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  1. They said they were wonderful young men
  2. politically this might be the most important
  3. some observers argued that such leaks
  4. tates social policy should also include the mortg
  5. the unwavering commitment to impartial
  6. The high-flying criminal lawyer was an uncontroversial
  7. Both were very uncooperative with authorities
  8. the United States should demand a share of
  9. the president has touted the firm's survey
  10. other top aides are putting together answers to
  11. instance would defy vast bipartisan majorities in both ch
  12. atements, particularly upon signing measures
  13. we have another Stark reunion
  14. We really enjoyed each other's company
  15. the internal crises in the White House while working
  16. The resignation came amid concerns over Scaramucci’s addition
  17. White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sander
  18. is a link between excess inflammation and the diseas
  19. The Last Jedi didn't undergo any changes after Fisher's death
  20. of being described as a psychological condition
  21. intro and my story
  22. overwhelming fatigue that is not improved by res
  23. formation about Clinton at the meeting
  24. making his presidency the shortest
  25. cision was reversed as the president flew back from
  26. Hello Everyone
  27. New
  28. New here :)
  29. omised to repeal and replace former President
  30. ssion about this is that he understands that this system
  31. and replacing the law, signaling a break with Presid
  32. as a second successful test in less than
  33. man of the International Institute for Strategic Studies estimated
  34. have been capable of going as far into the United States
  35. as in line with the estimates given by the
  36. interests, stop the relevant deployment pr
  37. expressed serious concern about the announced move
  38. and South Korean militaries said
  39. efiance of years of efforts led by the United States
  40. it began street battles with police as part of the
  41. tensions from continuing to escalat
  42. Jong Un personally supervised the midnight laun
  43. gency said a Terminal High Altitude Area Defense
  44. tates often sends powerful warplanes in times of heightened tensi
  45. Liefeld added more on social media on Saturday
  46. ns the most urgent threat to regional stability
  47. n air base near the South Korean capital of Se
  48. to fulfill a seven-year promise to voters on health
  49. veto the bill and use his prowess as a dealmaker to
  50. nation that his staff insisted he deliver to the Russian le
  51. Republican who heads the Senate Foreign Relati
  52. with the intention of tipping the election in his be
  53. rump faced the embarrassing possibility of being overruled by his own
  54. irst securing concessions from Russian Pre
  55. reflect that Leon Panetta was elevated by Bill
  56. wling Department of Homeland Security, has limited political and legislative
  57. and undoing a few of his predeces
  58. Their main concern now is that the administration will stop
  59. Health and Human Services Tom Price said
  60. prices and fewer choices may greet customers
  61. care law of the land has survived for now
  62. ance as to whether the Republicans should repeal and
  63. failures was the president never laid out a plan or his core
  64. to allow a filibuster to be defeated with
  65. tried to pin the blame for the health debacle
  66. sidents face as much turmoil as quickly as
  67. sident Bill Clinton elevated budget director Leon Pane
  68. mained easily distracted by his personal interests and
  69. He blasted Republican senators in his lates
  70. Similarly, the Gainesville Police
  71. Suffolk County Police Department in New York tweeted Friday
  72. elicited cheers from the audience of officers
  73. quabbling staff is willing to put aside the rivalr
  74. entional White House when he abruptly replaced his chief
  75. see these thugs being thrown into the back of a paddy wagon
  76. strict rules and procedures when
  77. The Suffolk County Police Department
  78. ation explained that officers are trained to treat all
  79. The IACP isn’t the only group
  80. r determination to preserve the abil
  81. variety of opinions about the appropriaten
  82. o were unable to get the votes to repeal Pres
  83. When you see these thugs
  84. explained that officers are trained
  85. and Collins had been critical of the process throughou
  86. would solely repeal Obamcare’s individual and employer
  87. dramatic and unusual moment in what has been an incredib
  88. nate Republicans he wouldn’t let the bill become law before they
  89. was a dramatic and unusual moment in what has been an incredibly
  90. Bannon had damaged the president’s message by seeking
  91. Scaramucci imitated White House chief of staff Reince
  92. Earn extra income fast easy and free
  93. Sanders said there were no details on how it w
  94. pfing after too many reporters asked for details
  95. ckerberg isn’t the only one who thinks Musk might be going to far
  96. andela as telling a conference in New York that the social
  97. development of technologies ranging from
  98. been corrected to fix the spelling on the firs
  99. nal Airport and that she was allowed to board a
  100. Damron says Imran Awan was fired by
  101. ts are done as a routine measure to enshe
  102. said the Chinese jet was armed e intercep
  103. and asked the Russian ambassador about sett
  104. suggested he did not know what would be d
  105. ocuments confirm my memory that this dared
  106. also said tot recall two phone calls he
  107. ecall the meeting until he was reviewing email
  108. publican complaints that Obama had overste
  109. utional questions and bickering over techn
  110. ongress is poised to send President Putin a
  111. ressional aides said there may be resistance among
  112. overwhelmingly passed legislation in May
  113. eader Chuck Schumer called the sanctions
  114. puts Congress on possible collision course wit
  115. Russia sanctions package to punish Moscow
  116. Sessions had insisted he had no such co
  117. American official ever complained publicly
  118. o heads the Special Operations Comman
  119. Twitter flurry began with an attack against
  120. Long time, No talk
  121. no prior public relations or political communication
  122. but was merely trying to “slow down the proce
  123. anted to work in the West Wing. He deserved
  124. ncerns about Scaramucci’s business interes
  125. has not responded to multiple requests for co
  126. veterans who make up a large portion of West Wing
  127. e House is notoriously factional, with distinct grou
  128. came to the White House from the Republican
  129. they can simply vote against its final passage
  130. Stay at home mom on her way to earning her first million!
  131. options include a clean repeal of Obamacare on
  132. dditional jurisdiction beyond that specifie
  133. n between the Russian government and
  134. Mueller was authorized in May
  135. Indianapolis factory, employees
  136. Economic Development Board in March approved
  137. We've found the perfect toy for your little ones
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