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  1. Have you been following this story, teen being forced to have chemo?
  2. 10 yr old battles breast cancer
  3. Research suggests children can recover from autism
  4. Tragedy strikes at kids carnival
  5. 3 year old kidnapped boy - Photos of the suspects
  6. Swine-flu bird-flu mix
  7. Drew Peterson arrested
  8. Have you read any of the face transplant stories?
  9. Local, national or world news
  10. When watching the news does this bug you?
  11. Hasbro and Discovery forming new Kidsí TV Network
  12. Kids of older moms, breech births more likely to develop autis
  13. Looking for a host for this board.
  14. Swine flu cases in Calif. worry health officials
  15. Judge frees up $13 million for USS Cole victims' families
  16. Alaskan Middle School Students Scare Moose to Death
  17. Sticky Situation: Judge Orders Defendant's Mouth Taped Shut
  18. Smiling Somali Pirate Weeps in Federal Court in New York City, Hearing Reopened to Pu
  19. Official: North Korea to Test Missile That Can Reach U.S.
  20. Freddie Mac CFO Found Dead of Apparent Suicide
  21. Kansas Couple Married For 67 Years Die Hours Apart
  22. Peek Into Kangaroo's Pouch Shows 2 Tiny Pink Joeys
  23. Back Home, Sea Captain Hails Military
  24. Hunt For "Craigslist Killer" Intensifies
  25. Living A Life Sentence
  26. Student Strip Search Heads To High Court
  27. Woman who killed sick sons wants assisted suicide legalized
  28. Man plays same number on 20 tickets, wins $90K
  29. Toy Maracas Recalled by Tupperware U.S. Due to Choking and Suffocation Hazards
  30. Snakes on a Plane (in real life)
  31. Wife of Boston Face Transplant Donor Says Husband Appreciated 'Value of Life'
  32. Nurses save life of boy with rare sporting injury
  33. Facebook Bad For The Brain?
  34. Surgeons Find Tree Growing Inside Man's Lung
  35. U.S. Cargo Ship Evades Somali Pirate Attack
  36. Domino's Pizza: Workers Who Videotaped Themselves Passing Gas on Food Face Arrest
  37. Schoolgirl told to choose: Country or parents
  38. Too Drunk to Notice Baby Daughter Was Dying
  39. Nurse Called Out of Surgery, Laid Off
  40. Lawmakers, Veteran Groups Debate JROTC Program in San Francisco
  41. Spector Guilty - mugshot included
  42. Rain brings wildfire relief to north Texas, Okla.
  43. Duggar's Grandchild!
  44. U.S. Sea Captian being held by Somali Pirates was freed!!!!
  45. Ice Saves Life of Man Who Died 9 Times, Houston Hospital Says
  46. Hi ladies!
  47. Busy moms learn how to balance family and faith
  48. Texas Man Allegedly Trying to Beat Demon Out of Son
  49. Arctic Ice Especially Thin This Spring, Scientists Say
  50. 6 Unexpected Health Benefits of Sex
  51. Canadian Hit Man Pleads Guilty to 27 Murders Over 25 Years
  52. Moms Swap Toddlers After Hospital Baby Mix-Up
  53. Straying Husband Caught by Google 'Cheat' View
  54. Missing girl california!
  55. Murder case brings 'Foxy Knoxy' infamy in Italy
  56. Fiction Is the Mother of Invention: Five Sci-Fi Ideas That Became Reality
  57. Eerie Ghost Photo at Castle Baffles Experts
  58. F-22 Crashes Near Edwards Air Force Base, Killing Pilot
  59. 9-Year-Old Oregon Girl Rescued After Being Swallowed by Ground
  60. VA Hires Vets To Go Find Comrades Who Need Help
  61. New Search Begins For Natalee Holloway
  62. Stifling Smell Leads To Student Suspension
  63. Stifling Smell Leads To Student Suspension
  64. Parrot Awarded For Yelling About Choking Baby
  65. Romantic Teen Seeks Prom Date, Gets Cops Instead
  66. Japanese Man Survived Both Atomic Attacks
  67. Cane-Fu Teaches Seniors Self-Defense
  68. 'Here Is The Amber Alert Baby
  69. Caregiver Goes Drinking, Leaves Tot Home Alone
  70. Bus driver delivers free home-cooked meals
  71. U.S. Navy vessels collide near Iran
  72. Boston Man Fights for DNA Samples to Prove He Is Al Capone's Grandson
  73. Kansas Man Allegedly Had 2 Wives in Same Apartment Complex
  74. $50M Lawsuit Brewing Over Chimp Attack
  75. Parents Indicted In Son's Cancer Death
  76. Malaysian Mistakes Woman For A Monkey, Shoots Her
  77. Legally Blind Mo. Man Saves Woman From Attacker
  78. Police: Conn. Teacher Made Boy Eat From Garbage
  79. Number Of U.S. Births Breaks Record
  80. Army Will End "Stop Loss" Tour Extension
  81. Hi Everyone!
  82. Mom Squeezed Daughter, Causing Death
  83. Postcard Sent in 1962 Found in Mailbox 47 Years Later
  84. Former WWE Wrestler Andrew 'Test' Martin Found Dead in Tampa Apartment
  85. Woman Found Guilty of Baby's Clothes Dryer Death
  86. Inmate Murdered After Put in Cell With Killer He Testified Against
  87. Remember Mandisa from American Idol?
  88. Two Uteruses?
  89. Husband Buys Billboard Space With Hopes of Solving Wife's Murder
  90. Russian Scholar Says U.S. Will Collapse Next Year
  91. Florida Woman Calls 911 After McDonald's Runs Out of McNuggets
  92. Dead Teen's Parents Claim Hospital Killed Him, Harvested Organs
  93. Atlanta Woman Finds 'Mammal Bone' in Blue M&M
  94. If you haven't read this YOU SHOULD
  95. Pink Dolphin in lake!
  96. Psychedelic New Fish Species Found
  97. Dog, Missing 9 Years, Returned To Family In Ky.
  98. Tenn. Sheriff Looks To Serve 80-year-old Warrant
  99. Indiana Man Renovating Old House Finds Hidden Room
  100. Car Thief Nabbed After Calling 911 To Brag
  101. Paul Harvey Dies
  102. Serial Killer in NM?
  103. 'No Cussing Club'
  104. Google Challenges Hackers to Attack New Security Program
  105. Ex-Astronaut: Global Warming Is Bunk
  106. Facebook, MySpace Reveal Pain of Musician's
  107. Girlfriend Not Home When Florida Girl Vanished
  108. Targeting Obama With HIV-Infected Blood
  109. Brady & Gisele wed!
  110. Mini piglets
  111. Man tries to steal laptop to check Facebook
  112. Missing teacher, student found in W.Va.
  113. Slide show: Discontinued products we want back
  114. Dying Reality TV Star Ties the Knot
  115. National Guard Member Returns From Iraq To A Discharge
  116. Girl, 15, Faces Porn Charges For Sexting
  117. 11 y/o shoots his dad's GF with his own gun
  118. Octuplets Mom Spurning Offer Of Free Care?
  119. Terror Monitor: Ex-Gitmo Detainees Pledge Attack
  120. "Dietgirl" Shauna Reid, Who Shed Half Her 351 Pounds,
  121. New In-Vitro Treatment Shuns Shots
  122. Cops Open Cold Case For JonBenet Ramsey
  123. No "Natural Causes" In Sailor's Iraq Death
  124. Male birth control being tested
  125. Snow brings Europe to a Halt
  126. Kindergartner Finds Oxycontin Stash
  127. Baby Grace trial
  128. Beautiful photos of Chinese New Years celebrations
  129. Would you notice a baby left in a car?
  130. take your kids to a chicken pox party?
  131. Bank accepts bail out funds then sponsers super bowl fest
  132. Beware of "social networking" online
  133. The moderators would like to know . . .
  134. Coach In Court For Player's Death
  135. What Jane's teacher really means
  136. Invention is "for the birds"
  137. Family puts everything on Ebay
  138. Do you love your children equally?
  139. This is going to break your heart
  140. Church official steals funds
  141. Will you help me?
  142. How do you stay current?
  143. 22-Year-Old's Virginity Auction Hits $3.7 Million
  144. Sold into marriage for beer and meat?
  145. Pilot Accused of Faking Death
  146. Powerful Solar Storm Could Shut Down U.S. for Months
  147. Doctor sues for value of kidney
  148. 2008 recap
  149. Chinese crackdown on porn
  150. Man's final lotto ticket wins widow $10 million
  151. Travolta's Son Dies Suddenly In Bahamas
  152. A blog to track "paying it forward"
  153. Bullet found in baby's diaper
  154. Medics Caught on Tape Allegedly Decided Disabled Man Not Worth Saving
  155. Teens Lost for 3 Days After Trying to Sneak Into Show: We Are Idiots
  156. Who's Who in the Caylee Anthony Homicide Case
  157. Caylee Anthony's Grandparents Seek Immunity
  158. Oops! Pay stub used as bank robbery note
  159. Missing Cruise Passenger
  160. Is there a stranger living in your attic?
  161. It's the latest story that touched, and betrayed, the world.
  162. Caroline Kennedy Busts on New York Times Reporter in Interview
  163. Officials Search Texas Bay for Missing Soldier
  164. Bargain-hunting shoppers sink gift card sales
  165. Common Problems about iPod Touch, iPod Nano and iPod Classic
  166. Doctors Warn: Wii Puts 10 In Hospital a Week
  167. David Spade helps Phoenix Police
  168. Brutally Tortured Teen Tied to Tree Dies From Dehydration
  169. 2 Killed, 1 Hurt in Dallas-Area Road Shootings
  170. 5 convicted of plotting to kill Fort Dix soldiers
  171. My kid could paint that
  172. Massachusetts Touts Success of Mandatory Health Insurance as Critics Decry Costs
  173. Average Price of Gas Dips to Lowest Level in Nearly 5 Years
  174. Passengers escape burning jet in Denver; 38 hurt
  175. Little 'Adolf Hitler' Denied Birthday Cake
  176. My apologies for not being around!
  177. Caylee Anthony
  178. Letter to Santa leads to arrest
  179. Walsh case closed after 27 years!
  180. New study firmly ties hormone use to breast cancer
  181. Macaulay Culkin's Sister Killed
  182. US Senator serves military duty in Afghanistan
  183. US Senator serves military duty in Afghanistan
  184. Year's Biggest Full Moon Friday Night
  185. Ice storms causing loss of power
  186. Could you support your family financially by
  187. Child's body found near Anthony home
  188. bomb threats
  189. Sony to cut 8,000 jobs
  190. Sony to cut 8,000 jobs
  191. Diagnosed with Playstation Addiction?
  192. Military plane crashes into San Diego homes
  193. Mom Hosts "Prostitute Party"
  194. Extreme Makeover Family Facing Foreclosure
  195. Welcome to In The News!
  196. Please welcome DirtRoads
  197. Obama soda????
  198. Model Bettie Page in Intensive Care After Heart Attack
  199. Is Google replacing our brain?
  200. Mom kidnapps her own child for money?
  201. Judge Bars MGA From Producing, Selling Bratz Dolls
  202. Employee calls out sick to rob the place!
  203. Terminally ill child feeds the homeless
  204. Deer gets back at hunter
  205. An actual WORM in her brain
  206. Chicago Paying Students for Good Grades
  207. Very disturbing (Black Friday sale tragedy)
  208. "Paws for Purple Hearts Program"
  209. Americans are still giving!
  210. girl commits suicide after being harassed on Myspace
  211. Baby P
  212. Citigroup to cut another 52K jobs
  213. CDC names nation's unhealthiest city
  214. Student killed by prop gun
  215. Vietnam evacuates 80,000 ahead of tropical storm Noul
  216. Survivors of Abuse.
  217. Jimi Hendrix's drummer dies
  218. Possible cure for AIDS
  219. Fired via a fax!
  220. Micheal Crichton dies at age 66
  221. Please say a prayer for this family.
  222. Barak Obama wins the presidency
  223. GO VOTE!
  224. Teen pregnancy linked to sexual content on TV
  225. Japanese girl born to Indian surrogate arrives home
  226. Twinkies are slimming down
  227. Man completes NYC Marathon, collapses and dies
  228. Surgeon Accused of Boy's Death to Harvest Organs
  229. Trick or Treater shot and killed
  230. Mom and 3 young boys dead in murder/suicide
  231. Kindergartners sign gay pledge cards
  232. Earthquakes rattle Texas and Oklahoma
  233. Anne Rice on her Christianity
  234. Bowler dies moments after perfect game
  235. Mother throws 4 year old into oncoming traffic
  236. Joaquin Phoenix announces retirement at 34!
  237. Designing babies
  238. Electrified campaign signs.....
  239. Teacher's body found, Husband charged with murder
  240. Anthrax scare aimed at media
  241. PA town gets a reall Halloween after 16 years
  242. World Series: delayed on account of rain
  243. Another body found in Hudson case
  244. 4 cheerleaders killed in car crash
  245. 2 killed in Arkansas campus shooting
  246. 8 y/o dies after accidentally shooting self
  247. Many Utah police offiers ditching the vest
  248. 56 yr old surrogate/grandmother gives birth
  249. Rash prompts warning over baby clothing.
  250. More evidence points to Casey Anthony

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