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Rachael84 December 8th, 2013 06:40 PM

Ummm I just threw up for the 1st time @ ~18 wks???
Very strange... now, I had bad nausea the whole first trimester, but never vomited. Tonight I made chicken breasts mixed with carrot, apple, bacon, onion, wine, and cooked it for almost an hour. My husband cut the carrots and said they appeared fine and didn't smell/look bad. Anyway, I was enjoying it, and was thinking how strong the carrots tasted. He thought so too. I suddenly gagged and threw up the whole dinner on the plate. Felt so bad for my husband who had to watch this. lol

Part of me is worried it was food poisoning, but my husband isn't sick, and I feel ok now besides a little nauseous 2 hours later and some heartburn. And would it have happened that fast if something was wrong with the food?? my guess is the gross taste of the carrots, but part of me is worried about baby too.

joanna26 December 8th, 2013 07:07 PM

Re: Ummm I just threw up for the 1st time @ ~18 wks???
Oh girl I threw up for the first time yesterday at 17+ weeks if it makes you feel any better. Our puppy threw up in her kennel (honestly wasn't that gross she just ate too much snow outside so it was basically water) but when I went to clean it up I started gagging and had to run to the sink. I was all seriously!?? I make it to 17 weeks just to throw up now!

Rachael84 December 8th, 2013 07:27 PM

Re: Ummm I just threw up for the 1st time @ ~18 wks???
ugh, I know! and it was sooo much. though I'm glad I didn't throw up the expensive fruit bar I ate earlier that had 2 servings of fruit, lol. I guess the baby wanted that. :p I guess we just get sensitive all over again at times. A minute ago I was eating eggplant parm (felt hungry again, so for that reason, I'm assuming it's not food poisoning), and ate a rough piece of it and gagged. So I guess today I just have taste/texture sensitivity that's making me sick.

bella88 December 9th, 2013 02:48 AM

Re: Ummm I just threw up for the 1st time @ ~18 wks???
I hear the second and especially the third trimester is great for the sudden, no warning upchuck scenarios. Usually without any real accompanying nausea or anything else to give you a heads up before you find yourself puking. What a bugger though, right in your plate! I haven't had this happen yet and hope it skips me entirely.

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