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Olivia Ann has arrived! (long!)

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October 25th, 2011, 07:49 AM
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This is all still jumbled in my mind so apologies for the jumbly birth story, but here it is!

Monday October 12th my in-laws were here painting doors, and my father in law wanted to put together Olivias wardrobe so we could put her clothes away so they didn't get dusty when he was drilling things. So Danny and him put it together and then his Mom and I were putting her clothes away. She asked me to pass her the onesie that had her name and the airplane on it so she could show his Dad, and as soon as I handed it to her, I felt a small warm gush down there. I wasn't sure what the heck just happened, so I just stood there. Then it happened again, only this time slightly bigger. So again, I wasn't quite sure what happened so I excused myself and went in to the bathroom thinking maybe I had to pee. I had not had any issues holding it the entire pregnancy, but I wasn't sure if this was just some freaky thing or not. So, I sat down and went..then as soon as I stood up clear fluid just went gushing down my legs and got all over my jeans. So I stood there for a while and grabbed a towel and just stayed in there a few minutes. Luckily my bedroom is right next to the bathroom so I went straight in there hoping his parents wouldn't see my wet jeans! I went in there and more kept gushing out. So I got out one of the maternity pads I had for after her birth and put one on and changed my jeans.

I called out to Danny and asked him to come in the room for a minute and when he came in I told him I think my water was breaking. He asked me if I was serious and at that time I had another gush that completely soaked my new pair of jeans so I didn't even have to answer him, he knew I wasn't kidding. So he asked me what I wanted to do, and I said I wanted his parents to GO. I didn't want them knowing. I wanted to call the hospital but I couldnt because they were right outside the door and I didn't want them knowing especially since I was still some what in denial and kept saying "maybe I am just peeing on myself!" ..so his parents had gone down to have their lunch so called the hospital and told them what happened, and they asked me to come in at 4pm(at this point it was only 1:30 or so) I told Danny to tell his parents I had a terrible headache (I had had one for weeks, and they knew about it) and that the doctors had told me to come in if it got worse so I told him to tell them it was worse and they wanted me to go in. They offered to stay and work but I had Danny tell them we have no idea how long it'll be so it's best they just go.

So while they were eating their lunch I took a bath. I wanted to shave my legs lol. Then I got out and started throwing stuff in a bag for me, and stuff in a bag for her since the hospital told me to bring bags "just in case". The entire time stuff kept gushing out so I was holding a towel between my legs. It was very attractive, let me tell you.

Anyway, so we get to the hospital and they do a urine sample and tell me I have Keytones in my urine. I said I had never had it before, but I hadn't had lunch that day because all of this was going on so I wasn't sure if that was what was going on or not.

They put me in a bed and took a brief medical history. I told them I had GD, and mentioned I hadn't had anything to eat since I'm really not supposed to let my sugar go too low. They basically ignored me. They then put a trace on her heart and monitored for contractions for 40 minutes. They came in a few times telling me to lay on my left, then on my right and then eventually made me stand up. It wasn't until I stood up she was reactive at all in there. So they said they weren't happy with it and were going to monitor her again in an hour or so. At that point they picked up very small contractions (I didn't feel them) so they told me to lay back down on my left side.

We waited around for hours on end, with various midwives coming in to do BP checks and things like that. I kept asking them if it is my water, what will happen and each one told me something different. One told me they'd let me go for a month or more if things still were okay. Which totally shocked me because I had never heard that. Then the next midwife came in and I mentioned again about having GD and not having had anything to eat. At this point it was nearly 7pm and I hadn't had anything but one slice of toast all day. She said they'd get me some toast. Never did! But I asked her about what would happen and she said it depended on which consultant I saw. She said it's a "new" thing that some of them like to wait it out and see how things go, and some of them go by the old rules of get them out now. So again, I was told something different.

Finally someone came in and did an exam. All she did was put the speculum in and as soon as she did she said "Okay this is definitely your bag of water, there's no denying it" so I asked her what this means and what will happen. She told me she's not the person who makes those decisions and since I have a scan booked for the next day, and a meeting with a lead consultant after the scan that we will just have to wait and see, but she said what the last midwife said that it basically depends on which one I see.

So, around 9pm (still nothing to eat since my toast that morning) they told me they wouldn't let me go home because every time they monitored her she wasn't reactive enough for them so they wanted to monitor her and monitor my temperature during the night to make sure I wasn't developing an infection. They also gave me my first dose of steroids to develop her lungs more. Then they wanted to give me a blood thinner that night, and the next day since they wanted me on bed rest and said I was at risk for a blood clot if I didn't get the shots..so I stupidly let them. I really regret that now..but more on that later. So, Danny ended up going and getting me something to eat from a fast food place which I didn't want, but by that point I was seriously starving and nobody would listen to me. Anyway, that night they did NOT monitor me like they were meant to. I was just basically left there. The girl across from me was snoring more loudly than I have ever heard in my life. The girl next to me had a fight with her boyfriend and he wouldn't come visit her, so after her parents left (after telling her how she needs to leave him, blah blah) she spent the entire night crying. So I didn't sleep at all.

The next morning, when they checked my urine I had +3 keytones in my urine and they lectured me about starving myself! And I got really angry and told them I was telling them ALL ALONG I had GD and needed to eat something, they ignored me. I said I have NEVER had them in my urine before all this happened and they could check my maternity notes from my midwife to prove it. Then..this is the real kicker. I mentioned I had a meeting with the diabetic nurse before my consultant appointment and I wanted to know if I was still supposed to go to it since I was admitted to the hospital already and I get told "Wait..you're diabetic?"!!! So I said yes, I have said all along I have gestational diabetes! They then said nobody had been informed of this (despite the fact Danny and I both mentioned it, and my maternity notes they note everything in has a big orange folder attached to it for the diabetic nurse!) and they asked how my sugars had been. I said I didn't monitor it yesterday because we were at the hospital and I forgot to pack it. I asked if my husband should go home and get it, and they said "yes, we don't do that here"..so when the next person comes in I mention he is going home to get it and she says "oh no, don't bother, we'll be checking it for you"..well, all day long, nobody checked it. So I brought it up again to the night staff and they told me um, yes, you need to bring it yourself. Ugh. But then another person DID come and check it for me. I told the woman who brings breakfast I couldn't have the cereal she was offering me. I told her cereal of any kind spikes my blood sugar in the morning and she told me "no, it is safe for diabetics, you need to eat it!" so because they were already getting on me about they keytones I ate it. SO the woman who checked me said it was a 9.1 after breakfast! So obviously I was right and I shouldn't have had it. So anyway, we went for the scan and they said I only had one pocket of 2cm of fluid so it was very low. Then I saw the diabetic nurse who was always lovely, so by the time I got in to her I just started crying and telling her about how everyone is telling me different things and nobody is listening to me. She was lovely as usually and actually hugged me and told me how crazy it was I was being told so many different things. She basically just told me she was there if I wanted to talk and said she knew I was doing well with my diet and the keytones were more than likely to be blamed on them not feeding me properly and the fact it was so hot in there and I didnt have enough to drink.

Then we went off to meet with the consultant. She wasn't the lead consultant, she was his assistant. She wanted to do a check and see if I was dialated and she wanted to do a swab for Strep B. I was only 1cm. She then said she wanted to schedule an induction on me for October 17th, so a week away. I was shocked by this and questioned it, and she then went out to discuss it with the lead consultant. She came back in less than 2 minutes later and said, actually, we're going to induce you tomorrow. I was really happy about it because I had been so worried, but then it kind of hit me..wow, I am going to have her tomorrow! So I asked the woman if I could possibly go home that night and get a proper nights sleep as I hadn't slept in two days, and they were only keeping me to monitor me for a fever which they weren't even doing. I said I could take it myself at home. She said she saw no reason why I couldn't go home and would speak to the midwives.

So I was very excited thinking I was going home. Then they told me if I went home it would be likely I wouldn't get induced tomorrow because they had 4 inductions scheduled and only 2 beds free and if I left, my bed would be given up. At that point I was so exhausted I started crying and said I couldn't cope with labor if I had to stay there another night. To back up a bit, this blood thinner they had given me I swear was causing so many issues. Every time they took my blood I would bleed SO much and for so long after, and would bruise horribly. The insides of both my arms were awful. This woman who was telling me about giving up my bed had taken the tape/cotton off my arm a few hours earlier and RIPPED my skin when she did it, so, she was feeling guilty. She went off and asked someone above her if it would be possible for me to go home after my last blood thinner and steroid shot, but keep me on the board so the bed will be there for me in the morning so long as I come in at 8am and basically pretend I didn't leave. They said yes, which shocked me. So again I got very excited thinking I could go home, clean up, properly pack, and sleep well. Well, then the night shift came. I took my blood sugar (Danny went home to get mine so I didnt have to wait for them to do it or not) after dinner and it was a 9.9! The night midwife happened to walk by and see this, and said "oh, and this is before your last steroid shot, right?" So I told her yes and she replied saying "I really don't feel comfortable letting you go home. The steroids can make people who aren't even diabetic have dangerously high blood sugar, and that's why your numbers have been so high since you've been here. It will go even higher than this once you get the second dose and you should be here in case something happens" so I cried again and said I felt fine and I was fine last night. She said to test in an hour (so, 10PM) and if went down, she would talk about it again then. So, I took it again an hour later, and it was 8.9. So she said it was good it was going down, but she wanted it lower. So she said to take it again at 11. She even let Danny stay (visiting hours end at 10 for him) while we waited. Took it at 11, and it shot up to 9.1. :/ She said she still wasn't happy but she would call a consultant and ask their opinion. We heard her on the phone, and she actually lied to the consultant. She told them it was at am 8 and wanted to know if it was okay for me to still go home. So I heard her lie, and instantly felt like things were going to work out. Then she came back, and said sorry, they said no, they want you hear in case something happens. So again, I just cried and cried, and Danny had to go back out and bring in my bags he had already packed to take home. I was so furious. I wish they would have warned me about the blood sugar side issues of the steroids because I may well have looked more in to it before allowing them to give it to me..especially since she wasn't that early.

Again, I didn't sleep at all. I mean, I may have slept 2 hours or so. Which I guess is a lot considering I only slept 45 minutes of broken sleep the night before. They didn;t even check my blood sugar in the middle of the night. So, I am still angry they made me stay considering they didn't even check on me to start with.

The next day I was meant to be given the pill they put into your cervix at 8am. Well, the consultant forgot to prescribe it. So they couldn't give it to me then. They decided since I was high risk they would put me in the delivery suite for the induction which was nice. I guess they usually leave you on the ward until you're in active labor. So I was glad to have a private room for the entire time.

At 1pm, they put it in and I was 2cm. They also gave me a dose of IV anti biotics for the baby in case there was an infection, and I was meant to have a second dose at 8:30. The midwife was absolutely lovely. She was very chatty, and funny and so easy going. I finally felt like things were going to go the way I wanted them because I had her. After an hour of monitoring Olivia and contractions she told us to get out and walk around to help get things moving so I could hopefully avoid the IV meds to induce labor and to come back in an hour to have her HB checked again. They were going to put the drugs in at 6. So off we went for an hour walking around the hospital, and we even went outside to walk to get some fresh air. The contractions started within 20 minutes of the gel being put in. They started off like mild period cramps, but as we were walking around they became quite severe period like pains in waves and I told Danny there was no way I was going to be able to go natural. At one point it felt like they wouldn't stop coming and I couldn't breathe so we went back to our room and they checked her HB, all was fine with it. I told her I was NOT going to be out walking around because I'm a baby and it hurt too bad and I know it is good cos it speeds up labor but I said I'm just not that brave so, I'll just stay in my room and walk in there if I feel like it lol. She said that was fine and brought me a birthing ball and showed me how to use it. Well, it certainly helped the pain! Because the contractions all but fell off once I started using it. Which to be honest I was not complaining about. At that point I was just waiting for an epidural and the IV drugs to get things moving.

Before they came in to put the IV drugs in she asked how I was feeling down there and I said I felt a lot of pressure and sitting on the toilet actually was painful and it was difficult to pee because there was so much pressure. She basically just said "well that's good" and then asked me how I felt about pain relief. I said I felt like I would love it, and said I am not opposed to the epidural. She suggested I get the epidural before they give me the IV meds because she said sometimes it can happen quickly and you have to sit really still for the epidural so she recommends getting it first. I said I was afraid it would stall the process and lead to more interventions if I did that so I said I wanted to wait a little bit and see how far I could cope. I did joke with her that knowing my luck when I wanted it the anesthesiologist would be in surgery and I'd miss out on it. She laughed and said that rarely ever happens. But when she came back with the stuff to start off the induction properly she told me just for my information that she was in surgery at the moment and we both laughed about how funny it was since we were just joking about it. She didn't check my cervix again because she said since the contractions had kind of stopped before she didn't want to increase risk of infection by doing unnecessary checks. Which was fine by me because the last one hurt so badly I didn't want another one anyway. So, she started it off and almost instantly I felt small contractions again. Right about that time she was off her shift so passed me over to another midwife and a student midwife. They were both lovely as well and so friendly so I was happy again with this trade off.

After 10 minutes of the drip being on I felt a terrible contraction that felt like nothing I had ever felt in my life. It was a stabbing, twisting pain that didn't start slowly and build, it just started insanely painfully and lasted for what seemed like ages. As soon as I felt it, the student midwife said "pain relief yet?" and I said "Yes, epidural, now..I cannot do this" and she said no problem, and called for the anesthesiologist. SURPRISE SURPRISE, she was in surgery again but would be out soon. Not long after that, I had another horrible one. So they asked me if I wanted gas and air while I waited and I said yes. So sucked on that as I had a contraction pretty much right after the last one ended, and it did *** all. It made me feel sleepy, made my mouth dry, and that was about it. They told me to try and breathe in more deeply and breathe out slowly during them while using it and it will help. All it did was make it so I was unable to open my eyes, I literally coudnt open them and I felt so confused. I could hear people talking, but I couldn't really comprehend what was going on. I couldn't lay still because the contractions just wouldn't stop, it was literally one never ending contraction. I had no break at all between them at this point and I heard one of the midwives say "we're not picking up ANY of these contractions.." and at that point I manages to say "well I'm having them, give me the epidural or knock me out and I'll just see her when I wake up!" and I remember when I said it it sounded like I was speaking in slow motion. So I told them I was talking in slow motion lol. I remember Danny laughing and telling me I wasn't. The rest is really fuzzy. I remember sweating so badly and Danny putting a wet wash cloth on my head and giving me sips of water because my mouth was so dry. But he kept dripping it down my neck and I remember thinking to tell him to stop but I couldn't get the words out. It seemed like all this went on for ages, but in reality it was over just a few minutes. I was still wearing the shirt, skirt and underwear I had come in with. I hadn't even put in a labor gown yet or anything! Then I just remember feeling this burning sensation and I screamed "oh my god it burns!" and I remember the midwife saying "okay, we're still not picking any of this up but I'll check you" and then all of a sudden I hear her yell at the student midwife to call the head midwife (they had to have two fully trained ones at the birth because I was high risk) and to get the pediatrician. Apparently I had already started pushing when she went to check me. I wasn't even aware of it though! At this point I had thrown the gas and air to the floor because it just made me feel awful and didn't work for pain, then I heard someone tell me "Well you're one of the rare ones Ashley..looks like you're having her now" I then remember hearing someone telling me they had to put a clip on her head because they lost her heart beat and I needed to be as still as possible. I could hear them, but again I was still so out of it I wasn't comprehending properly. Everything that happened really just happened in a short period of time. I just remember Danny holding my head up to my chest and telling me I was doing brilliantly and I remember thinking oh my gosh this means he is watching(I STILL couldn't open my eyes) and I couldn't get the words "quit watching!" to come out. But I did manage to get out "my brain is going to hemorrhage" apparently lol. Then I remember Danny rubbing my arm and I yelled at him to stop touching me, then I managed to say I couldn't hold my legs anymore so I heard Danny say they're going to help you, and they ended up putting my legs in the stirrups which I didn't want, but I couldn't get the words out so in they went. I then heard someone say "we're going to have to do an episotomy Ashley"..and in my head I was thinking no no, doesn't the research say it's better to tear now? So in my head I was trying to remember all this but before I knew it I felt this weird gush sensation and I kept hearing them say "Ashley, LOOK!" and I managed to somewhat open my eyes and I saw her laying on me. I didn't even feel her being placed on me! I had my glasses off and I kept saying "I can't see her but I love her" apparently, I don;t even remember saying it but Danny says thats what I said about 50 times lol. They quickly cut her cord and took her over to the pediatrician. So, I didn't get the delayed cord clamping I wanted and Danny didn't get to cut the cord either. It makes me sad, but I know it was because they needed to get her checked out. Danny came over and kissed my head and I yelled at him to go away and take pictures lol. He said "I will but you did so well, I love you" and I said "okay but I wont remember this so GO TAKE HER PICTURE!!" so the midwife told him to listen to me and go take her picture for me lol.

Then while he was off doing this I could hear them saying they needed o negative, and that my uterus wasn't contracting back properly and I could see the head midwife doing it manually and I said something like "oh my gosh I watch ER this is bad, am I bleeding out???" and they just kept telling me don't panic until I tell you there is a reason to panic, and there's no reason to panic." They eventually got it under control but I lost a lot of blood, and I swear I blame it on the blood thinner. They told me so long as the last dose was 6 hours prior to delivery it wouldn't cause a problem, but I don't believe it. I was bleeding heavily from anywhere they took blood ever since that shot. While they were weighing her and doing stuff they had a doctor come in to stitch me up. This is where I was informed I was not only cut, but tore in 3 places as well. A third degree tear being one of them and then the cut on top..ugh. Not nice. So they offered me the gas and air while they were stitching me up (they did numb it down there I guess, or so they said, but I still felt it) so I took it and used it. As I was having this done I could see the student midwife asking Danny if he was okay and offering him a drink and I was wondering to myself why are they asking HIM if he's okay?? but I guess after she was born he felt so faint he had to sit down after seeing all the blood lol. Then they brought her to me and I was holding her and they tried getting her to latch on because she needed to eat right away so they could check her blood sugar. It was so awkward because they wanted me to do it in the rugby hold way and it just didn't feel comfortable because I was so weak. And she couldn't latch on, and after 30 minutes they said we needed to give her formula so they could see how stable her sugar was so at this point I just said okay and danny was taking pictures of her and I felt so faint I had to tell him to take her because I was afraid I was going to drop her and then next thing I know a few minutes had passed and I guess I did pass out briefly.

They ended up bringing me hot chocolate and some toast and butter to eat. Then when I was finished they helped me get up and took me to take a shower. So disgusting..seriously, the blood loss was enough to make me feel dizzy just from the sight of it. :s Nobody warned me about it. So I took a shower, washed my hair, but then didn't even finish rinsing the conditioner out because I felt really dizzy again so they had a chair in there and I grabbed my towel and sat down on it. They asked me if I was okay in there and I said I felt really dizzy and couldn't move, so I tried dressing while sitting on the chair and they came in and helped me to a wheel chair and I basically just sat there unable to keep my eyes open while the pediatrician was putting the IV and splint on her arm. I kept hearing them talk about what was going on but I couldn't reply back. Next thing I know it is 3am and they're having Danny go with her to the NICU to get her first round of IV anti biotics and they wheel me down to the ward with the other women. I just laid there feeling so out of it until they brought her back to me and they told us Danny had to go now.

The bassinet they had her in was a lot higher than the bed and I asked the midwife to hand her to me because I was in so much pain and so weak I was afraid I wouldn't be able to lift her out of it if she needed me in the night. I then got a lecture about spoiling her and how she needs to sleep on her own. I said I didn't care, I wanted her with me. So she did give her to me and I held her. I attempted to feed her around 5:30 but she wouldn't latch on at all still and eventually she fell asleep(but not before doing a tar poop, which is not fun when you're so out of it!) and I was feeling horrible so I managed to put her in her bassinet and I did fall asleep until 7. Then a midwife came in, asked when she ate last, I told her I tried at 5:30 but she wouldn't take it. So the last thing she had was when they gave her the bottle earlier in the night and I had no idea what time that was(I guess it was during her IV treatment cos Danny said he fed her at 4 before bring her back to me) so I then got yelled at for not feeding her and I should have called the call button and had them bring formula..which then made me cry because I was still out of it and I couldn't understand why she was being so rude to me when I knew she wasn't starving or anything. Then she just said "right, its breakfast time, take your baby and wheel her to the maternity dining room" and I jus looked at her and said "what?" like..I seriouisly couldn't understand what she was saying to me. I hadnt really slept in 3 days by this point, lost a ton of blood and was basically in shock I think. I was shakey and dizzy and didn't know why they wanted me up with her and walking around. So I just got up and basically had to use her bed as something to lean on to to help me stay up as I walked there with them. It was the weirdest thing ever. I just remember staring at the cereal and not being sure what to do so this student midwife came over and asked if she could help me and I think I just said something like "I dont know what to do..." and she asked which one I'd like, and she made me a bowl of cereal and gave me some juice and just said to sit down and take my time and eat plenty. She sat with me while I ate and talked to me which I'm really glad about because I'm honestly not sure I would have stayed away without her!

She then helped me back to my bed and sent a lactation consultant over. She came over to help me and basically said I'll have a harder time because my nipples arent the kind that stick out a lot lol. Lovely! Once she latches on it's fine, but sometimes to get her to latch on to bring them out is a bit of a pain. It's much easier now but back then she just couldn't do it for more than a couple minutes at a time. So she told me I should give the bottle because of her blood sugar but to keep trying her on the breast and she would come back and help me next time I wanted to try an feed her. She asked me to text Danny to bring me my pump just to get the nipple out first so she didn't have to work to get it out. Well, they brought me a bottle and that's where they discovered she still didn't have the proper suck/swallow/breathe thing down so feeding in general was a huge battle the first few days. I barely breast fed at all the first few days and I am so afraid it has messed things up. If I manually tried to get stuff out with my hand like the lactation consultant showed me I could get colostrum out fairly easily so that gave me some hope. She just kept telling me she's seen people barely able to for 6 weeks and it works out in the end providing they don't give up. But..we'll see. Over the week, she got a lot better but she didn't learn to properly feed until Saturday when they threatend to put her on a feeding tube. I swear she understood and that afternoon just learned to suck nice and strong! So I started feeding her more. Then she got the jaundice so they wanted her more on formula..then when she came off the lights I quit with the formula other than twice in a day and her numbers sky rocketed so she ended up BACK under the lights for 24 hours so I felt so guilty I started back up with the formula because they said it would help her flush it out. Now that I am home I am reading stuff that makes me think breastfeeding probabably had NOTHING to do with her numbers going back up and it was more to do with them prematurely letting her off the photo therapy.

Over the week we were in the hospital, it was all just one thing after another. They were testing her for all sorts of infections since my water broke early and was gone for 58 hours before she was born. They ended up saying she did have some sort of infection they detected in her blood but coudn't pin point what kind. So they kept her on IV anti biotics for 4 days. Then the day we left the hospital we had a consultant come down to discuss with me that I tested positive for Group b strep and that could be why she was having issues and I said "wait, I was positive? nobody told me"..and plus I was given anti biotics during labor as a precaution. So he had his trainee go look at report again, and she found nothing in it talking about testing positive. So she called the lab...and there was no result for me. So, they have no idea what happened to it, or if I was positive. It was just a joke. The entire stay was horrendous and every time we talked to a new doctor they told us something completely different about her condition.

I am just glad we are home now! We have midwives coming 3 times a week to check her jaundice and her weight gain, but she's doing really well now!

This is Olivia Ann, she was 5lb 6oz at birth and 17.5 inches long.

Daddy and Olivia


Olivia Ann born October 12 2011, 5lb 6oz

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October 25th, 2011, 10:23 AM
cydonia1978's Avatar Mega Super Mommy
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What a horrible experience!! I'm sorry to hear they treated you so poorly, but glad things are getting better! *HUGS* Congrats on your beautiful little girl!!

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October 25th, 2011, 10:52 AM
Alaska-Su's Avatar Mega Super Mommy
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Wow I'm glad you're home and Olivia is doing well. I can't even begin to imagine how I would react to everything you had to go through.

Your daughter is just absolutely adorable! Congrats!

Thanks Tasha_Mae for my siggy!!

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October 25th, 2011, 03:18 PM
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That sounds like a horrible experience. I'm sorry they were so rude and clueless!

She's beautiful and despite their screw ups, you did wonderfully!!
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October 25th, 2011, 05:14 PM
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She is beautiful! So sorry about the horrible experience... I would definitely be looking to go elsewhere whenever you have another LO!
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October 25th, 2011, 05:30 PM
binz1031's Avatar Lindsay
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First off, your daughter is beautiful!

Secondly... wow, just wow... I can't believe what you went through! Glad you're all home now!

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October 25th, 2011, 07:28 PM
hearts.0nfire's Avatar STPR lover
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I'm sorry you had such an awful experience but Olivia is absolutely perfect. Congrats mama!

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October 26th, 2011, 09:51 AM
**Catherine**'s Avatar Mega Super Mommy
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She's beautiful! Congratulations.

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October 26th, 2011, 05:05 PM
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Um wow is basically the only thing that comes to mind when reading your story!! What kind of awful hospital were you at and WHY did everyone there suck so bad?!?! OMG I can't even imagine having to be in a room with other women, I didn't think hospitals did that anymore!!! what a bunch of idiots they had taking care of you and your blood sugars and everything, I sincerely hope that you use this birth story and send it into the hospital, your local news, whereever you need to in order to get that crap fixed and brought attention too! I'm sorry you had such an awful experience, I literally cannot imagine...congrats on your baby girl, she's adorable!
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January 5th, 2012, 05:58 PM
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woooooow, i'm really sorry you had so many incompetent staff members at your hospital. i'm appalled!
thank goodness things turned out okay. you've got a gorgeous daughter. congratulations!
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