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Jace Paul's Birth Story

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July 13th, 2014, 04:25 PM
Super Mommy
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so this is really long.....this is what i wrote up to put in his baby book

Birthday: July 4th, 2014
Time: 6:07pm
Weight: 6lbs 9oz
Length: 20.5 inches
Apgars: 8 & 9

I had my membranes stripped on Monday, June 30that 1 pm. I was really hoping that it would put me into labor much like it didwith Riley, immediately. We went to the mall and walked and walked and walked,had lunch and walked some more. I had a lot of random contractions but nothing worthtiming. It was Brandon’s birthday so we were headed to his mom’s house for hisbirthday dinner…steak, mashed potatoes and green beans. Same thing, differentyear. The contractions continued and I was very uncomfortable. We went homearound 9pm so I could lie down and get some rest just in case this was thebeginning of labor. I couldn’t be that lucky however. The contractions peteredout as the night went on and I was miserable. Miserable just being pregnant. Inthe summer. When it’s hot.
Tuesday and Wednesday were more of the same…Contractionsthat hurt, with no discernable pattern. This was beginning to make me think Iwas going to be pregnant forever. My due date was July 8th and I wasfor sure I was going to go past it. Thursday was just like all the others thisweek. I had a lot of Braxton hicks. Brandon had finally gone back to workbecause I was feeling better and ready to throw in the labor towel. After all,I had pretty much been in early labor since Monday afternoon and I could handleone day. I stayed in bed pretty much all day, neglected the house work becauseI was never going into labor…Fast forward to Thursday night and right on time, Istarted getting my normal Braxton hicks contractions around dinner time. Ithought nothing of them because I was never going to go into labor. As thenight progressed, these BH contractions became a little more annoying, but nocloser together and very random. Around midnight, I decided I would go to bed.Brandon stayed up and watched Netflix for a bit because he had off for the 4th.I was startled awake around 2 am with the need to go pee. So I got up andwaddled to the bathroom, past Brandon on the couch, he hollered out if I was okand I am pretty sure I muttered something to the effect of cursing my bladderfor making me get up at all hours of the night. I lay back down for a fewminutes and started having period like cramps. And if you are a female who ha**** puberty you know the feeling. If you are a female who has ever been inlabor, you also know this feeling. I knew right then and there that this wasthe real thing. I waited for a little bit and had another intense cramp. It wasabout 20 minutes from the first. But I just felt like utter crap so I decidedto jump in the shower. I told Brandon to come and check on me in 15 minutes tomake sure I didn’t pass out or fall. He did as he was told and came in to thebathroom to hear me moaning and groaning through the pain. I asked for mytoothbrush and the new bottle of shampoo and complained that I needed to shavemy legs. Who worries about shaving their legs when in labor? This chick does.
I get out of the shower, shaven legs, clean hair andsmelling fresh. I sit on the yoga ball for a little bit and Brandon begs me tocall the midwife to see what we should do. I told him I would but that I wasnot in labor. I couldn’t be. I was going to be pregnant forever remember? So Iget off the yoga ball and decide to lie down. If it wasn’t real labor then theywould go away when I lay down. I actually fell asleep with my phone in my handbecause I was going to start “timing” the cramps. My belly never got hard likethey said it would. Come 4am Brandon comes in and asks me if I called themidwife and I told him no. I wasn’t in labor. It was prodromal labor like ithad been for the entire week. He decidedto go to sleep finally. On the couch. Away from my moaning and groaning. I don’tblame him. I was whiney. I called the midwife when he left. She told me shethought it was the start of something and to wait a little while and see if thecramping got closer together. This was the same thing I heard Tuesday nightfrom the other midwife when I called thinking I was in labor. I lay back downfor a little while only to be woken up at 6am by Riley. She crawled into bedwith me. And I jumped up and went to the bathroom. This is when thing get alittle fuzzy. All I remember is waiting until about 610a, calling my mom firstto let her know we were bringing Riley over and that I was pretty sure I was inlabor but that I wasn’t getting my hopes up. I wandered out into the livingroom, shook Brandon awake and told him it was go time. Then I called my motherin law and told her what was going on. I was now in a lot of pain withcontractions anywhere from 2 to 8 minutes apart. We packed up the last fewitems we needed and sped over to my mom’s house to drop Riley off. It reallywas a tuck and roll for the poor kid. I walked in the door and sent Rileyupstairs to find my mom who was in the shower and I left.
We got to the hospital and walked in the front doors and Ithink I scared the security guard half to death because I was walking funny,holding my belly and buzzing through a contraction. He urged me to take awheelchair, I declined. It hurt to sit. It hurt to stand. It hurt to just be.He gave us our bracelets to get up to the L & D floor. I get up there andthey get me into triage right away. I felt bad that I didn’t call beforehand,but since I wasn’t able to talk through the contractions I knew it was time.One of my favorite midwives, David, was on call. He came in to check me and Iwas at “3, no 3.5, no we’ll say 4cm dilated”….no joke. That’s what he said. Iwas 90% effaced and at -1 station. Thisis all progress from my 2.5cm, 75%, -1 from Monday afternoon. He told me I would be admitted and that Ineeded to walk and move and sit on the birth ball. No problem. We get into theroom, get a little monitoring done and then it was up and into the halls towalk we went. It was miserable. I didn’t like it. I felt like a mouse in a mazethat couldn’t find my way out and just kept going the same route with no hopeor end in sight. So we headed back to the room and I got on the birth ball andit felt a little better. I was checked in around 7am and by 11a I was done. Ihadn’t progressed past 4cm although I was 100% at this point. But I was justdone. I asked for Stadol because I didn’t want the epidural yet because I didn’twant my labor to stall. I was being stupid. Very stupid. I.V. goes in, Stadoladministered and the words “this is marvelous” escaped my mouth…and it was. It didn’ttake away all the pain but it made me not care about it. I cat napped for 5minutes here and there until around 1p when it wore off. I had a new nurse whocame in to check on me. Her name was Kara. She was wonderful. She convinced meto get the epidural and try and rest because I hadn’t had any good sleep inalmost 24 hours and I was still only 4cm. By this point I was so mad at mybody. So I consented to get the epidural. The anesthesiologist was a nice man.We will call him Dr. Bob because I don’t remember his name and his professionaltitle is entirely too long to spell over and over. So Brandon gets sent out of the room and Dr.Bob readies everything and Cara gets me into position. Procedure is started. Ithurt like crap. I ended up getting stuck twice. Done. Laid back down and I can’tfeel it take any kind of effect. Kara wants to put a Catheter in and I’m sayingnot until I am numb. I don’t want to feel it. I asked if I could push thebutton to get another dose. Biggest mistake ever. My BP dropped to the 40s/20sand I was white as a sheet and feeling super sick to my stomach and just allaround nasty. But I didn’t have any pain at this point. Cue the 30 secondinterval BP readings, and careful observation of Dr. Bob, David and Kara. Ataround 4p David comes in to check me and I am now at 5cm 100% and Jace hasmoved up to a -2 station. So he decided to break my water and put this hugepeanut shaped ball in between my legs to get him to come back down. When hebroke my waters there was meconium so he explained to me that baby had beenstressed at one point and that the pediatrician would need to be present when Idelivered and that he would have to go directly to the warming station to bechecked over. I texted my mother in law joking around that she needed to hurryup and get her butt up there. (Not knowing how close I was to delivery)
At some point the epi wore off, Dr. Bob came in and addedsome more meds to take the pain away. Kara came in around 545p to check on me.At this point I have sent Brandon down to get dinner. My mom was going down tomeet my brother and sister in law to get Riley and feed herself. None of usthought it would be anytime soon that I would be pushing, let alone delivering.David came in shortly after Kara and checked me to see if I was making anyprogress. They had started Pitocin a few hours prior, kept me at a 2 dosagebecause that was all that I needed. They were so amazed that I knew I wouldonly need a small amount of Pitocin to keep things moving along. I had toldthem that my body reacts very quickly and strongly to it, as we found that outwith Riley’s labor and delivery. As Kara was asking me about pain levels and ifI was feeling anything I kind of nonchalantly asked what exactly the pressureeveryone was talking about would feel like. So she described it for me. And Itold her I was feeling something similar to that and that it kind of hurt. So Davidcame in and was checking me and I was 8cm, 100% and 0 station. I was so relievedI was almost done. And then he asked me to push, just one big push to see ifthe cervix would stretch a bit. One push and I was at 9cm. I told them I neededmy husband. I couldn’t do this without him and I needed him. Over and Over. Icalled Brandon to tell him to get his butt up there to the room and that I waspushing. I then told him to tell my momnot to bring Riley up because I didn’t want her accidentally seeing me in pain.What felt like an eternity went by and I am begging the charge nurse to callBrandon because he was taking too long and I was scared and needed him. So Igave her his phone number, but apparently my brain wasn’t working right becauseI gave her my phone number. It took me 4 or 5 tries to get his phone number outand by the time she got it dialed he was busting through the door. It is nowright at 6pm and I am complete. Completely effaced. Completely dilated.Completed ready to push. And feeling everything. The epidural had completely wornoff. Poor Dr. Bob was trying so hard to help me and nothing he was doing wasworking. I started pushing to get Jace out and basically growled through eachpush because the traditional way of holding my breath hurt my head and made myheart rate skyrocket. So I got angry. And when I say angry, I mean really angryat every contraction. At every call for me to push. I said a few words I wouldn’totherwise say in the presence of medical professionals. And then his head crowned.It felt like I was birthing a bowling ball that was lined with nails. And theneveryone told me to stop pushing. Say what?! The only thing that felt right waspushing. I was even angrier at this point. My contractions stopped and theywere trying to explain that it was my body’s way of letting me stretch andprevent me from having a bad tear. I call Bull****. There I said it. It was my body’sway of punishing me for having a baby. My body hated me and wanted me to die. Ilooked up at the nurse and in this voice that I have never heard come out of meI growled/yelled “IT F&%&^%@ BURNS!!!!” Finally my body decided to letme contract and I pushed and his head was born. Next contraction he wascompletely out. And within 2 minutes after that I had delivered the placenta. Ilaid there reveling in the fact that I had just delivered my baby boy.Basically pain medicine free and I felt so good. I was on a high. Brandon thentold me I dislocated his hand and that was why he was banging his hand on theside of the bed. David asked if he was ok and if he needed to go to the ER.Brandon never left my side. He could see the baby, but he never went to him.Jace was fine and we knew it. The pediatrician would call out that he was ok. Iheard him cry. Kara was telling me things that were going on and I was happy. Iwasn’t this huge whale any more. I felt good. I was just happy. I am stillhappy and on cloud 9 a little over a week later. I was told I had a 2nddegree tear and I needed stitches. So I got stitched up and then held baby Jacefor the first time. It was like déjà vu. As I looked at his little face I wasreminded of Riley and how much they looked alike. It was so surreal. I handedJace over to David to hold because I thought that was the proper thing to do. Thiswonderful man helped me bring a beautiful baby boy into the world and he atleast should be able to hold him when he was all cleaned up and not covered innasty birth goo. He smiled and cooed and ahhed over him and it just made mehappy. When he passed him back over and was on his way out the door he sent mymom, Riley and my mother in law in. Danielle (MIL) made it just in time to hearme pushing. BTW, I pushed for 7 minutes. I didn’t beat my record with Riley of6 minutes but it was close. I couldn’t believe it. I pushed for only 3 minutesto get me fully dilated but I don’t really count that. (Pushing for only 10minutes is still pretty **** good)
I am extremely grateful that my epi wore off. I was able toget up and walk and go to the bathroom all on my own. I was able to move mylegs during delivery with no problem. I may have had a 2nd degreetear but I felt wonderful. If I hadn’t been so tired I would have taken ashower right then and there. Everyone left us around 8p and we were in thedelivery suite until around 11p. I sent Brandon out for food for me because Iwas STARVING. I thought my stomach was going to eat itself whole. We got towatch the nurse give Jace his first bath and got to see that he has the sameStork’s Bite birthmark on the back of his neck just like his big sister.
I was told by my mom and Danielle that they could hear meyelling and I was very vocal during pushing. (I don’t remember anything otherthan growling.) Danielle got there just as I was pushing, thank goodness sheleft work a few minutes early or she would have missed it all. Riley thoughther little brother was pretty neat and then the 2 yo attention span took offand she found something else to hold her attention. Everyone on the floor lovedher and all her cuteness. My mom said she apologized to everyone for my choiceof words and Kara told her I was a delight and joking during the whole thing.(Again, I don’t remember this.)

After 24 hours we were released because I wanted to go home.I couldn’t rest in the hospital despite them giving me Ambien to sleep afterthe birth. I didn’t have a whole lot of pain, just the after pains and for thatthey gave me Percocet. Fine by me. I was able to take a shower and didn’t haveany issues moving around. In fact I didn’t even feel like I had just had ababy. My belly was a little doughy but that was it. Jace was circumcised andhad his newborn 24 hour check done and we were discharged by 730p. 36 hoursstart to finish. From admittance to discharge. Incredible.

Here I am, with a week old little man, and a 2.5yo littlewoman and I haven’t the slightest clue as to what I was so worried about. I hadthis huge worry that I was going to need so much help the first few weeks and Ididn’t. I went to Walmart on Wednesday last week, and walked all over downtownAnnapolis in Thursday. I then cleaned my house on Friday. And everyone keepscommenting that I surely don’t move like I just had a baby. Jace sleeps sowell. Last night (Saturday July 12th) he only got up twice to feed.I don’t know what to do with all the sleep I am getting. I got up more when Iwas pregnant than I do now. He is such a 180 degree difference from Riley as anewborn. (She had major gastrointestinal issues)

My disposition is so much better from the weeks previous. Wewere just talking about that today. My mood is just that much better and Ihonestly think it is because 1. I’m not pregnant anymore and 2. I feel completeas far as my family goes.
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July 13th, 2014, 05:31 PM
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Just awesome Congrats!
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July 13th, 2014, 05:58 PM
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that's Awesome congratulation on baby Jace.
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July 13th, 2014, 06:08 PM
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Love it! Congrats! =)

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July 13th, 2014, 08:23 PM
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Awesome. Congrats
Working on #2

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July 14th, 2014, 09:20 AM
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Congrats and welcome Jace! Love the birth story!
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July 16th, 2014, 05:16 PM
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Thanks for sharing! Congrats again!

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August 7th, 2014, 08:37 AM
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great story, congrats!
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