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  1. LP Length-what can you do??
  2. I feel so hopeful this month!
  3. My cycle is almost over
  4. What happens to your temp if you take it early or late?
  5. I have got to stop eating so much!
  6. Your ovulation/bding goals
  7. Bding negotiations
  8. Not sure what happened, missed my temp this morning
  9. Why did FF change my O date?
  10. Guess I didn't actually O yet
  11. Got room for one more?
  12. Cycle check time!
  13. How long should a women TTC before going to her doctor for help?
  14. One thing I hate about my cycle!
  15. Do you have a name for you "future" baby?
  16. I told my mom I'm TTC!
  17. This is HARD. :( PIC WORKING!!
  18. Okay, here's my chart! D'you think I O'd?
  19. Psst.... This board needs a co-host
  20. If I could buy you one thing to help you with ttc?
  21. Do you buy ttc supplies every month?
  22. Before you started charting?
  23. Oh Coley!!! You didn't leave us did you?
  24. Does this look positive?
  25. Are these good Pregnancy Tests?
  26. this cycle will be interesting
  27. Previous cycle's chart (irrelevant but I'm curious . . .)
  28. Do you O at your lowest temp on the chart?
  29. Can OPKS be wrong?
  30. Where is my O
  31. A temp dip means O, or O is about to occur?
  32. Happy dance! Oh Happy dance! I think I FINALLY o'd!
  33. Is there any baby gear you are looking forward to buying?
  34. Did I O????
  35. Does your thermometer store your temps?
  36. Catherine! (aaclzamora)
  37. Hey Cara! (Forest)
  38. Yay! My temp went up pretty high! Do you think I O'd?
  39. Stupid AF showed
  40. Rollercoaster Ride!
  41. Sleep Deprived setting?
  42. Hello!
  43. Look at my Chart??
  44. Is it normal to have the same temp 3 days in a row?
  45. Duh dun dun another one bites the dust...
  46. Does ttc turn dh on or off
  47. How patient are you
  48. Positive OPK's but FF says I already O'd!!!
  49. Sorry for all the questions, but here's another about early cycle temps!
  50. New :)
  51. I have evidence of O'ing! Questions!
  52. Defective/Old OPK?
  53. Do you think I O'd??
  54. My chart looks like a roller coaster!! Someone help??
  55. Brandon's spideyman bday cake!
  56. I'm back from vacation....did I O while away?
  57. Whoooo hooooo !!!! Temp drop! :)
  58. Question ab drop in temp
  59. FIL Dying
  60. Ugh... a little help please...
  61. Happy 4th of July and Happy Bday to my son Brandon!
  62. Discarding a Temp?
  63. Talk about conflicting signals!
  64. Less LH on OPK but closer to O??
  65. This is weird!
  66. When is the best time...
  67. Temp is even higher!
  68. My Crazy Chart
  69. I temped today
  70. Not sure if my eyes are playing tricks (UPDATE W/FMU)
  71. Maybe??
  72. Hello.. New here!
  73. I think I (finally)O'd!
  74. Temp Mess Up??
  75. As of today...
  76. Why must my chart torture me: update AF showed
  77. Fertility Fit Club?
  78. FF O detection method?
  79. Ovulation /Cycle Questions from the newbie! ;0)
  80. 13 days of high fertility and a HUGE temp drop 5 DPO?
  81. Question
  82. hi
  83. Charting to Prevent?
  84. "dangerous" hobbies/exercise
  85. Frustrated with OPK's...
  86. Exercise and implantation
  87. Do you think I O'd or that I am getting ready to?
  88. Mom, mother, mama, mommy
  89. Are you gals doing anything exciting for 4th of July?
  90. That's interesting...
  91. Tri Pattern?
  92. What do you ladies see>>
  93. Oh no!
  94. I took a test...
  95. A commercial I saw...
  96. Could I be close to O'ing? * Update 7/1/09 *
  97. I am so IMPATIENT
  98. Cd 1 :)
  99. shancy80 how are you holding up?
  100. To the girls with the cycle that never ends...
  101. Found my thermometer, big temp drop, and I used up my FMU
  102. I'm back
  103. Will we miss my O?
  104. I think it's looking promising...
  105. Will my chart be totally screwed up?
  106. I give up on opk's!
  107. Do you adjust your temps if you oversleep or wake up early?
  108. Do you ever notice ewcm during AF?
  109. I've lost my thermometer too
  110. Did I mess up?
  111. Temp Question
  112. Question about temp and Oing
  113. 15dpo - temp up again!
  114. My New " baby"
  115. If you ovulate late, can you still get a bfp?
  116. My chart
  117. Temp went back down.
  118. Vitamins
  119. New to charting... question about temp jump
  120. During the tww when do you start feeling like you are out?
  121. So anyone want to tell me what you think of my chart?
  122. Added a couple more posts to charting school!
  123. Need advice from the experts...
  124. I ovulated! YAY!
  125. Those of you who have been pregnant before...
  126. Please help! I am so frustrated!
  127. Q about Ordering from the Net
  128. Open Cervix after AF ends?
  129. What is up with my chart?
  130. Thanks!
  131. BBT ???s
  132. Ovulation ???
  133. uh oh ! No BBT today
  134. Argh! NOW what?!
  135. Can you look at my period chart for me?
  136. All The BFP's Check In
  137. My Basal Thermometer is GONE! ** UPDATE**
  138. Fertility Charting HELP
  139. First Cycle Help!!
  140. Did I O?
  141. Anyone planning to test this weekend?
  142. How do you like...
  143. BBT question
  144. Question about CP and Temp Shift
  145. I'm sooooo flippin' frustrated!
  146. My chart has never looked like this before
  147. Coley!
  148. Sorry I haven't been around much the last few days
  149. late period and temps even higher!
  150. I'm an idiot
  151. HA! How's that for breaking POAS addiction!
  152. 3 day AF
  153. I think I might FINALLY be Oing!
  154. Am I definitely out?
  155. The witch is gone...now down to REAL charting!
  156. Shauna
  157. One more
  158. I'm on the edge of the seat of anticipation!!!
  159. I have some concerns and questions.
  160. *sigh* can you check my chart and tell me..
  161. New to Charting
  162. Lurker saying hello
  163. How 'bout now??
  164. OPK +? eyes?
  165. What's this???
  166. am I just being silly?
  167. Never thought I'd see the day (TMI about BDing)
  168. CM, temp shift, or OPK, which do you consider most important
  169. For the gals that use OPKs, how many days does it take to ovulate
  170. For the gals that just got bfps, some questions
  171. Well I guess I didn't O
  172. Eyes please...
  173. Inspired by my latest blog post, what do you think your baby will look like?
  174. How would you best describe your chart this month?
  175. You gals have to check out the baby bonkie giveaway
  176. Can I get your help please?
  177. I just got a really good line on an opk!
  178. can someone analyze my chart?
  179. What the heck?!
  180. Did being under blankets mess up my temp?
  181. OMG Alice!!!!!!!
  182. Can green tea give you ewcm?
  183. Intro!
  184. Looking for a co-host for this board.
  185. aaagh... more questions. a lot more
  186. + opk
  187. Kody
  188. For the gals ttc #1
  189. For the btdt moms, if you get pregnant
  190. Do you keep charting a secret?
  191. Cervical Fluid TMI
  192. I Don't Know Whats Wrong...
  193. Maybe its contagious!
  194. I am beginning to think I am having an anovulatory cycle
  195. temp question :)
  196. CP - what do YOU consider low/medium/high? TMI
  197. Mornings temp haha
  198. Ovusoft question
  199. It would be so cool
  200. Ummmm... LOL
  201. MIA
  202. my update
  203. Is 6 DPO too early for triphasic shift?
  204. UPDATE with another squinter
  205. I'm going crazy!
  206. Did I mess up my temps?
  207. Am I ever going to O?
  208. Room for one more?
  209. Wooohoo! Beta site is finally here!!!
  210. O Date?
  211. My 10dpo blood test results
  212. Started my chart! And some disturbing things about MIL
  213. Clearblue Easy Fertility monitor
  214. BFN for the day
  215. Question about restarting temps
  216. Do you think charting makes ttc more exciting?
  217. For the gals in the 2 week wait
  218. Still haven't o'd yet
  219. some good news for me
  220. Temp dip
  221. Possible Signs
  222. Oh boogers..
  223. Please look at my chart
  224. Argh!
  225. FF - Free vs paid version?
  226. Blood Tests and HCG?
  227. Do you have dramatic temp spikes or kind of dull ones?
  228. Good rise in temps?
  229. Who is still waiting...
  230. Temp rise!
  231. OMG what a day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  232. Sandy (Blue Eyes409) House on Fire
  233. Went to the doc about the bleeding...
  234. is this a + OPK...
  235. Today is going to be very annoying
  236. Should I have a big temp dip before AF arrives?
  237. *kicks chart* Probable Fallback Rise?
  238. Cervix position question
  239. OHHH so close.
  240. Sorry I was MIA and great news!
  241. See... JM is GOOD for you!!
  242. Oooh oooh ooh Guess what I just got!
  243. Anyone else . . .
  244. Hopefully getting somewhere! Say a little prayer today please!
  245. Need Some Expert Advice
  246. Omg- omg-omg
  247. For the btdt moms, do you have anything planned for Father's Day?
  248. Are you an opk testing freak or an hpt testing freak?
  249. Who will you tell your bfp news to first?
  250. Bding Poll