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  1. What are your HS goals this week?
  2. Holidays
  3. Obama wants to extend school day & year
  4. Looking for a simple art book to follow for a 6 year old...artwork to copy
  5. Do you teach any children other than your own?
  6. Co-op and other groups
  7. Made a decision on schooling the big kids
  8. Please welcome BensMom as your new co-host!
  9. Changing my mind again
  10. Obituary for common sense....thought I would share...
  11. What kind of experiments do you do
  12. Am I schooling her enough?
  13. LOL!! A cute youtube
  14. Well swimming is off
  15. What time do you begin
  16. Penpals, anyone?
  17. LOL! We might be taking a day off.
  18. Flat Stanley
  19. How long do you plan to HS?
  20. Is there anything you'll have to learn to HS your children?
  21. Anyone else seeing this Voice Five ad??!!
  22. LOL! Cute article about learning languages through music.
  23. How far in advance do you usually plan/prepare?
  24. Joey is back in PICU--Update 1pm EST
  25. Do you have any special plans for the weekend?
  26. Having a lousy week HS'ing
  27. Jenn4Jesus
  28. Recumbant
  29. Hike For A Cure 2009 THIS SUNDAY
  30. Cardboard box creations
  31. Where do you get most of your teaching materials?
  32. Were YOU (or your siblings) HS?
  33. fostering independence
  34. What's your TTC status?
  35. schooling more than one
  36. Taking a break
  37. User name question
  38. What (if anything) do you hand out to kids at Halloween?
  39. You might be a homeschooler if......
  40. Guess there's a deficit with my homeschooled kids...
  41. Respect
  42. Abbreviations
  43. Kelly aka squirrellymama
  44. Check in time!
  45. Spelling
  46. What style are you using currently?
  47. Tons of pix (random + pix from AR trip)
  48. Projects
  49. Miguels mommy
  50. Idea?
  51. Have you been sick yet this Fall?
  52. Need math ideas
  53. NYS requirements for PE, art and music---information please
  54. Creating a new sub-forum
  55. Weekend plans
  56. Do you know your child's learning style??
  57. Roflmbo!
  58. Preschool Schedule Ideas?
  59. Attitude/Manners/Behavior
  60. How much prep time?
  61. Having some trouble with my 4yr old
  62. Please welcome in_mommy as your new co-host!
  63. Woo hoo!!! Book sale!!
  65. Abeka vs. Singapore Math?
  66. Anybody familiar with these EPS books?
  67. hi i'm new here...
  68. How long?
  69. Crayola Window Markers = Great Teaching Tools!
  70. Thought these were neat
  71. No Hosts?
  72. Can someone tell me about The Well Trained Mind?
  73. Urgent prayers needed
  74. First Day of Preschool Co-op Class!
  75. Kid appropriate 9/11 materials
  76. Preschool Science Experiment
  77. What should I be teaching my pre K child?
  78. Spelling cards for Saxon Phonics 1??? what are they please!! ???!!
  79. President's challenge? anyone doing it?
  80. Loving learning videos
  81. a few questions
  82. Did you name
  83. Rules/Expectations
  84. He's not writing!!!
  85. Typing program
  86. loving art this year!!
  87. Amanda
  88. Do you HS year-round?
  89. Have you ever used SOS?
  90. Advice
  91. My daughter and I THRIVE when learning through song....
  92. I just need some facts :D
  93. Roll Call
  94. Mystery of History
  95. What do you do when
  96. I'd forgotten about YouTube! 50 state song along with their capital!!
  97. Hints needed for teaching q/g--6/9---c/k--50 states song
  98. Introduction, looking for some guidance
  99. Need book suggestions, please.
  100. Austin's new hair cut (x-posted)...
  101. Joey update
  102. Science curriculum blues
  103. When you were teaching pre-k...
  104. New here, saying hi!
  105. Just bought our first HS supplies!
  106. A History of US
  107. Can I Rejoin?
  108. Some suggestions please?
  109. We finally have a 1st day of school!
  110. Is ETC good enough as a full phonics program?
  111. How many hours a day & days do you HS and do you do every subject everyday?
  112. Question-Need Opinions fast
  113. Saxon math and phonics for Kindergarten---buy it all?
  114. Does anyone do their own family Christmas program?
  115. Abeka 1st grade math
  116. Any suggestions on teaching a foreign language?
  117. A Day of Firsts
  118. Can I join???
  119. Figured out how to continue homeschooling!!!
  120. Any suggestions on how to make my kindergartner's first day and week SPECIAL!??!!
  121. Starting new job on monday!!
  122. David might go to private school
  123. Wow!!
  124. "Teaching Textbooks" Math
  125. double post
  126. Joey's scan results... and decided to pull from CAVA
  127. Need some ideas and resources
  128. Do you belong to any groups
  129. Sick days?
  130. OT: completely disgusted...
  131. A vent, hope you don't mind
  132. This is hard without supplies!
  133. history/social studies
  134. online ideas for teaching music and morals?
  135. Can anyone recommend a telescope? Or at least tell me where to start?
  136. Very very frustrated with homeschooling already
  137. free foreign language sites
  138. Looking for used MFW (Adventures) and Kindergarten MFW
  139. Harcourt Curriculum
  140. How to teach socail skills?
  141. I cant remember who posted about printer ink
  142. Suggestions for teaching silent -e
  143. writing issues
  144. need help
  145. Having a hard time convincing my husband
  146. Hmm... this explains a lot.
  147. if you don't mind sharing....
  148. Homeschooling questions....Texas
  149. Ok now im sad...
  150. Update
  151. Questions about blogging
  152. Can I have some suggestions please?
  153. What grade level did or is your child going to learn cursive writing?
  154. Is My Fathers world close to Sonlight?
  155. Our first day, and a question...
  156. x-posted in my DDC but really need opinions PLEASE!!!
  157. First day and how it went Uggghhh
  158. A place to buy used sonlight?
  159. first day of school!
  160. Looking for a co-host for this board.
  161. Are you sure I dont need the Visuals for Abeka?
  162. Starting HS tomorrow(Mon)
  163. Want to learn more?
  164. Stepping down
  165. Spanish for Kindergarteners....CD's? Any luck with one program?
  166. Hello!!
  167. For Sale: BFIAR
  168. Pre-school curriculums
  169. Joey Update
  170. Joey Update
  171. How does this sound for 1st grade Curriculum plans?
  172. New(ish) to homeschooling
  173. Overwhelmed with choices, new to homeschooling, child to be six
  174. I wanna make these!
  175. What is a "center"- and Sue Patrick ebook question
  176. Jo!
  177. Has anyone NOT gotten back into full time school?
  178. Advice needed please
  179. new to homeschooling
  180. Are Tempra paints water based?
  181. Ladies, tomorrow is our first day of school! ***Updated***
  182. Are Tempra paints water based?
  183. Math U See
  184. Will be kinda MIA this week...
  185. Nail Biting....HELP!!!
  186. Nail Biting....HELP!!!
  187. Update on us
  188. Need Help, First Attempt at educating at home....5 year old!
  189. Explain Sonlight to me... Please
  190. I really, really
  191. ETC lessons
  192. Can ya'll explain to me....
  193. Workboxes!
  194. Sorry about that!
  195. I think I'm ready
  196. I think I'm ready
  197. I think I'm ready
  198. I think I'm ready
  199. LifePac
  200. How many days per week?
  201. DH just got promoted!
  202. Look what I bought? Fun Fun
  203. Couldn't resist any longer....
  204. One step closer (update on my thyroid thing)
  205. He's on his way home!
  206. Circle Time.
  207. Our Workboxes
  208. Blinkies for Joey
  209. K12... need advice plz!
  210. My "baby" is 10 today. :(
  211. Abeka Phonics Flashcards and such
  212. Box day today
  213. Benefits of homeschooling
  214. 50% off coupon for Mardel's
  215. Secular homeschool curriculum
  216. OT: Tamiflu-resistant H1N1 flu found
  217. At what age did your child learn to read/write?
  218. Hello all, new to homeschooling
  219. We named our school! And I have a blog!
  220. Art with a purpose and what you use
  221. Another question for you experienced homeschoolers
  222. Dollar Tree Workbooks
  223. Rebecca....HOD?
  224. Pre-K Ideas?
  225. Any Indiana homeschoolers?
  226. Music..
  227. Bill Gates offers the world a physics lesson
  228. Letter from Germany
  229. Hard to do art?
  230. Can I see....
  231. Hello ladies!
  232. Just for the record...
  233. What is your schedule like?
  234. I just wanted to announce how *special* I must be...
  235. E is for Eclectic
  236. Does anyone work part time and homeschool?
  237. Ok, so.....I'm intrigued. lol
  238. Our first week
  239. Anyone heard of this co-op?
  240. More questions than answers
  241. Not sure what to do..History
  242. O/T Would you like to Fireproof your marriage???
  243. Our first week back!
  244. Excited...
  245. Goals for the year?
  246. Help with decision: LEA or umbrella school?
  247. Pic of our school room and a question
  248. Our First Day Back
  249. Found great deals on new curriculum!
  250. Art Curriculum Question

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