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  1. need some advice!
  2. interesting article on MSN
  3. What is your dream job?
  4. How long is your commute?
  5. Do you get PTO?
  6. Back to work tomorrow......
  7. Hey I'm new here!
  8. TGIF
  9. Sorry I haven't been around
  10. Are there any clock milkers on your job this so
  11. Will be on vacation
  12. Working Mommies
  13. Please welcome Twinkle as the new host
  14. I hate the timing of company mandatory meetings
  15. Yay!!
  16. Whats the best thing and the worst thing
  17. Does Dh/So/Bf work?
  18. going back to work part-time
  19. Anyone else burnt out!
  20. Do you like to work?
  21. Who watches your children
  22. If money wasn't an option
  23. We're not going to get a new cook at pay offered
  24. Sort of upset over my hours at work
  25. If offered another job I'd take it. Don't want
  26. We got some new help starting this week including
  27. How strict to the uniform code are they if you all
  28. Hi & Help
  29. I been trying for days to discuss my work and
  30. I applied for another job last night
  31. I just went back to work weeks ago.......
  32. Are you all good at putting your foot down to the
  33. UPDATE!!
  34. How do you feel...
  35. What do you do?
  36. How many hours...
  37. Stopping in.......
  38. I'm applying for a job...
  39. What are your works policies on switching days
  40. Working mom here too
  41. Looking for a co-host!
  42. New here
  43. So many people getting fired by my work
  44. Back to work!
  45. If you don`t see me around......
  46. How many working mommies do we have here?
  47. How long did you take off?
  48. Oh no!
  49. How long have you been there?
  50. Now answer honestly....
  51. Once Again...
  52. MinnesotaMommy???
  53. Happy Monday Morning Working Mommies!
  54. The nerve of this assistant supervisor. How lazy
  55. For us nonsmokers does this bother you
  56. Fabulous Friday!!!
  57. She is crazy
  58. On the idea of dedicated mommies. How moms who
  59. dedicated mommies
  60. I'm out of there!!!!!
  61. Monday Morning
  62. Have you ever worked through your breaks
  63. I don't understand orientation for new employees
  64. Might be looking for a new job soon
  65. Something to try
  66. Might get written up at work and I did nothing
  67. 4 months to go!
  68. What would make you look for a new job
  70. What hours do you work?
  71. Back @ Work!
  72. So much to the new pt cook he isn't starting
  73. FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  74. They promised me it would never happen It did
  75. Holiday Spirit
  76. Plans for the weekend
  77. New Position
  78. Decorating @ Work?
  79. What is your favorite holiday dish?
  80. Are you a booty kissser? LOL
  81. Is more than one relgious holiday celebrated
  82. Do your kids exchange gifts at daycare/school?
  83. Do you exchange/buy gifts for any co-workers?
  84. Do you have a party at work?
  85. New guy starts on the 20th of December
  86. What would you say if your boss said now your
  87. Jan 3rd
  88. We may have a new cook starting soon at work
  89. I got a new job!!!!
  90. Are you off on
  91. CANCELLED, look at the next one
  92. Hump Wednesday!
  93. Working Mommie or SAHM/WAHM
  94. Disagreements in the rules at work what to do
  95. Who worked today?
  97. How was it?
  98. Welcome ChristopherBrent'sMommy as your new host!
  99. Monday!
  100. Who gets them ready in the morning?
  101. What do you do ...On your days off??
  102. TGIF!!!!
  103. How do I find a sitter/daycare?
  104. Seriously thinking of getting a different job
  105. Ahhh....The weekend is here....
  106. I think my supervisor is a airhead at times
  107. Do you ever feel overwhelmed at work
  108. Good Morning Ladies...
  109. Brock's first day at the sitter
  110. Not sure I should of said something or not
  111. Ladies, we need your help!!!
  112. Anyone work for Workathomeagents.com
  113. Feel like I'm drowning
  114. One thing you dislike doing the most....
  115. This lazy thing carries on to my work habits
  117. Schedual
  118. Whats for breakfast?
  119. Who decides how many staff we have working
  120. Do you have issues with coworkers who don't do
  121. Do any of you have to rotate shifts I hate it
  122. does anyone work from home?
  123. Do some coworkers get preferrencial priority for
  124. I am so glad to have landed the job I have now
  125. Vacation again lol
  126. When is YOUR bedtime?
  127. Early Bedtime
  128. Sorry everyone
  129. Did a shift bid...
  130. When you take vacation is it for...
  131. Conflicts over what's right and wrong
  132. Starting my Job
  133. What do you think?
  134. What kind of work do you do?
  135. Are you dressing up for Halloween at work?
  136. Need some encouragement!
  137. Have you ever tried negotiating work hours to fit
  138. Do you like your boss?
  139. What is your "I'd rather forget" wkg mom story....
  140. Oy
  141. What is your de-stresser?
  142. Do you have a DH or SO to help?
  143. Errand Questions
  144. Just finished a 8 day stretch at work
  145. Time off from work?
  146. woohooo
  147. First day of taking calls!!!
  148. Why do you work?
  149. When do you shower?
  150. What time?
  151. Do you have a "side" job...
  152. Welcome Newbies
  153. Anyone else working Labor Day?
  154. Are any of you in Insurance?
  155. Anyone with a boss or coworker that is obsessed
  156. Need some advice please
  157. Wow what an echo!!
  158. Job or Career
  159. First day at work
  160. How do you know you are at the right job
  161. I survived 1st week of work
  162. WAHM--anyone sell essential oils?
  163. Now they want to change our work hours.
  164. 1st day at work
  165. Teachers Homeschooling parents childcare providers
  166. Daycare
  167. Timesaving tips
  168. I going back to work
  169. If your a boss would you hire a person who said
  170. official working mom tomorrow
  171. Siggy for us
  172. Top ten over paid jobs in the U.S.
  173. Takeing a lunch
  174. Update on the new job
  175. Found a job
  176. 16 days!
  177. I hate those ones who act so fake at work
  178. Old Job
  179. Day off
  180. Sick Days
  181. Thinking Weekend
  182. Job Stress
  183. Difficult Job
  184. Claiming uniforms on taxes
  185. Better than?
  186. Silver
  187. Goin on an Interview soon
  188. Do you think you can have friendships at work
  189. Work+Love
  190. Your time off
  191. Walked out?
  192. Uncomfertable around co-workers
  193. Do you get to control which days of week you work
  194. If you have radio at work. Who takes charge
  195. need some advice
  196. I will be joining you all soon....
  197. Everyone else has one...lets start one!!
  198. Minimum Wage
  199. Working Mommies Roll Call