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Nathan Douglas's Birth Story

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October 18th, 2011, 05:09 AM
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A Star is Born

The Birth of Nathan Douglas Forcier

It was a cool but humid morning onFriday Sept 23rd, 2011 when the show first started. Kyle, Bradley,and I had been spending a lot of time as a family of three in preparation ofthis day, a day that would start in complete question that would end 48 hourslater with the birth of my second beautiful son. Kyle had just come home fromhis business trip from New Jersey that he had been on and was working fromhome. He was planning on attending my 39 week appointment with me later thatday to meet Shelly, the last midwife I had not met yet from my midwiferypractice.

As I was doing my morning duties; cleaning up, cooking,laundry, getting Bradley settled, waddling around; I noticed some sharp lowerabdominal pains. Well, actually it was not quite pain, but almost like apinching feeling. It would come and go and come go. The time was around 7:30 am at this point. Ifelt fine and thought really nothing of it. I had had strong menstrual-likecramping for the past two days, but we all knew that for someone that was full-termthis was very common to experience.

Bradley and I then packed up and headed to the grocery store.I was trying to keep all of our cabinets stocked and refrigerators full inhopes that baby MJ would here soon, knowing that I would not be able to do allof these things for a while. As Bradley and I were checking out at Stop andShop, I noticed stronger pinching pains that seemed to be occurring more andmore frequently. At this point I started to get excited and nervous and anxiousall at once! Maybe its baby day, maybe this means baby is coming soon! I mustget out of the store and call Kyle.

So, I did just that! His response, “cool!” I called my momand told her what was going on. We both agreed to get Bradley’s little suitcasepacked and get my things together thinking that maybe at my midwiferyappointment I would be told that I am in labor. If not, we would continue to goabout our day as we had been.

Bradley and I got home and I start prepping him lunch afterunpacking the groceries. I frantically vacuumed, threw in wash, and finished upthe house cleaning to prevent any unnecessary stress if I was in labor. Istarted clock watching and noticed the pinching feelings and belly tighteningwas, in fact occurring every 10 minutes. Kyle was becoming excited too.Internally, I was nervous though, because I had never experienced going into mylabor on my own before and therefore just did not know what to expect. Was itgoing to come on full force and I would scream in pain? After all, that’s whatall the movies show. What I did know is that the bags where packed, Bradley wasall set, and Kyle and I were ready for this adventure, false labor or not.

We got Bradley in the car at about 1:30pm and headed toPlymouth. We brought his suitcase and I brought my birthing ball in case Iended up laboring at my parents’ house. On the way, I decided to whip out myIPod and listen to my birthing playlists. I had used Hypnobirthing while pregnant with Bradley and so I turned toMarie Monogans Birthing Affirmations and Rainbow Relaxation again…It washeavenly.

The entire ride to Plymouth I closed my eyes, relaxed andfocused. Kyle and I dropped Bradley off at mom and dad’s and continued toHanover, MA where my midwifes’ practice is located. I continued relaxing andfell into a trance. It helped relieve any nerves or anxiety I was feeling, as Iwas meeting a new midwife in a few short minutes.

We get settled into a room as I anxiously awaited theintroduction of the only midwife I hadyet to meet. When she eventually arrived, my heart melted as she was a peach! She introduced herself (her name was Shelly)and immediately made me feel reassured. Although it was unclear how far into labor I was, she checked me andsaid I was 1.5 cm dilated and 50% effaced. I was so excited that my body haddone something on its own!! Although a little disappointed, I arrived unawareas I had not yet been checked up until this point (39weeks and 2days). Iremember internally wanting to be checked at previous appointments when offeredto me, but told myself it wasn’t worth it because it would not change theoutcome of when Baby MJ would decide to make his or her arrival.

Shelly was so awesome; she gave us input as to when to callthe on-call if I am in labor and of course reassured me to call anytime withquestions or concerns. I just needed to gauge when to do what, since I hadnever done this before. Excitingly and anxiously, Kyle and I left in hopes, Iwould not have to return for a 40 week appointment the following Wednesday. Weended up not making announcements yet because I still wasn’t convinced I was inlabor, but it definitely seemed like I was.

We had dinner at mom and dad’s house and picked up Bradleyand took him home. The entire drive home, my pelvis was really gettinguncomfortable. I continued contracting every 8-10 minutes. These were most definitelynot Braxton Hicks. It had been hours since it started and internally I knewthis had to be the real thing.

We got home, showered, and tucked my little monkey in. Istarted crying as I went back into my room knowing it could be the last time Igive my sweet boy a kiss before he becomes a big brother. Kyle hugged me andreassured me that this is fun thing and an exciting time that Bradley will loveto be a part of. My heart felt overwhelmed.

Later on, Kyle and I got into bed and we turned on the movie,“Something Borrowed.” It was funny, but I was so tired from all the excitement. I was actually trying to sleep and realized Icould not because the contractions were becoming far too strong to withstand. Iwas tired and needed to rest. I can remember lying down and thinking,“Catherine wash the floors, do the dishes, etc.” but, I knew it was all done! Iwas nesting big time. This had NEVER happened to me before.

Kyle felt it was time to pull up the contraction timer fromthebump.com. It was now 11:00 pm and they were coming every 8-9 minutes lasting30-45 seconds. They were solid contractions, but nowhere near active labor. Weboth felt it would be best to eat a snack, which consisted of hummus andTostito chips and then try to sleep. I tried my best too, but literally allnight long I woke up to each contraction. I was almost thankful to see the sunrising. I was sick of lying there so uncomfortable.

When Bradley got up at 7:30 am I was so happy to see hisface. I was so relieved to know that today could be the day and he wouldpossibly get to see me off. I hated thinking I would have to leave him asleepand for him to wake up and find me not in my bed as Kyle and I have never leftBradley for a night.

I then decided to go crazy maniac cleaning and cleaned all ofthe bathrooms, vacuumed, dusted, and washed the floors. I was so tired but Ineeded to this AGAIN. You could literally lick my countertops they were sospotless.

Kyle spent the morning running errands with Bradley. I wasenjoying some time alone. At around 11am I started noticing some blood when Iwiped after using the bathroom. That’s when my heart started getting fired up!WOO HOO!

I noticed when I bent or squatted over the contractions weregetting stronger. I was tired and felt like I needed to rest. When Kyle arrivedhome, he agreed I should eat and try to nap because if this was labor I neededmy rest. Bradley went down and so did I.I again, had a difficult time sleeping as the contractions where intertwiningin my dreams. It was so weird! Oh yes, forgot to mention we had our babysittercoming at 3 o’clock because we had a wedding to attend. That part was stressingme out. I did not want to go into active labor and leave the babysitter stuckwith no help, Eeeek! But, again, not being 100% sure I was in prodromal labor Idecided to suck it up and go about our day as if everything was normal, although it did not feel normal J (in a good way).

It seemed every time I was using the bathroom I wasexperiencing more bloody discharge and pressure in my back. The contractionswhere lasting longer and I was getting them more frequently. When timing themthey were 5-6 minutes apart lasting 45-55 seconds. Not quite the full minutethat I needed to be experiencing to go to the hospital. It was 255pm and I wasgetting dressed for the wedding. I honestly could not believe I was going to awedding in labor! I called my mom and dad, who were attending the wedding aswell and asked for her advice. She suggested that I go, as it would keep mymind off of things and maybe help me progress. So I did just that. We broughtour hospital bag, I put my iPod in the car, said our goodbyes to Bradley(again), and headed off to Plymouth for our friend’s wedding.

As we were driving I started crying (again), not knowing whatthe heck was going on. I turned to Kyle and said, “this is so uncomfortabledriving, if this is not labor I do not know if I can handle the real thing…”and I cringed going over each bump. I put my iPod back on and listened toHypnobirthing, oh so wonderful. By the time we pulled in to the parking lot atthe wedding my heart was back to a normal pace and I was more relaxed, but Iwas very fearful that I would not be able to bear each contraction silently. At this point I was peeing every 5 secondsand contracting every 5 minutes.

My parents met us at the front. We stood up while we watchedour friends’ share their beautiful vows and I started to breathe the saltyocean air (the wedding was on the water) and think about how my beautiful babywas coming to me… in a short time I would be holding my surprise baby! I couldnot wait to find out if this entire time I was carrying a boy or a girl!

When each contraction would end I would be able to conversewith others at the wedding reception. I can remember meeting people and staringinto their eyes through each contraction trying to hold conversations as bestas I could. I tried my best to remain calm, knowing that with every minute thatpassed I was a minute closer to delivery.

Kyle and I ate thedinner and conversed for a while, but around 8pm I decided I needed to leave. Iwas tired, uncomfortable, and ready to head home. So, we did just that. As wepulled off, sitting in the car, the pressure and pinching feelings werebecoming more frequent and I finally felt that I was in active labor but stillwasn’t quite sure. The last thing I wanted was to call the on-call midwife,drive to the hospital and learn it was all false. No way!! That was not going to happen to me!! So, iPod again it was until we pulled into ourhouse in Centerville, MA. I can remember thinking “I really hope this is thelast time I pull in to this house feeling like this. Next time, I want to pullin with my new baby in tow”.

Kyle paid the babysitter as I could barely speak. I felt sobad because Bradley was so happy we were home and I could barely speak to him.It broke my heart to the point I was in tears.

Kyle directed me to get into the tub and he got Bradley tobed. I closed my eyes, turned on my iPodand relaxed. I slowly breathed throughevery contraction and realized they were stronger, coming quicker. By the timeI got out it was about 10:30pm. I tried to get into bed, but it just was notcomfortable. Lying was not comfortable and talking was not working. I started topanic. Kyle rubbed my back and told me to relax and call the midwife and I didjust that. I let her know that my contractions where getting stronger and thatI still was not convinced this was the real thing just yet. She told me that Ihad the option of going into the hospital or waiting longer. I told her I wouldcall her if things seemed to progress more. I was still able to talk in betweencontractions quite a bit and talk through the contractions and even though itwas tiresome I was still able to focus.

Shelly was on call that night. I was so excited because shereally touched me when we first met her, something about her just rubbed me theright way. Everything now seemed to be falling right into place. At about thistime I decided to call mom and dad and let them know what was going on. Theyboth just got home from the wedding and were happy to get the preparation.

Over the next two hours Kyle and I breathed through everycontraction together and he helped me figure out that this was the real deal. Iwas in fact in active labor!! My contractions were coming every 3.5 minutes andlasting well over 1 minute. We called dad to get over to our house and Istarted speaking to mom. I was not sure what to do! Do I call the midwife? Do I stick out longer? She told me to start squatting through eachcontraction. This was the best advice ever! Every time I squatted it wouldbring on another contraction and they would last longer and longer and longer andthe pressure started getting intense!

As she stayed on thephone with me she reminded me the importance of continuing to squat. It washelping progress my labor and this is what I wanted. I cried to her telling herit hurt to do this. She told me that I could do this, and it would help bringthe baby down. After talking on the phone with her for about an hour she wasconvinced I should call the midwife. At around 2:00a.m. I did just that. Shelly reassured me shewould meet me at the hospital. I quickly jumped in the shower and Kyle threweverything in the car. Meanwhile, my dad had showed up and was settled in thefamily room…not realizing he could hear my breathing through every contractionand reciting the lines, “the baby’s coming down… the baby’s coming down.” Itwas the only thing I could say that would help me get through each contraction.I was picturing this beautiful baby coming down the birth canal, such a site inmy mind. The Hypnobirthing was working quite well!

I got my clothes on, and go in the car. I started cryingknowing this would be the last time I would be leaving my house with only onechild inside. Next time we would have two. I cried then stopped crying knowingI needed to refocus. On went the iPod and I gripped on as tight as I could tothe handle above the door as Kyle got on to the highway. I remember closing myeyes and praying the ride would be over. The contractions felt so intense inthe car, sharper than ever. As each contraction passed I remember thinking “pleasegod, let me get to Jordan Hospital before another one comes on.” That did nothappen, but we did arrive back in the town of Plymouth (where Jordan Hospitalis located) for the THIRD time in 48 hours (haha) at about 2:50am. We made it!As I got out of the car, we parked in the ER parking lot we found my momwalking towards us. I got out and immediately had to squat down and breathethrough another contraction. This was good. I was still in the back of my mindworried that my poor midwife would make her way to the hospital only to findout I was in false labor.

As we entered the ER a security guard escorted us to aspecial elevator where a calm nurse met us with a reassuring smile. She greetedus with excitement. Her name was also Catherine with a “C.” I knew it was fate!Now, it felt real. I was so close! She took us immediately to a large birthingroom and the first thing I saw was the birthing whirlpool tub! I was soexcited! I wanted to opportunity to labor in the water if not deliver in thewater, and I knew it was not always available.

A few moments later Shelly walked through the door. She waslike a breath of fresh air. I explained to her what I was feeling and how I wasdoing and she quietly asked me questions. She decided to check me to see whereI was at and I beforehand repeatedly apologized if I was not in labor and if Iwas only a 3 or a 4. She grinned and said, “you will not be going home you are6cm dilated and 90% effaced!” My smiled grew very large! This was it! I was infact in labor. I felt so relieved. And then immediately that relief turned intonervousness. Oh my goodness, I am going to be getting my all natural childbirththat I have so very much longed for. Iwas a little worried for the first half hour because the contractions slowed upa bit, but Shelly reassured me that this sometimes this happens because oftraveling in the car and getting settled.

Soon enough, the contractions started picking up and thingsstarted to get going again. I laid on the bed sitting at a 60 degree angle onmy back and it just was not working, so I decided to start squatting througheach contraction. They were lasting over a minute in length and were comingevery 3 minutes or so. At this point Ibegan losing with times and lengths of the contractions. I felt like I was inthe hands of some of the best staff in the world, and I no longer had to timethings and worry about it. I wasofficially in labor. Shelly, the nurses, my mom, Kyle, and I had some reallyneat conversations in between contractions. My midwife grew up in the Congo andso she shared some really neat stories with us. But, when a contraction wouldcome on I would step off the bed and squat with my hands folded over the bed andeach time Kyle would apply counter pressure to my lower back. It was the onlything that would be help to relieve the pain. During the contraction, I wouldkeep repeating out loud and in my head “the baby’s coming down, right?” I thinkthe reason why I was saying this was because when I had been listening to myMarie Monogans Birthing Affirmations on my iPod I was constantly thinking abouther words, “our body is meant to birth babies….imagine the baby coming downinto the birth canal…” and I just kept envisioning my little person doing thesame thing. Between the squatting andthe thoughts I am convinced this is what helped my labor progress. During thistime we were continuing to carry on conversations. The nicest thing ever,something I would never forget, is after every single contraction my midwife,the nurses, my mom, and Kyle would all say, “great job” or “your doing sogreat”, or “your so focused”. All of those words meant so much to me and mademe feel so good. I felt like I was this amazing birthing mama. I can rememberhow I was so impressed with everyone’s patience, just waiting for my labor toprogress.

At around 6:00am I started getting a bit nauseous and tiredand started to get the shakes. I looked at the midwife and asked her if I couldjust rest because I was so tired. She suggested I get into bed and rest. Iremember her saying, “follow your body, you have done a great job followingyour body this whole time.” So, I did just that. At this point, I had Kyle calla good friend of ours, Susan Connolly, the godmother to be of our sweet baby.She wanted to be there for the birth. She too, had been with us at the weddingthe night before so we wanted to allow her as much rest as possible before hercoming in and I did not want her to come and have sit and wait for hours.

Shelly gave me the option if I wanted to be checked.Internally, I was so nervous she was going to say I was still a 6 but I decidedto give it a go. She checked me in between a contraction and gave me the news Iwas 8cm and 100% effaced and at a 0 station. I was super happy to know I was intransition and that would explain my nausea and shakes. My BP was remaining alittle high but, nothing too out of control. They did have to place a Heplockin my arm just in case I needed some medication if my blood pressure spiked.The most wonderful thing was even to this point my midwife only did EFM intermittently.She then told me, that the housekeeper had found the filter for the birthingpool and that I could labor in there or possibly deliver in there! At thispoint, I was done resting and ready for a change. The contractions wheregetting very difficult to manage. In bed, I was just shutting my eyes, rollingon my left side and squeezing my mom’s hand as I laid there with these crazystrong surges that felt like they were overwhelming my entire body. I kepttelling myself, “relax, breathe, keep your uterine muscles relaxed so baby candrop down…” I wanted this baby out and I knew tensing up was the last thing Ineeded to do.

After this point, I do not remember everything so bear withme. But, I can remember getting into the birthing pool and having the jets onand just feeling so relaxed. And then, another contraction would come on and Iwould lean over the side as someone, Shelly or Kyle, would put counter pressureon my back and I would ask for someone to “just take the pain away!” This partwas so exhausting. It felt like I was having a Charlie horse in my entireabdomen and back. To cope, I envisioned what these surges where doing and thatit would be over soon. Shelly’s sweet voice was a breath of fresh air before,during, and after each contraction. Atone point, I looked at Shelly in tears, and told her I would just give up andjust wanted an Epidural. She replied, “we will talk about it when thiscontraction is over.” Of course, the contraction ended and I felt good againand I regained myself and my will power to do it all over again 30 secondslater. I am not sure how long this carried on for, but I squeezed my mom’shand, or whoevers was nearby. Shelly and Kyle kept applying counter pressure tomy back. That still was so heavenly. I think it was a little after 7am whenShelly checked me again while I was in the tub, because I felt like I washaving a lot more pressure. She said I was 9cm and still at a 0 station. Thatwas a little frustrating for me because I wanted to be done at this point. I hadbeen awake for so many hours at this point, just about two days and I was aboutto call it quits. Our friend Susan had arrived at this point. I was relievedeverybody had made it there and it was time for baby to come, or at least Ifelt like it was.

Shelly gave me the option of breaking my water, but I wouldhave to get out of the tub, and then taking it from there or keep on going inthe tub how I was. I went through a few more strong surges in the tub, and thendecided it might be a good idea to have Shelly break my water. It took me sometime to process it because I really wanted my water to break on its own and formy body to its own thing, but at the same time I trusted my midwife. So, assoon as my contraction ended (I knew I only had a short time in between), Iripped off the bra I had been wearing and the nurses wrapped me up in a warmblanket and as I was walking to the bed, I panicked as another contraction cameon. I looked around for Kyle and I shouted, “where is Kyle” when a nurse justpulled me into her chest and let me go through the surge while leaning on her.I felt so bad because I was sopping wet! I love how she just pulled me in andtook care of me like that, while the other nurse rubbed my back. There were twocomplete strangers, but obviously true dedicated Labor and Delivery nurses.After that contraction ended I got into bed and laid partially on my left side,gripping the hand rails. The contractions where so strong and lasting like whatseemed like an eternity. Shelly then explained the procedure where she wasgoing to break my water and said that I may feel a lot pressure once this wasdone.

Quickly she broke my water, and then I remember yelping inpain when she used the amni hook because all of a sudden I felt extremepressure and the urge to push. Every contraction felt so strong. I wanted togive up but, every single person in the room reminded me that I was going tomeet my baby soon. I can remember asking, “well when, how long?” Begging foranswers, I looked around the room as everyone was prepping for delivery. I’m notsure when, but Shelly had gowned up and the cameras where being pulled out andI was being instructed to push as soon as I felt the urge too. I knew we wereclose!

I did one push and it was so much work. I was so exhausted andit started to hurt physically, but I could feel the head moving down! We waiteduntil the next contraction and I look down and I saw my belly moving down(strangest thing ever might I add!), and I pushed super hard. I felt like my sacrumwas going to break in half! I told myself, “you can do this again.” Everyonewas cheering me on, and I heard Shelly say, “baby has hair!” I couldn’t believethe head was that low. Within a few seconds I was instructed to push again,which I did with all of my strength that was left, and at 7:42am, out came mysweet baby boy after only 3 pushes! Shelly held him up and I saw it was anotherboy. I cried in happiness as he lay on my chest and cuddled him up. This wassomething I was never able to do with Bradley. It was so healing, so amazing, sobeautiful. It was a high that I never knew I could ever have. I felt so proudof myself doing this all naturally and now I was holding my sweet baby boy, Ikissed him, hugged him, and snuggled him. I know knew how it felt to be able tohold your baby right after birth, something I wish every woman had theopportunity to feel.

As the cord stopped pulsating, Kyle had the opportunity tocut Nathan’s cord while he was on my chest, it was so beautiful, such a moment.Again an experience Kyle got to have that he was not able to have with Bradley. After many minutes of me holding NathanI handed him off to the nurses for a quick assessment and warm blankets. Theywere so patient with me in allowing me to hold him for as long as I had wanted.While, the assessment was being done in room, Mom and Susan watched over ourlittle man and Kyle stood by my side. It was so nice to have Kyle right next tome as Shelly finished me up with the placenta.

The nurses weighed and measured my sweet Nathan. He was 5 pounds 15.9 ounces and 18.75 inchesin length, my tiny precious peanut. Meanwhile, Shelly was finishing everythingup and she gave me word I had no tearing! On top of a wonderful labor anddelivery to walk away with no stitches was like hitting the jackpot twice. Whata day it had been from start to finish. Withinan hour I was moved to my postpartum room. The nurses where so awesome, transferring me with my baby and helpedgather all of my belongings, clean me up, and make sure I was comfortable andin no pain.

Once settled into our room Shelly walked in to say goodbye. Ifelt so grateful to her. I honestly, could not believe I had given birth anhour before that! I gave her the biggest hug I could give and thanked her. Ihonestly still to this day cannot wrap myself around what an amazing midwife sheis. I just never knew someone could give such a gift and be so dedicated totheir job.

So many people where involved in this process and I only hopeeveryone knows how grateful I am to them.

My husband first and foremost, supported me from day one withmy natural childbirth hopes and wishes and did everything he could throughoutmy entire pregnancy in preparation for labor to get me there.

My mom who came tomany doctor appointments and every ultrasound throughout the pregnancy, andtalked me through the first two days of labor. Without her knowledge ofsquatting in early labor I think I would still be pregnant today. It was soamazing she was there for the entire labor and delivery process and was able towitness Nathan’s birth.

Shelly, who dedicated her entire self during my labor,delivery, and postpartum period. She will always have a special place in ourfamily’s hearts. She is truly a gift from god. She did not leave my side ever, not once, and gave me nothingbut positive encouragement.

All of the nurses that where involved from when I was admittedto discharged. Every nurse that cared for Nathan and I were truly dedicated tothe service they provide. Never did I feel like I was bothering them ordisrupting them. I felt like they worked with me the entire time and explainedeverything to me before doing anything. I will now highly recommend JordanHospital’s Birthing Center to all people I meet. They are incredibly supportiveof natural childbirth.

Thank you to our dear friend Susan, Nathan’s godmother, forbeing a part of Nathan’s birth. It meant a lot to our family that she was ableto be a part of such a special event. She has been an amazing support for our family since we have gottenmarried and it is something that Nathan and her will share together forever.

To all of my family, in-real life friends, Facebook friends,and justmommies.com friends that have supported me throughout my pregnancy andsupporting me through this process, I thank you. I accomplished something I had so longed forand without the support I receive from all of you I would not be where I amtoday.

It feels so good to have this birth story written out and Iwill forever be feeling such a high that natural childbirth brings. I cannotwait to do it again….Well, at least maybe in two more years.


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October 18th, 2011, 08:23 AM
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Such an amazing story! I love how you remember everything in so much detail! Congrats on your little guy!
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October 18th, 2011, 02:13 PM
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What a wonderful birth story!! Glad you went through with your natural childbirth - way to go Catherine!!!
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January 12th, 2012, 07:39 PM
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congratulations on your little boy. i'm glad you had such a good experience!
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