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  1. Nausea on BC during inactive week
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  13. Diaphragms - Caya or others.
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  17. Is this normal when starting the pill?
  18. Breakthrough bleeding Nuvaring?
  19. BIRTH Control Pill Decisions... 😩
  20. Plan B not working?
  21. I am new to the pill. How important is the time and pause when on the period?
  22. Possible BC Resistance
  23. Has anyone had an allergic reaction to Nexplanon?
  24. BC Pill & Amoxicillin
  25. Paragaurd and Depo-Provera shot, or is this normal?
  26. Waiting on AF after stopping mini pill
  27. Why does this keep happening? :(
  28. Mirena iud inserted while ovulating
  29. I have iud my cervix is really really low?
  30. ParaGard insertion, what do I need to know?; update post 2
  31. Having Tubes Tied
  32. Plan B Birth Control Pills without Prescription
  33. Should I take a morning after pill/ecp?
  34. Missed a birth control pill in the first 7 days
  35. Has anyone fallen pregnant on the pill?
  36. newly off depo...
  37. How do hormone bcps work
  38. Coming off of birth control
  39. Mirena Removal Effects...Ugh
  40. Anyone else have these issues on the depo shot?
  41. DESPARATE! Please read!!!!! (Plan b) (Pregnancy)
  42. Best birth control
  43. Hello and Nexplanon question...
  44. What's going on with my body?
  45. mirena iud
  46. Mirena IUD ?
  47. advice already received, thank u
  48. Need help
  49. Pregnant with the Paragard :0
  50. Help with "designing period" please!
  51. bleeding the closer it gets to mirena removal?
  52. Birth Control After Giving Birth
  53. Forgotten Cerelle for four days
  54. Quitting Depo!!!
  55. advise on iud
  56. Fertility after unstable birth control use?
  57. Ortho Evra Patch
  58. Anyone else experience this on the patch?
  59. New to Orthodox Evra Patch but have a question
  60. Implanon/Implant Question/Advice
  61. depo
  62. Please help!
  63. Help With Nexplanon!
  64. copper iud?
  65. Micronor
  66. Iud VS Nexplanon
  67. Weight Gain with Paragard
  68. Nexplanon Reviews
  69. paraguard vs mirena
  70. What are the Common side Effects of Plan B?
  71. need advice!
  72. Chances if being pregnant with IUD
  73. Took out my IUD, hoping this yeast infection finally goes away!
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  75. 1st depro shot 4weeks in weird symptoms?
  76. Loestrin 24 Fe - What's YOUR alternative?
  77. stopped birth control no period! HELP
  78. breastfeeding and irregular period
  79. need advice!
  80. tubal ligation without delivery?
  81. iud issues?
  82. Coming off of Birth Control pills???
  83. Tubal - anyone have input?! Negative and positives?
  84. confused...any input appreciated! *kinda long* x-posted
  85. Questions about pregnancy after the IUD
  86. Depo inj questions
  87. Pretty confused and concerned. Input please?!
  88. Cant drop more lbs. Could it be microgynon 21 (birth control)?
  89. breastfeeding for 9 months still no period!
  90. Quick Question
  91. Did I ovulation while on YAZ??
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  93. Birth Control: Pills
  94. How old were you when you first started?
  95. Bc help!!!
  96. Mirena IUD Expulsion
  97. Help! has my mirena failed?
  98. Diaphragm and Cervical cap?
  99. Mirena woes..and HELP!?!
  100. Could i be pregnant stopping pill mid cycle?
  101. So confused!! Long post..
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  103. Orth Tricyclen Lo
  104. Skyn Condoms?
  105. Getting the Copper IUD Removed Questions
  106. BC Pill Boo-boo; Now freaking out a bit
  107. Question for Condom Users (Past or Present)
  108. What is Going on??!
  109. Thinking about stopping bc. Advice?
  110. BC side effects vs. pregnancy symptoms?
  111. What is the chance? Did I mess up bad?
  112. I missed a couple of pills now I am late, all hpt are negative....
  113. birth control when bf, milk supply,sex...
  114. Paragard
  115. Making me sick?
  116. Plan B
  117. Odd AF's with Paragard
  118. Breastfeeding and Birth control
  119. Ideas for birth control
  120. IUD Complications
  121. Just a heads up for those on mini pill
  122. an i pregnant??
  123. Could I be pregnant????
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  125. Need advice
  126. IUD - Concerns?
  127. no AF after BC
  128. Mirena coming out 3/11/13
  129. Getting off the depo shot
  130. Mirena removed and replaced problem
  131. Paraguard??
  132. Not sure what's going on
  133. After Mirena Removal
  134. Mirena...My personal experiance
  135. pregnant on mirena?!
  136. Pregnant After Mirena removal?
  137. question about mirena .. a little tmi
  138. Stopping birth control pills mid cycle TTC?
  139. Lurking from the Oct 2012 PR ...Question about Depo shot..
  140. mirena removal side effects
  141. Can the patch cause morning sickness?
  142. merina ..
  143. nuvaring whats going on?
  144. NFP as Birth Control?
  145. Paragard no more
  146. Looking for options
  147. Mirena IUD question
  148. anyone use the patch?
  149. not so sure about the Essure
  150. mirena removal questions
  151. Mirena Questions
  152. What kind should I use?
  153. Using Withdrawals
  154. Semi-urgent IUD question
  155. Any ladies who removed Mirena to get pregnant?
  156. Confused. Advice?
  157. mirena a little tmi
  158. Any implanon opinions?
  159. Pill or keep my IUD?
  160. Missed Jolivette BC pill!!!!
  161. Paragard and Pregnancy
  162. Essure.. not so sure
  163. For Those of You with an IUD...
  164. Hello
  165. Mirena..may be a silly questions..
  166. Ortho Evra..
  167. ? I had a Tubal 5 yrs ago
  168. migraines and bc pills
  169. BCP.
  170. Mirena IUD
  171. Birth Control and AF
  172. Info on TTC after Mirena
  173. question about ovulation prediction kit
  174. Could I really be pregnant?
  175. Essure
  176. Anyone gotten pregnant w/IUD?
  177. Which B.C. is the right for me?
  178. Sprintec (Ortho Tri-Cyclen)
  179. 1 week off Mirena
  180. Could I be preggo?
  181. Birth Control or Pregnancy
  182. Pill questions
  183. Question about bc pills and ovulation
  184. Question about going off the pill when y ou are ready to TTC
  185. anyone came off cliest pill ?
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  187. IUD
  188. TTC After Pill!!
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  191. Symptoms after stopping ...
  192. Missing Pills
  193. Birth control
  194. Condoms....
  195. irregular cycle after stopping depo April 24th, TTC, changed the topic
  196. is this from B/C
  197. May be a dumb question, but here it goes...
  198. period after Jadelle implant removal
  199. Pregnant after Mirena Removal???
  200. Mini Pill (Errin) ...Experiences?
  201. Does one pill make a difference?
  202. Birth Control is she right or wrong?
  203. I am having my iud removed and I have questions?
  204. Mirena VS Essure with Seasonique
  205. Mirena Hades???
  206. i am confused!!!!
  207. Leaving Nuva Ring In?
  208. Depe
  209. Really considering Tubal Ligation please help before June!!!!
  210. Birth control pills
  211. BC and pregnancy?
  212. Mircette / Azurette birth control pills
  213. Nuva Ring - info please!
  214. Allergic Reaction
  215. First month on Yaz and I feel like I'm ovulating.
  216. Birth control pills found to cause cancer!
  217. Pfizer Birth Control Pill Recall
  218. New Here!
  219. Paraguard Fell Out?
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  221. mirena surgical removal
  222. Question ??
  223. Mirena ?
  224. bc making me ill
  225. Birth control with anxiety options question
  226. Depo shot questions
  227. Hello ladies.....
  228. need help
  229. Going to need a miracle....withdrawal method questions
  230. BC and breakthrough bleeding
  231. Dumb question about BC
  232. Using a fertility monitor/mircoscope as a form of BC?
  233. Depo and Pregnancy?
  234. need advice on pills and weight gain
  235. Hey All! I'm new...
  236. FDA discusses stronger warnings for birth control
  237. Help? Pregnancy after tubal ligation...
  238. implanon
  239. Mirena-my biggest regret
  240. LoEstrin 24 question
  241. Birth control mess!
  242. Has the pill stoped giving you the perks it once did?
  243. Hoping For Some Insight possibly..
  244. We are not interested in having another kid.
  245. little scared..missed a couple pills
  246. Mini pill question
  247. 2 week period on BC?
  248. Birth Control Querstion - Missed/Late Pills
  249. When should things go back to normal after stopping bcp?
  250. Those who have had a Mirena removed...