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  1. I know it's a bit early
  2. Arrrgggg Them fool jerk neighbors done it again
  3. mother-inlaws
  5. what's going on?
  6. "How to make your wife happy"
  7. Lets play "happy family"
  8. Porn
  9. courtesy call?
  10. Drama at work <<Again>>
  12. more on my digital camera saga.
  13. JOBS....
  14. I need to vent! UPDATED
  15. Neighbors...
  16. PHEW
  17. I need a job!
  18. HOA, Pool Tags, and patrons
  19. Update on my last post
  20. Taking a Toll
  21. I hate that new dining room supervisor
  22. My choatic last few days!!
  23. Co-Workers
  25. ignorant old hag,GRRRRR!......UPDATE!
  26. Hey tasha221
  27. litterbugs
  28. Dentist again
  29. I quit...now they want me
  30. DH of mine is a @@@@@@
  31. Is it so HARD to let me sleep in the morning
  32. He is back!!
  33. Neighbors they can be such ding dongs
  34. So my lifeguard job, is starting to turn around
  35. I wanna scream about the darn maintenance of our
  36. $#%$^%@
  37. Sorry so long, but I gotta get this out!
  39. What to do....
  40. I hate my job lifeguarding
  41. I hate it when my hubby get sick
  42. It has been nasty here this afternoon
  43. stupid inlaws
  45. Stupid people
  46. "you look tired"
  47. How is everyone doing?
  48. They worked it out
  49. And to add to the fustration --
  50. Finally in my home in NJ
  51. need to really vent
  52. What kind of mother...
  53. I feel like a ball of stress arrgggg
  54. Confused
  55. I have absolutely no desire
  56. Okay, I KNOW he loves me.. but I feel so used!!
  57. Husband problems
  58. My dh just packed and left!
  59. Want to pound my head against a wall,
  60. I feel like a crazy person
  61. Sorry to be a little bit on the MIA side of things
  62. i just want to cry
  63. I feel like all i do is
  64. Neglecting to understandy why i'm stressed
  65. Annoyed
  66. I landed in NJ
  67. Fustrated -- again
  68. She urks me so bad sometimes Arrrggg
  69. Hi all!!
  70. BF's Job
  71. stupid Butts!
  72. RAISES
  73. I'm officially a burden!
  74. Ok why is it
  75. VENT...
  76. AHHHHHH!!!!
  77. A rude reminder of how much I hate my dang car
  78. My family is crazy!!
  79. Hello??
  80. I finally stood up to him
  81. My DH
  82. My week...
  83. AOL is making me syco
  84. This p*sses me off!
  85. Ignorance
  86. Moving
  87. I want to kick his butt...
  88. Terri S
  89. How should I feel?
  90. Anyone have a good way to deal
  91. What fairytale or children's movie
  92. Immature Boys.
  93. Feng Shui Horoscope
  94. Excruciating Bosses From The Land Of Satan
  96. Just a mini vent
  97. This is so dang ridiculous!!!
  98. Hate my car
  99. What is something silly that you have done
  100. Headache
  101. What is one of your favorite Brady Bunch episodes?
  102. Know any good light bulb
  103. Anyone else have
  104. When you go shopping do you take
  105. Can your DH/SO live without the
  107. *carefully rubbing my own hiney*
  108. I HATE THIS CRAP!!!!
  110. Keep your fingers crossed
  111. I don't know if it is or isn't against the rules
  112. Smart remarks
  113. Could scream no one wants to get along
  114. Selective hearing
  116. Name Something U would find at a Grocery Store
  118. I need to vent!
  119. does this bother you too???
  120. Such a nice day outside....
  121. Stupid Job
  122. I havent really talk..
  123. Some nerve
  124. my tooth hurts!!
  125. A break from my B'ing
  126. i HATE BOA!!!
  127. Gonna scream, then cry I'm sick to my stomache I'm
  128. Gotta get this out, its eating me up
  129. It might break the rules
  130. Men.....Hmph!!
  131. Lets put am END to Monday Madness and
  132. oooooooooohhhhhhhh I am so p*ssed off
  133. Sick!!
  134. How was your day??
  135. Health department lady
  136. exhusband
  137. Babysitting...
  138. Can my day be any much worse
  139. Not sure if someone read my sugesstion in the box
  140. Just one of those days!!
  141. Divorce
  142. Lighthouse....
  143. Here is a little something to lighten your day :)
  144. Here is a link for you guys!
  145. some "friend"
  146. Do your parents
  147. Is the flu/cold affecting you as bad as us?
  148. How is your day going?
  149. Boy I need to vent about today and work
  150. I need help with my stepson
  151. A day from you know where...
  152. I need to vent!
  153. Why does he choose me???
  154. Super Nanny
  155. Hey Mandy...
  156. Arghh
  157. Venting
  158. Who is this monster child?
  160. Jen
  161. broken trust....
  162. I wanna scream!!!
  163. Parents~
  164. Quiz Time!
  165. How is your day going?
  166. Couple Therapy
  167. i hate....
  168. Are your parents divorced?
  169. Stuck between a Rock and a Hard spot
  170. Somethings to think about
  171. God Created Children
  172. Commitment or Compatablity
  173. No more internet at work!
  174. Jennifer...
  175. Grrr NO hot water
  176. What are your Valentine Plans
  177. HELP!!! What do I do with him???
  178. A delayed vent
  179. This is so true on birth order
  180. Ugh..another deployment
  181. WHY???????
  182. do not know if i can make it through
  183. I'm worried about you...
  184. Keep your fingers crossed for us
  185. What part of HURRY or move your ... do men not und
  186. does anyone else have this problem?
  187. MIL Issue
  188. Does your DH/SO help out with the
  189. My stupid Brother!!
  190. WHY?
  191. weather alerts
  193. Guess what....
  194. My stupid car....
  195. UPDATES for those of you who have posted
  196. Upset with Jon..........
  197. per Jessica's request
  198. SOMEONE almost hit my car last night!!
  199. do you have anything to vent about??
  200. dont you hate it when
  201. i hate waiting on W2s
  202. lets vent about animals...
  203. who do you vent to the most???
  204. Its going to be 67 degrees out tomorrow
  205. ***!?!?!?
  206. I will never rent again
  207. For those of you who are renters and need help
  208. I am sooo stressed out!
  209. Serious Marital Problems during Pregnancy
  210. Have to share my landlord nightmare story
  211. I think the Blade series is cursed
  212. had to get this off my chest
  213. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  214. I'm so mad I'm shaking!
  215. Okay, I am normally not a venter...
  216. VENTING
  217. Need some advice
  218. I think I am getting sick.
  219. you have to be kiddingme!!!
  220. A tata vent..............
  221. Well found another new hole.........
  222. *** is wrong with people
  223. Pictures of the new rat hole!
  224. MIL wrote a letter to our pediatrician!
  225. OMG now they are in my freaking living space!!!!!!
  226. just don't understand
  227. Do I have 2 kids?
  228. venting abot step sister again
  229. I can't understand why.....
  230. My MIL is a moron!
  231. The nerve of this woman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  232. I think I got stood up again....
  233. I just wanted to wish everyone
  234. Here are the kids enjoying the snow that ruined
  235. More pics of the snow that ruined Christmas
  236. Pics of the snow that ruined Christmas
  237. The most aweful dream
  238. I hope it's just the holidays...
  239. just great
  240. Everything is getting to me
  242. uuggghhh
  243. Upset with my mother
  244. I wanna move!! I wanna move!! I wanna move!!
  246. Tis the season...
  247. HATE MY SIL
  249. My turn to vent
  250. compulsive lying!!