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Liam's Birth Story

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June 6th, 2010, 11:03 AM
laurabelle's Avatar Mega Super Mommy
Join Date: Oct 2009
Posts: 1,476
here it is ladies, i'll try to give you the short version.

my parents cam ein town last saturday night. had some cramping late in the evening and early next morning which subsided when igot up and showered. sunday we had a long day walking around at the boardwalk with them and fmil in the texas heat (i was miserable after two hours) and went to a concert that night. came home late and went immediately to bed.

Monday df got up early and left to run errands. this is when the contractionhs started, around 9am. i noticed the first 3 were probaly spaced out pretty far and then i began timing them around 11am at 8 to 10 minutes apart. df came back and i tiold him i was feeling crampy. he had to go do a few things at work and asked if he should stay i told him to go ahead and i would let him know if it worsened. after awhile he texted to check on me and i was down to about 6 minutes apart so i he said he was coming home. he tried to sit with me when i got here but to be honest, i preferred laboring alone. so i gave him some tasks to get done before we had to go and to get the stuff ready and in the car and whatnot. finally when i was consistently 5 minutes apart, i called the doctors office and left a message for the on call person. when they called back they told me go ahead and go to the hospital they would notify them.

so i get to triage and i actually had to wait in the waiting room for like an hour. there was no one else there when i got there. then when i went back the nurse had to take my entire health history which i found ridiculous, why didnt tehy have that from my doctors office already? so igot hooked up to the monitors and she put in a call to the doctor. well it took the doc on call a long time to get back to us but finally i was admitted at 3cm and almost fully effaced.

we got put in our room and i was told i could have an epi at any time. i expressed my concern that it would slow things down but she said that is a myth and if anything it is the opposite. the pain was getting pretty bad at this point. i decided to go ahead and eat something first bc i hadnt had a single thing all day. buit i was wary to do so bc of the infamous "table poop" so i ordered some chicken broth and jello off the clear liquids menu. very glad i did bc eating was awesome. then i ordered the epi, after 12 hours of laboring on my own. 12 very painful hours. by now i wa seeing stars with contractions going off the monitors.

so i got the epi and i was asked to lie down on my back for awhile so it would settle where it was supposed to and not all in my bum. i had been sitting straight up the entire time bc that was most comfortable thing to do. so they reclined me back and within a few minutes i was feeling pretty woozy and just about ready to take a nap. yeah right....

suddenly my nurse came in with naother girl and they started having me rapidly change positions and then asked me to get on all fours with my butt in the air and head on the pillow. i heard someone in the background saying the doctor was on hold. then i heard my nurse tell the other one to scratch his head and see if that worked. what was happening was that Liam's heart rate had gone down below 100. well after doing the different positions i immediately came back up to normal and stayed that way. we decided it best if i continued to lay on my side, switching sides every few hours so the epi could relocate itself.

the nurse came back in a few minutes after the whole ordeal and said the doctor was on the phone and wanted to talk to me. i picked up, she reitterated what had happened and then told me she was driving on her way to the hospital, would be there in 5 minutes and wanted to do a c-sec.

i hung up, told DF what happened and tried my best not to get upset. we decided we would just see what she had to say. we really didnt understand the reasoning.
so the doctor got there, comes in the room introduces hersefl first to df and then to me. she matter of factly states "what happened was your baby had what we call a bradycardia, his heartrate dropped under 100 for 8 minutes and we have no way of knowing why this happened so we are going to do a c-section now."
now, mind you, we were there for the entire experience and she was not. it wasnt 8 minutes. so we told her that we were a little wary of the csec automatically and thought it to be a little drastic. she went on to say that it is bc of cord compression and he needs to come out. funny, after she just said they had no idea why it happened (my BP never dropped, had that happened it would have been considered more normal i guess). so i aske dher, well you said you werent sure why it happened, can you do any tests or an ultrasound to see if it is the case that its cord compression or if he is in any kind of stress. she never answered that question directly. then she told me that i am not progressing anyhow and i'm only at 2cm (i was just checked and was now at 4) and that bc of the epi i was no longer having contractiopns and that i had a long labor ahead (as she said this the monitor was currently showing 3 contractions all at 100%). we told her we need a few minutes to discuss this so she left the room.
we just werent buying it. i know that 8 minutes of dropped heartrate sounds like a terrible awful thing, but we were there, it wasnt 8 minutes, and i never felt the situation was out of control. his rate bounced right back to where it should be and i really couldnt justify going in for a sec. df was absolutely against it also but said its ultimately my decision.
she came back in and started talking again like we were about to go do it. now, when i get upset i'm bad at tlaking to df was doingmost of it. he told her flat out you know, we are going to decline the csection we dont want to do it. she was livid. she then used the threat that "if it happens again and his rate drops for another 8 moinutes you are cutting off oxygen to his brain and it could result in brain damage". we didnt budge. she went on to say how she has 3 kinds and with one she had to have a csec and didnt want it either but wasnt going to be selfish (threat/insult #2). when we said again that we really just didnt believe it to be necessary in this situation she told us we were making an irrational decision and then looked at me and said "i just dont understand, as a mother, WHY you would be making this decision..." which sent me just reeling into tears. she went on to say if we declinhe the sec then its a problem for her bc of liability if something were to happen. she went thru that a couple times and we told her we understand, she informed us of the situation as she saw it. she went back to the scare tactics again after that talking about cord compression and that if it comes back it will come back during actual labor and it will be an emergency situation then. when we still declined she accused DF of speaking for me bc i hadnt said anything about not wanting it. well i barely said anything the whole entire time, not only bc i was too upset, but i was wearing and oxygen mask! so i lifted it up an dtold her "look. you really need to give us a fw more minutes to talk im feeling really rushed into this". so she left again.
i had been trying to do research on my phone and i had texted erica also to try and get some input and opinions. well she came back in again before i could complete my research.
she didnt even wait for our decision, just simply said that she was going to mark it in our chart we declined the sec and she was going home. she said taht she would be back first thing in the morning. she said that bc i'm not progressing enough (false) and not having contractions (also false) she would be back first thing in the morning to start me on pitocin. i didnt have the battle in me for that one at the moment so i just nodded and she was gone.

well. after she left i continued my research. what i found were a few causes of fetal bradycardia during labor, including:
1. Epidurals - Epidurals cause vasodilation, which leads to an increase in the incidence of maternal hypotension during labor. Anesthetic agents such as medications used in epidurals cause bradycardia indirectly due to a reflex mechanism or as a result of hypotension, a potential complication for regional anesthesia. Anesthetic medications can produce bradycardia approximately 5 minutes following the block for as long as 10 minutes. The heart rate then usually returns to normal baseline rate.

2. Maternal Hypotension - Supine hypotension syndrome caused by pressure of the uterus and its contents on the inferior vena cava, when you lay on your back, results in decreased maternal blood pressure.

funny, as BOTH of those things had just happened to me.

what i found next was also disturbing. turns out, and its verified on its FDA page, that our good frind Pitocin's number one side effect if bradycardia!

3. Synthetic Oxytocin (Pitocin) may produce bradycardia by causing a hyperstimulation of the uterine muscle (myometrium), resulting in hypoxia.

so it was interesting that that doctor wanted to come first thing in the morning and startme on the drug that might also cause the very thing she was advocating an "emergency" csection to prevent.
i didnt get that one.

so needless to say i got NO sleep all night, my eyes were glued to the heartrate monitors. luckily i had one on either side of my bed so when i switched sides i could still see it.

by 345am i had progressed to 7cm which i was pretty happy with. in the morning my new nurse came in and said that she just spoke with my doctor (everytime someone said this i wanted to scream "shes not my doctor!") and was supposed to start me on pit. i asked her why this was necessary considering ihad progressed to 7 on my own. so she checked me and i was indeed still at 7. my water had still not broken. she explained to me that i did not have to have the pit if i did not want it and they could not force me to take it she also explained the reasoning it might be beneficial. my contractions were ok until early tha tmorning they had indeed tapered off and the pit might jumpstart them back into action. being tired from no sleep and deciding that another fight with the doc would be fruitless, i agreed to the smallest dose possible.

things didnt progress as quickly as she would have liked, so the doctor broke my water to see if that would help and it eventually did. i was finally deemed full and ready to start pushing soon. as the nurse was getting me ready and asking about my contractions i told he ri was feeling most of th epressure in my back. she said her guess was that he was faced the wrong way. sure enough, when we began practice pushes, the doc came in and verified that to be the case. she tried to turn him around but he wasnt cooperating. then she left for a delivery in another room.
as pushing progressed it turned out he wasnt coming down far enough. the nurses went back to get the doctor and his being turned around was preventing him from coming down. she made it sound like she would not deliver him vaginally if she couldnt flip him, so she turned him as hard as she could (which was not at all pleasant feeling) and finally he stayed there but she wanted me to get him out as soon as possible so he didnt have a chance to turn again. she said if i could get him far enough she would be able to use the suction vaccuum if she really had to.
the thought of failure of all of that resulting in a csec was all i needed in my head so we went to work and after about 30 minutes of pushing, Liam James Matthew was out at 1:28pm, weighing 7 pounds, 8 ounces, 21.5 inches long with a decent head of hair. he did not even cry when he was delivered. they did everything they could to make him cry, but he just wouldnt. there was nothing wrong with him, i guess he just didnt have anything to say....

the rest of my stay was pretty miserable just for the fact of my discomfort and rechid recovery nurse (a whole other story there) and i finally was realeased and home by 9pm wednesday night.

sorry, that was pretty long, i'm quite impressed if you made it through!

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June 8th, 2010, 12:29 AM
Boble's Avatar Mega Super Mommy
Join Date: May 2009
Location: Australia
Posts: 1,716
congrats on the birth of your little man. He is gorgeous!
Me: 28 DH: 34 DS: 10 DD: born 14th June 2010 3 angels 11/00. 07/08. 01/09

Thank you kiliki for my gorgeous siggy!
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June 8th, 2010, 06:16 AM
sugarloafbaby's Avatar Mega Super Mommy
Join Date: Oct 2009
Location: Ohio
Posts: 3,094
congrats!!!!! Liam is too adorable! Good for you sticking to your guns and declining the c-sec!
Mommy to 2 girls , 6/26/10 & 12/31/11

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June 13th, 2010, 03:13 PM
RuPaul-O-Saurus's Avatar Super Mommy
Join Date: Jan 2010
Location: Oxnard, Ca
Posts: 928
Congrats! He is such a cutie! Awesome job sticking to your guns about what you wanted and not what they thought you should have.

Kelly, you are amazing and I love you! Thank you for the awesomely cute siggy!
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