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  1. AHHHHHHHHH my van is falling apart!!!
  2. crazy friend
  3. My bank...
  4. I meant to update
  5. SIL dog really making me mad....
  7. Would it be bad if I killed dhs boss?
  8. ARG!!!!!!!! Jons memory pisses me off BIG TIME!
  9. I HATE this time of month!!
  10. Who else is glad DH is back at work?
  11. SLEEP.......
  12. does EVERYONE whack out when you're pg?
  13. did anyone else's mom whack out?
  14. rollopodio, just checking in to see
  15. surprise from fil...
  16. My whole house is sick.....
  17. Parents.....well, my mom.
  18. Lets lighten things up around here and play this
  19. Where is the crying room???
  20. Sick and tired of this rental!!
  21. This is getting
  22. I think you ALL need to hear this and remember it!
  23. Where is my car??
  24. arg
  25. need some advice from someone who knows
  27. Update on men freaking suck
  28. our stupid home owners association!!!!!!!!
  29. So urked by sil
  30. Update!!! Can you go any crazier????
  31. LAWYERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  32. Men freaking suck!
  33. Just need to let this out!!
  34. Fuuummming!
  35. feels good to vent
  36. not a vent. more of an update
  37. ANTM
  38. UUGGHH!!!!
  39. how do you even deal with someone like this
  40. getting a job
  41. discipline
  42. 4 Rules to Love by
  43. Randy almost got a foot up his ^$&!!!!!
  44. I'm being asked to do more than I can do
  45. Voting/DH/Vent
  46. What kind of tree are you & does it fit you?
  47. Word Association
  48. WHY is he emailing ME!?
  49. AHHHH!!!
  50. update on I'm fed up
  51. Update on Brian and me
  52. Again....sorry but I need to vent.
  53. I'm Fed up
  54. Voting! Grr!
  55. When was the last time you told
  56. Brian makes me so mad
  57. .....
  58. What is the number 1 thing that you admire most in
  59. What is the number 1 thing that annoys you the
  60. DH in the dog house!!
  61. So sad and confused...
  62. Ladies, we need your help!!!
  63. I HATE some of my family!!!!!!!!
  64. The LAST person to reply to this wins!
  65. UUGGHH
  66. I'm going to be up all night!!!
  67. Test for Building Good Relationships
  70. Starting to get upset!
  71. MIL RANT!!!
  72. Just needed to get this out.
  73. Freaking A!!!!!!!!
  74. What a day!!!!!
  75. I hate this!!! $$$ problem
  76. No RSVP's !
  77. I'm tired of the control and wanting to be center
  78. I'm so so so frustrated.
  79. GRRRR
  80. i swear i wanna just die
  81. my mom and hospitals
  82. Randy's being forced to quit school
  83. Dh's Job...when it rains it pours!!
  84. How can anyone be SO dumb
  85. life sucks
  86. $$$$
  87. My DH...
  88. If it isn't one thing, it is something else......
  89. GRRRRR Men!!
  90. The holidays are coming up and it's time to
  91. I feel like such a fool...
  92. P/O'ed at my SIL!
  93. crying
  94. HELP---Going Crazeeeee
  95. I'm soooo sick of this crap
  96. I am sooo mad and hurt right now..
  97. so upset right now...
  98. Remote
  99. Update
  100. Bye Bye Kitty!
  101. husband
  102. Grrr Cops
  103. In-laws who know everything
  104. Let me off this ride.....
  105. Sometimes I swear ...
  106. Update on Ex
  107. ERG!
  108. the stupidest question in the world
  109. Sorry to have been MIA
  110. Would you still love me if I killed my neighbors?
  111. Oh. My. G-d.
  112. They're ganging up on me again. How much more
  113. When is enough enough??
  114. Need to vent....
  115. I am so urked. Ready to blow my stack soon
  116. my dh is a a$$
  117. Dh vent
  118. Ugh I am done w/ Walmart McDonalds
  119. I need to get this off my chest
  120. I'm so sick
  121. My dryer broke again!!!
  122. i cant sleep without dh home...
  123. DH is going to be gone ALL DAY TOMORROW
  124. How can people be so heartless???
  125. i need some advice, going crazy here!!
  126. Son put paper up his nose....
  127. Roar!
  128. $700 to fix our car!!
  129. why why why why do ppl have to be soooooo sick????
  130. i need to vent!!
  131. I HAVE HAD IT!!!!!!!
  132. Anyone ever have any experience with
  133. Something on my mind
  134. Annoying people........
  135. Alittle Father advice
  136. I'm annoyed with out bank
  137. I'm so proud of myself!!
  138. He must be a moron
  139. Can I have a time out?
  140. All of a sudden he's on a clean freak thing arrggg
  142. I am going to KILL DH's dog!!
  143. I'm having a reak bad stress day ready to
  144. Grrr! I hate my ex!!!!!
  146. I'm gonna lose it!
  147. EXDH and housing
  148. I am really angry at sons school.
  149. I could really use some good advice here ....
  150. I love my husband and kids...
  151. LMAO
  152. I hate my printer!!!!!!!
  153. SSN Fraud
  154. Can I cry and it isn't the family!!
  155. I'm getting so sick of this arrrggggg
  156. I feel like the world is crashing around me ...
  157. When you want to scream but can't!!!
  158. A vent about inconsiderate buttheads
  159. Would you like to JOIN??
  160. ROLL CALL!