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  1. Elizabeth Smart Gave Birth to Baby Girl Chloe 3 Months Ago: Father Announces
  2. Apple iPad 4 Wi-Fi + Cellular (Wi-Fi+4G) 64GB For Sale Choicebrandsukltd@hotmail.com
  3. late-term abortion clinic shut down for horrendous abuses
  4. A Key to Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss: Sleep!
  5. British Study on recurrent miscarriage
  6. Decline in circumcision proving expensive??
  7. MRI Birth Video: Scientists Record Human Childbirth With MRI For First Time
  8. Can Mugshots.com release a mugshot to the public that was taken during an ongoing c
  9. Kitchen Units London
  10. Can You Call a 9-Year-Old a Psychopath?
  11. Study: Why Up to 90% of Asian Schoolchildren Are Nearsighted
  12. Pesticide exposure linked to brain changes: study
  13. Policy of secretly sterilising women
  14. Autism Linked to Obesity in Mothers
  15. Caffeine Might Keep Moms Awake, But Not Their Babies
  16. All Homework Should Be Banned
  17. Puberty Before Age 10: A New ‘Normal’?
  18. Going to Extreme Lengths to Purge Household Toxins
  19. Abortion (and personhood) amendment in Virginia
  20. Post-Natal Care In France: How I Got My Vagina Back In Shape
  21. Mom, Arrested For Allowing 10-Year-Old To Get Tattoo
  22. mother rapes daughter for 'sex education'
  23. Wal-Mart pulls formula after baby dies in Missouri
  24. Target Employees Harass and Humiliate Breastfeeding Mom
  25. Is There Arsenic In My Kids’ Apple Juice?
  26. Working Moms Multitask, And Stress, More Than Dads
  27. Measles outbreaks on the rise across Europe
  28. Butt injection with "Fix-a-Flat" leads to arrest
  29. Congress Pushes Back On Healthier School Lunches, Fights To Keep Pizza And Fries
  30. Chickenpox lollipops? Some moms may be sending in mail
  31. Autistic People Superior in Multiple Areas: Must Stop Emphasizing Shortcomings
  32. Teacher goes undercover, anonymously blogs about a year of eating school lunch
  33. At Elite Schools, Easing Up a Bit on Homework
  34. Cupcake Attack: Wife Charged With Domestic Battery
  35. Reebok to pay $25 million for shoe claims
  36. LSAT to Nursing Moms: Need Time to Pump? Tough Titties!
  37. Delay Kindergarten at Your Child’s Peril
  38. Man Goes on All Breast Milk Diet
  39. Eel Removed From Man’s Bladder After Entering Penis
  40. BFF's Calm Kid's Stress
  41. Autistic and Seeking a Place in an Adult World
  42. One Price Of Fatherhood: Low Testosterone
  43. SpongeBob May Be Too Speedy For Preschool Brains
  44. The Trouble With Homework
  45. City to ban crib bumper pads
  46. Common painkillers tied to miscarriage risk
  47. Falls from windows injure 5,100 kids a year
  48. Antibacterial Chemical Raises Safety Issues
  49. Rethinking SIDS: Many Deaths No Longer A Mystery
  50. Autism Risks: Genes May Not Play Biggest Role
  51. CDC: Strokes rise among pregnant women, new moms
  52. Sarah Palin's Second Grandchild
  53. Truck spills 14 million bees on Idaho highway
  54. New Mexico man indicted in semen-tainted yogurt case
  55. Can a Playground Be Too Safe?
  56. Got PMS? Marketers Want You To Reach For The Milk Carton
  57. The Child Cases: Lessons From Canada
  58. Rethinking Shaken Baby Syndrome
  59. Justices Reject Ban on Violent Video Games for Children
  60. States stop circumcisions funds amid budget crisis
  61. Fight fat even in toddlers, preschoolers
  62. FDA: Breast implant problems grow with time
  63. The Sun Is the Best Optometrist
  64. Portable pools as risky as in-ground pools
  65. Billionaire Investor, Uses Social Media To Announce He's Leaving Wife
  66. 50 Things Everyone Should Know How To Do
  67. Cows producing milk 80% similar to human milk
  68. Parents charged after ferret chews off baby's fingers
  69. New rules to cut confusion on sunscreen claims
  70. 'Gay Girl In Damascus' Apologizes, Admits She Is An American Man
  71. Preschool benefits last into adulthood, study says
  72. Sony PlayStation Network data breach
  73. A Florida Couple 'Forecloses' On Bank Of America
  74. Woman, Cuts Penis Off Of Man Who Tried To Rape Her
  75. Mystery Virus Kills 2 Pregnant Women In South Korea
  76. Casey Anthony...
  77. U.S. Measles Cases Hit 15-Year High
  78. CDC: Developmental Disabilities Affect 1 In 7 U.S. Kids
  79. FDA Warns Against Food Thickener For Premature Infants
  80. Chemical Suspected in Cancer Is in Baby Products
  81. FL's Bestiality Law May Have Accidentally Outlawed Sex Entirely
  82. Teacher Suspended After Telling Muslim Student 'I Bet You're Grieving'
  83. cheese made from human breast milk
  84. Osama Bin Laden Dead
  85. Mandated IVF Coverage Means Fewer Multiples
  86. Study: 2 million babies stillborn each year
  87. One million lives lost to midwife shortage globally
  88. Pregnant In Heels - Bravo series starts tomorrow
  89. Florida Lawmaker, Reprimanded For Using The Word 'Uterus'
  90. U.S. Birth Rate Drops; Do We Blame Recession Or Abstinence? Or Online Porn?
  91. FDA allows pharmacies to continue making preterm labor shots!
  92. updated: FDA Probes Link Between Food Dyes, Kids' Behavior
  93. Abercrombie Bikini: Name Changed
  94. Teen pistol-whipped mom into co-signing for sports car
  95. Mom severely disabled giving birth to trips granted visitation with kids
  96. Car Seat safety guidelines changed by AAP
  97. Donations to Japan community
  98. Spanking 1-year-olds is common in depressed dads
  99. Study: Diet May Help ADHD Kids More Than Drugs
  100. Study: Most Plastics Leach Hormone-Like Chemicals
  101. Prescription Painkiller Use Linked To Serious Birth Defects
  102. Breast Milk Ice Cream
  103. Texas high school student arrested for robbing a bank
  104. Buttock Implant Causes Death of 20 Year Old
  105. Wanted To Share!!!!
  106. Pregnant woman given wrong medication at pharmacy
  107. Looking for a host for this board.
  108. Stepping down from In the News
  109. Sugar Plum Fairy doesn’t want apology from critic who called her fat
  110. Do not track list
  111. Early Cell Phone Exposure Linked to Behavior Problems in Children
  112. Check this little boy out! It's too cute and funny!
  113. Cases of 'mommy thumb' ( De Quervain's tendinitis) are on the rise
  114. Taliban Video Shows Captured US Soldier, Pfc. Bowe Bergdah
  115. Teens Becoming Pregnant To Get On 'Teen Mom'?
  116. Restless Legs Syndrome in Pregnancy Linked to Later Risk
  117. Maria Carey pregnant with twins??
  118. More children and teens have eating disorders
  119. Recalls
  120. Teen Mom Child Becomes Ward of the State
  121. Kids want an iPod for Christmas
  122. Laptops may hurt male fertility
  123. Kate Gosselin's Kids Expelled for Bullying Other Children, Report Claims
  124. New sleep study comparing breastfed and formula fed babies
  125. Interesting report on vaccinations
  126. Man dies from caffeine overdose
  127. 10 year old girl has baby
  128. baby killed for interrupting moms facebook time
  129. Is Jessica Simpson Pregnant?
  130. 4-Year-Old Can Be Sued, Judge Rules in Bike Case
  131. Parents Find Bullets In Son's Backpack
  132. Comcast Blamed For Woman's Death
  133. Shortage of Primary Care Doctors
  134. 10 uses for your body after you die
  135. Facebook Worse than TV
  136. Meth Pipe Found At Preschool
  137. Forget prego brain, let's talk about mommy brain (check this out)
  138. Octomom Nadya Suleman implanted with 12, not 6 embryos as she has claimed
  139. British fertility device as effective as IVF
  140. 85% of college grads move back home
  141. Daily Sex Improves Sperm Quality
  142. 72,000 dead people get stimulus money
  143. man claims virus downloaded child porn to his laptop, cell & mp3 player
  144. 911 system getting phantom calls
  145. six year old recognized for highway sign correction
  146. Gap's new logo - What do you think?
  147. Dora the Explorer Lawsuit - Swiper no swiping
  148. October Roll Call - if you post or lurk here please sign in
  149. teen mom and boyfriend duct-tape toddler to wall for entertainment
  150. Connecticut cheerleaders protest skimpy uniforms
  151. Google announces TV deals with HBO, NBA, others
  152. Many Kids Not Getting Recommended Care: Survey
  153. 4 year old boy starts up minvan, accident kills a baby
  154. Teen Mom being Investigated
  155. IVF ups your chances of having a boy
  156. ADHD genetic disorder?
  157. "Sesame Street" Yanks Controversial Katy Perry Duet with Elmo
  158. Similac Recall
  159. FDA approves MS treatment in pill form!
  160. Preemie dies on day of parents' funeral
  161. 15 Year Old Girl Pleads Guilty to Stabbing Her Mother
  162. I'd Like to Know what People Think About
  163. Octomom's home is in foreclosure
  164. the Practical Guide to Healthier Living
  165. acid attack faked?!
  166. 3 Out of 4 New Moms Breastfeed
  167. New test for preeclampsia being researched
  168. Cesareans more likely for women at for-profit hospitals, study finds
  169. Will Smith's 9-Year-Old Daughter Makes Remarkable Musical Debut
  170. No cure for morning sickness - according to study no proven treatments
  171. http://www.aolnews.com/health/article/for-some-men-fewer-kids-equals-more-regrets-par
  172. Breast-Feeding Protects Moms from Diabetes
  173. Who is in the path of Hurricane Earl?
  174. Safety groups find no Pampers link to rash cases
  175. First-time mothers drive up c-section rate: study
  176. So do you think Mariah Carey is pregnant??
  177. Gunman takes hostage at Discovery Channel Headquarters in Maryland
  178. Do you read the newspaper?
  179. In the News September Roll Call! (Really trying to get some more regulars here)
  180. South Carolina mom makes first appearance on murder charges - CNN.com
  181. Study: ADHD overdiagnosed
  182. New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys Going on Tour
  183. Baby Taken from Violent Mother During Flight
  184. "Baby With Bong" Facebook Photo Arrest; Fla. Mom Rachel Stieringer Faces Drug Charges
  185. China Passes Japan as Second-Largest Economy
  186. Stress May Affect Chances of Getting Pregnant
  187. Acetaminophen May Double Asthma Risk in Kids
  188. Liberal groups push to exploit Target backlash
  189. 4 sisters have 4 babies within 4 days!
  190. Girls are starting puberty earlier, new study
  191. Women should avoid licorice during pregnancy, new study
  192. Study: No Need to Delay Pregnancy After Miscarriage
  193. Canada has no abortion legislation....legal at any stage of pregnancy!!
  194. THIS is why you shouldn't drink and drive
  195. Gisele calls for breastfeeding law
  196. Home birth risks - controversial report
  197. Household Cleaning Products Still Pose Risk to Kids
  198. Lindsay Lohan's New Sentence: Rehab
  199. French woman admits killing 8 newborns - World news - Europe - msnbc.com
  200. Nap Nanny Baby Recliners Recalled After Reports of Suffocation, Entrapment, Falls
  201. Acupuncture not helpful for inducing labor: study
  202. Older age, extra pounds may delay breast-milk production
  203. New ACOG guidelines for vbacs!
  204. Obesity May Increase Risk of Preterm Birth
  205. Moderate Caffeine Intake Safe During Pregnancy, Experts Say
  206. Teacher says Chelsea Clinton's wedding has ruined her wedding day
  207. Study: Baby's babble could be 'clue' to autism
  208. IVF babies at slightly higher risk for cancers
  209. Lindsay Lohan surrenders in court to 90-day sentence in jail
  210. Calling All Music Lovers!
  211. It's about time! BP Stops the Leak
  212. Report: Teens Using Digital Drugs to Get High
  213. Court Orders Mom to Stop Breast-Feeding 6-Year-Old Son
  214. Mom with 2 wombs is double-pregnant
  215. Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston are engaged!
  216. Android gaining on iPhone and BlackBerry
  217. Chocolate may reduce risk of preeclampsia in pregnancy
  218. End of cheap labor in China
  219. Study on car seat related injuries that happen outside the car
  220. By freezing embryos, couples try to utilize fertility while delaying parenthood
  221. New Jersey mother saves infant son burning home, but dies in blaze
  222. Ob-Gyn practice's ban on doulas stirs debate
  223. College grad sues dad for tuition, $47,000
  224. Lawmakers pass $20M settlement for Jaycee Dugard
  225. Pampers offers designer-brand diapers
  226. Divorce lawyers troll online for evidence
  227. Connecticut Trial to Determine If Cheerleading is a Sport
  228. C-Section Babies May Not Have Same Beneficial Bacteria at Birth
  229. Cribs recalled: Evenflo, Delta Enterprise, and five other companies
  230. McDonald's threatened with Happy Meals lawsuit
  231. Too little weight gain risky in twin pregnancy
  232. Study: Obese Women Have Less Sex, More Babies
  233. World's Oldest New Mom Dying After IVF Pregnancy at Age 72
  234. Birth complications more common at night
  235. ART babies are at higher risk of having birth defects
  236. Abby Sunderland's parents 'can't afford to pay for rescue'
  237. Children of lesbian parents behave better, according to new study
  238. Breastfeeding in public
  239. Clean House Linked to Better Fitness
  240. Close Relationship with Mom Leads to Better Romance Later
  241. More teen girls says they use rhythm method of birth control
  242. New bill will keep teens from getting driver's license until they are 18
  243. AT&T Caps Phone Data Usage With New Wireless Plans
  244. Al & Tipper Gore getting divorced
  245. College Kids Lacking Empathy, Study Says
  246. Pregnant women warned off housework
  247. Waiting to Clamp the Umbilical Cord May Be Better for Babies
  248. Risk of Miscarriage Linked to Antidepressants
  249. Workplace suicides in the U.S. on the rise
  250. Breast Cancer Vaccine Shows Promising Results

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