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  1. argh
  2. I am the little old lady that lived in a shoe... (xposted because I am crazy)
  3. Shame on FF they took one of my preggie points away from me!
  4. Do you get snow where you live? And are you looking forward to it this year?
  5. For the girls waiting to o, how are you holding up?
  6. ahhh my bladder
  7. Temp rise not high enough?
  8. I did a "my lil monkey" Overlay
  9. Drum roll please....
  10. Sunday's Daily Stats for Fertility Charting Girls!!
  11. Took my first temp
  12. Temp Question *again*
  13. temp taking question
  14. Holy....!!!!!!!!
  15. ??? - Stalk me!!
  16. If my dh wakes me up one more time I am getting my own room!
  17. Frustrated
  18. Krista!
  19. My Thermometer Broke, how much is this going to throw off my temps this cycle?
  20. Got my smiley face today!
  21. Please stalk my Chart
  22. Charting m/c question
  23. High temp dust please***It worked***
  24. I think I'm throwing this one out.
  25. When, oh when, to test...
  26. Keep going up up up please temps :)
  27. Ugh, ok, I need your help *Update msg 19*
  28. Diaper changing/baby experience?
  29. How often do you update your chart?
  30. Have you bought any maternity clothes yet?
  31. Patty
  32. My chart has never looked like this!
  33. Oh yeah!!
  34. Saturday's Daily Stats for Fertility Charting Girls!!
  35. Crosshairs
  36. Do you know??
  37. temp jump and cramps
  38. slow rise
  39. Today's OPK
  40. I am ready for my preggie points
  41. Quick Update...Beta X POSTED
  42. How bad did I mess up??
  43. What part of charting was the hardest for you to get?
  44. When you are in doubt which fertile sign do you go by?
  45. I think...
  46. I want to see our grads board busier! So...
  47. Mousewife I saw you sneak in on our chart stalking thread
  48. 5dpo and temp back up!!!
  49. Friday's Daily Stats for Fertility Charting Girls!!
  50. OK ladies, Temp question
  51. Help/info/suggestions for choosing OPK
  52. Still Freaking out! UPDATED!(x-posted)
  53. I know we always get down, but do you ever feel like this is THE ONE?
  54. wanting to join here and have a question
  55. I got my + OPK
  56. FF and Chemical Pregnancy/Miscarriage
  57. Question to anyone using Soy Isoflavones
  58. Don't usually post here, but my chart is confusing me! Updated with some OPK pics!
  59. First OPK of the day
  60. What should I record this CM as?
  61. Is this most likely an estrogen surge?
  62. Did I ovulate yet?
  63. charting on iPhone
  64. Why oh why is it always this way?
  65. For our pregnant charters...
  66. At this very moment...
  67. Do you ever lurk on the due date clubs?
  68. Thursday's Daily Stats for Fertility Charting Girls!
  69. Yay!!! New thermometer!! New start!!
  70. I hate my chart!
  71. I know I shouldn't read too much into this but
  72. 2WW who is with me
  73. My Appt Today X POST
  74. Implatation dip? Please look @ my chart
  75. Laughing at my chart, silly FF!
  76. Will a sleep aid affect your temp.?
  77. Stalk my chart!
  78. 13dpo and super low temp....
  79. Update on my cramps
  80. I have never POAS!
  81. why oh why
  82. Can y'all look at my chart please?
  83. Please let me get a + OPK today!!!
  84. Today's temp
  85. Yay crosshairs!! 3dpo how am I lookin?
  86. Help please :)
  87. Wednesday's Daily Stats for Fertility Charting Girls!!
  88. New here...question about tracking my temps...on Clomid.
  89. so bad this cycle
  90. Can we get some sticky vibes going for HopefulMommy81 and teresarunningmommy
  91. Rennie! Hey girl!
  92. She's here!
  93. Bev26 checking on you
  94. I think I had a chemical pregnancy....
  95. Finally got Cross but FF took them away (updated)
  96. 3dpo! :)
  97. What does "triphasic" mean?-UPDATE! POAS!
  98. I think I might have o'd! (xposted)
  99. i think i o'd yesterday... opinions please
  100. Stupid temp
  101. Tuesday's Daily Stats for Fertility Charting Girls!!
  102. Why is spotting not counted as CD1?
  103. Update on my Nephew who was burned
  104. i need some get well dust
  105. Is it safe to stop BDing?
  106. Same Temp 4 days in a row?
  107. Had a few questions
  108. Temperature Charting Basics ?
  109. Back from my appt (xposted)
  110. New here....charting & breastfeeding?
  111. Hi Ladies.. Sorry I've been MIA
  112. Do You See Anything? Be Honest!
  113. my first pics to share (don't get too excited...only OPKs!)
  114. I am sooo frustrated!!!(OT and long)
  115. Preseed
  116. This Ever Happen to Anyone?
  117. EWCM Question
  118. Prenatal Vitamins
  119. More ?'s..sorry to bother everyone
  120. Would you have an issue
  121. Here I go again...
  122. Duh duh duh duh are you sick of me yet (positive opk!!!!)
  123. Spotting??
  124. OMG I totally screwed up my appt (they just called)
  125. Hey Nikki! Remember that different is good conversation
  126. Okay all our preggie girls check in!
  127. New idea, Friday girl? (Sign up here)
  128. Who has been ttc six months or longer?
  129. Besides opks and charting, what other things do you do to help you conceive?
  130. Man do I need to update our chart stalking sticky
  131. Cara!!!! (forest)
  132. Alice!! How are you feeling? I have been stalking your chart all morning
  133. Monday Daily Stats for Fertility Charting Girls!!!
  134. My ultrasound appt is today! (xposted)
  135. First month REALLY trying..
  136. Anyone scrapbook or digi scrapbook?
  137. When you get your bfp, how long will you take to schedule your first appt?
  138. Sigh... Maybe a July Baby
  139. How important is foreplay in your ttc bding efforts?
  140. Sunday Daily Stats for Fertility Charting girls!!!
  141. You can't get pregnant if..........
  142. Woohoo
  143. Can digital OPK's be wrong?
  144. So 12 DPO is looking good!!
  145. venting and baby dust request!
  146. Saturday fun #3 (your most coolest place you have ever bd)
  147. Saturday fun #2 (your favorite alcoholic drink or virgin drink if you insist)
  148. Saturday fun (three of your favorite movies)
  149. Does anyone know a good site THATS FREE
  150. OMG another post about me, sorry Left sided O pains!!!!!
  151. Xtra special baby dust thread for Nikki!!
  152. I just realized that I have three bottles of Robitussin in my house now!
  153. Help w/ my chart please...
  154. New here and a ?
  155. Michelle, where's the pics?
  156. AF at 10 DPO...Seriously!
  157. Saturday's Daily Stats for Fertility Charting Girls!!
  158. B6 question
  159. O/T Song stuck in my head...
  160. Health insurance poll
  161. Symptoms already?!?(TMI)
  162. I couldn't stop myself...(11DPO Digi pic!)
  163. weird.
  164. This could be an odd cycle...
  165. Oh Michelle.....
  166. What!?!
  167. The waiting to o is killing me
  168. Friday Five! October questions
  169. How faithful are you about taking prenatals?
  170. Record ttc bding?
  171. So who else is still in for the June ddc?
  172. Friday Daily Stats for Fertility Charting Girls!!
  173. Just saying hi
  174. And CBE wins by a landslide! X posted
  175. my temps
  176. OPK question???(with pic)
  177. Look at my chart please??
  178. Wahoo I O'ed!!
  179. something a little intersting, for once
  180. ladies...needing encouragement
  181. Home and back from my HSG!!!
  182. I don't think it's working...
  183. Charting and OPK Questions
  184. irregualar periods
  185. Sadness aside.. Charting is SO cool!
  186. FF Chart confusion, looking for some opinions!
  187. Here is a pic for those needing a 'pic fix'
  188. Temp Dip Below Coverline- HELP?!
  189. Question about slow rise after O
  190. New rule for posting BFP's!!!
  191. How soon after temp drop does AF show?
  192. Leaving Iowa today!!! Should be home in about 7 hours (xposted)
  193. What are my temps doing this month??
  194. Wednesday's Daily Stats for Fertility Charting Girls!!
  195. I did it!!
  196. ...embarassing question
  197. FF question
  198. When should I test?
  199. Good temp drop?
  200. How will you tell DH/SO?
  201. TWW girls!
  202. yay I got it fixed :)
  203. Frustrated.............
  204. Michelle!!
  205. *Look at today's OPK* ((PIC))
  206. Nikki
  207. Pinch me - I'm dreaming (X Posted)
  208. Just told hubby...
  209. Tuesday Daily Stats for Fertility Charting Girls!!
  210. Ladies i just took another test...??
  211. B6 issues..anyone else
  212. Well ladies i thought AF was on here way but i got a suprise this am
  213. Fertility, Cycles & Nutrition
  214. i don't have any more spotting.
  215. Well ladies hubby caved....??
  216. Sorry tmi but....??
  217. So frustrated with my LP (3 days!)
  218. Can implantation bleeding happen at 14 dpo !!
  219. im a pain
  220. Please bear with my Obsessing!
  221. Candace
  222. I thought I was about to O....???
  223. FF Question
  224. Should I be doing this this way?
  225. Coverline Question?
  226. Which temp do I use?
  227. question
  228. Monday's Daily Stats for Fertility Charting Girls!
  229. Looks positive to me (opk pic)
  230. Temp has gone up again!!! Almost all the way!!!
  231. Ladies i think i tested to early? Look at my chart =(
  232. I am so tired of driving now
  233. Can i use FF temp corrector on this temp
  234. when should I test, ladies?
  235. Hubby and i just had a fight
  236. Can i set a stop watch when i take my next HPt?
  237. My chart doesn't look so different to me now
  238. What do I chart this CM as?
  239. I tested... Updated with pics in post 1
  240. very close temps
  241. taking the month off
  242. Candace...
  243. Temp drop at 5 DPO
  244. Sorry tmi but...
  245. Ladies i don't think i had a positive then?
  246. Ladies i just took at test at 1:30 am!!!
  247. Ladies I know this doesn't count but..
  248. What method do you use?
  249. Pink spotting?(Least of my problems-update post 10,please pray)
  250. Don't know what to think (X posted)

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