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  1. Report cards
  2. a question
  3. Suddenly, she's mother of the year
  4. How's your weekend shaping up?
  5. Would you believe me if I told you she moved again?
  6. Oh Lord!
  7. Uhm. What?
  8. Need advice
  9. I really wish everyone
  10. February Check in!
  11. my ex wants the kids to keep secrets
  12. I don't know what to do.
  13. That was interesting.
  14. An update from us! (LONG!)
  15. Check out these JM Contests!
  16. Psych evaluation?
  17. Are you happy?
  18. So I went out of my way to be nice...
  19. How's your weather lately?
  20. Looking for feedback re: a few questions
  21. Hello everyone - I'm new to this board!
  22. So Neely's ex knows I'm pregnant.
  23. Menu Planning
  24. New here
  25. Nervous About Some Changes
  26. Hi Ladies
  27. 2 great books
  28. Pins and Needles
  29. If you've ever had to be away from your baby any length of time...
  30. *Job*
  31. How is everyone doing?
  32. Calling less and less
  33. 2 1/2 mos preg and Stepson still doesnt know..
  34. Not sure how to respond or what to do....
  35. I hate seeing her go through this
  36. Blended Families January Roll Call
  37. Blended Families - other parent not involved
  38. New Here :)
  39. Hello!
  40. SO i guess we did get a Christmas present from EX
  41. Hope everyone's hoilday went well...
  42. Never mind
  43. Not that I am surprised, but
  44. do you ever want to give up?
  45. Does anyone else....
  46. Daddy's girls.
  47. I forgot to update you all on the child support hearing
  48. Do you step kids call you mom?
  49. 10 days.....
  50. I just want to pull out my hair!
  51. More :(
  52. Sorry I've been MIA
  53. Feeling like an outsider....(long)
  54. Worried!
  55. Congrats!
  56. Brief intro and very long rant :)
  57. Intro and question....
  58. Finally able to update....
  59. Trying to figure this all out..
  60. Court next week oh and another funny
  61. Blended Families December Roll Call - Lurkers too!
  62. What's happening this weekend?
  63. Just wanted to say....
  64. Mum2Gaby&Emersyn ~ I am here!
  65. long and boring
  66. proudmommy0609 - are you here? :)
  67. Do any of you follow a strict calendar?
  68. Drama with Neely's ex yesterday
  69. DSD visit
  70. A whipping two days!
  71. the ex is bugging me
  72. Step-son's behavior incidents forcing us to consider a custody fight
  73. Intro and few questions
  74. Fathers having custody of children
  75. So she's moved into her new place.
  76. What are your Thanksgiving Plans?
  77. Counseling?
  78. Custodial step-moms, question
  79. So sorry ladies!
  80. So happy!
  81. Birthday Party
  82. I hope it's ok If I vent here for a minute....
  83. DD's dad always amazes me... (sigh)
  84. Very lucky!
  85. November Roll Call!
  86. New Here and need advice
  87. Introducing myself
  88. Dinner Protocol
  89. How to make the transition between homes easier
  90. New to this
  91. Positive Vibes Required
  92. She won't tell us (or them) where she lives.
  93. It's almost time... *UPDATED*
  94. Has this made you gain or lose weight?
  95. Out of control? Red flags? so many issues... more of a rant than help needed.
  96. Sickies are in our house!
  97. A little Frustrating
  98. Happy Halloween!
  99. Do you host Thanksgiving?
  100. Am i wrong?
  101. Dual Mommies
  102. How do you introduce yourself?
  103. Uhm. Okay. *UPDATE*
  104. Tasteful or Tacky? Just surprised I guess
  105. Sorry I've been M.I.A.
  106. Helmets... and lessons... really?
  107. Ahhh the stress the joys the quiet???
  108. I could use some advice
  109. Am I being unreasonable.
  110. Well, that's interesting.
  111. who's to blame?
  112. Bad Habits?
  113. Trick or treating
  114. So thankful for cooler weather...
  115. Sometimes I wish I just didn't know things......
  116. Is anyone crafty?
  117. So since she's moved again
  118. newish
  119. I'm so angry with my ex-husband.
  120. When do you/did you start talking candidly to your child about the issues?
  121. How many times have you been to court?
  122. October Roll Call!
  123. She moved again!
  124. Reality TV
  125. LOL
  126. Did I handle this right?
  127. Child Support hearing in the morning.
  128. Weight Gain
  129. Toy & Christmas Shopping
  130. Did it take a while
  131. My intro
  132. How often do you eat out?
  133. Kohl's Halloween Coupon
  134. Constantly changing phone numbers!
  135. Cream cheese frosting recipe, OT, just thought I'd share.
  136. Fresh Express Salad Recall
  137. My daughter is the best!
  138. Bones - Tv Show
  139. Chantelle
  140. Don't know how to deal with this, i need advice badly... *warning will be long*
  141. Now that was interesting.
  142. Introducing new baby to step kids
  143. mine,his,maybe ours? need advice
  144. Lies to get out of coming over?
  145. Halloween!
  146. Let's see em!
  147. Well they had an agreement in mediation, but ...
  148. Do you ever think the relationship with your or his ex can be repaired?
  149. So now she's been to nursing school and Clayton has reflux.
  150. Hoo boy!
  151. This made me happy
  152. Birthday parties
  153. Fall foods & Thanksgiving
  154. Child support
  155. Pick up and drop off question
  156. How do you handle Christmas?
  157. Chores
  158. moved.
  159. What do you now know that you wish you knew then?
  160. Weekend plans?
  161. A nice thing!
  162. When was the last time
  163. Do I say something?
  164. Any Oprah fans sad?
  165. Photos of kiddos...
  166. Mad Men fans? I like the oldies...
  167. True blood?
  168. Favorite chocolate?
  169. Recycle Costumes & spoiled. Where are the boundaries?
  170. School's back in session... are we back n' the same routine?
  171. Lady Gaga...
  172. Kindle or Nook?
  173. Budget...
  174. Who here has to deal with...
  175. Cinderella?
  176. School supplies
  177. Do you get....
  178. Dh's Oldest
  179. There is really no excuse for this
  180. Do the kids have stuff at both houses?
  181. Had to share this.
  182. Testing me like crazy!
  183. Homework woes.
  184. Attitude City
  185. She actually wants the kids for an overnight!
  186. Back to school, back to the grind
  187. Any plans for the long weekend?
  188. New Here
  189. A bit of a vent...
  190. What pushes your buttons?
  191. Do you & DH/SO get much alone time?
  192. 3 weeks till mediation on child support
  193. What am I getting myself into?
  194. Issues with DD's dad.......
  195. GTKY Question - Monday, 8/30
  196. Off topic, but kind of sort of related.
  197. Boys are with their mom!
  198. My birthday boy!
  199. Gonna change the password to the private forum.
  200. Please welcome Rachel as your new host!
  201. What's happening this weekend?
  202. When is your quiet time?
  203. What books, if any, have you read?
  204. Are you looking forward to cooler weather?
  205. I am so excited! Totally off topic, but I have to share!
  206. How do you do holidays?
  207. Attending First day of School??
  208. We're set for visitation on Sunday.
  209. Introduction
  210. Are we being unreasonable?
  211. Visitation rant
  212. 2 weekends & counting
  213. What are your biggest struggles?
  214. WAHM? SAHM? Working Mom?
  215. Blended Families Roll Call
  216. Are the kids back in school yet?
  217. How was your weekend?
  218. Has your family been accepting of your step-kids?
  219. Who does the doc appointments?
  220. How long have you been a Blended Family?
  221. Introducing myself! :)
  222. What is your relationship with the ex?
  223. Need to vent about SO
  224. Visitation schedules
  225. Do you or have you ever monitored the kids' phone calls with their absent parent?
  226. Not so quick question:
  227. Hello Ladies!!! I'm new in here, allow me to introduce myself
  228. If $ wasn't an issue & you were able to do what you want, what would you do & why?
  229. Ummm....
  230. Our most recent drama
  231. His, mine & ours
  232. What do you like best about your blended family?
  233. I will be joining this group soon.
  234. Dead beat dad... no longer dead beat after 9 years!!
  235. Are you addicted? Be Honest...
  236. We had DSS for an ENTIRE weekend!!!
  237. So annoyed!
  238. Hello Ladies
  239. Looking for a host (or two co-hosts) for this board.
  240. Well...it's time & thought I'd let you all know...I'm stepping down.
  241. So we're the punishment???
  242. anyone else ever want to leave?
  243. Summer check-in, who's here? What's new?
  244. It just never gets any easier :(
  245. What's your opinion on the "Mr. Mel Gibson" recent issues?
  246. o/t mad at SO and dealing with blending families.
  247. *
  248. How's the summer going?????
  249. Sorry I've been MIA
  250. Daisyfields/Chantelle