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  1. Re-introducing myself.
  2. YAY!!!!
  3. Annoyed!
  4. Canadian? Visiting Canada?
  5. So upset!!!!!!
  6. Attitudes flaring now I guess...
  7. What's new Wednesday
  8. Just a silly little whine.
  9. October Roll Call
  10. Sweet 16 ideas
  11. Taking out my IUD
  12. UGH!
  13. I hate Sunday nights after visitation
  14. I dont see a lot of this posted here...
  15. Can I join?
  16. A LOT of nerve.....
  17. More ammunition ...
  18. Postponed today
  19. so childish
  20. I mean really?
  21. We had a wonderful weekend!
  22. Too funny
  23. Quite irritated! Again...
  24. for the love of
  25. It's a new school year!
  26. Whip it up Wednesday
  27. Advice in custody stuff
  28. Kayla
  29. Ladies, please give me your opinion, Off topic completely!
  30. Update... Most likely just a vent.
  31. Too nice, too giving...
  32. Kayla!!!
  33. 'meeting the ex'... not looking forward to it...
  34. Hurt and Angry
  35. A week late
  36. Heart problems
  37. Caught O lying.
  38. Counseling went well!
  39. Lice.
  40. Update on us (&& question for you mama's receiving child support)
  41. What's for dinner Wednesday?
  42. How similar are your kids homes?
  43. Birthday plans
  44. Counseling is tomorrow!
  45. Where do I even start?
  46. Blending families...
  47. They didn't use a booster seat all summer!!! xpost
  48. Advice needed...violent stepson...
  49. stocking up
  50. Hey Everyone!
  51. Birthday ignored
  52. Katie
  53. deadbeat parents
  54. Brief intensive family counseling
  55. She didn't do anything for his birthday.
  56. Advice please? Long Story i'm afraid
  57. September Roll Call
  58. Doing stuff together as a BIG family?
  59. Jealousy
  60. Do y'all remember me complaining?
  61. Blast from the past....
  62. What do you think is the hardest part of being a stepparent?
  63. Homework - a WWYD thread
  64. maybe I just cant understand?
  65. Custodial dads/stepmoms
  66. Why Lie.....
  67. How to deal with this?
  68. I think this is appropriate for a few of us, yes?
  69. Worst lie?
  70. One week from today!
  71. Don't know if anyone remembers me
  72. Monday Moans and Groans
  73. I am not your maid.
  74. drive by update
  75. I need opinions
  76. A couple of updates!!!
  77. Insane. I swear.
  78. isn't that what CS is for?!
  79. please help, dont know what to do
  80. Update
  81. Step Kids / Bio Kids / Bedroom Question
  82. I have an idea. What do you ladies think?
  83. sad...
  84. Smooth
  85. Sort of OT - my (former) step daughter is pregnant
  86. How do we make this work?
  87. Phone Calls
  88. Sick and tired
  89. she misses the kids..but...
  90. You have got to be kidding me.
  91. I am a "Mean Mom" again!
  92. Is it worth it? (Alternatively titled "Would you do it all again?"
  93. clothes
  94. clayton tells it like it is.
  95. What do you do when they won't follow rules???
  96. A little funny from Clayton
  97. We really tried to be nice. And she is ungreatful.
  98. Problems with Will again this morning
  99. Monday Moans and Groan
  100. When you stay positive, positive things will happen!
  101. So happy
  102. The kids had a GREAT first week back in school!
  103. Proud of Dh - small win
  104. New job!
  105. Hey you blenders with older kids
  106. Thursday Temps
  107. If I go MIA
  108. Sanity pills arrived!
  109. am I being mean?
  110. I'm soooo tired
  111. Why am I surprised?????
  112. School registration issues
  113. Weekend Wrap-Up
  114. Anyone else have kids who waste food/drinks??
  115. I'm heading over
  116. BM's entire personality has changed.
  117. nice when she wants something
  118. headdesk
  119. Well, that didn't take long...
  120. Three for Thursday
  121. August Roll Call!
  122. College and kids
  123. Was I out of line?
  124. *sigh* I don't know what to do with this kid
  125. she changes jobs like I change clothes.
  126. Whose house do you live in?
  127. What's new in your home?
  128. Do you ever think?
  129. You know what I think
  130. o/t :(
  131. Robert's mom has done it again!
  132. It was bound to happen sooner or later I guess...
  133. Interesting.
  134. Is it possible to be happy and sad at the same time?
  135. Moving right along.
  136. And back to crazy!
  137. Ethan is here
  138. Excited... it's a step in the right direction, I suppose
  139. Needing some advice.
  140. What do your kids call step-dad or what do your step kids call you?
  141. the house is so quiet
  142. O/T But had to share.
  143. O/T for once!
  144. M's Visit/Court/Deployment
  145. Our formal wedding (with pictures, temporarily) x-posted
  146. saw this.
  147. How would you handle this?
  148. time for me to vent
  149. Rant.
  150. She's at it again...
  151. Anxiety - DSS Out of control
  152. Total 180
  153. Really not sure what to say about this situation.
  154. Ex husbands
  155. I feel so bad, ladies :(
  156. Finally the court ruled
  157. I hope I can make it to tomorrow! I am in so much pain!
  158. one week
  159. happy birthday! (Rachel)
  160. Oops. Again.
  161. If I didn't know better...
  162. I hate the child support agency!!!
  163. Not blended family related, but some vibes? :)
  164. You really just have to laugh sometimes.
  165. He's moving in....
  166. Newbie!
  167. Affidavits
  168. I can't believe Jonah's ex had the nerve to ask this!!!!
  169. I'm such an idiot.
  170. Court moves at a snail pace.
  171. New to this board -- My story
  172. I think he likes the new house.
  173. Update/Intro (depending on how you look at things)
  174. Stricken. Again.
  175. I knew it would happen sooner or later.
  176. I have made a HUGE decision in my life...for the good.
  177. New here
  178. 11:15pm
  179. She's mine!
  180. not here often!
  181. The Saga continues.....
  182. Wel she finally found the other one.
  183. Does it ever get better?
  184. Finally!!!!
  185. Tired of being 2nd
  186. Aahaahhhhh
  187. new to this board...issues with kid
  188. Wow just Wow
  189. BM wants to move back
  190. Tell us Tuesday
  191. I think we're blendy
  192. Seriously? *vent/rant warning* also looking for a bit of advice.
  193. need to vent...bm is making me mad
  194. So upset with Robert's mom! I just can't win!
  195. So annoyed!
  196. Baby fever
  197. Need Some Advice
  198. Home Study
  199. Summer vacation
  200. Somewhat new here... wondering..
  201. Anyone else have DSD/DSS all the time?
  202. So after spending the last week raging...
  203. haha, I'm evil
  204. Does this ever get easier?
  205. Her Attorney closed his practice
  206. visiting grandpa
  207. Neely FAIL
  208. Why does he always expect more from me
  209. how do you all do it?
  210. Motion to compel has been prepared.
  211. Need to get this out....
  212. Hello and a vent/rant....stream of thought.
  213. ridiculous kid drama
  214. Hello everyone
  215. Do Not Think I Can Do This
  216. Introduction and I need to vent
  217. Need some advice
  218. Wednesday Whines and Wahoos
  219. Mothers Day/Fathers Day
  220. Another WWYD about Dani! The boys are so much easier!
  221. Wow we all survived!
  222. All Alone
  223. Blending isn't working. We might be breaking up.
  224. What would you do if.....
  225. Makes me laugh
  226. HAHA, I was right!
  227. We're moving!
  228. hello new to the group
  229. This makes me sad.
  230. BM got an apartment
  231. How would you have handled this?
  232. Had a surprise Memorial Day, plus a request from Roberts mom!
  233. Tons of stuff aggravating me right now (this may be long)
  234. How was the weekend?
  235. Probably going to have to file a Motion to Compel
  236. Order Terminated
  237. we're setting up the phone rules!
  238. Not going to feel bad about this
  239. Oh, we're sorry.
  240. Uggh!!!! So tired of the obvious different treatment between the kids!
  241. so far so good
  242. What could you need
  243. Doing the Happy Dance!!!
  244. Twofer Tuesday
  245. haha such a suck up
  246. Today i got a wedding dress.
  247. What would you do?
  248. New DH is adopting my son.
  249. Happy Birthday
  250. What really makes me laugh...

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