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  1. Organic Milk
  2. Advertising/Soliciting online for babies and adoptive parents....
  3. Trump vs Clinton
  4. Ahmed & the homemade clock
  5. Study Proves Penis Size Matters
  6. NM
  7. Anal sex taught in grade 7...new changes
  8. Legalizing illicit drugs
  9. Billing for party/wedding no shows?
  10. Weston A. Price
  11. spanking
  12. pregnant/afraid/undecided DESPERATE FOR ADVICE
  13. Children's Beauty Pageants
  14. Gay Marriage
  15. Death Row Inmates and Organ Donation...
  16. Toddler sticks hand in bag containing needles at hospital...
  17. what should happen if a surrogate stops getting paid mid-pregnancy?
  18. Same Love
  19. Least possible spacing between full siblings
  20. Too sexy for Saudi Arabia?
  21. Women are just vaginas...
  22. Fluoride, more toxic than lead?
  23. Can't believe I have to write this... JM suffered a heartbreaking loss this week...
  24. Baby cured of HIV
  25. A surrogate's unimaginable dilemma
  26. Oh I'm such a ****head of a mother...
  27. Child beauty pageants
  28. Effects of child beauty pageants
  29. All Things are Equal -- Logical Fallacy or Appropriately Politically Correct
  30. Sandy Hook Shooting - Hoax????
  31. Reborn dolls, Cool/Creepy/thoughts?
  32. Tracking mentall ill Americans?
  33. 28 weeker dies during delivery, doctors being sued *WARNING* graphic details
  34. Heineken dogfight photos...
  35. royal pregnancy hoax
  36. 50 Shades of Grey Baby Clothing
  37. thought some of you might be interested in this
  38. 2nd grade teacher makes kids pay for bathroom breaks
  39. December Roll Call
  40. November Roll Call
  41. The Lying Disease
  42. Santa: fact or fiction?
  43. Taking sick kids in public
  44. Fluroide in the water...
  45. Manager fired for fleeing armed robber...
  46. Should They Be Included In The Yearbook?
  47. seeking pageant mom(s) for PRX interview
  48. Court case may define what a "mother" is
  49. Are people becoming co-dependent on the government?
  50. New Soda/Pop bans for YOU!
  51. Potty Training at the Table......
  52. Marijuana Use By Mothers
  53. a "for the children" debate - School speed zones...
  54. School Made Deaf Boy Change His Sign Language Name.....
  55. Pediatrictions decide boys are better off circ'd than not
  56. Artifical wombs and other reproductive tech
  57. An alternative to soda bans?
  58. Overweight boy, being exploited?
  59. Sending your adoptive child back?
  60. The appropriate way to teach kids about religion
  61. Locking Up Formula Going Too Far?
  62. One-Way Tolerance
  63. The Rapex
  64. Smokers' Rights
  65. Should it be legal to own dangerous exotic pets?
  66. Hospital at fault?
  67. Joe Paternos Statue Taken Down
  68. GUN LAWS IN CO changing after tragic events at Batman Showing in Aurora, Co
  69. Paid maternity leave yay or nay
  70. Nursing in public uncovered
  71. Public Assistance In The News
  72. Clothing restrictions on kids
  73. Facebook accounts under 13 years old
  74. New crib safety guidelines
  75. Asking members not to post about their losses
  76. Teacher fired for content of blog
  77. When children and pets don't mix.....
  78. Hair Cut Punishment For Hair Cutting
  79. Parents give child first taste of soda....
  80. Father denied custody because of weight
  81. Is Kool-Aid bad?
  82. children and chores?
  83. Are these pictures real?
  84. Is this justice?
  85. Teacher makes students beat up kindergarten bully
  86. Is the punishment fair? (Banned from graduation for prank).
  87. Montreal Teacher Suspended for Showing Snuff Film
  88. Speaking of Schools, The Blue Man School Project
  89. What's Wrong With American Schools?
  90. Pig Farrowing
  91. S/O First Soda, Now A Possible Popcorn & Frappucino Ban
  92. Unhealthy by choice
  93. Father Beats Daughter's Molester To Death
  94. Do Spanx Oppress Women?
  95. Teacher Tells Kids They're Not Special
  96. Roseanne For President?
  97. Cannabilism/Zombies making a comeback, lol!!!
  98. New York plans to ban large sugary drinks
  99. Spanking lowers IQ levels?
  100. Student denied inhaler during asthma attack at school....
  101. Do you think this lady's Face Book account should be shut down for her photos?
  102. Child Leashes
  103. Can you sue someone for texting someone who is driving....
  104. Guy With 30 Kids Can't Afford Child Support
  105. s/o - Time Magazine Breastfeeding Cover
  106. Church Sues Blogger For Defamation
  107. Anna Brown
  108. Time Magazine bf cover controversy
  109. Constitutional right to participate in sports?
  110. "Sexy and I know it" = sexual harassment?
  111. Disabled parents fight to keep their newborn.......
  112. Lawmakers want more autism training for teachers
  113. Teen Girl files law suit over cyber bullying
  114. Nutella must pay parents who thought chocolate spread was healthy.
  115. No More Farm Kids
  116. Underage drinking at weddings
  117. McDonalds experiements - fake or real?
  118. Field Trip Switch
  119. The best oreo ad ever.....
  120. Ban The "Man Camps!"
  121. Tantrums....
  122. Six year old girl handcuffed for misbehaving
  123. You can't come to my house if you don't have the right name
  124. Government Assistance and diapers
  125. Dangers of Crying it Out
  126. Crawling Helmets
  127. Assisted suicide
  128. What wouldn't or haven't you done again regarding infants.
  129. Illegal imigrants = victimless crime
  130. Mom guilty in co-sleeping death of second child
  131. Baby Yoga
  132. Autism Connected To Genes?
  133. $12,000 tip
  134. Austim risk linked to gene mutations
  135. Trolling... against the law?
  136. Banning the ice cream man...
  137. What do you think of this?
  138. Gun free zones
  139. This may have been done: Discipline at someone else's house
  140. Feeding - Baby Bird style
  141. The dangers of potty training
  142. Funerals
  143. Debate: Surrogacy.... do you agree with it? yes/no; why/why not? (NO semantics)
  144. Treyvon Martin Situation
  145. Surrogacy and some uncomfortable feelings about it
  146. Solitary Confinement in the Jail System.. Humane or Inhumane?
  147. School Lunches Pink Slime Option
  148. Activism
  149. 24 yr old wins 1 million dollars & still collects welfare
  150. Suing movie theaters over high priced snacks
  151. opinions?
  152. use of photos in medical journals
  153. You are NOT a Fauxtographer
  154. Using other peoples kids pictures for tickers/siggies
  155. After Birth Abortions
  156. Mother knows best
  157. Dad arrested for owning a toy gun
  158. Apologize on facebook or go to jail?
  159. 2 charged in death of girl forced to run
  160. Using Guns as a prop in dance
  161. man shot to death by cops while holding baby
  162. If You Were Related To Hitler.....
  163. A Twilight Movie Without Rob Pattinson!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! ?!?!?!
  164. Georgia's controversial obesity campaign
  165. School tosses out childs lunch and replaces with chicken nuggets...
  166. Should flags be flown at half staff for Whitney Houston?
  167. "He teases you because he loves you"
  168. Is Chris Brown Rehabilitated?
  169. Dad shoots laptop...Overkill? Just for publicity? What do you think?
  170. Teacher sprays student with air freshener
  171. The HIV disclosure debate....*added second question*
  172. Same sex couple has one name removed from child's death certificate.
  173. Judge Backs Firing of Houston Breastpumping Worker
  174. the French make better parents
  175. American Kids Denied Food Stamps Due to Parents Illegal Status
  176. Super Bowl Commercials Too Racey?
  177. Rsvp
  178. Thank you notes
  179. Susan G Komen cuts funding to Planned Parenthood
  180. Transgenders banned from boarding Planes in Canada....
  181. Shooting of Obama shirt
  182. "Gay by choice"
  183. Okla. senator wants ban on human fetuses in food
  184. This Work At Home Company
  185. Will this help stop the violence?
  186. Yet Another So-Called Gender Neutral Child.
  187. Mass Hysteria diagnosis for teen girls' mystery illness
  188. "Cougar" is now offensive.
  189. Was Paula Deen wrong for not sharing her diabetes diagnosis with the public?
  190. Do you think this guy is full of BS or is it protocol?
  191. Yelling is the new spanking
  192. the latest research on epidurals
  193. La. official wants to ban pajamas in public
  194. Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close... should it be protested?
  195. Peanut Butter Cheerios
  196. dolphin-assisted birth
  197. Should Sesame Street feature breastfeeding?
  198. Public Humiliation for Punishing Teens
  199. War Video's released to the public
  200. Pepsi sued for Racial Bias
  201. A True Constitutional Rights Violation?
  202. Do kids have ANY right to know?
  203. Non-medical induction
  204. Parents face difficulties visiting NICU babies after Beyonce goes into labor
  205. Teen Who Killed Bully to go Free
  206. Civil Liberties Violation?
  207. Texas Police kill 8th grader carring pellet gun
  208. Casey Anthony's Video Diary Leaked
  209. Daytime Curfews for Teens
  210. Ndaa
  211. Give slim kids better grades says French nutritionist
  212. Race is not only skin deep
  213. Do breastfed babies need vitamin D supplements?
  214. Hot Coffee- The Mcdonalds Case and Americans who Sue
  215. Doctors refusing service
  216. Feeding your baby vs. not feeding your baby
  217. Soy formula vs. milk based formula
  218. Gays in History
  219. The 2012 Election
  220. Can your child be an equal?
  221. Breastfeeding vs. Formula Feeding
  222. Pixie Stix Make Pageants Healthy!
  223. Can a 22,000sf Mansion Be Called "Green"?
  224. 9-11 Pepsi Cans?
  225. Shortage Of ADHD Medications.
  226. Kissing prank
  227. Dangers of the bumbo,
  228. Rudolph & bullying
  229. Spin off Stripper
  230. Barefoot Running?
  231. extreme religious asceticism
  232. Can a Christian be a stripper?
  233. South Korea architecture a mockery of 9/11 and the World Trade Center?
  234. credit v. debit
  235. should a dyslexic person be allowed to teach English?
  236. The Virgin Diaries--Mocking Or Celebrating Celibacy?
  237. When should CPS be called?
  238. Activism is considered heated?
  239. Filling abandoned houses with the homeless.
  240. Christmas Trees: real or artificial?
  241. Safeway at it again!
  242. Circus Fined For Animal Abuse
  243. 200 lb. 8 year old removed from home
  244. Naming Children
  245. Daughter kicking (experiences/advise needed)
  246. Jesus was not born December 25th
  247. How late is too late for outside parties?
  248. Laws on dog ownership
  249. Do you think circumcision can make sex bad for the woman?
  250. Trek Or Wars?