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  1. Want to see something cool (NIKKI COME HERE!)
  2. Temp Dip After AF?
  3. ALICE!!!!!!!!!!!Where are you girl!!! I see positive opks on your chart!!!
  4. FF took my pregnancy points away! Wah
  5. New with questions and a chart for you to stalk!
  6. FF is starting to really upset me!
  7. New Here!
  8. Cervix position being weird, I think?
  9. Telling DH/SO
  10. Temp dip-ish
  11. If you BD @ 1:30 in the morning, what do you put on your chart????
  12. Your very first chart...
  13. For moms with kids, do your kids ever steal your thermometer?
  14. Caution: HOT! HOT!!
  15. Why I don't check my cervix (I wish I hadn't today)
  16. If you get a bfp, when do you think you will officially stop charting?
  17. Wednesday Daily Stats
  18. temp dip after O
  19. When do you start OPKs?
  20. Oh well....
  21. ugh!
  22. Christine! Do tell...
  23. Temping times
  24. Finally, + OPK -- Questions
  25. Finally my chart for y'all to stalk!
  26. Temps rising after O
  27. I think FF has my O date wrong again
  28. Just so you know creamy cm improves your pregnancy points on FF
  29. I just have to say welcome to all the newbies!!!
  30. Hot and not charts?
  31. Does your dh/so ever buy your opks or hpts for you?
  32. The last chart you stalked...
  33. I really want to have an exciting chart this month
  34. Tuesday Daily Stats
  35. My FF chart! (new)
  36. I hate to say this out loud but
  37. How long is your 'surge' ?
  38. Question ab Fertility Friend and ovulating
  39. pregnancy dreams
  40. Did I or didnt I?
  41. Do you think... (x posted)
  42. Please welcome Coley as your new co-host!
  43. What'dya think?
  44. Guess who is on JM this week? Tori Spelling!!!
  45. Cramping during the 2ww
  46. Lowest pre o temp?
  47. When it comes to talking about sex...
  48. How do you feel about this cycle?
  49. Monday Daily Stats
  50. Look at my calendar on FF
  51. Things that make you go "hmmm..."
  52. Why do I do it....
  53. May or may not be a line . . . (AF is here, but I'm okay with it)
  54. I have been in this funk all weekend
  55. Nikki!!!! (Coley) Look at that incredible temp spike!
  56. Bfn @ 10 dpo:(
  57. Life is so unfair sometimes
  58. Patty... you were right!!
  59. I am loving my chart today! (I never get to say that)
  60. 9DPO. Calling this cycle a wash
  61. This is getting really old...
  62. Question about brown flow (TMI!)
  63. Excited.. +opk!
  64. Do I Have a Problem? Bleeding Back-Something Wrong
  65. Just an FYI (Variable width design is now on the boards)
  66. The weekends...
  67. Would your dh/so prefer that you didn't chart?
  68. How long were you ttc before you started charting?
  69. Have you taken a vacation this summer?
  70. Friday Daily Stats
  71. stalk me, please.
  72. I think I o'd!
  73. got my CH....
  74. circles on my FF calendar?
  75. any of these look positive??
  76. 7 DPO, Bleeding
  77. Implantation maybe?
  78. Dh's best friend is flying in today and I hope he doesn't screw up my plans!
  79. Have you ever taken your BBT during the day?
  80. Pool Of Baby Dust!
  81. Thursday Daily Stats
  82. OPK question
  83. OMG I gotta pee!!
  84. OPKs
  85. Only one +opk?
  86. Ovulation Confusion
  87. Hey girls, Am I Pregnant has challenged us to have a BFP Showdown!!!
  88. When you met your dh/so did you know he was the one
  89. Do you chart your intercourse during the two week wait?
  90. What is with all the flat temps on my chart
  91. NickieH!!! Looks like you are 9dp today
  92. Adrienne21 Are you taking a charting break?
  93. OnesOnTheWay so your ticker says one day until testing...
  94. Ok ladies do you think it is Positive OPK?!?
  95. We really need some more charters over here! We are getting bfps so fast!!!
  96. Do you ever use shopping therapy?
  97. Where do you normally buy your opks and hpts?
  98. Has/does your dh/so ever lurked on JM?
  99. Does your face break out before you ovulate?
  100. Oh no... I think I've messed up... :-(
  101. question about OPK
  102. Charting when you have horrible sleep patterns
  103. I am in such a bad mood! Failed my midterm (xposted)
  104. I guess I am out
  105. How long does your thermo. take?
  106. Cd 1
  107. Having insomnia
  108. What is this?
  109. + opk
  110. what do you drive
  111. TESTING ADDICTS, please help! *11dpo pic* ADDED!
  112. I'm with you Patty + OPK
  113. Does this sound like sperm or cm? TMI
  114. Temp jump but no dip?
  115. Cervical position
  116. I have a question...
  117. More than likely will be leaving the group *change of plans see post 3*
  118. I don't understand OPKs - update in post 9
  119. Okay, I caved..... But feeling good about it!!
  120. Feelin' kinda lonely...
  121. Oh yeh that's what I am talking about!
  122. Yuck!!!
  123. Fun QOTD - July 14
  124. What is the first thing you normally do right after you temp?
  125. Do you ever think you are too educated about ttc?
  126. Do you get enough sleep usually?
  127. At what time/s do you take your opks?
  128. Commend on Chart
  129. Come ON! *updated*
  130. Are you kidding me?
  131. oh oh oh my opk was so close to being positive
  132. How long is your LP?
  133. Deleted post, Sorry
  134. edenonearth - Welcome to the Charting board!!!
  135. big jump, early O? (loss mentioned)
  136. Pic from our trip
  137. So Excited! O/T
  138. First time missing a temp...
  139. Alcohol and BBT
  140. What is going on?
  141. New here! - updated with OPK in post 5
  142. Stephen Baldwin is here on JM!!!! (He is my favorite celebrity so I am so psyched!!)
  143. Anymore new charters or lurkers thinking about charting?
  144. Let's get to know each other!
  145. Fun QOTD - July 13
  146. Do you normally notice breast tenderness before O or AF?
  147. So the day you "dry up" is when you "O"?
  148. Bye Girls!!!!!!
  149. Are there two lines? **FMU tests & a digital added at top!**
  150. Is it normal to have such low post O temps?
  151. Nightmares and Temps
  152. I'm waiting, I'm waiting, I'm waiting
  153. Really messed up chart from traveling, assistance please
  154. How many dpo would you test with a FRER?
  155. 30 Points and Good
  156. Do your other kids know you're TTC?
  157. Are these good signs of more progesterone? Looking for reassurance.
  158. Do you have problems with jumping the gun on bding
  159. How can I temp tomorrow???
  160. Is it normal for FF to change O dates
  161. I think I'm out
  162. Do you talk to your mom about ttc?
  163. Can we get a roll call!
  164. I think everyone is on AF around here
  165. tchelle!
  166. Jubel you still around?
  167. Chart Stalker, Pretty Please!
  168. Two questions?
  169. Which site should I subscribe to?
  170. Appetite changes?
  171. Do you use certain positions when bding for ttc?
  172. Can you?
  173. question about OPKs.
  174. I am SOOO Tired!!
  175. Ugh depressed
  176. Awesome, I'm really excited!
  177. Baby Fever
  178. Good News!!!
  179. Lower Back Pain
  180. I keep peeing and forgetting to take my opk!
  181. So are weekends good for bding...
  182. What's the earliest...
  183. I don't know if temping's such a good idea for me.
  184. Do you have an OBGN?
  185. How well does your dh/so keep up with your cycle?
  186. So much for my almost postive opk yesterday
  187. So confused
  188. So, IF I O'd today...???
  189. Sorry if this is to much information for you
  190. Temp Chart Opinons!!
  191. Fam vs. Advanced
  192. 3dpo, dry CM, but odd finding!
  193. Wow, my opk was almost positive today
  194. I'm not sure I believe FF!
  195. Typically how many days beofre AF do you notice yor temp start to go Down?
  196. LP Length-what can you do??
  197. I feel so hopeful this month!
  198. My cycle is almost over
  199. What happens to your temp if you take it early or late?
  200. I have got to stop eating so much!
  201. Your ovulation/bding goals
  202. Bding negotiations
  203. Not sure what happened, missed my temp this morning
  204. Why did FF change my O date?
  205. Guess I didn't actually O yet
  206. Got room for one more?
  207. Cycle check time!
  208. How long should a women TTC before going to her doctor for help?
  209. One thing I hate about my cycle!
  210. Do you have a name for you "future" baby?
  211. I told my mom I'm TTC!
  212. This is HARD. :( PIC WORKING!!
  213. Okay, here's my chart! D'you think I O'd?
  214. Psst.... This board needs a co-host
  215. If I could buy you one thing to help you with ttc?
  216. Do you buy ttc supplies every month?
  217. Before you started charting?
  218. Oh Coley!!! You didn't leave us did you?
  219. Does this look positive?
  220. Are these good Pregnancy Tests?
  221. this cycle will be interesting
  222. Previous cycle's chart (irrelevant but I'm curious . . .)
  223. Do you O at your lowest temp on the chart?
  224. Can OPKS be wrong?
  225. Where is my O
  226. A temp dip means O, or O is about to occur?
  227. Happy dance! Oh Happy dance! I think I FINALLY o'd!
  228. Is there any baby gear you are looking forward to buying?
  229. Did I O????
  230. Does your thermometer store your temps?
  231. Catherine! (aaclzamora)
  232. Hey Cara! (Forest)
  233. Yay! My temp went up pretty high! Do you think I O'd?
  234. Stupid AF showed
  235. Rollercoaster Ride!
  236. Sleep Deprived setting?
  237. Hello!
  238. Look at my Chart??
  239. Is it normal to have the same temp 3 days in a row?
  240. Duh dun dun another one bites the dust...
  241. Does ttc turn dh on or off
  242. How patient are you
  243. Positive OPK's but FF says I already O'd!!!
  244. Sorry for all the questions, but here's another about early cycle temps!
  245. New :)
  246. I have evidence of O'ing! Questions!
  247. Defective/Old OPK?
  248. Do you think I O'd??
  249. My chart looks like a roller coaster!! Someone help??
  250. Brandon's spideyman bday cake!

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