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  1. My grandmother is certifiably insane
  2. Fuming angry mad. Had I reacted differently I might of gotten fired today
  3. Finally it's being done
  4. QOTW
  5. Women's Town
  6. Tell me what you think
  7. Really need some advice
  8. Hope everyone is having
  9. Phone issue is still not settled at home arrrggggg
  10. Why doesn't DH care about our anniversary???
  11. How is this not selling something
  12. I really need to vent about this
  13. So why is it only me????
  14. I hate telemarketers. They been calling all day
  15. Don't know where to go from here...
  16. How inconsiderate
  17. Relationship Issues
  18. He always says but never does...help please!
  19. Am I really furious today.
  20. How well does your DH/SO actually listen to you??
  21. They finally hooked up my new phones after since like February they tried to
  22. sexual frustration!
  23. This is such a joke it urks me why the bothered to call in the first place
  24. A lil angry
  25. Don't get the remark I got from female employee at a coffee house
  26. MIlitary wives vent
  27. I'm so angry. I want to bang my head on the wall in anger and frustration
  28. I AM SO LOST
  29. Computer upsets me big time today
  30. Very Strange are my instincts right........
  31. No advice please
  33. What the heck is going on over there?
  34. It upsets me when parents do not take control of their kids in the stores
  35. Need some help
  36. Cranky, sulky, silent husband
  37. 1 stealer caught at work. How it was handled really angered me.
  38. How quickly do you get angry??
  39. QOTD
  40. Rant!!! AHHHHHHHHH
  41. Husband MIL vent updated
  42. That new cell phone arrived and is activated
  44. How can he say this?
  45. Breastfeeding Rant
  46. Can't understand cell phone company Why do they play games with their customers
  47. I am so frustrated
  48. I just want to cry
  49. Fuming mad several things are the cause of it. Starting with the phone
  50. Dealing with neighbours!!!
  51. Work angered me this weekend
  52. i need to vent!
  53. So dissapointed
  54. Angry and scared all in the same. Not sure what to do next.
  55. Use Of Profanity
  56. Things NOT to say when a parent loses a child
  57. Cant handle fatherhood huh?
  58. PEOPLE! Please use spell-check or proof read!!!!
  59. Ugh! The nerve!
  60. Do you like forwarded emails?
  61. stupid ex's
  62. Is it wrong of me??
  63. My blood is boiling!!!
  64. I don't know if I should say something or what I should do
  65. calling me names in my own house
  66. 1 afternoon full of crap
  67. career, boyfriend, and general life vent...
  68. DH needs to grow some
  69. how can i get my boyfriend on board?
  70. That insurance issue with dh is all solved I guess
  71. Stop me from smashing the computer and the phones.
  72. Pediatrician Vent
  73. Irritated!!!
  74. Arg!!!
  75. I guess I'm having a work vent big time again
  76. DH's who don't help
  77. What is wrong with some men?!
  78. Arrggg mail mixed up again
  79. Changing occupation to TTC
  80. Changing occupation to TTC
  81. The ultimate question.
  82. I just want to say
  83. I just want to cry
  84. What should I do????
  85. My pointless vent
  86. SOOO Mad
  87. So very angry with dh's insurance company
  88. Unsent Letter
  89. need help
  90. Frustrated with my relationship
  91. One thing after another....
  92. I caught him
  93. Elopement causing some heated problems
  94. Ok can I just go OFF for a minute
  95. Manjusha
  96. Do you ever write love notes?
  97. What are some things...
  98. When you are frustrated?
  99. OH NO!!!!!
  100. I can't stand being compared to other people!!!!!
  101. Please tell me...
  102. dad and baby relationship
  103. Where do I go now?!
  104. This is so errogant or what is the word for this
  105. Heard a rude remark out of some old guy about a dh and his 2 dd's
  106. OMG I'm UBER ticked!!!!
  107. What is her problem!?
  108. This is so unfair Everyone is angry
  109. Should I just relax???
  110. Let's lighten things up around here
  111. Who do you vent to the most?
  112. sick and tired of mean people online
  113. Is my relationship worth it any more?
  114. Exhausting long day in court
  116. I Am SICK of Her Saying I'm A Bad Aunt!
  117. Annoyed
  118. Why am I so chicken I can't stand up for anyone....
  119. Am I being to hard on DH?
  120. heard a woman say something to day that upset me
  121. StukKapatje
  122. What was the purpose of vacation if I came back to be overworked
  123. My Soap Opera life!
  124. XPosted from Catholic Parenting, Rant About My FMIL
  125. DH's idiot friends...PT TWO
  126. Someone stole my ebay info!!
  127. Harrased by the cops today for dh being disabled
  128. Is he cheating?
  129. So dissapointed
  130. So upset,hurt and angry now
  131. What are we gonna do with my grandmother?
  132. I'm X-Posting This Because I Need Another Point of View
  133. Strange vent
  134. Very long,over needed vent
  135. So upset with my bf..
  136. Seller on EBay really upset me. The nerve of their remarks
  137. I hate Christmas - VENT
  138. Why is this cycle getting to me so much???
  139. New Years Eve Disastor already?
  140. Someone mentioned their sister stealing. This has made me wonder over the years
  141. Why can't I grow the balls to leave
  142. So sick of the drama at work. Wish it would all go away
  143. Looking for help/advice
  144. need to vent about sil
  145. Sick of my sister stealing
  146. I feel like S***
  147. DH's idiot friends
  148. I AM human!
  149. Placed with a dilema I thought work did complete background checks on new hired employees
  150. vent about work
  151. I don't come here much But I need some advice
  152. At the Very End of My Rope
  153. Darn flipping garage. Oh am I angry.
  154. I despise family!
  155. Pain
  156. S-I-N-G-L-E (LONG)
  157. Would you go?
  158. Need some advice, please
  159. Reposting from "Inlaws" board I'm curious what other people think about this
  160. really long, but definitely original
  161. MEGA VENT
  162. Am I justified?
  163. Please hear my Vent
  164. Is this pathetic or what?
  165. Impending doom
  166. At a loss
  167. VENT!
  168. Uber p'ssed!!!
  169. Beware: Hormone Induced Vent
  170. Really down and blue :(
  171. snoring man
  172. Darn computer cut up while I was trying to order on EBay
  173. All Hell Broke Lose
  174. Devastated
  175. carolinagirl
  176. Long VENT (BF)
  177. Work Vent
  178. SUPER VENT!!!!
  179. Can i vent a minute?
  180. Vacation from He!!
  181. Need Input
  182. Don't mind me I am just venting
  183. I think Im ready
  184. How did I let this happen? I work the next 3 holidays
  185. Maybe stupid, but a lil vent none the less
  186. OOOH why me???!?
  187. I am soo frusterated!
  188. Short_n_swt
  189. how can he be so stupid?
  190. WHY?!?
  191. My nerves are being worked big time. No one takes me seriously about it
  192. Dont forget
  193. Frustrated!!!
  194. Wth is wrong with the school. Arrggg. They must not listen to the voicemails
  195. Aghhh...need to vent please
  196. What a dork of a maintenance guy at work. The nerve of him
  197. This is ridiculous
  198. i'm done with this
  199. I have completely had it!
  200. I need to vent .....I like like a slave
  201. oh man. I need to vent..
  202. husband vent
  203. sick of it all
  204. ##### of a roommate
  206. Work really angered me on Wednesday and I did nothing wrong
  207. Warning for all who didn't already know
  208. stupid cashiers at work
  209. how much is too much...
  210. my mother is crazy
  211. DF and money....
  212. I'm fuming mad right now
  214. Do you plan anything
  215. It is turning fall around here
  216. What do you do for Halloween??
  217. Aagghh!!! So frustrated!!!
  218. I'm angry about some things at work too.
  219. Update on Now I done it below post
  220. How do you deal
  221. Are there any new topics that
  222. How is everone doing
  223. Work vent (LONG) ***UPDATED***
  224. I hate that
  225. Now I done it. Woo did I complain big time work related
  226. The nerve of some people. Boy I went off on someone last night
  227. Dislike
  228. work sucks ***update***
  230. Caught between a rock and a hard place
  231. What do you guys think?
  232. deleted
  233. Not sure how to handle the situation
  234. Aggghhhhhhh!
  235. dh has no sense of money sometimes
  236. Just want to cry.
  237. I Hate My Daughter's Stepmom!!
  238. My husband might have to move
  239. He rubs things in my nose just to be nasty or something
  240. The garbage pile in front of my house is gone
  241. I wish my dad would get a life
  242. Beer budget?!
  243. Not sure what is up with neighbor and his house
  244. middle of the night and miserable
  245. So POED
  246. sad
  247. Scared
  248. Angry about work policies. What goes for some should go for all
  249. what will make him work?
  250. Grrr...

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