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Meve's journey

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June 6th, 2012, 01:05 PM
Dhartanya's Avatar Mega Super Mommy
Join Date: Jun 2012
Location: North Delta, BC & Tucson, Arizona
Posts: 2,576
I suppose Meve's journey really starts a couple years ago.
I met my fiance in March 2010. So far, we're an online dating sucsess story

I was on BC till Dec 2010, then I stopped taking it. I hated the way it messed with my horomes and it was fustrating having my period every 3 to 4 months. I didnt like now knowing what my body was doing.
In Feb 2011 my other half got a job offer 12 hours away, and in March he moved to take the job. I stayed put, due to family circumstances out of my control.
In Oct 2011, he quit his job and moved back home.
On Christmas day, he proposed. We havent really set a date yet LOL he is indecisive.

Ever since we got together, he would joke everytime I was nausous that I was pregnant. It almost became a running joke. He comment I was I knocked up, Id reply back saying he could buy a preg test and Id prove him wrong, and then he would joke that one of these times I would prove him right.

At the end of Feb 2012, I had the weirdest "period". It was long (from the 21st of Feb to the 9th of March) and it was heavy with lots of clots. I took like 4 or 5 home preg tests and all were negitive. On the 8th of March, I finally thought 'perhaps Im having a miscarriage'.
My doctor got me in the next day, and she checked me and my cervix was closed. We did a blood preg test, that was negitive.
We still dont know what happened. I maybe m/c... maybe not...
My feelings were, that it was a m/c. I had other preg symtons and had a gut feeling.

During this time, I was planning on returning to school. I was taking a 2 year RMT (Registered Massage Therepy) course. And on March 26th, I started school.

I had been doing a half-arsed job of tracking when I ovulated, etc... but wasnt paying too much attention around that time due to school and other stressors.

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June 6th, 2012, 01:21 PM
Dhartanya's Avatar Mega Super Mommy
Join Date: Jun 2012
Location: North Delta, BC & Tucson, Arizona
Posts: 2,576
School was difficult, and intense.
I loved it though.
It was a great group of students and everyone got along, for the most part.

In Feb, I had revamped my diet and started eating within the Primal/Paleo guidelines. And couldnt have felt better.

About a week into school I noticed increased fatigue. I was eating roughly 2000 calories (of healthy meats, fats and veggies) and was still having a hard time not falling asleep in class.
During the 2nd week of school, I hurt my neck and basically was incapacitated. There were fears that I had broke my neck, thankfully I had just thrown my top 2 vertibras out.... and I mean OUT.
I saw a Chiro, who did wonders but I found keeping up with class really difficult.
The fatigue was getting worse too. At first I attributted it to my injury.

By the 2nd week of April, my neck was still an issue, I was constantly tired. Then I noticed tons of breast pain.

This new issue was nothing new, I becuase of a grain intolerance I had terrible breat pain, usually more when AF was near. Since removing grains, it hadnt been an issue... I had slipped up diet wise, so figured my boobs were just reminding me that grains and I dont get along.

By the 3rd week of April, I had returned to school and was trying to catch up. Then a new "sympton" popped up. I started feeling sick to my stomach. Which I attributed once again to eating grains.

April 24th was my birthday and I spent most of it in bed, sick. I finally pulled myself out of bed and went to dinner with my family. I noticed something odd at dinner. Eating, made my tummy feel better. Usually anytime Im having tummy issues, eating makes it worse.

The thought of being pregnant passed through my mind, but I brushed it off.

The next day, I was worse. I really hadnt ever felt this since... I had norwalk years ago.
That night, I asked Steve to pick up a thermometer (I thought maybe I had the flu, as I felt feverish). Steve made some pregnancy jokes, so I told him to pick up a preg test too, so I could prove him wrong.

My temp turned out to be normal, and I figured Id wait till the morning to take the preg test.
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June 6th, 2012, 01:32 PM
Dhartanya's Avatar Mega Super Mommy
Join Date: Jun 2012
Location: North Delta, BC & Tucson, Arizona
Posts: 2,576
Morning came and I took out the preg test and my trusty pee cup.
I took the test, and put it on the counter. Immediately two lines showed up. When I looked at the 2 lines, and was like "Oh! Its negative!" and looked away. I looked back and comprehended that there was a 2nd line and was like "OMG! Its positive!"

I hurried back to my room, grabbed my Iphone and snapped a picture.

As I laid in bed, and tried to figure out what to think and how to tell Steve.
He was downstairs doing stalls, so I sent him, this picture, via text.

After a few minutes, I recieved this reply, "Thats weird"

He actually had to ask a fellow boarder, what the results ment (silly boy).

After another moment, he texted "Awesome" and then called and comfirmed that it was infact positive.

I had a doctors appointment the next day for a follow up on my neck, so I could tell her then.

That day, I also made the decision that I wouldnt be returning to school.
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June 6th, 2012, 01:48 PM
Dhartanya's Avatar Mega Super Mommy
Join Date: Jun 2012
Location: North Delta, BC & Tucson, Arizona
Posts: 2,576
I went to my doc app the next day feeling like crud. Had a brief check over for my neck and then I broke the news to my doctor.
She was excited (I think more so then me lol).
We went over how I felt (physically and emotionally) about the news.
She also asked if I wanted a scrip for the morning sickness. I gladly took her up on this option.
She prescibed Diclectin and sent me on my way, with prenatal app a week later.

I was bored, so I made Steve pick up a digi preg test (the one that is supposed to tell you how many weeks you are)
This was a early evening pee.

The Diclectin hardly helped, and by that afternoon I started puking. I weighed myself that day, 126lbs.
All weekend I puked. I drank as much water as I could, eat what I could. By Monday I was no better, and called for an emergancy doc appointment. My GP said try some gravol and if it wasnt better to come back tomorrow.
"Tommorrow" came and I still wasnt any better. My reg GP was out for the day and saw another doctor.
In 4 days, I lost 9lbs.
She took my blood pressure while I was sitting and then while I stood up. Then informed me, I was going to the hospital.
Besides being so sick, I was also suffering from Orthostatic Hypotension.

She phoned ahead, gave my some forms and sent me on my way.

I had to wait abit upon arriving at the ER, but within a hour, was in room #1. Saw a nurse, then an hour later saw a doc who imformed me that I was being sent to L&D, where Id get some fuids and drugs for the puking.
I had some blood drawn, and then was left alone for another hour. Finally a nurse came back and I asked for something to stop me from being so nausous.
I was told I they woud be right back, but then didnt come back.

FINALLY I was moved to another bed, and again I asked for something. Actually I demanded something immediately. They got an IV started and gave me some Maxeran (sp?). It helped, but only slightly, so I asked for something else and was given some IV gravol two hours later.
At about 6, I was handed some dinner... Baked fish! Talk about EWW!
I ate the veggies and rice.

After dinner I was then moved to the short stay unit where I asked for more drugs.
I was given the wonderful Zofran!

Finally I was seen by an OB (they had been busy all day with deliveries). She let me know Id be in for a couple days till they could get a handle on my morning sickness. She also let me know that I was scheduled for an ultrasound in the morning, and that
I would be getting some more blood work.

The night was long, I spent it so nausous. Every 2 hours, I was needing something. They were using the Maxeran, Zofran, Gravol and Diclecton.

Finally I manged to get some sleep.

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June 6th, 2012, 02:01 PM
Dhartanya's Avatar Mega Super Mommy
Join Date: Jun 2012
Location: North Delta, BC & Tucson, Arizona
Posts: 2,576
Yay! It was the morning.

At 9, they brought me some cups of water and told me to drink up.
That was a horrible hour! LOL nothing like trying to drink enough water, while not puking at the same time!

At 10 a nurse came and got me and took me to my ultrasound.
They wanted to check to make sure baby was in the right spot, how many their were, and how far along I was.
By my LMP, I was supposed to be close to 10 weeks. I knew I wasnt that far along though.
I was still bleeding when I would have ovulated and Steve and I definitly werent DTD during that time.

The ultrasound was nice and quick. There was only one baby, and it was in the right spot and it was definitly not as far along as they thought I was.

I mentioned to the tec that I thought I was between 6 or 7 weeks, and she agreed. She dated me at 6w 6d.

I asked if I could get a pic, and she was nice enough to print me one.

The OB came to visit me a bit after my ultrasound and said that everything looked normal and that as soon as I could take the meds orally and keep things down I could ask to be reassessed by an OB and then perhaps I could go home.

I was still pretty nausous, but that afternoon I was going stir crazy and asked to if someone from OB could come see if I could go home.
They were really busy, so it took a bit, but the OB that I saw, felt I was ok enough to go home, but did warn me that if I started puking and couldnt stop for 6 hours Id need to come back, and I be kept longer.

I called for Steve to come get me, we then went to pick up all my new anti-puke pills and then I went home to bed.
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June 6th, 2012, 02:34 PM
Dhartanya's Avatar Mega Super Mommy
Join Date: Jun 2012
Location: North Delta, BC & Tucson, Arizona
Posts: 2,576
The next few days were spent in bed, alternating my meds every 2 hours.

I had my prenatal app that friday, so I got outta bed and off I went.
When I got there, they seem surprised to see me. I was asked if I had an appointment and said I did, and showed them appointment card.

They were confuzzled becuase I wasnt in the system... at all LOL

I told them I didnt mind waiting till the following week to have a prenatal app, but I wanted to quickly see me GP as I needed a different form of the Zofran.
I had been given the generic oral stuff, which wasnt working. I needed the tab form that disolved in your mouth.

They quickly fit me in, I got what I needed and gave me an appointment for the next week.

I left and went home, back to bed.
Which is where I stayed for the next couple days.

Id try and get up, only to feel really light headed, I was still having low blood pressure issues. Plus if I stayed up for too long Id get pukey feeling.

The next week, I went to my prenatal appointment and checked out okey dokey. I was now 117.5lbs. She didnt seem concerned about the low BP. And said to just eat small amounts frequently.

She mentioned wanting another more accurate dating u/s. And was annoyed that the place she had origanally sent the req to hadnt gotten back yet. She sent the req to another place and I was told Id hear back in a couple days with a date.

She then asked if I wanted to do the genetic screening that they draw blood at 10w and 13w (or something simillar lol I cant remember). I said I would, so she added another blood test req to a large stack already LOL

She said she wanted to see me in a week for a complete physical and when we discussed birth options.

I could go with her for my pregnancy and hope I go into labour on one of the 2 days she delivers babies. If she didnt delivery me, I would be delivered by another doctor from her office or some random doc doing a shift in L&D. She said I could go with a midwife and that she wouldnt be upset or offended.

After I left, I started thinking about what I wanted to do.
I hated the thought I going to her my entire pregnancy only to have some random stranger deliver my baby. I decided I would try and go with a midwife.

I spent a couple days thinking about it and talked with Steve (I even made him watch the documentory "The Business of Being Born" with me).

I looked into some local midwifery places, and found two that were somewhat close.
I was a little worried they wouldnt want me becuase of my SLE and DM, but I fired off some emails, asking if I would be considered for a midwife.

The one place was fully booked up and provided some links with some other places. The 2nd place, emailed back saying theyd have no issues taking me on!

I was so excited!

In the meantime, I had my physical, which was done by a different doc then my GP.
I also got my dating scan

It confirmed where I thought I was. 10w on the dot. My due date from the first u/s was Dec 20th, and then was changed to Dec 21st after the second ultrasound.

It was an active little bean, flinging its legs and arms all around! It was so cool to see!

She printed these 3 pics, so I had something to show Steve

I was amazed at how fast Meve was developing!

We had decided when we found out that we were going to nickname the little bean Meve, which is a combo of mine and Steve's names.

After the u/s I went for my first blood draw for the screening. I believe the 2nd is at 13 weeks, but Im not positive. Im gonna have to check.
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June 6th, 2012, 02:58 PM
Dhartanya's Avatar Mega Super Mommy
Join Date: Jun 2012
Location: North Delta, BC & Tucson, Arizona
Posts: 2,576
Its been almost two weeks since my last u/s. Im now sitting at 11w 5d.

Im still having morning sickness galore, but Im trying to wean myself off the drugs.

I havent taken the gravol or Maxeran in almost two weeks, and Im taking only one dose of Zofran in the evening/afternoon and my diclectin in the evening.

Im not showing at all, I perhaps feel "fuller" but no visable changes yet.

Due to having SLE and DM, I had a check in app with my Rheumatologist. It went well.
Ive been having some increased pain/weakness/stiffness and so was a little worried, but he doesnt think its from my DM or SLE, which means its from my Fibromyalgia.

When I found out I was pregnant, I had to stop taking the meds I was on. Lyrica was doing a fairly good job of controling my pain levels.
This new pain, could be from that.

It also could be, from the fact that Im eating alot of grains again.

Like I mentioned earlier, me and grain dont get along. I blame it for making my DM and SLE worse.
Removing it, stoped my breast pain, stoped my severe Restless Leg Syndrome, gave me more energy and lessened the pain I was in. My skin was clearer, I was having a BM everyday, I was shedding fat and putting on muscle.

I have a feeling once, I get back on the Paleo wagon, Ill feel much better. I hope keeping up a Paleo Lifestyle, will keep me from flaring while Im pregnant and especially from flaring after I deliver.

Steve isnt too up on the Paleo way yet, but hopefully soon, he'll understand. He hates seeing me sore and useless and I know somedays its hard for him to understand.

Im currently waiting to hear from the midwifery place and hope to hear from them within the next day or two to set up my first appointment with them I cant wait!

I would like to go with a homebirth, as much as Im already being told by family that homebirths are a horrible idea.
Im not against a hospital birth as long as my midwife is there too.

Ive been toying with the idea of getting a doula, but I have no idea where to look for one. Im sure Ill get some ideas from the midwife though, so Im not too worried yet.

Steve and I are still trying to figure out if we want to find out the gender. I want to, and at first he wanted to... now he's second guessing that. We still have a bit to decide.
From the "old wives tales" Im having a girl.
Both the needle/ring and string tests, go in circles.
Meve has a high HR (170 at the last u/s).
My baking soda/urine didnt fizzle.
From trying to figure out my conception date (3 out of the 4 possible dates are girls when using the moon phases and chinese calender).

Either way, boy or girl, we dont care. If we had to choose, Id want a girl, where as Steve would like a boy.

Ive decided I want to do attachment parenting, and of course breastfeed and go with cloth diapers. Ill also make my own baby food.
Our children, will primarily be raised on a primal/paleo diet, just like us. So they wont really be consuming alot of grains.

This is something we're already (well Im already) getting flack for.
Oh well, Im sure once our Moms hear about AP parenting and how I wont be allowing my babies to CIT, or how Ill be baby wearing and homeschooling, Im sure we'll never hear the end of it.

Oh well, Meve and any other babies will be mine and Steve's to raise how we see fit and how best works for us and the kids
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June 11th, 2012, 03:50 PM
Dhartanya's Avatar Mega Super Mommy
Join Date: Jun 2012
Location: North Delta, BC & Tucson, Arizona
Posts: 2,576
We've hit the 12 week mark, and I started taking pictures to keep track of my growing belly.

Ewww, I hate photographs of myself!

This pic, best shows how I gots a little bump now!

I got bored and took one the next day lol

I also got the privledge of being lent a doppler, so I quickly put it to use!

Meve's heart beat @ 12w 3d - YouTube

I couldnt help but take a video!

Im still waiting on a call from the one midwife place.
I ended up completing an online intake form, so fingers crossed Ill get a call tomorrow, if not Ill shoot them another call.

Ive been pretty sick the last few days. So Ive just been hanging in bed, trying not to puke.

Been craving fruit.... which is ok, becuase fruit is good!
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