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  1. One positive comment...
  2. Would you move...
  3. whew...
  4. WIC and vaccines?
  5. 9 Questions That Stump Every Pro-Vaccine Advocate and Their Claims
  6. CDC: SCID is Contraindication for Rotavirus Vaccine
  7. Plans for the weekend...
  8. Bayer Exposed ( HIV Contaminated Vaccine )
  9. Allergies
  10. June Check In
  11. QOTD: Does it concern you....
  12. Zippy has measles
  13. Breast cancer vaccine comes at a terrible cost
  14. Speaking of chicken pox...
  15. How often do you have to bite your tongue?
  16. Will I ever NOT be paranoid??
  17. Tetanus vaccination, fact and fiction
  18. 10 Warning Signs of Primary Immunodeficiency (PSA in conjunction with the CDC)
  19. Traveling?
  20. MMR vaccine reaction court win
  21. Quote of the day
  22. Anyone skip " well baby " visits??
  23. My book is here!
  24. What did you do this weekend?
  25. BMJ on the conflict of interest between the WHO's H1N1 guidelines and pharma industry
  26. Delaying the pneumococcus(sp?) vaccine?
  27. Nobel winner ties mental illness to immune defect
  28. Human DNA in the vaccine linked with autism
  29. Q=Question OTD: How would you react
  30. Post a pic..
  31. Prayers for docsmomma
  32. LifePROTEKT
  33. New videos
  34. Getting arrested for not vaccinating??
  35. Research spin off...
  36. According to the pedi dept she us insufficiently vaccinated!
  37. How many of us...
  38. What led you to research...
  39. Where do I even start?...
  40. GORDON T. STEWART, M.D Emeritus professor of Public Health AND MORE
  41. Rotavirus Vaccine info
  42. The truth is out there
  43. Monday fun
  44. Breast Cancer Vaccine
  45. Asking for a friend-- anywhere to find Chicken Pox parties?
  46. Traveling out of country
  47. Guide to Legal Vaccination Exemptions–Instant E-book
  48. TGIF! Question of the day...
  49. Nano particles vaccines
  50. The FDA's list of mercury filled drugs.
  51. QOTD: The term “anti-vaccine” is a propaganda word to diminish a persons rights.
  52. Help, ladies?
  53. my friend's a missionary....
  54. Introduction
  55. Safety of Infant Vaccine Schedule Affirmed
  56. Chicken Pox
  57. Dr. Wakefield
  58. Balancing Biochemistry: An Interview with Dr. Stephanie Cave
  59. Cori/Tofu Bacon
  60. Need some help ladies!!!
  61. Religious waiver for Army dependants
  62. Pig virus contaminates rotavirus vaccines, but FDA says no problem
  63. Waning maternal antibodies put infants at risk for measles in first year
  64. Host?
  65. Naet?
  66. Does anyone know where I can find these studies?
  67. What are all the options?
  68. Newbie
  69. Summer Roll Call!
  70. Selective vaxer's roll call!
  71. I've been silent for too long...(not in here)
  72. Another victim to a vaccination
  73. Study: Breastfeeding inhibits effectiveness of rota virus vaccine
  74. tonsils
  75. Quote of the day
  76. Vaccine Proponents Conflicts of Interest
  77. one less worry...
  78. another great anti-vax site
  79. I didn't hold it so well...
  80. OT- Autism Speaks Walk
  81. Made it through Kindergarten Registration
  82. Whooping Cough/Pertussis (and ? for Martha83)
  83. **deleted wrong board**
  84. Amusing ER Experience
  85. Parents hesitant about vaccination may be reassured with empathy, education
  86. GIAH seriously?!
  87. Chicken Pox...
  88. Pictures of the pox :)
  89. Chicken Pox has came!
  90. Need to Vent
  91. Question/Advice
  92. Sen. Grassley takes aim at CDC over financial conflicts
  93. Dr. Sears' Alternate Vaccine Schedule
  94. April 21, 2010, Study Confirms Link Between Autism & Cells From Abortions in vaccines
  95. Fear the MMR Vaccine, Not the Measles
  96. Aussie's pay the parents for vaccination
  97. Mercury linked to immune changes seen in autoimmune disease.
  98. Chickenpox vaccine
  99. Vaccines: Veterinarians Are Better Than Human Doctors
  100. Scientists Fear MMR Link to Autism
  101. Possibly exposed to Pertussis,.. what now?
  102. So proud of my Prenatal Class 'Center'
  103. So ... do you vaccinate your pets?
  104. kgb
  105. OT- immunity booster for colds
  106. BBB, Alzheimer’s disease and P-glycoprotein
  107. Louisiana rejects homeschooling clause for a vax exemption
  108. Orange County: no legal barriers for unvax children in California public school
  109. Need a little help
  110. Can someone explain this to me?
  111. wanted to share
  112. Separating MMR
  113. Swollen neck lymph nodes a side effect of MMR vax?
  114. What would you say?
  115. Emm17 - check this out
  116. Here ya go
  117. Measles outbreak in Vancouver
  118. Refusal form
  119. The drugging of our children ~ a trailer
  120. Such a great article!
  121. Proof That Vaccines Didn't Save Us
  122. The Dark Side of the Routine Newborn Vitamin K Shot
  123. The Vaccines That Worry Parents Most
  124. Future News: Massachusetts makes disobedience vaccine mandatory!
  125. Oh good grief...
  126. Rotavirus Vaccine Recall
  127. Do you worry?
  128. Whew....
  129. Question regarding the RSV shot
  130. vaccinated vs. unvaccinated children
  131. CoMeD Files Evidence of Miscarriage after Thimerosal-containing Flu Shot
  132. A question regarding the health of your 100% unvaccinated children.
  133. I am HORRIFIED at the ingredients in 2 month shots!
  134. Where to start becoming informed?
  135. I am a little angry right now!
  136. An article worth looking at
  137. Someone refresh my memory about Hib?
  138. What vaccinations don't you do? Why? (New mom considering delayed/no vaccination)
  139. Hi Ladies!
  140. hey girls
  141. what happened?
  142. Can we talk about tonsils for a moment?
  143. Bullied into vaccinating
  144. Need some suggestions... sick child
  145. Found a waiver, please help again!?
  146. Travelling to Thailand/Myanmar (X-posted)
  147. Can you please help me with a delayed vax schedule?
  148. More Book Reccomendations
  149. How did you find your pedi?
  150. Does your family know...
  151. Gardasil video
  152. Separating Vax's
  153. Now that I'm getting caught up on posting...
  154. Pharmacist tried to push H1N1 vaccine today
  155. Question about the DTaP.
  156. Do I need to get my exemption letter notarized?
  157. News Bias
  158. For those who didn't/can't breastfeed...
  159. Congratulations Beckie!
  160. Question PLEASE help!
  161. Mind helping a stranger?
  162. Other countries Schedules
  163. If you start vacc later, so they get fewer doses?
  164. Looking for a host (or two co-hosts) for this board.
  165. help DH wants to vax!
  166. How did family take it
  167. Poking my head in for info
  168. Welcome madeadifference!
  169. Newborn Vitamin K Shot & Eye Ointment
  170. Mumps Outbreak Tops 1,500 Cases
  171. Hi, can I join you?
  172. religious viewpoint
  173. Dr. Tenpenny on the MMR
  174. I may have asked this before but...
  175. Eczema from vaccines?
  176. Hi, a few questions...
  177. Not sure how it works but wanting to delay/eliminate vaccinations...
  178. H1N1 flu shot sickness probed
  179. Hawaii ~ Feb 7-15
  180. Preschool vax requirments
  181. Do you think in 50-100 yrs people will look back and think...
  182. Midwife is really pushing the H1N1 shot.
  183. Hospital L&D pushing for all adults to receive the TDaP...
  184. B*!$* SIL at it again...
  185. Hi ladies - question if you don't mind
  186. Mercury in Breastmilk??
  187. How many have you started out with vaccines and then changed?
  188. Needing a pedi in the Los Angeles area
  189. OT- Had to share joey's PET scan results!
  190. Anyone close to Chicago?
  191. Question
  192. Searching for a copy of Dr. Sherri Tenpenny's book (trying to make the NOT vax leap)
  193. Yellow Fever
  194. how can i..
  195. Need statistics, please.
  197. The connection with mercury and high fructose corn syrup
  198. Help needed - tetanus vaccine
  199. Anyone here close to London?
  200. Anyone here close to Columbus, Ohio?
  201. OT - Please vote for Joey's Video
  202. Swiss warn on flu vaccine with autoimmune disease
  203. Maya's pro pic teasers!!!
  204. doctor visits
  205. $10,000 reward offered for scientific proof of H1N1 vaccine safety and effectiveness
  206. What precations should I be taking?
  207. Hi, Im cheala, and Im the stupid one
  208. Had my baby girl!!!
  209. Phenoxyethanol in Vaccines
  210. Question about Hep B at Birth... ?
  211. Sawyer's appt with new pedi
  212. Planning to start giving milk thistle
  213. Missing posts!
  214. Serious Lung Infections in Children Jump After Introduction of Pneumococcus Vaccine
  215. New and need help!
  216. hello and a quetion
  217. Vitamin D dose myths - 6 fun factoids
  218. ~ The Never-ending OT Chit Chat Thread ~ (Lurkers welcome!)
  219. Vaccine Victim Support Group for the hundreds of UK public sector workers
  220. "Who do we trust about vaccines, the CDC or the Internet?” by Dr. Tenpenny
  221. auto immune disease and vaccines
  222. Vaccines and dogs
  223. Can the mmr or other vaccines cause lupus or other autimmune disorders?
  224. I don't know if i belong here......
  225. "Is your child up to date..."
  226. HIB on the rise?
  227. I need help please!
  228. Expert Explains the Flu Vaccine Deception and the Swine Flu Hoax
  229. New Childhood Vaccines Schedules Released
  230. OT: Hawaii?
  231. happy
  232. New here
  233. The Media Misrepresents Tim Buie on Dietary Intervention in Autism
  234. Another newbie today.
  235. Milk thistle may limit liver damage from chemo
  236. just lurking
  237. Just wanted to introduce myself!
  238. Green?
  239. European parliament to investigate who in january 2010
  240. Infants' exposure to aluminum from vaccines & breast milk during the first 6 months
  241. Don't Vaccinate until you educate
  242. Wdyt?
  243. few questions.
  244. Study: H1N1 not highly contagious in households
  245. 1 year check up was today
  246. WHO chief yet to be vaccinated against swine flu
  247. Vaccine holy war
  248. Ear piercing...what do I need to consider?
  249. Recall of Specific Lots of Nasal Spray Vaccine for 2009 H1N1 Influenza
  250. Doctor to sue DOH over vaccinated son’s death

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