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Ellies_mom December 9th, 2013 05:54 PM

My first crappy dr appointment....
Well, I had my appt today. I was excited thinking everything was going great until I saw the dr.

I have ganed 3 lbs this entire pregnancy so I was pretty excited about that! Apparently the baby is still measuring big (according to the last 4 ultrasounds) and so is my uterus. So even though I've worked my arse off not to gain a lot its not working. My DD was 9 lbs 6 oz at 38 weeks and hes estimating this one probably bigger. Ellie was just too big for me to deliver so she had shoulder dystocia and it was just a nightmare. Well crap.....

My thyroid tested 100% fine so that was good! It was bordeline on one of three tests so he wanted to make sure.

My bp was 130/90 when he checked it. :confused: I've had low bp all pregnancy. Usually about 110/55 so he re-checked after 2 minutes and it was down to 124/80. He was happy. I was still a bit worried. Does this mean I'll have bp issues this pg?? I am over-weight but have never had bp issues before....

And the bad part....as of today (even though I've had no complications besides UTIs) I'm being referred to an OB from out of town. My dr says I'm just too high risk to deliver in this town. :( I'm so bummed. My town is really little so we dont have an anesthetist, a pediatrician, even c-sections are just performed by general surgeons that are called in to the hospital when needed. So emergency c-sections are extremely risky being that it can take up to a half an hour for the surgeon to get there. He wants to get the advicxe of this other dr and I need to start seeing him as well. Being high-risk with previous shoulder dystocia means I am going to either have a scheduled induction or c-section at a hospital in one of the bigger cities.

I'm so bummed!!! He still has me at an appt every 4 weeks so he cant be too worried right?? Im so confused and worried....

Nel December 9th, 2013 06:50 PM

Re: My first crappy dr appointment....
3lbs is amazing!

Sorry your feeling bummed but at least baby is healthy :)

joanna26 December 9th, 2013 07:31 PM

Re: My first crappy dr appointment....
I wouldn't be too worried hun it sounds like he is just being cautious which is a good thing:) As for the bp you could just have a little white coat syndrome going on if your bp when you check it at home is normal. Typically PIH (pregnancy induced hypertension) doesn't pop up until the third tri although anything is possible.

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