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  1. Is the August BFP showdown score
  2. Anyone used FRER Fertility Test?
  3. More GTKY fun! (lurkers, newbies, regulars, come on in)
  4. Is anyone seeing a fertility specialist?
  5. Does thinking about temping keep you from sleeping?
  6. Anyone else giving up a bad habit?
  7. Tuesday's BFP Challenge #1
  8. Tuesday's Hot Chart of the day!
  9. Tuesday Daily Stats
  10. Are most annovulatory chart temps really eratic?
  11. Absolute earliest I should test?
  12. FF - Should I buy the VIP?
  13. Now it's FF & TCOYF that aren't my friends!
  14. How would you record this?
  15. Monday's Hot Chart of the Day!!
  16. Fallback Rise Pattern? Experts stalk me please :)
  17. Does my CL look right?
  18. Getting ready to O? Chart experts have a look, please!
  19. I am SO frustrated!
  20. FF is no longer my friend.
  21. Off to a terrible start today... (xposted)
  22. Monday's Daily Stats for Fertility Charting Girls!
  23. Just a question
  24. Not a nice way to start my vacation at all.
  25. Taking temp w/ less than 3 hour sleep
  26. My OPK's are finally getting darker!
  27. Feeling NOTHING! Thinking I'm out...
  28. Sunday BFP Challenge #1
  29. Sunday's Hot Chart of the day!!!
  30. Sunday Daily Stats
  31. this cycle is already messed up!!!!
  32. Grrr
  33. Stupid chart!
  34. Um...yeah.
  35. well patty my temp went.............
  36. OK, how boring is my chart this month?
  37. BBT Question
  38. FF or Ovusoft?
  39. Saturday BFP Challenge #2 (this one is easy)
  40. Going on TTC Break for a while
  41. Do you check your CM internally or externally?
  42. once again, I'm confused
  43. Rebecca (rebroche) At home insemination question for you
  44. Woah!
  45. OK Patty, chart stalk me! LOL
  46. August Hottest Charts!!!!
  47. Saturday's Hot Chart of the day!!!
  48. Saturday Daily Stats
  49. Saturday BFP Challenge (look inside)
  50. I think things are lloking good
  51. ~*~*~*August BFP Showdown! Please post all your August BFPs here!!~*~*~*
  52. Could this be my O drop?
  53. What's with the Cover Line?
  54. C'mon Nikki!!!!
  55. New Here :)
  56. New here and had a few questions
  57. when to check cervix?
  58. Implantation cramps, dip (timing)
  59. Chart looks good, but...
  60. Time to call on the experts
  61. AF just started =(
  62. Forest!
  63. Any ideas to what my chart might be up to?
  64. Ladies i have made a descion?
  65. I am having a weird start to my chart
  66. Friday's Hot Chart of the Day!!
  67. Our BFP showdown with AIP starts tomorrow!
  68. Can Someone Explain...
  69. Good thing this is my first cycle...cause I am soo confused
  70. Girls about to o Amanda, Candace, Jess!!!
  71. Adrienne! You have a very interesting chart
  72. Do you stock up on tests at the start of your cycle?
  73. Which do you have more of spontaneous bding or planned baby making sex?
  74. Do you ever have spotting before AF starts?
  75. Friday Daily Stats
  76. FF says I O'd...........but
  77. Ladies im definatley out this month
  78. Could my body actually be getting back to normal?
  79. Question about lunar phase?
  80. Wow, temping at the same time really does make a difference.
  81. Would you like to Fireproof your marriage???
  82. Is it REALLY the 2WW?
  83. Ticker Help
  84. I think my cervix is open...
  85. Fertility Chart Overlay
  86. Fertility friend changed my O day AGAIN!
  87. Alice! I am so excited!
  88. Candace, are you getting tired yet
  89. Post - O temp pattern - does it mean anything?
  90. Bliss! Look at that hot looking chart you got!!!
  91. my temp went up a little bit this morning but not much?
  92. Thursday Daily Stats
  93. Does it mean anything
  94. MIA for a few days
  95. MichelleN!!!
  96. When did I O? (x-posted)
  97. my temps keep dropping slowly not feeling to good about this month? chart included
  98. Sorry about MIA
  99. So who else is going on a vacation soon?
  100. Nikki! I want to see some of your stuff!
  101. Has anyone ever made an insensitive comment to you about ttc?
  102. Do you take your opks at home or at work (for the gals that work outside the home)
  103. If you get pregnant, do you think dh will spoil you?
  104. Can't believe that I'm excited about AF
  105. Do your charts look about the same each month?
  106. How are you feeling today?
  107. Am I out?
  108. Coley!
  109. Quick Cervix Position Question
  110. Coverline
  111. OPK Charting/Stalk Chart
  112. Wednesday's Daily Stats
  113. Question for you experts
  114. Another restless night, another open circle...
  115. Well.....
  116. DH & DS are sick...
  117. What do you think? UPdate spotting?????
  118. New around here.. can I join in??
  119. Chart stalk me please
  120. MIA
  121. When it comes to testing do you tend to brace for the worst
  122. August is about to start and we need to bring it on with AIP!
  123. When you finally have your baby
  124. Do you prefer male or female doctors?
  125. Weird temps and vacation! YAY!
  126. Soy for me this cycle
  127. Air conditioning and temps
  128. What on earth
  129. Childhood Memories
  130. Do you plan on...
  131. For those still waiting on a BFP
  132. I'm on the verge of losing it - please give me your thoughts!
  133. can yall get onto FF?
  134. Tuesday's Daily Stats
  135. No CH on FF today...what do you think?
  136. Ladies i think i am for sure out this month?
  137. BBT and Sleep pattern?
  138. Pics of my wedding dress to help make my bad day better! x-posted
  139. Another OPK question...accuracy?
  140. OPK question
  141. Round 'em up!!!
  142. New TTC board on JM for newlyweds!
  143. Anyone experience this at 7 dpo and 8 dpo and been pregnant?
  144. Vaginal temping
  145. Nose... so... stuffy!!
  146. If you don't get pregnant this cycle
  147. When it comes to waiting on things...
  148. GTKY questions!
  149. Which temps should I keep?
  150. Sorry...Another CM Question
  151. I keep forgetting to temp
  152. Ladies the reason i freaked out about this mornings temp?
  153. Do you think I O'd????
  154. Monday's Daily Stats
  155. Temp dropped a little bit today at 8 dpo?
  156. Implantation???
  157. AF got me!
  158. K8liz311....
  159. First Few Cycle Charts After Stopping BCP
  160. I am having mega PMS
  161. A question
  162. im not feeling to hopeful about yesterdays temp?
  163. Opinions please!!
  164. Anyone want to guess what my temp will be tomorrow?
  165. My computer is broken (xposted)
  166. FAM or Ferning?
  167. When do I mark "Sleep Deprived" on my FF chart?
  168. Hey ~Christine~
  169. MY Temp rose more than i thought his morning
  170. Happy Sunday
  171. So Sad :(
  172. Needing help so you can stalk me later on :)
  173. Hooray!! I can start temping again tomorrow!
  174. Hungry Hungry Hippo!
  175. Which temp do i use?
  176. I'm a mess this month...insight please?
  177. Chart stalkers wanted... so confused
  178. We are going on a cross country trip!! (xposted)
  179. Feeling more positive
  180. don't want to get my hopes up but....
  181. Tested 3 more times
  182. Lyndsey woke me up at 5am. She is sick
  183. I really don't like my chart
  184. Wasn't expecting that temp this morning....
  185. Slight increase...
  186. Patty... a site for you :)
  187. Has anyone experienced this before?
  188. Do your temps vary between cycles?
  189. iVillage anyone?
  190. Hi
  191. Tested and...
  192. Has anyone...
  193. Anyone's fertility friend chart being a pain today?
  194. What Kind of CM is This?
  195. Blood test (x-posted)
  196. I think I'm getting closer
  197. Totally Confused! Please help!
  198. Tcoyf...?
  199. FF what are you thinking? Temp drop.
  200. Pre-O Temps
  201. What???!?
  202. Hey Christine!
  203. Got a blood test done yesterday....UPDATED
  204. Opinions?
  205. Can I tell you what my LyndseyLouLou did!
  206. Temp drop...
  207. Do you know how many times I have looked at my chart today?
  208. Friday Daily Stats
  209. My temp went back up this morning YAY !
  210. I'm pi**ed off with FF
  211. im in need some fertility friend.com help
  212. I just feel pretty darn crappy :(
  213. How adorable!!
  214. i changed fertility friend to FAM on my chart?
  215. Is it worth it to pay for the VIP feature of FF?
  216. Thanks Ladies for the answers =)
  217. 2 different possible O dates??
  218. Question.
  219. This is me obsessing..... 2 questions
  220. HUGE temp drop, but I'm excited!
  221. I tested.....
  222. I tested
  223. Guess what! Dh is off to the store to buy me some tests!!! (x posted)
  224. SO frustrated!!! What is going on? UPDATED 7/24
  225. I promise I am going to update our chart stalking thread
  226. Is your chart being naughty or nice today?
  227. So for the girls that are in the tww
  228. Has anyone watched Finding Nemo (This is what I feel like today)
  229. Thursday Daily Stats
  230. Does my chart look strange?
  231. Rebecca (rebroche) Your chart is making me mad today!
  232. Ladies do i still have a chance? 8 dpo
  233. I just knew something would go wrong.
  234. Is Fertility Friend right on my ovulation day? please help?
  235. FF points
  236. Can you please peek at my chart?
  237. Spotting
  238. Want to see something cool (NIKKI COME HERE!)
  239. Temp Dip After AF?
  240. ALICE!!!!!!!!!!!Where are you girl!!! I see positive opks on your chart!!!
  241. FF took my pregnancy points away! Wah
  242. New with questions and a chart for you to stalk!
  243. FF is starting to really upset me!
  244. New Here!
  245. Cervix position being weird, I think?
  246. Telling DH/SO
  247. Temp dip-ish
  248. If you BD @ 1:30 in the morning, what do you put on your chart????
  249. Your very first chart...
  250. For moms with kids, do your kids ever steal your thermometer?

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