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inyourhonor February 10th, 2010 11:06 AM

Supply List
I had my 1st appointment with my midwife yesterday (she also delivered Dane) and she gave me my supply list again. So, I thought I would share it so we can compare or if any newcomers are interested in seeing it. Christine, could we possibly get this stickied? That way you ladies can add to it as well!

Supply List for your birth - in addition to your birth kit (mine are ordered from 1cascade.com)
  • Olive Oil - small unopened bottle (for perineum)
  • Hydrogen Peroxide - large bottle (For clean up)
  • Large Sanitary pads, Depends, or Molimed Pads
  • Heating pad (to keep baby warm)
  • Digital thermometer - not ear type
  • Paper towels (for bathroom) & gallon size Ziploc bags
  • Bendable straws
  • Food and Drink: Tea, juice, recharge (electrolyte drink), fruit, all fruit popsicles, yogurt, bread honey, etc - things you like to eat!

Linens - wash and place in clean bags 2 weeks before your due date
  • 2 sets of old sheets
  • 4 wash cloths
  • 4 large towels
  • 4-5 receiving/baby blankets

Water Birth Items
  • Old garden hose for emptying tub
  • Check to see if hose attaches to your faucet, you may need an adapter
  • Small aquarium fish net (to keep tub clean)
  • Sea salt (antiseptic)
  • Flannel backed tablecloth (floor protection)
  • 3-4 additional large towels
  • Dish pan for water (for washing feet before getting into tub)

Optional items
  • Flax or rice sock
  • Music and candles
  • Readings and/or visualizations

seahorse_3 February 10th, 2010 12:20 PM

Re: Supply List
For water births:
-Spacious blow up kiddie pool :)
-Attachments to fill from the hose or tap
-Pots to heat water in
-Water thermometer

In general:
-Sitz bath

Things to think about:
-What you will want to wear
-Appointed jobs the people present can do to make things easier
-Photos? Videos?
-Who will come see baby and when
-Personal coping methods; distractions like movies? Music? Reading?? Massage? Focus points? Etc

Sk8ermaiden February 10th, 2010 12:22 PM

Re: Supply List
In addition to the birth kit from inhishands.com

For mom/labor
8x10 plastic drop cloth
Unopened Bounty Paper Towels
Box of Kleenex
4-6 old bath towels
4-6 old wash cloths
Clean gown for mom
Strong Flashlight with new batteries
Heating pad
2 qt round bottom bowl
Extra ice
Nutritious snacks
Household Ammonia
Two large garbage bags
Place in laundry basket

For baby

6 old cotton receiving blankets
Disposable diapers
Sleeper gown
Cotton Balls
Hydrogen Peroxide

A list that I made off of others' suggestions

Witch Hazel for pads
Toilet paper roll in bathrooms (for peeing through after birth)
Larger heating pad (the one in the kit is for warming baby things - this one for aches)
Rescue Remedy
Blow up pillow for bath
Regular throw away pillow (sitting or kneeling in bath for a long time can be uncomfortable - better on a pillow. I didn't have this problem, but I also had a fast labor.)
Cheap shower curtain to protect floor (really was useful)
Sitz bath
Extra ponytails

And because, with no previous BP issues EVER, my BP spiked to transport levels (over 150/90) during labor and stayed there for a week, I will have passionflower tintcure and Cal/Mag on hand.

Twinkle February 10th, 2010 02:43 PM

Re: Supply List
In addition to our birth kit to be purchased online:

Birth kit
A large pot to boil water in. May be a crock pot
A small pan for vomiting
A bowl for the placenta, may be a large pot, ceramic bowl or disposable foil pan, lasagna size

For umbilical cord
Bottle of rubbing alcohol
Q-tips & cotton balls

Peroxide for stain removal
3 large garbage bags- black or brown only - Not white or clear
2 large (gallon size) zip-lock bags
1 roll Bounty paper towels Premium brand, soft and harmless
Toilet paper
An edible vegetable oil

6 receiving blankets
Baby clothes and a blanket (undershirts, kimonos, stretchies, socks, etc.)
…your baby cannot wear only a t-shirt
Un-Petroleum jelly (from the health food store)
12 clean wash cloths (can be old or a package of new ones from Target for $ 3.99)
Clean towels and extra set of clean sheets
Maternity size pads e.g. Modess brand from a drug store or overnights No wings
Baby bath - small tub, sink or bath tub will do... Baby needs to float in water.

Laundry basket, plastic or wicker
Film & camera
Flashlight w/new batteries. Must have.
Food you will eat
Bottles of water
Drinks you will drink (herb tea, juice, Recharge or Third Wind, ginger ale) and broth or miso broth
Arnica 30c, Ibuprofen
Postpartum care plan

flaherty July 20th, 2012 12:04 AM

Re: Supply List
Your list is really a big help, especially for the first time of giving birth. Thanks for the list, I’ll share it to my friends. Thanks!


JillMoores88 August 18th, 2016 08:02 PM

Re: Supply List
This is exactly what I was looking for. I am going to share this for sure. I wish you also have a list of cost for the whole delivery. Also if we hire someone to help with the delivery what are some of the options?


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