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Effervescence September 21st, 2009 08:54 PM

Ugh, What a "Perfect" Farewell....
This is the last straw.

So I was visiting my hometown over the weekend, and since I'm meeting with potential midwives this week I also wanted to get my medical records from Jonah's birth for them to look over. I had an issue with the placenta being "retained" and the cervix closing, and also I lost a lot of blood. So I wanted this to be something that the midwives know and can assess if it is safe for me to have a birth outside of a hospital. I'm 90% sure that everything that happened was a result of pitocin and my doctor's needing to catch a flight.

First of all, it was really weird going to my old OB with Jonah on the outside LOL He had come with me for the six week follow-up, but he was so tiny and dependent then and now he's waving to the receptionist etc. It was just weird.

Okay, so the receptionist recognized me and just gushed over how much Jonah has grown etc. The nurse remembered my name, and even that I had changed my last name shortly before Jonah was born (she couldn't find the files at first, but then she remembered that info and found them right away) The doctor who administered the cervadil (because my OB couldn't be bothered to be present at my SCHEDULED induction :rolleyes:) HE came up to me and said "Ms J--- how are you? This is the little guy I helped bring into the world!?" Id seen him three times within an hour the day I was induced, and that's it, and *he* knew my name. My OB, whom I saw not only for Jonahs entire pregnancy, but previous pregnancies and fertility issues... had no clue who I was. I said hi to her and she just looked at me with the "am I supposed to know you?" face. She just said a quiet and quick hi back and hurried away. That really sums up my pre-natal and birthing care.

Ugh. GOODBYE to her!

Twinkle September 22nd, 2009 09:25 AM

Re: Ugh, What a "Perfect" Farewell....
Ugh, I'm sorry she didn't even recognize you.... I have a feeling the OB that delivered my first would have no idea who I was either.

WishingStar September 22nd, 2009 10:21 AM

Re: Ugh, What a "Perfect" Farewell....
Sounds like you're doing right by going elsewhere.

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