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ProudMomof2Boys416 December 7th, 2013 05:16 PM

Possible Harassment?
Hi there!

So a few weeks ago, I posted about my ex boyfriend/fiance breaking up with me.... Well I found out recently that he's seeing somebody new....already!. Well to make a very long story short, this "other girl" is posting things to purposefully hurt me on her facebook page. She's not using my name or anything but she's saying things like "stay off my page (B word) and keep your nose out of my business!" and "what's wrong poor poor (B word), I have what you want and you don't like it?, well he's mine now so get over it!" and oh my favorite has to be "you don't like what I have now and you don't? well you f'd up and now he's my man so deal with it!". Both myself, some of my family members and a bunch of friends reported her comments to facebook staff, but they came back and said that it didn't violate their terms of use or whatever, so that they weren't going to do anything about it.

So I wanted to come here and ask for advice because I'm wondering if there is ANY possible chance that I can call the police on her for "harassment" or something. I know facebook wouldn't do anything....but is it actually against the law to be doing this?. Like I said, she didn't put my name or anything but I have proof from a friend that she was directing those comments at me. My one friend sent her a message on facebook a few days ago telling her that what she was doing was uncalled for, that it wasn't right, etc... but she was very nice about it. She didn't say anything derogatory or anything and was very polite. Well this girl responded back to her saying "well maybe if his ex didn't treat him so badly, she wouldn't be complaining!, she's just upset because he's with me now, and fyi he's amazing btw!".

So anyway, after reading all of that, do you think I would be able to get the police involved in this?.

Thanks in advance for your help!.

ProudMomof2Boys416 December 7th, 2013 05:30 PM

Re: Possible Harassment?
Another reason I'm asking (forgot to put this in the post), is that if I file a harassment charge on this woman, could she possibly file one on me as well for "looking at her page". Would that constitute as stalking? (which from what I see online could also be looked at as harassment)

HeartHelloKitty December 7th, 2013 08:17 PM

I don't think it could be considered her harassing you legally unless she was posting them on your page or messaging you. Since she's not referencing you by name on her page, there's not really any way to prove she's directing it as you or even intending for you to see it.

Spottts December 8th, 2013 07:48 AM

Re: Possible Harassment?
As she's not using your name, ignore her. The simplest solution is to stop looking at her fb page. Ask your friends to stop looking at her page, too. This lady is obviously looking for attention and is getting it. When people are ignored they generally ramp up their attempts for attention, then back down once they see no one is engaging them.

MzzMommaD December 8th, 2013 11:55 AM

Re: Possible Harassment?
I agree, unless she is naming you, legally you would have a difficult time proving its DIRECTED to you. I know what is going on is hurtful. But the best thing for you to do is just remove her from your and your friends facebooks. perhaps even block her. And just try to move on in your life. There will be other love, other fights, dont let this one slow you down to your happiness

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