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Natalie June's Birth Story

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June 7th, 2011, 03:46 PM
Love_the_Shoes's Avatar Love my girls!!
Join Date: Jul 2009
Posts: 4,651
My birth story was amazing. At the end of the day, I laugh b/c of how worried I was due to the induction. I really need to start to be more optomistic regarding situations in life.

Friday I was a mess. Matt had to take off work to be with me. I went from bouts of sobbing non stop to laughing b/c of something Alyssa did. I just was NOT in the right mental state to be watching Aly all day alone while Matt was at work. Having him home def. helped my nerves and jitters. We ordered pizza and salads and had an easy takeout dinner and my mom came over and we just tried to keep our mind off the fact that in a couple hours our whole world will change once more. I think that is the trippiest part of being induced--b/c it's planned...and it's coming (she's coming) h&ll or high water!

I barely slept Friday night but I did manage to get a couple hours. But by 4:00 am, I was up. I took a long, hot shower and once again, started to cry as I was shaving my lady bits b/c I kept thinking to myself "OMG, all is well down there now, but in a couple hours, my vag could be TORE up (literally)".

We had breakfast with Alyssa and then Matt's parents came to pick her up. This was so hard on me. When I gave her a final hug before she left it felt like my world was falling apart. I did not want her to leave me. I didn't want to leave her. She has no idea what is going on and I worried so much about that. I never slept away from her and I worried how she will handle someone else picking her up out of her crib when she wakes the next morning.

So when Aly left, we also hopped into our car and drove to the hospital. The drive wasn't bad (it's a 10 min drive, so short and sweet). We actually were talking about the Civil War the whole time. I guess anything to keep our minds occupied.

We get to the hospital, check into our room (felt like we were on vacay checking into a hotel) and I got into my gown. I had a sweet room. Windows galore (even in the bathroom) and my room was overlooking the river...very scenic.

So doc comes in to check me and low and behold, I'm still 3.5 cm and 50% effaced. I'm not 41 weeks and 1 day pregnant.

Then our nurse comes in. And this was the only sucky part of my experience. She was a newbie. But at first she told us she wasn't. She told us that she was new to the L&D Floor but not new as far as being an RN. She told us she worked in Cardiactrics.

It was 8 am when we met her. I was told to get my IV's started (I was + for GBS again) and to also get my membranes ruptured. She had to ask us a bunch of questions and paperwork. But she did not know how to use a computer or their system. So what could have been a 30 minute questionaire ended up taking TWO HOURS.

I layed in that bed from 8-10 answering her questions and having to wait 10 minutes for her to type it into the computer before another round of questions. I still did not know that she was new to being a nurse at this point--I just thought that it was a Saturday morning at 8 am and everyone is just waking up and taking a bit longer to start the day.

At 10 am my doctor comes back (female doc from my practice) and she says "Okay, let's check you and see about breaking your water". I told her that I'm positive for GBS and haven't had my IV's started yet. She looks at the nurse and says "Why hasn't she had her IV's started" and the nurse finally says "I need another nurse to help me with putting them in". The doctor looks at me and says "Well, as you know, we have to wait until one of the bags of penicillian is complete before we can rupture you, so let me just check you and I'll come back in a couple hours after the meds kick in". My heart sank. I wanted this induction to start already!! I have been a mess emotional wise and I also want to meet Natalie but most importantly at the time, I wanted to have this baby in time so that Matt can still go home that night and put Aly to bed. I did not want her grandparents putting her to bed---I was so focused on this whole aspect for some reason. Alyssa would and was fine having someone else put her to bed, but for some reason this really upset me.


So, the dr. checks me and guess what I am?

2 CM, -2 Station, Posterior and 50% effaced!!!!!

My male dr. who has been checking me for the past 3 weeks (and also was the one that checked me that morning) said I was almost a 4!!! He lied to me! Why the need for lies?

She looks up at me and says "I really recommend you getting the pitocin as soon as I can break your water b/c I don't think just having you labor on your own in hopes to get some contraxs is going to work. Your baby does not want to budge".

I was fine with this--at this point, I just want to not be pregnant anymore. I have prayed and was as ready as I will ever be regarding the pitocin. So I told her "That's fine".

So, she leaves and now my nurse is FINALLY putting my IV in. This part I could have smacked her and I am a very peaceful and loving person, so you KNOW that if I want to go Oklahoma on someone's A$% that I'm in pain.

She does not know how to put an IV in. I mean, literally, she has no idea how to do it. She got another nurse in and the nurse was instructing her...she sticks me and misses completely and then drags the needle which was when I was about to throw her a left hook. She takes the needle out and spends another 10 minutes trying to find another vein and finally the other nurse decides it's best if she does it and puts my IV in (thank the Lord).

That was when Matt and I both knew that this nurse was a newbie and was lying to us about being on the cardiac floor. You're telling me, that you used to work with the heart but have no idea how to put an IV in? Furthermore, I understand all people start out as newbies, but you would think that a Registered Nurse who is working on L&D and dealing with pregnant woman and babies would be able to put an IV in. Maybe they can't perform a C-Section, but you would THINK that before they graduate that one of the requirements would be IV's. I could see if my veins SUCKED and she had a hard time finding one...but I have good veins..she just didn't know what she was doing. Don't practice on a pregnant woman...seriously.

Thankfully b/c she took forever and a day to even get the IV started her shift would be over before I would even THINK about pushing so I wasn't worried about her having to deliver my baby.

So, 10:30, finally have my IV in, now just hanging out for about an hour getting my GBS.

12:00--Dr. comes back to break my water. Breaks it--it's clear (yay!!!) ((Aly's had merconium and made it so I wasn't able to have skin to skin right away).

This might sound off the wall crazy, but I liked my water breaking. Perhaps it's b/c I wasn't having any labor symptoms up until then, but everytime I would feel a warm gush between my legs, I would smile. I'm weird.

So she breaks my water and starts me on Pitocin. They start me off really low and gradually work into it. It wasn't until 3 pm until I FINALLY started feeling contractions. They said I was having contractions prior but I wasn't really able to tell.

From 3-5 I labored and was having contractions and breathing through them. I wanted the epidural and kept asking when I should get one b/c I don't want to get one too early and have it wear off. Everyone kept telling me that epidurals don't wear off but I wasn't in the mood for a "he said, she said" conversation. I just wanted to make sure that I did not feel anything unpleasant. I loved my epidural last time and I am not afraid to admit that I love epidurals..and being pain-free.

5 PM--I get my epidural. The Dr. thinks that if I get one I can relax a bit and that might bring on more contractions and get her to come down sooner. I know, I know, lots of people think epidurals slows labor--again, not into the he said/she said convo.

Getting the epidural wasn't bad at all--I wasn't afraid of it and I wasn't afraid of it last time with Aly either.

So I get it and they lay me back down.

I turn to the Anthestesologist and say "I can still feel my legs and I can lift them and wiggle my toes". He told me that what I'm feeling is normal and that the purpose of the epi is to not feel contractions, but that being completely numb from waist down is not the purpose of the epidural. I told him that with Aly I was completely numb and he reassured me that the epidural was working.

He left and I looked at Matt and said "Holy cow, I can feel my toes!!!! Am I going to feel Natalie crowning?!!!!"

I was so worried about not being completely numb.

10 minutes after I got the epidural I started to have a lot of rectal pressure. Again, I didn't feel a bloody thing with Aly so I was so upset that I'm feeling this pressure. I tell the nurse and she says she'll get the dr. to check me (new nurse thank goodness!!).

The dr. comes in, checks me and says that I'm still a 4 cm but 75% effaced now and that the rectal pressure is baby transitioning and moving down the birth canal and that not to worry about the epidural. That there is a good chance I will feel something but that's a good thing b/c it will help motivate me to push. She told me that I was having a very intense contraction and I was speaking to her without even knowing it, so the epidural is doing it's job--taking care of the pain from contractions.

She leaves.

Matt and my mom go to get dinner and I finally was able to relax. I turn on Real Housewives of New Jersey and zone out. I'm alone and not in pain and just want some quiet time.

Ten minutes later, my dr. comes back in and says "I just want to check you again b/c of you complaining about the pressure".

I was confused. I didn't page her and she just checked me 10 minutes ago. I look up at my nurse and the nurse says "We can monitor your babies heart rate at the front desk and your babies heart rate was dropping which means she could be coming into the birth canal, which would explain the pressure".

So the dr. checks me...and I'm 7 cm and 100% effaced.


She looks up at me and says "Where is your husband? Because I would call him and tell him to get down here b/c you're going to have this baby soon".

I couldn't believe it. I was in shock. When I had Aly, after the epidural, it took another 5 hours of laboring and 2 hours of pushing. This time, in ten minutes, I went from a 4 to a 7.

So Matt and My mom come back and for about an hour I am having every 5 minutes such intense rectal pressure that I thought my butt was going to split open!! I didn't feel the contractions (but man, looking onto the screen at them, I was having contractions every minute it seemed). But I just had this awful AWFUL pressure.

Maybe about 30 minutes after the dr. left I started to feel a warm sensation between my legs and gushing. My mom looked and said it was my bloody show. I didn't want to bother the nurse or dr. b/c L&D was crazy that day and everyone was short staff.

But around 6:30 we finally ask for the dr. b/c I said "I think I'm going to poop this baby out, something is not right and I'm bleeding a LOT now down there".

The dr. comes in, checks me and tells me that I'm ready to push.

What I'm going to type next is what makes my birth story and labor experience totally worth all the fear of being induced.

I'm going to list the reasons why my labor was ah-mah-zing:

1.) My dr. was a female this time.
2.) It was just becomming dusk outside and my room was low lite and didn't have that sterile bright lights environment
3.) The only people in the room were, me, my mom, Matt, the nurse and the doctor.
4.) When the dr. told me it was time to push, she was wearing a fleece jacket. She casually took her coat off, and hung it up. Her manerisms were so relaxed and serene and peaceful. I was watching her and thinking to myself "Why isn't she in green scrubs with a mask on and wearing a catcher's mit?"
5.) She sits on my bed to deliver...not on a stool or at the foot of my bed standing...but she moves my legs a bit and just comfortable sits next to me.
6.) She tells me it's only going to take 3 pushes to get this baby out.
7.) She is the one that is doing the counting--not a nurse...she (my dr.) was really involved this time around.

So I push. 4 sets of 3. As I was pushing, I was feeling it. But it was a WONDERFUL feeling to be able to feel the need to push. Of course the epi took a lot of the pain off but I still felt a burning sensation but I loved it b/c I knew that my little girl was coming and it was up to me to get through that pain so I can hold her.

So after only 5 minutes of pushing, I push her head out and the dr. says "stop pushing, I will do the rest" and she gets her shoulders out and says to me "Come get your baby" and I pull her out of me!!!!!

It was the most intense experience ever!! I pulled my little love out of me and layed her right onto my chest. Vernix and all!!! Covered in blood and cream cheese and I didn't care!!

My mom is crying saying "Look at her!! There's your baby!"
Matt is tearing up and has the biggest smile on his face and I'm almost shaking b/c I can't believe I just gave birth again and that here she is!!

She stayed on my chest for almost two hours--nursing her and Matt cut the cord. Finally they took her to weigh her. But those two hours were Heaven.

This birth story is LONG and I'm sure I'm missing details...but all in all, it was wonderful.

~*~*~ Kristin--mama to two fabulous and fierce beauties--Aly and Natalie*~*~

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June 7th, 2011, 03:58 PM
Kittynoah's Avatar Mega Super Mommy
Join Date: Jun 2009
Location: St. Louis
Posts: 4,367
What an amazing story! Seriously, I am tearing as I read about you pulling her out and having her on your chest. It sounds like a truly awesome experience. I am so glad your induction went well. Congrats again!

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June 7th, 2011, 04:02 PM
fibigrey's Avatar Mega Super Mommy
Join Date: Aug 2009
Location: Upstate, NY
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this birth story is amazing, and I loved it.. Thank you so so so so much for sharing it with us, I was looking forward to it!! I am so happy that you had such a great experience! You deserve it! I also LOVE how you describe things!!! *sigh* you make me want to have another baby!
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June 7th, 2011, 04:20 PM
Platinum Supermommy
Join Date: Dec 2007
Location: Bay Area CA
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Great birth story! I'm so glad you had an amazing birth and your OB sounds awesome! That nurse made me want to punch her out for you though

I'm so happy that you have baby Natalie June now and I know you're going to just love having 2 baby girls!

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June 7th, 2011, 04:32 PM
mylene169's Avatar Kaija and Kolbie's Mommy
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What a fantastic birth story!! I'm so glad you had a wonderful experience this time around. SO glad!!

I had a STUDENT nurse miss my vein, followed by her instructor TWICE miss my vein when Kolbie was born. I feel your pain there!
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June 7th, 2011, 04:50 PM
becker206's Avatar Platinum Supermommy
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What an awesome birth story Kristin! I am so glad it worked out perfectly in the end!!!

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June 7th, 2011, 06:38 PM
krissy1989's Avatar is loving her two boys!
Join Date: Jun 2009
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I totally teared up!! I am so happy for you!!!! Congrats again!!

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June 7th, 2011, 07:32 PM
Platinum Supermommy
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BEAUTIFUL birth story!

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June 7th, 2011, 08:38 PM
HopelessP's Avatar Ashlyn's Mommy
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what a beautiful story

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June 7th, 2011, 10:23 PM
Mega Super Mommy
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That was such a beautiful story. Thank you for sharing that with us!!!

Vivian (6)
Caden (5)
Alex (2)
Maura born 9/11/12

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June 8th, 2011, 03:42 AM
Brannyt's Avatar Mega Super Mommy
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I agree Kristin. What a beautiful birth she had! I am so happy for you guys! Sounds like an experience to remember always

LOVE my siggy, thank you Meganpixel!!!!!!
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June 8th, 2011, 04:59 AM
Racine's Avatar Mega Super Mommy
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Amazing So glad you had a good experience, and all the waiting is over <3

Thank you, Meganpixel, for my awesome siggy!

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June 8th, 2011, 06:37 AM
JaxonsMom2010's Avatar Mega Super Mommy
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AWW Kristin such a beautiful story. Thank you so much for sharing. I am so glad that you had such a great experience (minus the stupid IV).

Congrats again. And I love her name. So fitting that she was born in June!!
Christy - Mom of 5

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June 8th, 2011, 07:24 AM
Shea131's Avatar Peyton Rylee's Mommy!!
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Loved reading your birth story!! What an amazing experience!! Just amazing!

Thank you Quantum_Leap for my fabulous signature!!!
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June 8th, 2011, 07:36 AM
Max n Meghan's Mom's Avatar Mega Super Mommy
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Aww totally made me cry. Welcome to the world Natalie June!

Thank you for my beautiful siggy, *Kiliki*!Visit My Blog

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June 8th, 2011, 07:50 AM
LisaBrown's Avatar Mega Super Mommy
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Loved reading your birth story! It reminded me so much of when I had Didi...
Thank you Jaydinsmum for my amazing siggy!

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June 8th, 2011, 11:58 AM
Meganpixel's Avatar Mega Super Mommy
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awwwww- amazing! so happy for you!!!
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June 8th, 2011, 03:08 PM
niema's Avatar Platinum Supermommy
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Awww, now why did you have to go and make me tear up?!! It was beautiful, Kristin!! Congrats!! I bet you feel amazing!
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June 8th, 2011, 05:49 PM
CanadianLou's Avatar Laura - mom of 3
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Location: Alberta, Canada
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That was a beautiful birth story! Thanks so much for sharing. It seriously made me a little emotional! I'm so happy it was a positive experience. It reminded me so much of my first birth experience, quite, calm, dim lighting and not many people in there.
*~ Laura ~*

Thank you Meganpixel for the most fantastic siggy!

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June 8th, 2011, 06:49 PM
Shantastic27's Avatar Mega Super Mommy
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Oh my!! That sounds incredible. It sounds like your doctor was absolutely fabulous. I wanted to pull Livi out, but my doc told me NO. Grrr. What an amazing experience. The skin to skin contact is absolutely awesome, we did the same thing for the first couple hours.

Are you nursing little Natalie?
Thanks for my gorgeous siggy, Jaidynsmum!!!

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