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  1. PILLS? Are all these ok to take at the same time?
  2. Is this normal?
  3. HELP with opk!
  4. New intro (soon to be TTCAL, boy sway)
  5. Some pics of baby Alex
  6. An update on me!!!!
  7. New Here, new to this, swaying for boy.
  8. How/what do you feel when you ovulate?
  9. New Here - Swaying for a GIRL!
  10. Congratulations Michelle (Update on Shell1981 from her DDC)
  11. The ring test.. have you done it?
  12. Whos in the tww??
  13. Alkalne vs. Acidic- trying to get it straight
  14. C-section TOMORROW!!!!!!
  15. Help, Is this a boy or girl?
  16. 2WW again...but I'm pretending that I'm not paying attention. hahaha
  17. Question about ph test strips
  18. Swaying during the holidays
  19. I keep meaning to update...
  20. Bfn :(
  21. am I screwing up my sway?
  22. help
  23. Getting ready to start swaying
  24. Help
  25. Gender disappointment...
  26. If you want to concieve a boy????????????????????/
  27. Please Welcome discombobulatedfarmer
  28. Hey Girls!!!
  29. If I am swaying for a boy,when do I have sex after positive ovulation test?
  30. Hi!
  31. which PH sticks
  32. im confused
  33. starting to freak out
  34. +opk!! tommorow is the big day!!
  35. CM question. Should i try to get rid of it?
  36. Swaying for a boy
  37. One day prior to missed AF and NEGATIVE! :(
  38. Genital development- Angle of the dangle
  39. PH is 5, is that too high to sway girl? Please help!
  40. boy diet question
  41. Scan today
  42. Hi!
  43. Evening primrose oil
  44. REALLY want another girl...
  45. seeing blue...
  46. Its a.................
  47. Ph Question
  48. The books that have helped you the most..
  49. How do you decide?
  50. supplements
  51. Should I start?
  52. What do you think?
  53. Making some changes around hear...
  54. crystal light
  55. Who wants to take an early guess?!
  56. VERY Cautiously Optimistic
  57. In the 2WW...yet again...
  58. I wanna girl!
  59. Ideas for breakfast for ttc boy!!!!
  60. Question..
  61. questions on OPK and ovulation
  62. The Look & Feel of Fertile Cervical Mucus. Changes in Cervical Fluids.
  63. Warning please read!!
  64. Lisanandy
  65. Hi ! New here!
  66. * Gender prediction quizes *
  67. could i be ..............
  68. What the tech said she "thinks" the baby is...
  69. i'm joining
  70. What pH digital tester do you have?
  71. Breastfeeding and swaying..
  72. What Dh/so can do to help sway..
  73. 19w1d u/s - baby girl
  74. For the pregnant mommas.. How is your pregnancy going?
  75. Im so angry at myself..
  76. Hey shell
  77. Want to make a prediction for me?!
  78. How to be more Alkaline - Please share your ideas
  79. plz reassure me :( baby boy??
  80. plz reassure me :( baby boy??
  81. Microsort
  82. introducing myself
  83. Gendermaker (x-posted)
  84. x
  85. Ph sticks..
  86. Worried that number 4 is a girl : (
  87. What do you hate most about swaying?
  88. your bbt when you conceive
  89. ***October roll call***
  90. Baby names?
  91. Links to studies for my DH please!
  92. Lurking with a Question
  93. wanting to sway! questions
  94. May I have your opinions please? *UPDATE 1st post*
  95. Do you tell DH/SO of your TTC specific gender?
  96. On to another cycle....
  97. Loving my air purifier/ioniser!
  98. Would the timing of intercourse work with low sperm count?
  99. Help calm my fears
  100. will starting the gender diet etc months ahead help with the sway?
  101. Pink Month
  102. New here, wondering if I can ask a few questions?
  103. Just a quick update - our sway worked!
  104. Help! Ovulation is a few days away... What can I do at this point to sway for a boy?
  105. 2ww and questioning my sway...
  106. Please help me make a decision!
  107. Questions on baking soda
  108. When to start?
  109. Tampons to reduce pH
  110. In 2WW & Bummed....
  111. Questions!
  112. trying for a boy but lack of cm?
  113. I think I needs some advice....
  114. Question!!!! Ahhh......
  115. PH Level
  116. Decreasing EWCM for swaying
  117. High Temps...
  118. Why do people doubt Gender Swaying?
  119. Anyone done or doing this?
  120. Cranberry...
  121. X and Y % in man
  122. Just ordered...
  123. babyofmine4 or anyone who uses ph strips
  124. Take A Guess
  125. Marley....
  126. Do you think that some women can only carry one sex?
  127. New here and have two questions
  128. If money was no object, would you go for PGD???
  129. PH or Cut off.....
  130. What did your dh say when you sugested swaying?
  131. Will the baby you are swaying for /pregnant with be your last?
  132. Successful Girl Sways....
  133. I think I am....
  134. Trying for a pink one
  135. Eeek! Little update!
  136. Soy Isoflavones
  137. I am out.................
  138. Hope it's ok to join in!
  139. Wanna take a guess??! :)
  140. Sorry I haveent been around- bed rest : | threated m/c
  141. 3rd beta results!
  142. Well....I think....
  143. TTC a girl!!
  144. I think i messed it up!
  145. 2nd beta results
  146. i would like to join you ladies, we want a boy!
  147. Position of....
  148. Update on todays hpt test!
  149. Quartz Happy
  150. Ultrasound said girl...
  151. FF verses TCOYF....
  152. Beta results from today's draw.....
  153. Tested today....Pic inside!
  154. vitamin ?
  155. soo
  156. So confused...please help
  157. swaying ?
  158. Early pregnancy symptom?
  159. Out of curiosity...does anyone get irritated when...
  160. Hi I'm new with a ?
  161. Food for Thought
  162. O+12
  163. Does breastfeeding sway?
  164. We will see how....
  165. Can I hang out here?
  166. Giving Up my Sway
  167. ready to sway PINK!!!
  168. Ttc a boy!!
  169. HELP! Boy Sway!
  170. Swaying for Girl questions....
  171. been on the pill and swaying pink
  172. What day to stop....
  173. Chinese Gender Chart/Calandar
  174. If it were five months from now...
  175. Hey I'm new here
  176. positive opk for a boy!
  177. Newbie and Swaying for Pink
  178. Thought I was PREGGO
  179. Got a question for you girls!
  180. i have a ?
  181. Need Your Help
  182. swaying for a boy....help!
  183. Does birth control sway???
  184. Not familiar with swaying, have a question...
  185. Does BD'ing every day sway one way or another?
  186. What job do you think your children will do??
  187. New Here
  188. Another intro
  189. New to board
  190. I should Introduce myself!
  191. Positive OPK, swaying for a Girl
  192. ? about diet
  193. Another question...
  194. Oops
  195. On our way, hopefully and a question for you all...
  196. Just thought you I would give you a laugh...i did.
  197. Your SO's job in swaying
  198. my story
  199. Marlz
  200. pregnant and wanting a boy!
  201. ? about gender disapointment *Gender update*
  202. Girl Diet Question
  203. OPK/Boy Sway Help
  204. Make sure yous all take your folic acid :)
  205. What do you do to pin point ovulation?
  206. Whats dh do to help sway??
  207. freaking out a little...
  208. Why do Prenatals sway boy????
  209. Shell1981
  210. ? about diet and supplements
  211. If you want a girl...
  212. Sodas?
  213. Shell1981
  214. Trying for a girl
  215. Cravings while carrying a girl?
  216. 20 week scan on monday!
  217. Why not...I am itching for opinions :)
  218. We are trying this cycle... What is the quickest way to sway for a boy?
  219. Any advice?
  220. Trying and succeeding
  221. Newbie trying for a boy
  222. Guess this one...
  223. Take A Guess?
  224. Continue taking supplements after BFP?
  225. So much work for nothing! *updated*
  226. I got my BFP today 10 DPO
  227. Whats your baby/kids bedroom like?
  228. Private sub forum
  229. Hey ladies : )
  230. What do you hate doing with ttc a speific gender?
  231. Anyone else?? Can stop thinking about wanting a specific gender?
  232. What methods are you doing 4 ttc a girl?
  233. Books??
  234. (TMI) pH Testing Strips Question regarding use...
  235. How did that happen then?
  236. How far in advance....
  237. Help!
  238. pH tester - What kind to buy?
  239. Sorry I've been MIA...and Hi to all the new mommies
  240. Cranberries Question
  241. Please help with the diet and vitamins
  242. amy I swaying correctly?
  243. What do you ladies think?
  244. O+12 vs Shettles and Tracking O ?
  245. new here and what I have been taking to sway pink
  246. Girl Diet and CM
  247. Started the Boy Diet!
  248. Good reading material?
  249. Lydia Pinkham
  250. In the wait to TTC- A few questions?

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