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  1. Can you guess the gender from this us?
  2. Boy Sway- Late OV. Did I miss my boy sway? Fourth Baby
  3. Help with ramzi theory
  4. baby gender prediction test
  5. We are trying for baby Boy (First pregnancy)
  6. Pregnancy Sleeping Relief Pillow !!
  7. Ovulation question regarding conceiving a certain gender
  8. 16w U/S but no good views. "/ (Pic) (UPDATE PIC ADDED 1st post)
  9. Calcium citrate and regular calcium...Im so confused
  10. Question about hot baths
  11. Gender Predictions ramzi theory/nub theory?
  12. Ramzi Theory - With U/S Pic
  13. Intelligender
  14. TTC PiNk tips!!!! Anyone have some advice?
  15. New
  16. New Here
  17. Trying for a boy just got an LH Surge
  18. Who can guess it right? Boy or Girl? Including Picture :-)
  19. Its a...
  20. Maybe pink??
  21. mild pink sway...
  22. TTC twins?
  23. TTC a Gril..Question
  24. boy diet
  25. what are my chances? from fertility window
  26. welll... I had my first u/s
  27. Swaying Pink!!! :)
  28. First attempt made!
  29. CD5...AF done...
  30. sick while TTC our girl
  31. take a guess :)
  32. Please help !! Boy or Gal ? Please make your guess !
  33. My girl is here
  34. 12 week pics:)
  35. hoping to get 1 girl
  36. sub forums?
  37. Maybe NTNP next cycle and TTC after?
  38. 12 week ultrasound guess
  39. off we go
  40. Trying for a girl
  41. Health update from Mrs. G
  42. Unexpectedly Pregnant!
  43. Chinese Birth Chart?
  44. Ultrasound #1 complete!
  45. ttc a baby boy
  46. new to this
  47. Hoping for a girl!
  48. a little excited
  49. Help with boy sway :)
  50. girl pH?
  51. ugggg...
  52. Important question about trying to conceive a boy! Please please please help:)
  53. Bye bye sway
  54. Went to bath and body works! :)
  55. Does anyone IRL know?
  56. Are you swaying boy or girl?
  57. Planning or TTC?
  58. Gender disappointment
  59. Chinese Gender Predictor- Qing Table
  60. what is your limit???
  61. Breast feeding and gender??
  62. TTC a BOY! tips and tricks please!!
  63. gender disappointment
  64. Boy - Sway Supplements.
  65. Distractions for the wait...
  66. Conception and Gender?
  67. success stories swaying blue?? and tips please
  68. PH Level strips
  69. apples and sway
  70. Well, maybe the flu shot will sway pink
  71. Ugh. New sway plan
  72. starting to think i am out...
  73. 20 week scan update
  74. I have 20 week scan on monday, paranoid!
  75. We're in the top 50 for August!
  76. I think I am in the tww
  77. I bought a sway plan!!
  78. What to eat for a girl sway?
  79. Ovulation complete. My sway and timing... thoughts?
  80. my tomatoes are finally ripe, and I'm O'ing
  81. Going off the LE principle...
  82. Gtky
  83. checking pH
  84. swaying girl and dtd question.
  85. Crazy lady trying to conceive a girl after 3 boys!
  86. my sway and yeast infection question
  87. Post your sway plan!
  88. splenda okay for girl sway?
  89. THE Angry Uterus's future pink sway plan
  90. TTC Blue Sway Attempts
  91. TTC Pink Sway Attempts
  92. Swaying for a girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  93. for those having more than 2 boys , pls share your experience :)
  94. Just come bsck from 16 week scan
  95. Hi there!
  96. how much magnesium for girl sway?
  97. Offically Swaying for a Girl......
  98. TTC a BOY-Shettles Method anyone?
  99. +opk BD timing- opinions please
  100. so I need help with girl sway
  101. For BTDT mommies... swaying for a girl...
  102. For BTDT mommies... swaying for a girl...
  103. Just scheduled my gender scan!!!
  104. fish oil and sway?
  105. Swaying for the girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  106. Question about egg whites
  107. Can pre seed sway for a boy?
  108. Shell, we're in the SAME boat now...
  109. What happened...
  110. New here with a question about girl sway
  111. Just got back from my 10 week scan
  112. New, swaying blue... Suggestions on beverages etc...
  113. Suggestions for beverages when trying to sway blue
  114. oops double post. sorry
  115. Ttc baby boy and boy diet ?
  116. Chinese age and lunar year
  117. TTC/Swaying for a boy?
  118. Here we go again!
  119. New
  120. New
  121. Shettles method really work??
  122. Opk, ovulation, dtd... Questions
  123. When to do gender specific diet, before conception or afterwards?
  124. New
  125. Swaying for Girl
  126. Please help, is this really our boy? 14 weeks
  127. Book?
  128. 2 girls and now PG with a boy :) My tips. (FOR BOYS and GIRLS
  129. New here, going to try to sway for a girl
  130. hubbie doesn't want to gender sway
  131. Girl or boy guess?
  132. Going to start TTC a girl soon (NEW HERE)
  133. TTC my third
  134. Help Identify Boy or Girl from Ultrasound
  135. Swaying with iui
  136. new here! were you successful?
  137. when to start sway?
  138. TTC a boy---baking soda finger stories? Success?
  139. Who have you told?
  140. When dtd swaying for a girl : )
  141. How does your dh feel about ttcasg?
  142. The hardest thing for you TTCASG?
  143. Hi All, I'm back!
  144. Who's Here?
  145. A little sister for Finn...
  146. TTC a boy diet question re diet coke and chocolate
  147. Trying for a boy
  148. My girl sway plan
  149. What are you hoping to have?
  150. When to start girl diet?
  151. boy number 4
  152. Challenging Your Thinking
  153. Is there a way to increase chances of carrying twins?
  154. TTC a Girl!!!!
  155. Is there anything DH can do to sway for a boy?
  156. Way Early signs?
  157. Def boy bits in scan pic??
  158. new!TTC for a girl:)
  159. im new ttc a girl
  160. Had my scan
  161. girls
  162. Gender guess?
  163. 6-7 week scan picture gender guesses
  164. oopsie baby
  165. Anyone swaying boy?? Did it work??
  166. 13w5d u/s
  167. todays menu
  168. what do you eat?
  169. hi back again
  170. New girl on board! :)
  171. TTC a girl
  172. pregnant again
  173. 13 week ultrasound!! Boy or girl??? :)
  174. After a Long JM break, I am back
  175. I got my BFP
  176. Shettles was (apparently) wrong! Timing goes the other way. Please share!
  177. Dreaming of Frogs and snails, And puppy-dogs' tails
  178. Pregnant...maybe?
  179. looks like all that swaying...
  180. I wanna GIRL!!!
  181. Potassium supplements -- how much and what kind?
  182. Girl girl girl...please!
  183. New to here, trying to convience a GIRL!
  184. New here, swaying for a girl..
  185. Tips for a girl
  186. Interesting "fact"
  187. Specific gender
  188. Hi ladies....anyone use fertility monitor to conceive a boy?
  189. How much trust in the Chinese calendar?
  190. Hi New here Trying for a GIRL
  191. a boy after 5 girls?
  192. So so nervous
  193. Swayed BOY! Pregnant due September!
  194. Need pink!
  195. Idea's and Tips for conceiving a girl?
  196. We swayed for a BOY and It's a .......
  197. Tips on conceiving a boy?
  198. Looking for advice or suggestions
  199. A good read
  200. Baby Girl Fever
  201. boy or girl ????
  202. Interesting info on Chinese Gender Chart
  203. Finding out in pregnancy vs. finding out at birth?
  204. Raspberry leaf tea
  205. CD 1 Try for a girl, who's with me trying for either girl or boy?
  206. Confused!
  207. just found out!!!
  208. flu vaccine
  209. back to ttc a girl
  210. 13 weeks, 5 days u/s....boy or girl?????
  211. Thoughts? New here, and not sure on my chances!
  212. 13 Week ultrasound pic..boy or girl?
  213. New here!
  214. 13 week nub shot
  215. Gender Calander Accuracy?
  216. I am 20wks 5days ( Team Pink!!! )
  217. pinpointing ovulation-seeking advice for mommies with boy
  218. Tested this morning...
  219. We had an "oops"...what are my chances?
  220. I am back with a BFP!
  221. Questions about IUI and IVF and gender selecting
  222. Traying for a baby boy
  223. Bummed...ovulating early
  224. Hmmm
  225. Times up... Its a..........
  226. Introduction of myself. Want a girl.
  227. girl swaying and iui ?
  228. What is this??
  229. What is this??
  230. New to this board and TTC a baby boy questions
  231. .
  232. is swaying really worth it?
  233. new to board/SUPPLEMENT HELP!!!!!!!
  234. TMI question
  235. Hi there, new here!!
  236. New and ttc a BOY!
  237. Here we go again...swaying for girl cd3 who is with me!
  238. Making Changes
  239. Did a small sway for girl....It's a ...
  240. mommies of girls
  241. mommies of boys
  242. OMG
  243. Mind if I Introduce Myself?
  244. To Sway or Not to Sway?
  245. For those who know me
  246. TTC a girl OPK test line slightly lighter than control line, what would you do?
  247. TTC a girl OPK test line slightly lighter than control line, what would you do?
  248. Ph testing?
  249. I need confirmation...
  250. have a little rant about swaying

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