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inyourhonor April 19th, 2014 03:53 PM

I had my baby!
I know Emily (girlsofsummer) posted what I had on my facebook. Im not home yet and on my tablet so im just going to give a quick check in till I get home and have a computer to use.

I went Thursday for my 36 week check up, I was 36 weeks and one day. I had a growth scan before my appt. It didnt go well and when my ob came in the room she told me what was going on with him being breech, so whag we thought was his butt was his head. I also had very low fluids and there were issues with his cord. I couldnt go home, I had to go directly to the hospital I was going to be admitted and have him by c-section that night.

I called my husband to meet me there, my mom to go get my oldest from school and went. He was born at 830pm. Hes been in the special care nursery since around 1030pm that night due to breathing difficulties. We are dealing with feeds as well but he is doing great now. Ill get more in depth when im at home.

Hes gorgeous and we are so in love. Im being released tomorrow and we are praying he will be too. Its been hard being away from my boys. Especially with Easter tomorrow.

I still cant believe hes here or that he was a month early! Neither of us thought that hed be born before his due date, let alone 4 weeks before. I cant wait to get him home and share pictures with you all. Hope youre all doing well!

bella88 April 19th, 2014 04:05 PM

Re: I had my baby!
Haha he snuck up and surprised you :). Hope everything keeps getting better and better and you both get to go home soon! Thinking of you guys :). Congratulations!

jmills1129 April 19th, 2014 04:15 PM

Re: I had my baby!
Congrats!! Praying he will be going home with you tomorrow!

MelChicago April 19th, 2014 04:35 PM

Re: I had my baby!
Congratulations! Welcome sweet baby boy :) I'm sorry you had a rocky road to get him here, and hope everything improves quickly so you can all go home soon

RedSoxFan84 April 19th, 2014 04:44 PM

Awww congrats!!!

MommaBean18 April 19th, 2014 04:44 PM

Re: I had my baby!
Congratulations on your baby boy! I hope he gets released for you soon! Enjoy your first Easter as a family of six!

*CAMM* April 19th, 2014 05:05 PM

Re: I had my baby!
congrats mama!!!! Hope he gets to be released with you!!!

Nel April 19th, 2014 05:11 PM

Re: I had my baby!
Congrats!! <3

Luvgreen19 April 19th, 2014 05:36 PM

Re: I had my baby!
Lurking from April- Congrats again Marisa! He's gorgeous and I'm praying he gets to come home with you tomorrow. My C-section (breech baby) is on Tuesday. Can't believe our guys are only going to be a couple days a part again!

Newmama14 April 19th, 2014 07:55 PM

Re: I had my baby!

LUSHaye April 19th, 2014 09:09 PM

Re: I had my baby!
Congrats! Hope the both of you get to go home together soon!

girlsofsummer April 20th, 2014 05:06 AM

Re: I had my baby!
A wonderful Easter present! Hope he continues to do well so you can go home.

irish bells April 20th, 2014 06:06 AM

Re: I had my baby!
Yay! What a surprise! Congratulations! Hope he improves quickly.

joanna26 April 20th, 2014 06:13 AM

Re: I had my baby!
Congratulations!! I hope he gets to go home with you very, very soon!!

Decemberhill April 20th, 2014 07:26 AM

Re: I had my baby!
I really hope he gets to go home with you! Congrats, Mama! I can't wait to see pictures of the little guy! I hope you are recovering well!

lovemylittlemiss April 20th, 2014 09:50 AM

Re: I had my baby!
Congrats! Hoping you both can go home tomorrow!

WaitinginNJ April 21st, 2014 08:07 AM

Re: I had my baby!
congratulations and I hope you both continue to get healthy and strong!

ToMuchElmo April 21st, 2014 08:54 AM

Re: I had my baby!

moxiemommie April 21st, 2014 10:07 AM

Re: I had my baby!
Lurking from june, but congratulations!!!! That must have been scary and worrisome, but its great thats they caught it, and that he is doing much better now!!! Congratulations!!!! I hope he gets to go home soon, once everything checks out!

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