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  1. oh wow
  2. What?????
  3. Woohoo - my silver lining!!
  4. I am such an IDIOT! Forgot all about my Clomid that I was supposed to start today!!!
  5. Got my free Cheri reading in
  6. UTI and TTC?? ugh...
  7. Let's give your dh/so's a grade?
  8. Temperature Uno game (let's see how long we can get this)
  9. Friday Daily Stats for the Fertility Charting Girls!
  10. Gah, I'm really going crazy this cycle!
  11. when do the charters test?
  12. BBT V dip then U dip.
  13. Discovered something new about my cm
  14. The craziest bfp chart
  15. So depressed/mad/sad/upset!!!!
  16. BBT question
  17. For those who have had fertility testing
  18. Wait - WHAT?! Is that a faint line?
  19. HELP- need a new thermometer
  20. Pink or Blue?
  21. Anyone making Halloween crafts/cookies/decorations?
  22. AF girls anyone want to have some drinks with me tonight?
  23. Odd question
  24. Called my doc's office today (xposted)
  25. Thursday Daily Stats for the Fertility Charting Girls!
  26. Pictures of my
  27. Well, I thought AF was here...
  28. reassurance
  29. Crazy girl just paid for a Cherri reading
  30. Please say a prayer and be thankful! x-posted
  31. Never thought I'd be happy to say this. She's here!!!
  32. I Tested
  33. Lalala the temptress is here to tempt you into being naughty
  34. So for the gals that have moved on without me
  35. When you get bfns does your dh/so cheer you up?
  36. I am out for a while... DR update
  37. Woo hoo! My fertility monitor came today!
  38. Doc office questions
  39. Moron = Me. I tested.
  40. How long does sperm live inside a woman
  41. Laying Low...
  42. Wednesday's Daily Stats for Fertility Charting Girls!!
  43. Got a lot going on today
  44. Pics of me feeding my POAS withdrawals today! Updated post 1
  45. Anyone else have spotting before AF?
  46. Is anyone out there?!
  47. my OB appointment this morning
  48. Is anyone testing today?
  49. Where is my AF??
  50. Have you ever stood on your head or done anything wacky after bding?
  51. Your earliest and latest?
  52. Testing Tuesday
  53. OPK poll
  54. Is there any baby gear you are eye balling?
  55. BD Question
  56. Tuesday's Daily Stats for Fertility Charting Girls!!
  57. Maybe now I'll get my bfp...
  58. O/T: need some good thoughts for tomorrow...
  59. My Shipments Arrived!
  60. H1n1
  61. This sucks!
  62. If my chart were a rollercoaster...
  63. Updated, my OPK's arrived!
  64. Can't someone just...
  65. Well, after all that... (x-posted)
  66. Banging pots and pans party over here (let's wake up Karin's dh)
  67. Karin!
  68. I peed on a stick
  69. Got my Cherri22 free reading back
  70. well goodbye
  71. And just like that...
  72. Strange thing happened this morning...
  73. Monday's Daily Stats for Fertility Charting Girls!
  74. Wishing it were later
  75. An update on me.
  76. Ovulation Chart Questions
  77. Anyone POAS in the AM?
  78. What???? is going on with my body???? X posted in a few places opinions wanted
  79. Today's OPK & pee pee question
  80. Hey Tammy!!
  81. Ugh...please look at my chart!
  82. Sorry for being MIA
  83. Sunday's Daily Stats for Fertility Charting Girls!!
  84. Patty!!!
  85. FF VIP membership
  86. Check out my chart - FF being bizarre
  87. Check out my chart - FF being bizarre
  88. I love DH!
  89. What in the world?!?! UPDATED IN 1ST POST
  90. I confused FF I think... Updated
  91. hi ladies
  92. Karin, how are you holding up?
  93. Michelle!! Have you poas yet?
  94. Still Waiting...
  95. I'm a grad!
  96. Crash course on eBay? *update* I won! I won! I won!
  97. Another BFP and a question about charting...
  98. um um um read me **updated with pic**
  99. Does anyone ever come across people like this? LONG, but I need some support! UPDATED
  100. New Plan
  101. I am Farty McBackache...
  102. Saturday's Daily Stats for Fertility Charting Girls!!
  103. I knew it!!!
  104. I am going to KILL him!
  105. OPK's PostPartum??
  106. Question about EWCM
  107. I think we need a pee test bonfire!
  108. Can we have some fun tonight!
  109. Question about O test strips
  110. writerchick324
  111. A BFP you can see!
  112. Darn it!!
  113. my temp is... (x-posted)
  114. Yipeee! Got my crosshairs!
  115. Temps low?
  116. Evap on FRER? Update with pic in post #5(Xposted in TTCAL)
  117. Exercising in the TWW?
  118. Well, that was a slap in the face
  119. pee partay pic
  120. Frustrated and confused :( Post 1 updated with OPK pics
  121. Oh... my back!
  122. Friday's Daily Stats for Fertility Charting Girls!!
  123. It's my party and I'll cry if I want to
  124. let the insanity begin!
  125. I miss charting!!
  126. Doctor appointment and not being around much lately.
  127. I need a BFP
  128. Patty!
  129. Am I Crazy?
  130. Update on Me
  131. this month is out for me :(
  132. I think this is it!!
  133. Teresa told me I couldn't have anything to drink after 8pm and I am dying of thirst
  134. Check out my chart... please :] **added chart**
  135. OB appointment update (xposted)
  136. Oh how strange -- Temp Update
  137. What is it about this month for everyone?
  138. Finally!!!
  139. CBE Digital
  140. Sorry for being slack, my peestick high is over
  141. Quick Questions! :)
  142. i think this morning tests were defective new pic included
  143. Can FF be wrong?
  144. update on my son who saved his cousin's life from burning up.(Award Ceremony)
  145. I am spotting now *TMI*
  146. so DH said....
  147. Does my chart say anything to you?
  148. A few questions...
  149. My wonky chart - wanna stalk it and tell me what you think?
  150. can you ladies look at my chart-kinda x posted
  151. H1N1 vaccine - thoughts?
  152. Temps rising...??
  153. huh???
  154. Thursday's Daily Stats for Fertility Charting Girls!
  155. What would your EDD be?
  156. I feel like my chart is horrible
  157. Ugh, what is going on now...
  158. Getting this Pee Party Started!!
  159. Understanding How to Use Fertility Friends Search
  160. OPK help please!!
  161. Having a pee party! Krista and I are hosting! Who else is coming?
  162. saline sonohistogram?
  163. Danny hates me!!
  164. wierd pulling feeling
  165. Alright Ladies, its Game Time!
  166. Can you vote in my peestick poll over on AIP
  167. Short LP?
  168. Do you know what I hate?
  169. That's a new one!
  170. What in the hell?
  171. question from newbie to this board...
  172. Pregnancy points
  173. i thought i was out but lookey
  174. todays test
  175. Fess up, do you ever look at the multiple pregnancy charts
  176. What is your chart telling you today?
  177. For the girls that work, how do you deal with the 2ww crazies at work
  178. Why did FF change my coverline temp at 13 DPO?
  179. BTDT Moms...cervix question for those who have been pregnant before...
  180. Crosshairs back but do you think I really O'd?
  181. Patty, Candace, Nikki and Spliz
  182. Finally!!
  183. Wednesday's Daily Stats for Fertility Charting Girls!!
  184. Hey girls! Ashley's sister just joined JM!
  185. Yet another stalk my chart
  186. Could today be O-Day?
  187. Chart stalkers get in here! Updated with pretend info post 9
  188. +OPK? *pic*
  189. Patty's peestick pics 9dpo - CBE & FRER stare to your heart's content (xposted)
  190. Someone tied a string to my left ovary & vagina then pulled it!
  191. Thinking about testing tomorrow
  192. FRER Digital
  193. I have a confession. Try not to laugh or pick on me (xposted)
  194. Well, I bought a test...
  195. Question for you ladies about conception date--any help appreciated
  196. Doctor Called Back (M/C mentioned)
  197. Think this might be an anovulatory or at least delayed-O cycle
  198. When you're TTC...
  199. My FIL Died today
  200. Do you think I O'd??
  201. 13 DPO... or am I?
  202. Can you help JM out! This is easy!
  203. Seriously?
  204. Progesterone cream when should I start?
  205. Krista how did our pee date go? I think I have been stood up!
  206. 8dpo BFN (xposted)
  207. What do you think of my chart?
  208. yesterday...
  209. So confused!
  210. ABC's of Pregnancy
  211. so Paige said....lol
  212. opinions needed
  213. temps still up
  214. So slooooow
  215. 11DPO and counting
  216. Tuesday's Daily Stats for Fertility Charting Girls!!
  217. 11 dpo
  218. JessP!
  219. B6 when and how much
  220. O Date
  221. BBT Chart Quickly Dropping. Help please
  222. I am seriously thinking about breaking into my tests tomorrow (xposted)
  223. Who feels O pains?
  224. Baby names
  225. Does classical music stimulate my baby's development?
  226. this week testers
  227. My Grrr moment...
  228. Temps While Waiting (M/C mentioned)
  229. testing!
  230. Today's Tests (BFP)Lots of Pics
  231. Hello, Im an older poster that is ttc again and I have a question
  232. Stalk me and an implantation dip ?
  233. ok girls scrutinize pics from 8 and 9 DPO added
  234. What did my temp do?!
  235. todays test
  236. Laurenj915, lookie there FF did change your o date
  237. How much say will your dh have in...
  238. FRER $2 Coupons
  239. Does your belly ever look pregnant during the 2ww?
  240. When was the last time you looked through FF charting gallery?
  241. Sandy! Did you test today?
  242. Patty!!!
  243. Is your dh spoiling you?
  244. Question about sleep and temp
  245. 2WW home strech!
  246. Big Ol Dippy Dip
  247. Cheri22 Special... TODAY ONLY!!
  248. Let's Hear from the TWW'ers...
  249. Just as I expected...
  250. Holy diparoony batman

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