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  1. Survey for Parents of children with disabilities
  2. Education
  3. Headed to UCLA in April
  4. He tracked!!
  5. New vision teacher
  6. Josh had his PO appt.
  7. upated on eye surgery!
  8. Eye surgery is friday!
  9. Ella's appt yesterday
  10. update on ophthamologist appt
  11. Hey guys
  12. Do you use textures for sensory activities?
  13. Weekend Highs and Lows
  14. Jess (zacksmama)
  15. janitorcap
  16. Brandon has an eye appointment today
  17. Eye surgery is set!!
  18. infantile glaucoma
  19. Anyone have multiple kids with vision issues?
  20. Update on us
  21. Abby's latest EUA......
  22. Have your feelings changed
  23. R ur kids old enough to play sports?
  24. amblyopia and strabismus
  25. At what age...
  26. I am having a hard time hosting this board
  27. Olivia's appt
  28. Vision therapy ideas
  29. Jennifer (offlikeapromdress)
  30. OT: Anyone not finished their Christmas shopping?
  31. Ella's Appt.
  32. Xmas Photos!
  33. DVD for children with disabilities
  34. I'm back!
  35. Stupid Snowstorm!
  36. My son passes school vision screening - ?
  37. Hybrid Cars and the Visually Impaired
  38. Just had to share
  39. Everyone Must Read!! Citizen Advocates for PBA
  40. Hannah
  41. Happy Thanksgiving To Everyone!!!!
  42. Bjortandcompany, I got the dvd!
  43. Yay Ella
  44. The Hadley School for the Blind
  45. Toy Ideas!
  46. Welcome Waldosgirly
  47. Vision Impaired kids blinkies
  48. Ella's Neurology appt
  49. Can I get everyone's info
  50. Hannah
  51. How often do you see the opthalmologist?
  52. Brandon's vision appointment
  53. What ways do you patch?
  54. My daughter Hannah
  55. Pics from Abby's eye appt. yesterday...(m)
  56. Your kids favorite movie?
  57. My new goals for Brandon
  58. My Step-Cousin..
  59. Date set and money issues
  60. I am new!
  61. Brandon's starting vision therapy back
  62. Potty training
  63. Oh my goodness, adjusting to life
  64. Udate On Ella
  65. Eye Lid Surgery
  66. Patching Children with Amblyopia/Strabismus
  67. collins73!!! So happy to see you!
  68. Toys
  69. Other support groups you belong to
  70. Post a pic of your kid!
  71. new here
  72. Are you dressing your little one for Halloween?
  73. I am back!!
  74. Preemies May Have More Vision Problems
  75. Guess what Jakob's doing?
  76. Vision Appointment Thursday!
  77. Vision therapy should be starting again soon
  78. Brandon's appointment update
  79. Strabismus
  80. I missed everyone!!!
  81. Good Books to read...
  82. Early Intervention
  83. Support Groups
  84. babymamahr01
  85. It's not too late!
  86. Hand flapping and other odd things
  87. do any of you
  88. Are you a mom to a teen or preteen?
  89. Welcome Susan (ssourbeck)
  90. Do you tell people your child is VI?
  91. Help!
  92. *~* Got WILLPOWER?? *~*
  93. Brandon is two now!
  94. Someone may be able to help
  95. How many kids do you plan to have?
  96. Do you have pets?
  97. ***Vision Impaired Kids Website***
  98. Returning Member
  99. Does this sound like a vision problem??
  100. Before you had your child, have you known
  101. Free Braille Bug cards for teaching braille
  102. Help! Extremely Farsighted 3 Yr Old
  103. Brandon's appts
  104. New Test Detects Vision Problems In Babies
  105. Amblyopia (lazy eye) and older children
  106. Brandon sees the neurologist tomorrow
  107. Loves TV!
  108. What is most affected by your child's VI?
  109. How was your weekend?
  110. Brandon's eye appointment is coming up
  111. Friday Question of the day
  112. OT: Question of the day
  113. Myths about blindness
  114. "Blindisms"
  115. Tripoding - Does your child do this?
  116. What books do you read to your little one?
  117. When do you think I will have a better idea
  118. Can everyone check in?
  119. Do you think your child will be in special classes
  120. Okay gals I have been slacking over here
  121. Head banging?
  122. Intraocular retinal prosthesis
  123. Infection during pregnancy- Congenital Eye Defects
  124. My FIL is coming this weekend!!!
  125. My son needs glasses
  126. Been Busy..
  127. Crystal, how did the MRI go?
  128. My boy is starting to catch up on things
  129. xxx
  130. Effectiveness of vision therapy
  131. Vision issues and reading
  132. Feeling lonely here
  133. CHARGE Syndrome
  134. Increase in infant vision problem baffles doctors
  135. Inlaws coming for a visit
  136. How was your Easter weekend?
  137. Motivation and vision impaired kids
  138. Need help with goals
  139. What lifts your spirits?
  140. Warning signs for preschoolers
  141. Patching for amblyopia
  142. Photos of Jakob...
  143. Baby Builders (video program)
  144. Leber's Congenital Amaurosis
  145. Aniridia
  146. Cortical Vision Impairment
  147. Are things getting easier or harder for you
  148. How does your dh cope with things?
  149. Is it starting to warm up where you live?
  150. Horrible eye appointment
  151. Combined Print and braille children's books
  152. Warning signs of vision problems in children
  153. Jessica about baby signing
  154. Guests and visitors!!!
  155. Good toys for blind children
  156. Homeschooling a Vision Impaired Child
  157. Self stimulation
  158. How old is your little one now?
  159. Coloboma
  160. Optic Nerve Hypoplasia
  161. Nystagmus
  162. Fourth Nerve Palsy
  163. Sensory Integration Disorder
  164. Preparing for new baby
  165. I am so excited
  166. I changed my name!
  167. What new thing is your little one doing?
  168. Patching HELP! This is not working
  169. Nystagmus is getting better
  170. Birthday List
  171. Do you feel differently about your VI kid?
  172. How many appointments does your
  173. Sensory Integration Disorder?
  174. Glasses, at what age do they usually
  175. Accuity tests
  176. Updates. Whats going on with everyone?
  177. Brandon's appt Questions???
  178. Online library for vision impaired
  179. Braille Childrens books
  180. One more week
  181. Thought this might interest some
  182. I know I have been doing a terrible job
  183. Brandon sees the neurologist today
  184. A pic Abby and her brothers/sister....(m)
  185. Lazy Eye (amblyopia)
  186. I am sorry
  187. Developmental Delays?
  188. Need to see opthalmologist
  189. My fuss bucket son
  190. I hope everyone is having a great day
  191. Thanksgiving plans?
  192. Hello - New
  193. I am going to fire our Op's intern...(her 3rd stri
  194. Pregnancy and medication question?
  195. Cade's eye appt update
  196. Need ideas for developmental activities
  197. Brandon is sick
  198. What a GREAT night!
  199. Abby had her EUA...(m w/pics)
  200. New here
  201. Blue eyes?
  202. New ONH child here
  203. New here
  204. Friday Five
  205. Toys that are fun for our vision limited babies
  206. Vision therapy- helpful or waste of time?
  207. Ladies, we need your help!!!
  208. Wow I am just amazed
  209. How was everyone's weekend?
  210. another appointment
  211. Ugh.........I hate when Drs don't listen
  212. Update on my gang, Abby's eyes....
  213. Well it is back to the opthamologist with Krystle
  214. Newcomers- Please bookmark this board
  215. JMFP- Wednesday
  216. Hi new here, child w/albinism
  217. Please Read
  218. Does anyone suffer from this?
  219. Great News!!!
  220. jake's eye test results
  221. WhooBoy ... school eye exams ...
  222. Get to know you questions
  223. Photos of Jakob...
  224. Brandon was approved for SSI!!!!!!
  225. Eye test coming up
  226. Still waiting to hear from SSI
  227. Do you treat your v/i child differently?
  228. At what age was your ds/dd diagnosed?
  229. How many pairs of glasses?
  230. Hi all
  231. Denied for SSI
  232. New here
  233. Good appointment!!
  234. Brandon goes to the neurologist today
  235. How many kids have had an eye exam?
  236. Social Security called today

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