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Ivy, natural birth, a novel.

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March 7th, 2014, 10:59 AM
Kalia20's Avatar Platinum Supermommy
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I was planning a natural home water birth this time, had a hospital birth the first time and didnt react well to the meds. My body had other plans. At the end of my pregnancy I developed polyhydramnios at 37 weeks. Thats too much amniotic fluid. Usually starts 20-30 weeks and can mean all sorts of problems......but because mine was late was less likely to have any problems, and all my other tests were normal. But because there was too much fluid there was a risk of a cord prolapse if my water broke on it's own so naturally thats a hospital birth. Kinda scary worrying that if my water broke on it's own it could kill my baby :/ Luckily that didn't happen.

I had two u/s to check the fluid levels and it went up, knowing the risks I was ok with an induction at the hospital but because it was with midwives, it was carried out differently. The OB would start with Cerdivil and the midwives take over from there. No hospital staff unless an emergency. I went to the hospital for an NST scan and that was just fine, on friday. Monday if I didnt go into labour on my own I was to go back to the hospital. So I did. I had been having contractions, my cervix was very soft and losing my mucus plug for weeks, but we figure my body never started on it's own because of the fluid preventing the baby from engaging. I was using EPO and RRL tea.

Delivery room was much nicer than the hospital back home I had my first in. There was even a tv!! Yay for that. The OB that works with the midwives gave me Cerdivil. Monday morning approx 8:30am. She said my cervix was very soft and 2-3cms. Good sign she said. Thats what had induced my first late baby with no oxytocin (pitocin) within two hours. This time I had to sit on that stupid machine for two hours then got to go home and wait. If labour didnt start they would give me oxytocin in the morning. About 5pm I went pee and it fell out. Called the midwife on call, she told me to go back and she would give me another one. Got another one at 6pm and thats when the contractions started more regularly. Midwife said I was still 2-3cms.

So I was made to sit on that stupid machine again for two hours. I could tell the midwife didn't like that but that's hospital policy. She gave me a birthing ball to sit on and I watched tv while her and the student midwife did paperwork and whatever else they do. The contractions started coming regularly but I could handle them, every two - three mins. Was all down low, like AF cramps. The midwife looked at the paper from the machine and was like Wow!! Can you feel those contractions??? Told her yep. I think she was surprised cause they were reading very strong on the machine and I was just sitting there lol. About 7:15pm they became a bit stronger and had to start breathing through them. After a few more I couldnt sit on the ball anymore and complained about being stuck to that stupid machine and kept asking when I could get off it. Midwife felt bad but said I had to stay on it. They let me pace anyways which I liked cause nurses wont do that, they want you to stay in bed. Then I was allowed off it to walk around!!! Glorious.

Was about 8:00pm, contractions were still two mins apart and the pressure was building so I asked what drugs they had. There was a deep bathtub there but the way I was feeling if I could even get in it and it got rid of the pain no way I was getting out without a fight so I decided not to even attempt it. I told her NOT Nubain I didnt react to it well last time. She said they have morphine, and it might not kill all the pain, but I won't care cause I'll be too loopy. LOL. I was ok with that. Contractions still every two mins. She checked me and said it was too late for drugs. I was 7 cms. I was like you're kidding right?!!?! Nope. Ok. I can do this. I wanted a natural birth anyways, I'm just a wussy lol

The contractions still felt like AF cramps just with lots of pressure down low. Was different than with my first, contractions were my whole uterus and I couldnt handle them at all, within the first two hours, got drugs quite quick. This time when I got a contraction, I was able to walk with them and that made it more tolerable. Each one got stronger, I was eventually unable to walk through them and the only position that helped was to squat and hold onto the bed and breathe through them. The midwives kept telling me I was doing great. I eventually asked if she could break my water cause it felt like a massive rock hard balloon was trying to come out. She kept apologizing saying she wanted to seeing how much pain I was in, but because of all the fluid it was best for it to break on its own to prevent a prolapse. She said the nearest OB was half hour away, they had all left for the night. A prolapse would be an immediate emergency c section. While she didnt say anything, I know she was scared of that. The pressure was crazy!! So every two mins I kept pacing, squatting and breathing. Think I may have started to get a bit more vocal with the pain by this point too. Every contraction I was praying my water would break cause that would mean it was almost over. She had also called the second midwife in and she got there around that time.

I think it was around 9pm when it was quite clear I was in active labour, they gave me an antibiotic in an IV cause I was GBS positive. Even though it was light to drag with me, and only took a few mins, I hate being attached to anything. Bye bye!! Then she decided to check me. She had me sit on the birthing stool and checked me. That caused my water to break and buckets of water gushed out, was incredible how much water there was!! Literally like dumping a bucket of water, just poured out like a faucet. Thankfully they had me standing on pads and blankets waiting for it to break. She yelled at the other midwife "we have a rupture!!" and she came running in. Midwife #1 checked for a cord or anything sticking out, there was nothing. HUGE sigh of relief from her, she said "oh thank god, theres nothing sticking out". So her fear was relieved. Funny thing is when my water broke, it was like instant relief. Pain was GONE in between contractions. And my stomach dropped and looked like it deflated lol. Oh so glorious. I could breathe!!

The only difference now was I had zero pain between contractions. Now they felt different. Was the babys head there, not a bag of water so the pressure was more intense. I waited for the urge to push, it didn't come. At this point after what felt like hours but was probably only 20 mins I'm begging for drugs saying I can't do this. They kept assuring me I could and saying they were very very sorry but it was too late for drugs. Midwife #1 decided to check me, getting on the bed was torture. She said I was at 10cms with a lip so did I want to try pushing her out. Sure, whatever kills the pain!! Student midwife put the back of the bed up to where I was comfortable and midwife #1 pushed my cervix out of the way. HELL no I wasnt doing that again!! So she suggested trying holding onto the back of the bed and going on all fours, she said many women like doing it that way. So I tried it. Dont you love being in extreme pain and all modesty goes out the window? lol. It's true what they say, pushing IS relief. Pain was gone. But no progress and I was getting exhausted at this point. Was 10pmish. I asked about the birthing stool, thinking I might prefer being in a sitting position. Oh boy I was wrong. I only tried it once and made it quite clear I was NOT trying that again, couldnt handle the intense pressure. Was vocal on that one.

I came to the conclusion it felt better to be elevated on my back. Had my boyfriend hold one leg and one of the midwives held the other. No relief in that position except for between contractions. My cervix was finally ready but I just couldnt get her out. I was trying so hard but they told me to hold it longer, that was so hard. Sooo much pressure, pain and I was exhausted. Every so often I would have more water pour out, that was a weird feeling, like peeing a lot but uncontrollable. They changed my pads under me and was hard to lift my hips just enough to do it. They let me rest for a few contractions cause I wanted to sleep in between them I was so tired. I was at about 5 hours of contractions every two mins, I was beat. Midwife #1 was putting warm compress's on my perineum which felt awesome. I remember them saying they could see the head, but then it went back in, but she had a lot of black hair. It felt like with every contraction her head was out but she wasnt, so discouraging. I stopped for a bit cause I couldnt do it and I walked through a few contractions, pretty sure I was vocal through all of it. My water had broken, she was RIGHT THERE why was it taking so long to get her out!!!

The pressure had now extended to my left leg. It almost felt like a balloon inside my thigh and that was super distracting, I remember being pretty vocal about how much that hurt. I felt like giving up but knew I couldnt. The constant contractions were a bit much. The midwives were saying they wanted to give me a bit of oxytocin to get my contractions stronger cause they said they just werent strong enough to get her out. Midwife#1 had actually gone out to the nurses station to call the anesthesiologist to give me an epi cause I was just too tired to get her out. Since he wasnt at the hospital, that told me I had to wait probably another couple hours and was like $%#@# that!! Next contraction I gave it all I had and midwife #2 yelled something about her head and they said one more to get the shoulders out. I got her out. And I don't think I even had a contraction when I did, I just wanted her OUT. FINALLY. After all that pain, pressure and yelling worse than a trucker she came out screaming her little head off and they said "it's a girl!!" IDK if I actually said, "are you serious?" or just thought it cause everyone swore this baby was going to be a boy.

They let me hold her for a bit. At one point midwife #1 took her to clean her up and weigh her. Midwife #2 stitched me up, said I had a 2nd degree tear. Felt like it took her forever cause she was showing the student midwife how to do it. I had the baby brought back to me and this child was born to breastfeed, which was great cause she didnt need to be taught like her sister did. Eventually daddy took her, I had something to eat, then I was to get up and go pee. The student midwife was helping me and thankfully she did cause as soon as I stood up I fell back down. Thought my leg had fallen asleep on me, turns out I have some nerve damage. So walking was next to impossible. It's 10 days PP and the feeling still hasnt returned. They've heard of this before, I never knew it was possible.

As soon as I went pee I was allowed to go home. She was born February 25th 12:15am, 8lbs 1oz. We got home about 3:30am. Her hair is a blondish red, like her sisters was, not black. The lighting was very low in the delivery room.

I've now had a medicated and a natural birth, they both had their plus's and minus's. First was medicated in the hospital with nurses and an OB, this one was at the hospital with midwives. After my own experiences from the two, I will never go to an OB if I get pregnant again before my boyfriend has the Big V done. He even said the midwives were much much better, they were less intrusive and did a lot to help the birth along which the nurses and OB didnt do. The nurses were good, dont get me wrong, they were patient and caring, but the midwives were awesome. Just IMO. If I ever know anyone that gets pregnant around here I'll tell them to go to the midwives foresure.

Ivy Lynn

One week before birth

An hour old

With my husky. Since she came home my dog has been attached to her, the baby is HERS after all. She follows her everywhere and doesnt really like anyone but me holding her. She's a good mommy. She just needs to stop sticking her cold nose in her face and licking her face when she fuss's lol

One day old


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