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  1. Religious people - did cave people have souls?
  2. OT: Shoes :)
  3. OT question
  4. BFing "support"
  5. Ill. sinks deeper into chaos over scandal
  6. Emanuel: I'm Getting Death Threats Over Blagojevich Scandal
  7. Double Standards?
  8. Not a debate, per se....
  9. Rahm Emanuel Reportedly Spoke with Blagojevich About Senate Seat
  10. OT-Kinda: Guess what I just found...
  11. Would like opinions on an article....
  12. Blame the union?
  13. Do you think it's respectful or disrespectful to look in the eyes of a bf mom?
  14. Rumsfeld/White House responsible for torture and abuse, not soldiers
  15. GOP Senator Warns of 'Riots' if Automakers Are Bailed Out
  16. NASA has become a transition problem for Obama
  17. Obama team faces an early test of its ability to weather a storm
  18. Overweight airline passengers
  19. Assisted suicide shown in UK documentary
  20. Bipartisan humor
  21. Oversight panel questions Treasury on bailout plan
  22. Swearing in: Barack Hussein Obama
  23. Deal reached in principle on $15B auto bailout
  24. FBI Investigating Norm Coleman
  25. religious sorta
  26. Child-led/AP parenting = bratty kids????
  27. Santa!
  28. MN Sen Larry Craig Loses Bid to Withdraw Guilty Plea
  29. Well goodbye my lovely ladies and gents
  30. o/t I would totally leave my husband for...
  31. NYC Eatery Charges 3 Percent For Food You Waste
  32. U.S. Could Take Stakes in Big 3
  33. Feds Take IL Gov Blagojevich Taken Into Custody
  34. Pleasing Most of the people... Obama's Approval Rate at 79%
  35. How long..
  36. QOTD - Tuesday
  37. "Campaign for Real Beauty" photoshopped
  38. Was there anyone...
  39. Important information regarding this board.
  40. Nipples
  41. Where do you
  42. Promises Promises: Obama budget cuts face hurdles
  43. Congress sends White House auto aid proposal
  44. Breastfeeding mother are less likely to abuse their children?
  45. AP: Supreme Court - No review of Obama's eligibility to serve
  46. O/T - What's your favorite Christmas movie?
  47. Liberals voice concerns about Obama
  48. When Politics Trump Christmas
  49. Merrill Lynch's CEO, Thain, seeks $10M Bonus
  50. INSIDE WASHINGTON: Bonuses flow despite low morale
  51. OH (D) Mary Jo Kilroy defeats Stivers after Provisional Count
  52. ignore
  53. Tribune Co. Prepares to File for Bankruptcy
  54. News Discussion Show Changes & Contract Renewals
  55. Obama suggests some auto execs should lose jobs
  56. Giving Birth - if you had a c-section....did you GIVE BIRTH?
  57. Obama Asks Nation for Input on Reforming Health System
  58. Sunday Politics
  59. Dept. of Veteran Affairs has been Decided
  60. The CPSIA Legislation aka National Bankruptcy Day
  61. UPDATE 1-Minnesota Senate recount nears end: Coleman leads
  62. Neighborhoods to consider printing own currency
  63. Seriously? Tax the flatulant cow?
  64. Parents say: Don't advertise to my children!
  65. OT Curiosity - Copays
  66. Teacher Under Fire For Misguided Slavery Lesson
  67. Planned Parenthood gift certificates for Xmas
  68. Pledging to BF
  69. Plans for the weekend...
  70. O/T Does anyone have Cigna?
  71. Lobster prices here
  72. WOW....
  73. Going to be off line a bit
  74. Job loss report for Nov.
  75. Bratz Dolls Outlawed
  76. In light of the current Canadian polictical striff...
  77. Them's Fightin' Words... "Bring it on" says Gov Rick Perry to Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison
  78. Retail sales ~ November was a bad month
  79. Canada governor general agrees to suspend Parliament
  80. Another former rival joins Obama cabinet
  81. Sarah aka LadyInWaiting
  82. The auto industry & campaign donations
  83. U.S. Eyes Plan To Lift Home Sales (proposed 4.5% rates on 30yr loans)
  84. Canada: PM Harper may get overthrown after October election
  85. Canada: Federal government orders U.S. war resister deported
  87. Watered-Down Formula
  88. Anxiety among Democrats as Pelosi tightens her grip
  89. Family Files Suit in Walmart Death
  90. Gov. At First Site
  91. Racism discussion
  92. Racism discussion
  93. A first hand look into the mortgage situation
  94. The Princess Diana Bible
  95. Good commentary on the Auto Manufacturers
  96. Chicago leases parking meters for $1.16 billion
  97. What news sources do you ...
  98. Obama shelves oil company tax after price fall: aide
  99. MN Recount Update
  100. Latest Poll: 78% Approve of Transition so far
  101. Punishment for homosexuality
  102. Bipartisan Political Humor: What do kids want to be when they grow up?
  103. Who would you...
  104. Bill Clinton mentioned for wife's Senate seat
  105. Reproductive rights and birth choices
  106. President Elect Obama Meets with State Govs today (pics & video)
  107. Automakers to Submit Plans to Congress
  108. Nicaragua asks US for War Reparations in aid row
  109. GA Votes Today in Senate Runoff
  110. Credit Card Industry may cut $2 Trillion Lines
  111. Have you ever been....
  112. AP: Bush Admin Diluted Loan Rules before crash
  113. Obama introduces national security team
  114. Pentagon to Detail Troops to Bolster Domestic Security
  115. 7 days of sex
  116. Should he get the ring back?
  117. Genetic testing for athleticism
  118. Is gay the new black?
  119. The manifestation of bullying known as racism
  120. No sitting on Santas lap policy
  121. Could You Pass 8th-Grade Math?
  122. Hillary Clinton to be announced as SOS on Monday
  123. Lawyers call for international court for the environment
  124. petalstarlace had her baby
  125. Obama Impressing the Pentagon
  126. GA Senate Runoff set for Tuesday
  127. Last Minute Raft of Rules Changes
  128. Bush Aides/Rules Rush to Support Businesses over Worker Health/Safty
  129. Mumbai attacks: 'It's war' declares Indian press
  130. quietsong...
  131. Russia to help Venezuela develop nuclear energy
  132. Since it is Black Friday....
  133. This is what greed does to people
  134. qotd 11/28
  136. Gay marriage and parenting
  137. Gay marriage and parenting
  138. Are you and your SO on the same page?
  139. If you could.....
  140. QOTD Wedneday 11/26
  141. Russian Scholar Predicts Economic Crisis Will Rip America Apart
  142. I don't really know if this is politically related or not...
  143. Obama blasts execs "A Little Tone Deaf"
  144. Teenager commites suicide live online
  145. Is modern racism substantially different than bullying?
  146. animal research
  147. My Twilight girls...
  148. Gates to stay under Pres. Obama
  149. Is the transistion time too long?
  150. Government announces new loan programs
  151. Stem Cell Research
  152. Paulson: Running right to the end
  153. FL Ban on Gay Adoptions rules Unconstitutional
  154. What positions does Obama have yet to pick?
  155. Bush pardons 14 and commutes 2 prison sentences
  156. Pre-Budget report: National Insurance rise adds to high earners' woes
  157. 2/3 Approve of transition thus far.
  158. QOTD
  159. Who was...
  160. Nebraska Safe Haven Law
  161. The Self-Esteem Movement - Going too far?
  162. Preschool Shows Teaching Spanish
  163. Bratz Dolls and Barbie Dolls
  164. Bi-partisan humor
  165. Store security "policies"
  166. This Week w/Bob S.
  167. Obama to Officially Announce Economic Team on Monday
  168. Citigroup May Get Government Rescue, Investors Say
  169. Screen Actors Guild to seek strike authorization
  170. Is the anti-Christmas pendulum swinging back?
  171. Obama secretary of state
  172. ~Friday Five~
  173. Obama to delay repeal of 'don't ask, don't tell'
  174. Obama Phone Records Hacked
  175. The automotive industry
  176. New Jersey E-Harmony settlement
  177. NO gay marriage, what about other "sins"
  178. Now its my mortgage companies turn
  179. How do you think....
  180. Let's chat
  181. Dr Phil to talk about Gay Marriage tomorrow
  182. President-elect promised change, picking insiders
  183. Genetic Engineering
  184. Rotten to the Core - The Big 3
  185. Do we bailout everyone?
  186. "There are no American infidels in Baghdad"
  187. Is the election of Barack Obama historic?
  188. For those that think....
  189. Delvryboy
  190. Begich Makes 58, as Stevens Chances Dwindle
  191. Subforum Requirements
  192. Transition Toteboard
  193. Hillary Clinton
  194. Are Republicans going extinct?
  195. So is anyone's spouse on the other side???
  196. Ignorent Voters
  197. Protestors barge in on church service
  198. deltadreamland
  199. BFing or bottle-feeding in a moving car
  200. Let's Boycott UTAH!
  201. Vt. town grows divisible over Pledge of Allegiance
  202. Obama's citizenship.
  203. President elect on 60 minutes now.
  204. Feds called in to review landowner's sign
  205. Showdown looming in Congress of automaker rescue
  206. Barack Obama is warned to beware of a ‘huge threat’ from al-Qaeda
  207. Uglyism?
  208. Obama Advisor Valerie Jarrett Linked to Real Estate Scandals
  209. Obama sees more Threats than any other President-Elect
  210. George Bush's treatment of the U.S. has been a disgrace
  211. The Newest Four Star General is not allowed in combat roles??
  212. How many boobies have you seen?
  213. ignore, sorry
  214. Story From MSNBC
  215. I think every politican is guilty
  216. Hollywood Cast-Election 2008
  217. Bill Ayers on GMA first interview
  218. BF IN a pool
  219. The Pregnant "Man" is Expecting Again
  220. OT: Quick update on my mom.
  221. Obama to Officially Resign Senate Seat on Sunday
  222. Who should not get an invite to Obama's inauguration?
  223. “‘Why Believe in a God?’ Ad Campaign Launches on D.C. Buses”
  224. The treatment of President George W. Bush has been a disgrace
  225. The 2010 Crowd (GOP)
  226. GOP Files Suit to Undo McCain-Feingold rules
  227. MSNBC retracts false Palin story
  228. AK Sen Stevens Loses Lead to Begich in Senate Seat Count
  229. Death & Taxes
  230. Cleland Ad Causes Trouble for Chambliss
  231. Conn: Judge Cleared the Way Wed. for Same-Sex Marriage to Begin
  232. What would you do?
  233. The latest on the bailout
  234. Wondering what happened to all those campaign signs?
  235. Tammy Duckworth, Contender for Sec. of Veterans Affairs
  236. Bipartisan Pair to Meet With G-20 Leaders on Obama's Behalf
  237. Refund the money!
  238. Obama's birth certificate
  239. Palin for president, 2012?
  240. Needle exchange programs
  241. Say-on-Pay Edges Closer to Law
  242. Podesta Conf. Call: Transition Details
  243. Happy Veterans Day!!!
  244. Zero Waste lunches
  245. Our Newest Continent
  246. If you stand for nothing
  247. Remember my sleep comment last week?
  248. Self-soothing
  249. Breastfeeding
  250. Alaska: Number of Oustanding Ballots Grows to 81K