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Psionics Workshop!

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January 16th, 2011, 12:47 PM
DistantSun's Avatar Seeking Serenity
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Psionics 101
Lesson 1: Begin at the Beginning (Psionics Workshop!)
Lesson 2: Grounding (Psionics Workshop!)
Lesson 3: Centering (Psionics Workshop!)
Lesson 4: Psiballs & Other Holdables
Lesson 5: Shielding
Lesson 6: Cleansing & Purification
Lesson 7: Thoughtforms & Constructs

Q&A Board (Psionics Workshop! The Q&A)
Please comment at the link above with any questions, concerns, etc. Do not comment in this thread!

Board is now ready, lesson one is complete!

Thank you so much, cavewoman!

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January 16th, 2011, 06:26 PM
DistantSun's Avatar Seeking Serenity
Join Date: Mar 2009
Location: Brockport
Posts: 755
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Lesson 1: Begin at the Beginning

In order to understand what psionics are, and to understand how one must practice them, one must understand what energy is.

Energy is everywhere, it is in every living thing, and every static thing. It is dynamism and flow, it is constantly moving, it is constantly changing status and type. Energy is in the breath, in food, in the way you move your fingers when you type, and it is in the sun and the momentum of the earth. Energy is!

However, not all energy is automatically accessible to human beings. We can interpret the energy we see in a bolt of lightning, but we cannot access it as it will cause grievous harm. We might understand things, on the surface, but do we understand what is underneath?

Every time the wind blows, every time you feel the sun on your face, and every time you eat a delicious cheeseburger you are interacting with energy. Our physical bodies need energy for physical movements, and we're constantly using some level of energy. We get this energy from food, water, and air. Still, I am sure you have noticed that some things simply make you feel better. Maybe you really like snuggling up to your honey after having a long day at work. Maybe sitting in the sunshine really perks you up and makes you feel alive. Perhaps you enjoy sitting in a crowded movie theatre, watching a horror movie, screaming along with the crowd every time the hero opens the door he shouldn't have.

The Subtle Body
This type of energy is effecting our subtle bodies. Just as we have physical bodies, made from flesh and bone, we also have subtle bodies, made from energy and spirit. If you are familiar with the seven Indian chakras, then you've got a good basis for beginning to understand the subtle body. There are more than seven chakras, most notably for our purposes there are also chakras in the palms of the hands, and these chakras are what most people use for psionic activity. Hands are one of those things that separate us from the animals, and as such are a reliable tool for harnessing and manipulating energy for any purpose.

Typically, the subtle body corresponds pretty clearly and regularly with the physical body. You have arms, legs, a head, and usually the meridians, or energy pathways, line up pretty closely with blood vessels, nerves, and other internal pathways of communication. Most of the time, energy is flowing quite well through these pathways. If you are sick or depressed, or sometimes just blocked off spiritually, you can be impeding these energetic paths. These blockages can easily make you feel tired, unhappy, and just plain off kilter. While I'm not going to go into psychic healing, it is possible to clear up the pathways and the chakras to promote well being and better psionic ability.

The subtle body is also connected to your aura. In fact, the primary layer of your aura, the one that is closest to the body, can be construed as the "skin" of the subtle body. It even reacts with tension and stiffness if approached the right way, and it can be punctured as well as torn or otherwise injured. I will say that it's not likely that you'll be attacked, and we will go over other methods to protect yourself in further lessons.

What's it all mean?
Now that we have some basics, we can look to apply those basics to real world activities. It's not terribly difficult to imagine that, if we can access it, that energy that is everywhere and all around us can be used by our subtle bodies to perform psionic activity, much like physical energy is harnessed by our physical bodies. Even within yourself, you have the power to use your own personal subtle energies to perform deeds that may seem strange or exotic at first, but which may become, with practice, nothing more exciting than flipping on a light switch or opening a door.

The point is thus: We have wellsprings of energy within ourselves that are going unused. Psychic activities, magic, and (most importantly to this thread) psionics are all possible once we understand our potential.

Thank you so much, cavewoman!

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January 18th, 2011, 01:40 PM
DistantSun's Avatar Seeking Serenity
Join Date: Mar 2009
Location: Brockport
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Lesson 2: Grounding

Grounding is the ability to become connected to the energies of the planet, as well as the ability to calm any internal chaos which might be upsetting you or making you feel a little frazzled.

How to Begin
To begin grounding, I find it very helpful to first become aware of my personal energy field. I don't know about you, but sometimes I find that in the process of daily life, I become distracted and will temporarily "forget" about the limits of my physical body. For example, if I'm comfortable and relaxed, I usually am not thinking about my feet. When I am uncomfortably positioned, then I usually have a rather sharp reminder of whatever is uncomfortable.

In this case, we want to become aware of our energetic bodies. Because our physical and energy bodies are so entwined, we can become aware of them simply by starting to pay attention. You can do this exercise sitting or lying, whichever is most comfortable but won't put you to sleep. First, send your consciousness down your body. Start generating a quick inventory of your shape, size, etc. Don't dwell on any of the specifics, and try not to think about the things you don't like. Then, refocus your concentration to the top of your head. You'll want to intentionally think about every single part of your body, from your head down. You can say the name of that piece of your anatomy if you like, and attempt to go down as logically as you can from your head to your toes. Attempt to do both sides at once, but if you can't that's alright. As you concentrate, you'll want to feel the energy in that portion of your body. You should feel a slight tingle, or possibly a hum or vibration. Sometimes warmth will also be present. Try not to concentrate on it too much, just keep going. Once you've gotten to your toes, you should be vibrating all over. If not, that's okay to. It might take some practice to get used to it. With repetition, you'll be able to do this quite quickly, and you might find other uses for it.

Grounding In
Many people find it helpful to be outside while grounding, but this is not really a necessity. If you are lying down, try to push your hands into whatever surface you are lying on and realize that ultimately, you are connected with the earth. If you are sitting, place your hands and feet firmly into the ground and remember the same thing. Now you can begin to draw in the energy of the Earth itself.

Start breathing as slowly as you can handle without causing stress to your system. When you inhale, imagine that you are bringing in a beautiful, green ball of light up from the earth and into your body. This energy is stable, peaceful, patient, and restful. It is not hurried or quick, and you should pull it up through the palms of your hands and/or the balls of your feet in a slow, even fashion. Realize that you are one with the earth. Do this for as long as you need to.

Then, sit up or stand, and imagine that you are drawing energy in from the sky. Again, bring the energy into your body with long, calming, slow breaths. This energy is light, possibly blue or white, and filled with fresh breezes and the strength of the atmosphere. Do this as long as possible. Both energies need to reside within you for true balance.

Still, sometimes we might feel too frazzled or overwhelmed, and just standing and breathing up a bit of the energy of the earth will calm and relax us. This is definitely okay!

Grounding Out
It is an important step after any psionic working to "ground out" any extra energy that might be within you. Excess energy can make you feel flighty, wound up, and in the middle of an adrenaline rush. This is a fun thing for a while, but it can really burn you out and exhaust your resources. To get rid of it, you can begin by sitting on the ground and clasping your hands together. Again, being outside can be helpful, but it's not terribly necessary. Imagine that you are collecting the excess energy into your hands, and know that you will only get rid of what you do not need. I find it helpful to visualize it as bright, yellow light and to collect it into the palms of my hands. I then forcefully place my hands on the ground and expel the energy into the floor. You can also shake it out of your hands by using quick, jerking motions, or you could alternatively mimic handwashing motions. Either way you go, know that you are sending the energy back into the floor where it will return to the earth.

Grounding with Other Elements
Although traditionally grounding is associated with the Earth and the stability that the element of earth brings, I find it much easier for me to ground while I am in the bathtub. Something about the water makes me feel much more at peace. I'm an emotional, passionate chick who is definitely a water baby, so it makes sense for me. What I do is duck my head mostly under the water, so that just my nose and mouth are free. I then visualize the water as being a safe, warm place, not unlike the womb of my Mother, and draw in the energy of the water to create my internal balance. It is my equilibrium at stake, after all, and it feels much better in the water.

You could also do this with other elements. For fire, you could imagine being purified with the flame, all of the stresses and worries and extra things you don't want anymore being burned away. (Obviously, do not use real fire in unsafe ways!) For air, you could imagine a tornado or strong wind blowing your extra stresses away. Be creative! Let me know in the Q&A if you decide to do any of these activities.

Thank you so much, cavewoman!
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January 31st, 2011, 09:47 AM
DistantSun's Avatar Seeking Serenity
Join Date: Mar 2009
Location: Brockport
Posts: 755
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Lesson 3: Centering

Most people believe that grounding and centering go hand in hand. In some cases, this is true, but I also believe that centering can be used as a good way to prepare for further psionic work.

Centering After Grounding
Many people will do this automatically, but after you have found a comfortable way to ground it can be helpful to find your inner balance point. This is the "centering" part of "grounding and centering". Basically, all you're doing is restoring the balance of your subtle body, just like you would find the balance in your physical body after you got dizzy. In this way, you're resetting your equilibrium of energy and finding a point of inner harmony, which can lead to a much more restful and relaxing existence.

Centering Before Psionics
But centering can be a much more active state of being. When one centers, one literally draws energy from the extremities and into the center of one's being. This could be for you at your belly button, or it could be at the solar plexus chakra. Some people find that it is external to their physical body by a couple of inches. Everyone is different, but once you fully concentrate on bringing that energy into the center, you'll find that it flows naturally there.

To do this, I recommend breathing deeply and inhaling the energy from both the top and the bottom of your body. Remember that energy is constantly moving, so you're simply redirecting the flow into a more convenient position for use. It may help to imagine a bright ball of light floating wherever feels most comfortable in your centered state. If you place your hands on top of your belly, just above the naval, you can consciously pull the energy through your subtle bodies membrane and into your hands. If you would rather pull the energy down through your arms, that's okay too. Either way, you now have a good source pool to use energy for other techniques. Try to shape the energy into a ball, as balls and spheres are good visualizations for energy work. Just remember to keep the energy spinning or moving while it is there, stagnant energy doesn't work quite so well as vibrant, motion-filled energy.

Thank you so much, cavewoman!

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