How long were you ttc before you decided to start charting?
  104. Childbirth classes?
  105. Can I tell you guys something, this is kind of cool and weird
  106. Peestick for you guys to look at!
  107. November Updates
  108. Just back from the ER (x-posted)
  109. 14 DPO and temp spike
  110. Drinking? Drinking what?
  111. oh patty
  112. Boy am I glad...
  113. Tuesday's Daily Stats for Fertility Charting Girls!!
  114. i didnt know that could happen!
  115. Could someone look at my chart?
  116. I've got my hopes up!
  117. Yowsers! I'm sticking to these boards! (x-posted)
  118. Popping in again (good news)
  119. The other scenario FF idea
  120. Should you BD after your temp goes up?
  121. Not gonna make it...
  122. Thank God I'm experienced at peeing in a cup!
  123. Exciting news!!! Back from my appt (xposted)
  124. need temping advice
  125. Saying hi, new here
  126. My temps & another gripe session over walgreens therm.. help!
  127. Is anyone else in the 2ww over here?
  128. Monday's Daily Stats for Fertility Charting Girls!
  129. my temps are lower than normal.. why?
  130. Does Arousal and other Activities affect the next days temp?
  131. Dang it
  132. My doctor appt is tomorrow
  133. What did you do last night?
  134. My chart is looking pretty! Trying not to get excited
  135. Sunday Daily Stats for Fertility Charting Girls!!
  136. Help, on Provera but I think I O'd...what to do? (x-posted)
  137. FF Is So Gooood
  138. Results of testing this AM and a question...added another update :(
  139. No trick, but indeed a treat!
  140. Sick!!!
  141. Are you girls ready for the time change?
  142. Crosshairs and confusion
  143. Blegh!
  144. Started progesterone cream today X posted
  145. Saturday's Daily Stats for Fertility Charting Girls!!
  146. I'm so confused..I think I O'd??
  147. Teach me the ways!
  148. Really???
  149. Estimating past chart O's
  150. Visiting.. I had my GENDER ultrasound!!!
  151. New here
  152. I feel like I'm starting a new chapter in my life
  153. Getting a Referral! (M/C mentioned) X-POST
  154. Dealing With Heat
  155. This Clomid is playing tricks with my head (I peed on an opk and now I am confused)
  156. How often do you eat dinner at the table?
  157. Not much longer Nikki!
  158. If you end up having a monitored cycle/fertility treatment
  159. Have you ever had a cycle
  160. Coming over from TTC1, with a question.
  161. Can I tell you what I discovered (completely and totally OT)
  162. Have you ever not been able to reach your cervix?
  163. could somebody please??
  164. TTC Predictions
  165. Can u take a look at my chart?
  166. Friday's Daily Stats for Fertility Charting Girls!!
  167. So I caved...
  168. Look what I got!
  169. Has anyone continued BBT-ing after getting pregnant?
  170. Won't be around much
  171. Pee stick addict poll - who do you think?
  172. So confused!
  173. I've learned my lesson from last cycle
  174. Have you started thinking about holiday shopping yet?
  175. So how many of us now are getting a little medical help...
  176. Male or female docs?
  177. Good luck at your doctor appt Michelle!
  178. My two day whining fest
  179. Question # 1 for the day...
  180. Thursday's Daily Stats for Fertility Charting Girls!
  181. 2nd day spike~!?!
  182. What do you think...
  183. question about charting with a baby
  184. Brand Spankin New To Charting!
  185. Insted cups
  186. My OPK from today!
  187. I really don't feel well today
  188. My chart is teasing me
  189. Wednesday's Daily Stats for Fertility Charting Girls!!
  190. I just don't understand :(
  191. BBT therm use
  192. Goodbyes and thank you's!
  193. Lurker Intro
  194. new to charting
  195. Should I...
  196. Chart Jumps and Finally an O~! :D
  197. I might actually have a chance......what do you think???
  198. An update on me, laying low
  199. Who is peeing on opks right now?
  200. Do you have to nag dh to bd or is he usually pretty cooperative?
  201. If you have a baby girl
  202. Things you hate about ttc
  203. Finally some answers
  204. Am I doomed this month?
  205. Wow! Temp Dip
  206. Tuesday Daily Stats for Fertility Charting Girls!!
  207. My free Cheri reading!!
  208. Oh the decisions...lol
  209. Charters using Clomid, ? for you
  210. Pokin' my head out...
  211. bak from doc. good and bad news (xposted)
  212. Can I borrow your eyes? X-Posted
  213. Just a vent........having a bad day....
  214. Seeking opinions, possibly annovulatory
  215. appt in 10 days
  216. Hey you newbies! Come here
  217. Is anyone going to test soon?
  218. Michelle not much longer till your appt!
  219. Does telling your dh/so about your o date
  220. Just for fun
  221. So how was everyone's weekend?
  222. Monday Daily Stats for the Fertility Charting Girls!!
  223. what the heck??
  224. My OPK's (photo included)
  225. Yet another use for Instead cups
  226. New at charting...Please check out my charts!
  227. How do I post my chart?
  228. Fertility Friend VIP worth it?
  229. Chart viewage
  230. okay i'm back in the game!
  231. Right on que, spotting at 7 dpo
  232. They took away my CH again!
  233. oh wow
  234. What?????
  235. Woohoo - my silver lining!!
  236. I am such an IDIOT! Forgot all about my Clomid that I was supposed to start today!!!
  237. Got my free Cheri reading in
  238. UTI and TTC?? ugh...
  239. Let's give your dh/so's a grade?
  240. Temperature Uno game (let's see how long we can get this)
  241. Friday Daily Stats for the Fertility Charting Girls!
  242. Gah, I'm really going crazy this cycle!
  243. when do the charters test?
  244. BBT V dip then U dip.
  245. Discovered something new about my cm
  246. The craziest bfp chart
  247. So depressed/mad/sad/upset!!!!
  248. BBT question
  249. For those who have had fertility testing
  250. Wait - WHAT?! Is that a faint line?

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