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Mattea Quinn 1/19/2010

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February 23rd, 2010, 12:51 PM
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Mattea's Pregnancy & Birth Story.

I wasn't going to do one of these because I didn't see the point since I had a scheduled c-section.Then I decided It wouldn't be fair to Mattea since Marissa has her pregnancy & birth story in her baby book.

I found out I was pregnant on Sunday May 10th 2009 which happened to be Mother's Day. My period wasn't even due for another 3 or 4 days. I had really bad cramping in the evening on May 9th so when my period didn't arrive early on the 10th I figured I could have felt implantation cramping. I was going to wait a few days to take a test because I assumed 10 days past ovulation was just much too early to take an "internet cheapie" pregnancy test.

I felt kind of icky like I was getting a cold all day on the 10th but I ignored it and took Marissa to the park with the girl from next door.

Finally we got home around 4pm and while Rick & Marissa were in the backyard I kept looking at my stash of pregnancy tests and wanting to take one. I kept telling myself not to because it was so early. Well I clearly have no will power because I decided to sneak off to the bathroom and take one while they were outside. I figured if they were outside they wouldn't notice and I didn't have to mention it if it was negative.

I took the test and there was a tiny little line. It was so light and barely pink that I wasn't sure what to think. So I ran to my window to hold it up to the sunlight. The line was definitely there but it was so faint that I wasn't sure if it was an evaporation line or the real deal.
I stared at it for 5 minutes before I went outside and calmly asked Rick to come inside for a second.
He came up the stairs and I held up the test and asked if he saw something. He said he did. Then he got a huge smile on his face and said "so this means you're pregnant" and I said "I think so" He kept saying over and over that I was definitely pregnant but I was so nervous and didn't want to accept it because of the miscarriage I'd had a couple months earlier. I kept telling him not to get excited so he wasn't too upset if I had another miscarriage.

That didn't really work out and he was absolutely thrilled. That made me a complete mess because I was terrified that I would break his heart if something happened.

The next day I called the fertility clinic (we saw them due to a fertility issue that Rick has) and told them I conceived on my own "by accident" and wasn't sure if I should start on the prometrium I was prescribed for my shorter than average luteal phase. They sent me for blood work the next day when I was 11 days past ovulation.

Dr. Hudson called me himself the following day and told me that I was pregnant but that it didn't look good. I asked why and he said because my beta was very very low so he didn't think it would be a viable pregnancy and that he was really sorry. So I asked him what the beta was and he said it was 27. When I said "well 27 is normal for 11 days past ovulation". He said "oh you were only 11 dpo!...yes that is excellent" He had assumed I didn't take a test until 14 days past ovulation and then had the beta the day after that.

I started getting my version of morning sickness at 5 weeks and 6 days pregnant. I say my version because I don't actually get sick or feel really bad but I'm a nausea wimp.
I just feel queasy whenever I'm not eating for the first trimester. If I were to eat 24/7 I would feel absolutely fine but I had to sleep some time.

When I was 7 weeks pregnant I started bleeding a little bit because that's what I do when I'm pregnant. It happened with Marissa at 7 weeks too. Dr Hudson told me to start taking the prometrium and come in for an ultrasound. I came in for the ultrasound and the second they turned it on there was Mattea resembling a little blob with a little flickering light in the middle. Her heart rate was 160 bpm and I was in love instantly.
I remember looking over at Rick who was staring at the screen in complete amazement at the sight & sound of the baby's heartbeat. I'm pretty sure that's the moment he fell in love too.

Two weeks later Rick and I got married and officially became the Bond family <3.

I consider myself very blessed to get pregnant easily (I think it's the fertile McGuire genes ) and have uncomplicated pregnancies aside from the spotting I always seem to have in the beginning. So from then on it was mostly just the usual pregnancy stuff.

On August 26th we found out that we were having our second little girl. As soon as the tech said it was a girl I started crying.
I would have given anything to have a sister when I was a kid so I was ecstatic knowing I was giving Marissa what I wanted more than anything when I was a kid. I couldn't wait to watch my girls grow up together and share a bond that only sisters can share.

I had a little bit of sadness over the idea that I would never get to have a son but it was short lived. Now I couldn't be happier with my two girls and I know for a fact I am a girl mom. We do plan to have a third child in a couple years but I'm pretty sure it'll be a third girl anyways.

Fast forward to when I was 26 weeks pregnant. I kept getting this bizarre pain in my belly. It was up high and to the side so my doctor decided to send me to VGH for some tests because she was concerned it was my liver. It wasn't my liver so I had 3 doctors stumped about what the pain could be. They offered to let me stay there on morphine but I didn't think it was bad enough for that.

They never did figure out what that pain was and it continued for the rest of the pregnancy but it was never severe enough that I had to go back to the hospital. They think the baby was bruising my uterus since the pain was right where her little knees were.

The rest of the pregnancy continued pretty much the same. I had the usual back pain,leg cramps,cravings (mmm gummy bears & green peppers),braxton hicks contractions,etc.

When I was 38 weeks pregnant I went back to VGH for an ultrasound & non stress test. Both came out perfectly and showed I had a very happy and healthy 7 pound baby inside.

We arrived back at VGH on the 18th of January for my pre admission appointment. They asked me thousands of questions and I signed countless consent forms then they sent me on my way with these awful orange sponges to wash myself with twice before surgery.

Rick and I tried to have a calm night but who can be relaxed when they know they are having a baby the next morning. We ended up going for a drive downtown around the loop by the harbour,legislature,etc and we were in the car talking about how surreal it was. It seemed so strange to be living our lives like normal knowing we'd be holding a baby in less than 12 hours.

I wasn't allowed to eat past midnight so at 11:55pm Rick made me some food and then we tried to go to sleep since we had to be up at 4:30am.

That didn't work and neither of us actually got any sleep. I laid in bed poking my belly and enjoying the last night I'd get to feel Mattea moving around.

4:30am rolled around and I had to get up and do the orange sponge routine again. Then I inspected my 4 hospital bags again to make sure I had in fact packed my entire house.

I'm not sure why I thought I'd need at least a week worth of clothing for both Rick and myself but I packed it anyways.

We arrived at the hospital and walked up to Mother Babe. The nurse was waiting for me and brought me to my room. Victoria was in the room right next door and had just had her baby the night before so I was dying to go meet her baby but I figured she was probably sleeping so I sat in my room and passed the time playing on my iPhone.

They came in and did my IV which took them way too many tries since they kept blowing veins. They finally called a nurse in from labour and delivery and she had it in right away. Then they came in with the pee bag of doom. The worst part of the whole ordeal is having a catheter inserted by the way.

Then they left me for a while longer before they returned with an antacid pill for me to take. At this point I started getting nervous since I knew the next step was the shot glass of doom and then surgery.
I don't know what that stuff in the shot glass is but it's freaking nasty. Anyone who has had a c-section better agree with me. It is foul tasting and leaves a horrible taste in your throat for hours.

Then it was time! They got me in a wheel chair and started wheeling me from my cozy room in mother babe to labour & delivery. I saw Victoria in the hallway on my way down and told her I was freaking out. She told me it'd be okay like everyone kept saying.

When we got outside the operating room they made me say good bye to Rick so he could get into his sterile space suit. He's my rock and the only thing that can keep me even remotely calm in situations like that so I was dreading the time I'd be alone in the operating room.

They got me in the OR and helped me up onto the table. I was shaking and freaking out and evil ***** nurse wasn't helping the situation. She kept yelling at me because I was breathing too quickly and it was making me panicky. So she'd yell at me and hold my arms down so I couldn't cover my face with the blanket they gave me. Then the anesthesiologist came in and got me calmed down. He said he doesn't like feeling nervous so he doesn't like to see his patients feel that way either. Then he said he'd give me "special" fluids to keep me calm. I knew they were the regular fluids since I could read the bag but just hearing him say that helped me a bit.

I was still shaking and apparently breathing the wrong way so evil ***** nurse was still yelling at me which would make me even worse by the way. Then Dr Cox walked in and came over to me. He hugged me and said that he would take good care of my baby and I and helped me breathe calmly. Then he walked over to get his stuff ready. I started breathing the wrong way again so evil ***** nurse came back over to yell at me again. Dr Cox took off his gloves and walked back over to me, held my hands and helped me calm down again. This went on over and over for 20 minutes. Evil ***** nurse just wouldn't stop yelling at me until Dr. Cox finally told her off.

Then they got me calm enough they could do the spinal.As soon as they got the spinal in the laid me down and I started to feel my legs go numb. I would have started freaking out again but I heard Dr Cox say "ok bring Daddy in now" so I knew Rick was coming and he'd keep me calm.

The anesthesiologist untied my arms since he saw I was really panicky about being restrained and said I had to promise not to pull at the iv or any of my heart monitors and stuff.

Then within what felt like seconds they said they were just entering my uterus and that I would feel a lot of pressure. Rick looked over the curtain and watched them "body check" me repeatedly and pull Mattea out at 10:04am on January 19 2010.

They brought her over to the warming table and I started crying immediately. From what I could see she was just perfect. Rick went over with her and started snapping pictures. Then he cut the cord and they wrapped her up and he brought her to me. I held her for a bit before I overheard them talking about blood loss and uterus not contracting.

Next thing I know they are telling me that Daddy and baby are going to go in the recovery room to bond while they finish with me. Then they shooed him out as fast as they could. Suddenly something started beeping loudly and the anesthesiologist said something to me as he's putting some drug in my IV. That happened a couple times and I have no idea what he said either time because I was so out of it. I was really really dizzy and was fighting to stay awake. Plus everything looked hazy and weird. It was like I was there but I wasn't there. Almost like I was looking through a foggy window. Next thing I remember I was up in the air in this hammock like they use to transport whales. Then they brought me into recovery and I was shaking uncontrollably.

Mattea was hungry and wanted to feed but they had to wait for my blood pressure to stabilize so they had to give her a finger to suck on instead. So they weighed her and gave her eye drops,etc. She weighed 7lbs 14oz and was 20" long.

Finally my blood pressure stabilized and they said feeding would fix the shaking. So they stripped Mattea off and undid my hospital gown. Then they put her on my chest and said that would make her want to feed again. A couple minutes later she started head butting my chest and trying to move down to feed. So I fed her and instantly the shaking stopped like they said it would. Then we took a picture with Rick's phone and had him post it on his facebook.

Shortly after that we were brought back to Mother Babe to settle into our room. I phoned my mother so she could bring Marissa up to meet her sister as soon as we got to our room. It seemed like forever until they finally arrived and I cried all over again watching my girls meet. Marissa was absolutely thrilled and didn't stop smiling and asking to hold the baby the whole day.

We finally went home on January 22nd.
I was terrified about having two kids but I can honestly say it hasn't been nearly as hard as I thought it would be.

I made it through another c-section recovery without needing pain killers. I have trouble forgetting I'm still only 5 weeks out from major surgery and I keep trying to do stupid things like lift Marissa,move furniture,etc
Our 3rd baby GIRL coming in August ♥

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March 3rd, 2010, 11:35 AM
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Beautiful story, it's such a nice keepsake for your girls later on in life. I LOVED going through my old baby book as a pregnant new-mom-to-be!

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