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Emalie's Birth Story 2-6-13

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February 11th, 2013, 12:51 AM
artisticmind's Avatar Mega Super Mommy
Join Date: Jun 2010
Location: Nebraska
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This is the first time i've been on JM on the computer since I had my Emalie.

I had my appointment last friday (2/1/13) where she checked me and I had the normal cramping after the appointment. It went away that afternoon but that night I started having contractions about every 30 minutes or so. Lasted all night long tapering down to about 10 minutes apart whether I was laying down or moving around. Then they slowed to about 1-2 per hour for a few hours Saturday morning. Started back up about 20 minutes apart Saturday afternoon and tapered back down to 8-10 minutes apart that evening. And stopped again to the 1-2 an hour. Late Saturday night/Sunday morning they started again about 10-15 minutes apart, by 5:30am Sunday morning they were back down to about 8 minutes apart. I figured we'd be heading in Sunday morning they way they were progressing so I rounded last minute stuff up and decided to lay down. Next thing I know it's 8am and I hadn't had any noticeable contractions for about 2 hours. Once I got up they started back up. This went on all day long. Repeat the same scenario throughout the night and Monday morning. Because I kept stalling out to me and Emalie's movement was severely decreased I called my OB Monday afternoon and asked if I could just come in to be checked I was worried that I was stalling the way they would get in a nice regular pattern and then stop out of the blue plus I was worried with her decreased movement that the starting and stopping was stressing her out. We got there about 4pm and the nurse took my BP and it was 140/82 and Emalie's heart rate was in the mid-140's. We waited for my OB to come in and she popped in quick a few minutes later to retake my BP and it was 140/90-something. She said she had to finish up in the other room quick but had come out to get supplies so she told me she'd be back in a minute to check me and retake my BP. When she came back and checked I was 3 cm, about 90% effaced, and her head was extremely low, she was guessing probably a zero-station and said we'd probably have a baby within a couple days, neither of us thought I would make it to my next appointment. She rechecked my BP one last time and it was still a little elevated, 140/90 so she sent me to the lab to do a UA and said they'd call if anything was concerning to them. Went home a little reassured that Emalie was okay and watched the clock and never got a phone call from them so I figured all was well and figured the increased BP was from lack of sleep and being stressed out about Emalie's movements.

Tuesday morning (2/5/13) I wake up to contractions every 10 minutes apart about 5am. I time them and they're quickly coming down and thinking this may be it. JJ comes home and I tell him to be prepared to leave, I had already texted my instructor and said I wasn't coming to class because of the contractions, real deal or not, sitting in class contracting every 10 minutes or sooner for 8 hours did not sound appealing to me. At 930am I started having contractions that were 2-3 minutes apart, then would space to 4-6, and back and forth. I jumped in the shower to rinse off, and thought I'd watch them for a bit longer before I called the hospital after my pattern of stopping over the weekend once a good routine was established. Once I got out of the shower they slowed to 8 minutes apart but pretty quickly came back down to averaging 4-6 minutes apart. I watched them for another couple hours at this rate and figured it must be the real deal so I called the hospital and told them we were coming in because of the contractions and their frequency.

I have a contraction as soon as we are out of the door of the house and the entire 9 minute drive (yes i have it calculated for school LOL) I don't have a single one. Walking in to the lobby of the hospital I have one and we head up to L&D. As we're walking to the nurses station I see 2 nurses in OR scrubs and one of the anesthesiologists literally running for the C-section surgery suite, as we're waiting at the desk my OB goes flying by us along with another nurse. The Director of Nursing comes out of a room and asks what we need, I told her we had called because my contractions were about 4-6 mins apart and had been for several hours. She asked us if we could have a seat in the waiting room and as soon as a nurse was available she'd have them come and get us.

We waited probably 20 minutes and I don't have a single contraction sitting in the waiting room. A nurse comes and gets us and asked what was going on and I retold my contraction history so she took us to a triage room to be checked. I'm at 4cm and close to 95% and her head is floating between 0 and -1 station so she hooks me up to the monitors and for 20 minutes not a single contraction. Another nurse that I've worked during clinicals came in and asked if I was able to walk around and we'd see if that would get the contractions going again and then recheck me. So for 40 minutes JJ and I walked the hospital (Riley was at the sitters, I had JJ drop him off after he got home from work because of my contractions) and at 2 we headed back up to the room to be checked again. While in bed waiting for the nurse to come back my OB's office calls and her nurse asked me if I had got her message the night before and I said no, I never had any missed calls or voicemails pop up on my phone. She went on to say that some protein came back in my urine and that my OB wanted me to do a 24-hr urine catch so they could monitor the protein and if I could come pick up the supplies. I let her know that we were currently in the hospital for monitoring because I was having the close contractions and wasn't sure if they were going to keep me or send us home. She said okay they'd figure it out after I was rechecked and see what the doctor said.

The nurse makes it back in and rechecks me, I'm still just barely over a 4 and same effacement and she asked if I had any contractions while out walking and I said yeah, probably 5 or 6 over the 40 minutes. She puts the monitors back on me and for 15 minutes I have no contractions when she comes back. At this point I'm thinking they think I'm a paranoid preggo who is ready to be done. The nurse tells me she's going to go call my OB and will let me know what she says. Not 5 minutes after she leaves the room I start having contractions, pretty close to 5 minutes apart if not shorter. She comes back about 20 minutes later and said my OB said to go ahead and dismiss me but brought me a "goodie bag" so that I can complete the 24-hr urine sample. I'm thinking, this is going to be great, i have to pee every 30 minutes it seems like anyway and now on top of it I have to catch and keep it every time for the next day, it was going to be interesting at clinicals the next day if I went. So we sign our paperwork and leave and the entire way home I'm contracting the same and thinking they really should have just kept me or made me walk around more. We get to our sitter's house and pick up Riley and backing out of the driveway there are some bumps from the different levels of the driveway/gutter/street and I was having a contraction and about jumped out of my seat from the pressure. It reminded me of the drive home from Riley's last appointment before I had him where every bump I had to hold myself off of the seat because of the pressure back there.

When we got home I took tylenol and laid down about 4:30 after eating some lunch and my contractions slowed down. At 530 they wake me up with the 6-8 minute apart routine with more pressure. 730 they stop. 830 they start up again only back/butt pressure but every 20 minutes and at first I was thinking maybe she was just low enough that she was blocking my bladder and it was just so full that was causing a lot of it because I was doing that 24-hr collection and it hurt to try and go pee. The thought crossed my mind at one point that my contractions were exactly like the back labor I had with Riley but I negated it because she had been in the right position the entire time I had contractions.

About 9 they were bad enough I couldn't lay down without the pressure I had to sit up pretty much straight. I told J to call out of work just in case because I was miserable and wouldn't have been able to chase after Riley. About 1030-11 I figured screw it I was laying down and took a couple more tylenol. Still having tons of back/butt pressure but i'm rationalizing in my head that it wasn't a pushing urge and even if it was I wouldn't be having it with contractions 15-20 mins apart, they'd have to be like 2-3 apart. I debated at one point on calling L&D but didn't want to seem like a nut saying I was having pressure but was have long-spaced contractions. I laid on my stomach/side and just kind of gritted it out, had maybe 6 to 8 contractions some pretty bad others just mild cramping.

Just a few minutes before 1230am I felt a small pinch/pop and didn't think anything of it because Emalie was still kicking me between contractions. A couple minutes go by and I felt a little gush and first thought was I peed myself, 2nd was instantly of something being wrong because that was exactly the way my m/c started with a little gush out of nowhere that ended up with me in the ER, and 3rd on the way to the bathroom trying to rule out the thought of some worst case scenario, was that my water broke. I get to the bathroom and my pants were slightly wet and there's a bright red clot/mucus glob. Back to back contractions hit instantly and I'm hollering at JJ to grab my phone and call L&D (call was placed at 1235) and tell them I think my water broke because I didn't want to think anything worse than that and then to call our sitter and tell her we were bringing Riley.

I'm sitting on the toilet trying to pant through the contractions/pressure and change to dry pants and can't hardly get off the toilet and I tell JJ we have to go NOW because I didn't think I was going to make it down the stairs let alone out the door and had him call Sherry back and see if she'd come pick Riley up and dad was awake and we had him watch Riley for the 2 minutes until she got there. We get in the car and made it to the hospital in half the time it usually takes me to get there in the morning for clinicals. He pulled under the carport and I hopped out before he even had the car off and headed inside to the elevator, the freaking "guard/greeter" said "you have to sign in!" as I'm panting and holding up 2 fingers to tell him we're going to 2nd floor. So J went to sign in of all things while I took the elevator up.

Thankfully for me (not for him) a Sudanese/Somalian guy had pushed the button so the elevator was right there and I barrel in panting and hit floor 2, the poor guy is shrunk back in to the corner of the elevator as much as he can (as a nationality they are very "timid" about women and labor/delivery from experiences working with them) so I probably had him way out of his comfort zone LOL. I get off the elevator and head to the nurse's station, still panting, it's 1257 at this point and we go down the hall to the room and she checks me and says I'm 9.5 and they're instantly calling my OB saying get here now, she's complete and trying to get delivery stuff set up.

I'm still worried that something was wrong because of the way contractions and pressure were coming and they get the monitors on me and first question i asked as soon as I had a second to quit panting was if they had her HR and they said yep, clear as day it just wasn't very audible with me moving so much. So I'm panting through contractions still, fighting the urge to push because they're not ready and are trying to get an IV in me as fast as they can, nor is there a doctor there to play catch. There wasn't any time to get the sterile drapes up, it was "JJ help pull my pants off!" and roll my shirt up and by 115 my OB walks in the door and they tear the bed apart and have me scoot down. I pushed for I think 3 contractions- 2 pushes with the 1st, 3 with the second, she had me pant through one contraction to allow for some stretching before pushing 3 times with the last contraction where she was delivered at 121am.

Little girl had a very dramatic entrance in to the world, that is for sure! We were on the hospital floor a grand total of 24 minutes. Little turd bird was sunny side up and they said afterwards they wished births could have be videotaped because she did the perfect body rotation to be in the right position for delivery between contractions. And JJ got to see it all, not that it was intended LOL! With Riley he stood up by my head and I was draped but it was get the pants off and try not to push the baby out with Emalie so he had a full view of everything that happened, said it looked like something out of the exorcism movies the way her head turned. He'll never forget her birth, that's for sure!

We checked out of the hospital around 130 on Thursday afternoon and are home and doing great. If you'd have told me more than a couple years ago that I would be head over heels in love with a little girl I would have told you that you must have hit your head because up until a couple years ago I did not want anything but little boys. Wouldn't trade her in for the world! Riley is just as much in love with her as we are and asks to hold her all the time. He's a great helper for the most part but sometimes helps too much. Yesterday he told me he wanted to feed her from his boobs and I had to break the news to him that only Mommy's can do that, Daddy's and brother's don't have the right kind of boobs to do it. JJ is in awe of her. I'll have to find some of Riley's newborn pics and post them along with a comparison pic of Emalie. They are definitely siblings and to me the only difference between pics looks like gender and hair color.

I'll add pics later, this was copy/pasted from another message board and i don't feel like dealing with photobucket right now!
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Baby Girl expected 2.12.13!

Annie :wife to JJ and mommy to Riley
missing our Feb. 2012
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February 11th, 2013, 02:23 AM
tryn1998's Avatar Veteran
Join Date: Oct 2012
Posts: 282
Congrats on your little girl! Sounds like a dramatic and frustrating labor but in the end, you're holding your baby!
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February 11th, 2013, 02:52 AM
Mega Super Mommy
Join Date: Feb 2006
Posts: 2,903
Little girls are the best! A bit dramatic with their entrance but the best I'm glad you made it back in time for the ob to catch her. Congrats!
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February 11th, 2013, 03:11 AM
Join Date: Dec 2012
Posts: 30
Congrats! What an exciting entrance to the world!
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February 11th, 2013, 05:21 AM
cheezpoofs's Avatar Platinum Supermommy
Join Date: May 2008
Location: Buffalo, New York
Posts: 6,085
Congratulations! Sounds like a dramatic, but not terrible birth experience. Welcome to the world, Emalie!

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February 11th, 2013, 12:03 PM
Mega Super Mommy
Join Date: May 2012
Posts: 1,070
Congrats on your little girl! Very exciting entrance, I am sure neither of you will forget it!
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February 11th, 2013, 12:55 PM
Mega Super Mommy
Join Date: Sep 2010
Posts: 1,131
As dramatic as your story is, how amazing that you did it naturally. I really hope I can be 9.5cm when I go to the hospital. Way to go Mama!!! Little girls are soooo sweet. Congratulation on your daughter!

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February 11th, 2013, 07:18 PM
Super Mommy
Join Date: Sep 2012
Location: Texas
Posts: 584
Congratulations and way to go. I think all of the stopping and starting would have driven me crazy!
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