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  1. Darn pretty chart
  2. Should I keep temping?
  3. Back to Reality
  4. I think this says it all...
  5. Is it normal...
  6. Temping within 1 hour each time.. Need help!
  7. Finally took the digi!! (x-posted in AIP)
  8. Lets see your...
  9. still....
  10. Ummm....really yellow CM?
  11. I caved and POAS
  12. Hot head???
  13. Do you think i o'd on cd 15?
  14. My chart is updated w/ this morning's temp!
  15. How much do you really like babies?
  16. How "green" are you?
  17. Monday's Hot Hot Chart! We got lots of them!!!
  18. Guess what? I do have a charting twin. Her name is Sandy!
  19. Guess what ladies?
  20. What in blue blazes....?
  21. Monday's Daily Stats for Fertility Charting Girls!!
  22. I Think I Am on My Way Out....
  23. Who thinks I implanted on 6DPO?
  24. Greeting ladies!!!
  25. Found my chart twin!
  26. Will you
  27. Sorry I've been MIA
  28. Can you really tell anything from a chart at 9dpo?
  29. I think DH made it home in time!
  30. Okay gals we are having a cyber party
  31. Before you started charting how well did you keep up with your cycles?
  32. How often do you get to lie around and do nothing all day?
  33. Sound like a good bd schedule the next two weeks?
  34. I am sooo wanting to test
  35. Short AF visit!
  36. earliest you tested
  37. Have you had your first appt? How'd it go?
  38. So tell us how you told dh/so?
  39. Temp jumped
  40. Sunday's Daily Stats for Fertility Charting Girls!!
  41. She's here and with a vengance (x-posted)
  42. Does it look like I Oed?
  43. NickieH & *tacii
  44. Which Side?
  45. MY TEST AT 8DPO!! Update w/ 9DPO test, #21!!
  46. Well still not ovulated?
  47. I am so upset I can't sleep.
  48. Got a BFP - thanks to all you ladies who helped me!
  49. 10 days and still bleeding?
  50. How long do you keep a bfn around before you finally throw it away?
  51. Have you ever had an anovulatory cycle?
  52. How often do you bd twice in one day?
  53. IPS
  54. How does my chart look so far?
  55. ???????????
  56. Question about an early AF that stayed 1 day...Help!!
  57. how will you tell DH/SO about BFP
  58. Any weekend testers
  59. Is it too early to have a Tripathic Chart?
  60. Um... I'd like to O now please...
  61. Saturday's Daily Stats for Fertility Charting Girls!!
  62. BBT headaches :(
  63. Cough medicine
  64. I tested at 7DPO. :-P (mentioned in AIP, too)
  65. Ovulation Pain- Do you get it and how long before you O?
  66. Can't remember to temp ;-(
  67. UPDATE : Why did this happen?
  68. Why did this happen?
  69. I'm still alive!
  70. Just thinking ahead...
  71. Yay I got "fired" ha ha (((OT)))
  72. what is harder
  73. Question about O
  74. Sore nips...
  75. Friday's Daily Stats for Fertility Charting Girls!!
  76. ugh.
  77. todays temp
  78. My chart is a MESS! What is wrong?
  79. My apologies...
  80. Just an FYI on board issues (data base errors, slow loading, etc)
  81. Friday's HOT HOT HOT Charts
  82. Question about temps?
  83. This cycles has been crazy
  84. stuip temps :(
  85. What do you think about this?
  86. So Excited! O/T
  87. What do you think
  88. Need advice
  89. I'll be joining you all again
  90. Polls on FF
  91. can you look at my chart
  92. i think i o'd yesterday does it look llike it?
  93. Post-O CM and Other Stuff
  94. I have a question concerning multiples and charts.
  95. Brand names (hpts, opks, and other stuff)
  96. Do you do anything to spoil yourself (get your nails done, massage, etc)
  97. What do you trust more, FF or your own interpretation?
  98. Since we always do what's for dinner, how 'bout what's for breakfast?
  99. Thursday's Daily Stats for Fertility Charting Girls!
  100. Thursday's Hot Chart of the Day (trying to get this going again)
  101. Help with chart...
  102. FF Changed My O Date
  103. Well ladies...
  104. Maybe I did not O
  105. Wednesday's Daily Stats for Fertility Charting Girls!!
  106. Got AF after only 5DPO!
  107. question regarding temp?
  108. Kind of O/T Vent....(x posted in my TTC#1 journal)
  109. Rennie! I saw you slip in over here
  110. Intercourse Timing on FF
  111. O pain
  112. Oh come on! (x-posted)
  113. I think I'm out....venting
  114. I am going back to bed, I think I o'd
  115. Thyroid checked out to be fine
  116. Weird Crampy Feeling
  117. the POAS bug
  118. Hi. New Here
  119. Can I use my chart to just help verify my OPK
  120. I decided to chart again..
  121. Outta the mouths of babes...
  122. I don't believe it!!!
  123. Charting and shift work
  124. AF showed today
  125. Back from my 1st appointmant
  126. What's For Dinner?
  127. Question about cervix
  128. Eh?!?! FF moved my CH!!! D'you ladies still think I O'd on CD14??
  129. If you thought I was obsessed before...
  130. what do you think
  131. Grr!!! (x-posted in AIP)
  132. Is this normal-I hate my chart!
  133. When you day dream about holding your baby?
  134. How long will/would you ttc before you would call it quits and/or get help?
  135. Are you seeing similar patterns?
  136. Do you and your dh/so have a lot in common?
  137. non-charter
  138. Well didn't get to bd yesterday
  139. Tuesday's Daily Stats for Fertility Charting Girls!!
  140. Scared to Think It....
  141. Uh oh...
  142. hello ladies...
  143. Different software = different O dates? x-posted
  144. Nervous
  145. What Do You Think My Chances Are I O'd yesterday?
  146. My OPK today was....
  147. Can someone take a look at my chart for me?
  148. It is so hot
  149. do you.... Ovulation test ?
  150. Wondfo ovulation/preg test
  151. ??
  152. Will I ever ovulate???
  153. Different Shades/Color of EWCM?
  154. Nominating 2 Ladies for HOT HOT HOT Charts Today...
  155. Getting off to a bad start, my temp is messed up and I stayed up too late
  156. Stretchy Semen?
  157. Will you find out the sex?
  158. Since I'm gonna be hanging around here...
  159. Woohoo!!!
  160. Luteal Phase
  161. Do my eyes deceive me?
  162. Not Ovulating After +OPK?
  163. Robitussin and fate...lol
  164. Monday's Daily Stats for Fertility Charting Girls!!
  165. Let the stalking begin
  166. Can i be ovulating this early?
  167. Pretty Sure That I'm Out
  168. What do you gals think of the poem i just wrote
  169. What do you avoid during the 2ww?
  170. should i test
  171. Hmm...what do yall think?
  172. Please look at my chart and let know what you think- I am almost sure AF on the way
  173. OPK question... thinking about starting.
  174. Interesting fact(s) we don't know about you!
  175. Babies and French Onion Dip
  176. OPK Question...
  177. WOOOT! Positive OPK!!!
  178. Oh oh oh + opk
  179. I am new to charting ... can anyone help me with this?
  180. Help the witch stay away!
  181. Something is different...
  182. Sunday's Daily Stats for Fertility Charting Girls!!
  183. DeepSouthGirl
  184. Didn't get my temp this morning, grumble grumble
  185. Anyone heard this before?
  186. Question about my chart?
  187. Have a look at my chart!
  188. Message to board. Leaving board/site.
  189. Can anyone help me out with this?
  190. I think I am going to have a mental breakdown..
  191. re-intro - Hey :)
  192. What if I never have EWCM?
  193. Things are going ok.
  194. It seems awful early...
  195. Chart help
  196. Saturday's Daily Stats for Fertility Charting Girls!
  197. Temp is up a bit more!
  198. Temps suppose to be rocky during AF?
  199. So I peed on it (pics inside) - xposted
  200. O dust needed
  201. 8dp - $$test - what do you think?
  202. What do you guys think?
  203. Symptom talk...
  204. OPK getting darker
  205. Which OPK reading do you pick if they are different?
  206. What DPO do you test on?
  207. Charting after a BFP
  208. Thank you to an awesome board!!
  209. A def. positive OPK!!!
  210. Just for Patty!!!
  211. Friday's Hot Chart of the day!
  212. Do you think it is important to be a pre-baby couple for a while before you start ttc
  213. Do you look your age? (inspired by my bday)
  214. Do you have any fun or interesting hobbies?
  215. Friday's Daily Stats for Fertility Charting Girls!!
  216. Interrupted sleep = slightly lower temp today
  217. will this be your last baby
  218. Because I Am Starting to Get Discouraged....
  219. I got my crosshairs! WOOT!
  220. Testing......results.
  221. Anybody up this early...testing!
  222. New Here!
  223. Exercise and TTC ?
  224. Hi Ladies... Can I join the fun?
  225. temps
  226. Thursday's BFP Challenge #1
  227. If you could buy...
  228. Thursday's Daily Stats for Fertility Charting Girls!
  229. Ok...
  230. ovulation test HELP!!!
  231. Does this sound right?
  232. Spent the night with Jeremy in the ER, big gash on his forehead (xposted)
  233. Getting nervous about my chart!!! :)
  234. Girls I need your chart input!
  235. Triphasic chart statistics
  236. Do you do anything to help keep the little swimmers up there longer?
  237. Temp's on the rise! Hope it stays that way!
  238. Wednesday's Hot Chart of the day!
  239. Temp spike & time difference
  240. Just wanted your opinion.
  241. Um... I have a question.
  242. Yippee! I did great on my final exam! (xposted)
  243. What's For Lunch?
  244. Wednesday's Daily Stats for Fertility Charting Girls
  245. What time do you...
  246. waiting to O girls...
  247. TMI alert: How do I know what kind of CM I have?
  248. Oh yea! I'm so excited!!
  249. OPK Question
  250. Is it in my head?

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