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Amber1229 August 11th, 2012 12:52 AM

slow rise in HCG and ectopic preganacy
This is my first pregnancy and forum post. I am 6 weeks pregnant and got some bad news today... Since I told the OBGYN receptionist while trying to schedule my first appt that had some spotting at about 3 weeks and mild cramping ever since on a daily or bi-daily basis my OB wanted to run blood work (hormone levels) before an ultrasound. Well, levels were 1,300 and about 43 hours later it was only 1,600. I know the concern is an ectopic pregnancy but I am wondering if anyone knows someone this happened to that did not result in major issues. I am very anxious and for the first time in 15 years unable to medicate with a drink or xanax. I admit I have been panicking ever since I got the news today, which can't be good if their is any chance of a baby surviving. Symptoms include breast tenderness - though this has declined a little, mood affect like pms and tiredness. I also had a small amount of spotting yesterday. I thought when waiting for these blood results I would be worried if a drop occurred indicating a miscarriage, or I thought they would be normal, never did I think that I could actually have an issue that could threaten my heath and fertility. Monday I have a ultrasound. Does anyone know if blood tests can ever be inaccurate? Lastly, after having this possible complication and reading over the last few weeks about all the joys and also risks of pregnancy I am in general feeling concerned about having a healthy child and process for myself.

Everyone just keeps saying to be positive and not to worry. I am trying but without much success. Any input or relation would be appreciated.

Thanks for listening.

Amber1229 August 13th, 2012 05:57 PM

Re: slow rise in HCG and ectopic preganacy
Update... I saw the Dr. today and found out my bean in is the right spot! Thank god! I feel so relieved. Still not out of the woods, waiting for another ultrasound next week to see if it is growing. Interesting thing I learned (other than that I am a real head case (: ) I thought I was 6 weeks along according to my last period, but because I have 35 days average in my cycle I am actually only 5 weeks along it appears, which could be consistent. Unless my bean is not viable which would be expressed in my low rise in Hcg levels. Good luck future mommies!

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