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  1. He proposed!
  2. I just read an interesting debate
  3. Tgif!!!!
  4. Friday the 13th
  5. Are you serious?
  6. Writing Interrogatories is sort of fun ...
  7. Frustrated.
  8. Tomorrow is the day!
  9. Ya know ... if I didn't have custody of my kids
  10. Not sure if this is funny or scary...
  11. Theorhetical Situation Question.... (breastfeeding)
  12. Please vote
  13. March Top 50 List
  14. What's Cooking Wednesday?
  15. Need ideas on something to eat please!
  16. April Roll Call
  17. Well THAT was unexpected...
  18. Hrm
  19. Really? Do we need to draw EVERYTHING out?
  20. I think he bought my ring!
  21. Trials
  22. Blinkies
  23. Wednesday Whines and Wahoos
  24. Anyone in Ohio near WV?
  25. hahahahaha!
  26. Irrational much?
  27. Monday Moans and Groans
  28. One more week....
  29. problems with my DD's dad - visitation issues.
  30. Learned something new today.
  31. What would you do? I need advice....
  32. Finally Friday
  33. Really trying hard to keep my cool. This will be long.
  34. They Must Be Crazy...
  35. Letter from her attorney today.
  36. Tuesday Trade Offs
  37. Play my ExpectNet Game
  38. "Control" - does anyone else deal with this?
  39. I guess I spoke too soon.
  40. Update on Dh's visit with his girls
  41. Court today
  42. I really need to double check who I friend on Facebook...
  43. contempt hearing and scheduling conference on Monday!
  44. YAY!
  45. Hugs to you today Ashely (Tithen)
  46. Testing Tuesday
  47. Here we go again...
  48. She's pregnant. Again
  49. Almost a big oops!
  50. Things have been really crappy at my house....
  51. and then there are days like today
  52. Pretty excited!
  53. You've got to love the simple yet complex way children think of things....
  54. Please vote for blinkie of the month
  55. Taco Tuesday
  56. What would you do? Really long
  57. Oh my gosh!
  58. I love my son dearly, but this one beats all!
  59. Thursday Tricks
  60. March Madness Roll Call
  61. KAT!!!!!
  62. Rambling
  63. Hello I am new here.
  64. Weekend Wrap-up
  65. Oh for the love of Pete.
  66. No news is good news
  67. mind if i share? pictures
  68. Facebook
  69. Both situations/introduction :)
  70. *sigh* Will the State ever get it right?
  71. highwaters
  72. Help......have no patience....
  73. anyone have this issue?
  74. In turmoil. Court is in our near future.
  75. Finally!
  76. Tasty Tuesday
  77. can i join you all? long sorry!
  78. Three for Thurdsay
  79. Sigh. It's never easy with Will.
  80. OT: Happy Valentine's Day!
  81. Take me away Tuesday
  82. *Sigh* Really?
  83. Our first valentines day as a married couple...
  84. Doodlebug06
  85. Manic Monday
  86. Hi Again!
  87. I am beyond words.
  88. This makes me sad.
  89. Weather Wednesday
  90. O/T prayers and positive thoughts needed!!!
  91. We have a major problem with Robert!!!! I need help!!!!
  92. How did your step-child(ren)....
  93. Parent Teacher Conferences
  94. School and the step children ??
  95. O/T Who DOES that?!
  96. O/T wanna see Neely's video?
  97. New Here
  98. He wanted to sign over his rights. Now he wants to see my son.
  99. Monday Moans and Groans
  100. Why is it so hard for her to feed them?
  101. Am I being mean?
  102. Those of you that were stepmoms before you had your own bio kid..
  103. New to this, looking for advice support
  104. Today is the day!
  105. February Roll Call
  106. Here we go.
  107. Guardian ad lidem
  108. I cried...and a little bit of a brag
  109. Not step parent related, but I just had the worst day ever.
  110. I has a funny.
  111. It never fails
  112. Oh, cool!
  113. S/O - what do your step kids call YOUR parents?
  114. Well doesn't that beat all?
  115. Double standard much?
  116. I haz a sad
  117. So she finally called.
  118. We get him for Spring Break!!!! *possible solution*
  119. Do you?
  120. Well, it's Wednesday
  121. Some progress
  122. Triumphant Tuesday
  123. Irritated with BM!!
  124. I'm back!
  125. So here's the skinny
  126. we have no phone number for her
  127. And it's done.
  128. Friday Five
  129. She moved. again
  130. Clayton will not tell his mom he loves her.
  131. So tired of all of it!
  132. Are phone calls part of your court order?
  133. Heartbroken. My Dani is having her preemi complications now...as an 8 y/o
  134. Step by step......
  135. ugh, why is she such a witch?
  136. Finally Friday
  137. Baby arriving soon. Only "full time" child.
  138. Arranged the process server today
  139. Can I just say?
  140. Some new blended family blinkies
  141. Need to vent....
  142. Making the rounds!
  143. Wednesday Whines and Wahoos
  144. Can't wait for the agreement to be signed!
  145. W&C's weekend with their mom
  146. I made my step son cry this weekend.... and I hate that I had to do it.
  147. A terrible thing to say but.. I can't stand my boyfriend's 6 year old...
  148. What does your custody look like?
  149. Common ground with your step kiddos
  150. Okay, would THIS piss you off?
  151. this was petty, but I don't feel bas about it
  152. We have our first court date
  153. Omg!! Can't believe this!!.....
  154. Ughhh
  155. Thankful Thursday
  156. Help...not sure what to do....
  157. Would this bother you?
  158. Anyone Deal with this?
  159. This is why
  160. January Roll Call
  161. havent been on here in a while
  162. Vent. Major vent.
  163. Saying Goodbye to 2011
  164. This board....
  165. So mad!!!!!
  166. Awkward Moment
  167. New here!
  168. How sad.
  169. Weather Wednesday
  170. So glad it's only 3 times a year
  171. Christmas gifts from other parent?
  172. Merry Christmas to all!
  173. In the Realm of bad stepmoms
  174. I wonder if she knows.
  175. Does it make me a bad step-mom.....(sorry a little long)
  176. filed our papers today
  177. Throw Back Thursday
  178. Two for Tuesday
  179. feeling better
  180. Finding the hard parts about being blended....(vent)
  181. See, this is the kind of stuff that makes me want to punch something.
  182. And so it begins ...
  183. I think she really is nuts...
  184. Thrifty Thursday
  185. Monday Moans and Groan
  186. What was your family like growing up?
  187. Have you actually blended yet?
  188. What do you struggle most with?
  189. Can you see a difference in attitude
  190. Wednesday Wishes
  191. Will you have a relationship with the ex once the kids are grown?
  192. How is your Christmas split?
  193. Weekend Wrapup
  194. And then there are the moments that balance it all out
  195. Feeling bad...Am I out of line?
  196. Would this bother you?
  197. Hello all!
  198. December Roll Call
  199. Three for Thursday
  200. Double post.
  201. Daughter acting out
  202. *grumble*
  203. Monday's Moans and Groans
  204. Friday Funday
  205. Tell me I'm not a horrible person for feeling this way.
  206. Have you been deposed?
  207. So annoyed at Dh
  208. Christmas
  209. Slight intro
  210. No surprise but...
  211. Again with the undermining.
  212. Opinions
  213. Problem with stepson
  214. Kind of annoyed
  215. Suggestions on how to deal with being "the new woman".... (and a mini vent) *update*
  216. We are officially blended!
  217. Monday Moans and Groans
  218. Hey ladies - popping in! Long update!
  219. Wednesday Whines and Wahoos
  220. Child support vent.... *UPDATE!!!!! in opening post*
  221. November Roll Call
  222. MIA
  223. Finally Friday
  224. Are you a Stay at Home Mom?? Check this out!
  225. The Latest
  226. Monday Moans and Groans
  227. Hello everyone!
  228. Wonderful Weekend
  229. Terrific Tuesday
  230. How do you guys handle holidays?
  231. Freaky Friday
  232. What would you like to see
  233. Wednesday What Up?
  234. New/A Lurker....intro
  235. Finally Friday
  236. Wisdom Wednesday
  237. JM FYI's and Contest
  238. TMK914 Mommy of the Week
  239. October Chit Chat
  240. October Roll Call
  241. Tickle Me Thursday
  242. I'm terrible
  243. Monday Moans and Groans
  244. Wacky Wednesday
  245. Sizzling Sunday
  246. Newby Here (long intro)
  247. National Stepfamily Day
  248. JM Superlative and Photo Contest
  249. Triumphant Thursday
  250. What can we do about my stepson? Nothing seems to work!

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