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'Smilies' are small graphical images that can be used to convey an emotion or feeling. If you have used email or internet chat, you are likely familiar with the smilie concept. Certain standard strings are automatically converted into smilies. Try twisting your head on one side if you do not 'get' smilies; using a bit of imagination should reveal a face of some description.

If you want to disable smilies in a post that you make, you can select the 'Disable Smilies' option when posting. This is particularly useful if you are posting program code and you do not want ;) converted to a smilie face!

Generic Smilies
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:smile: Smile Smile
:o :o :o
:D :D :D
;) ;) ;)
:p :P :P
:( :( :(
:confused: :confused: :confused:
:mad: Mad Mad
:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
:cool: Cool Cool
:eek: EEK! EEK!
:sneak: Sneaking Sneaking
Imported Smilies
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:mellow: :mellow: :mellow:
:) Smile Smile
:tmi: Tmi Tmi
:shhh: Shhh Shhh
:what: What What
:2cents: :2cents: :2cents:
:huh: :huh: :huh:
^_^ ^_^ ^_^
:lol: :lol: :lol:
:shades: B) B)
-_- -_- -_-
<_< <_< <_<
:wub: :wub: :wub:
:angry: :angry: :angry:
:unsure: :unsure: :unsure:
:wacko: :wacko: :wacko:
:angry2: :angry2: :angry2:
:blink: :blink: :blink:
:closedeyes: :closedeyes: :closedeyes:
:excl: :excl: :excl:
:frown: :frown: :frown:
:devil: :devil: :devil:
:music: :music: :music:
:inlove: :inlove: :inlove:
:sleepy: :sleepy: :sleepy:
:cheer: :cheer: :cheer:
:ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r:
:doghouse: :doghouse: :doghouse:
:cry: :cry: :cry:
:feedback: :feedback: :feedback:
:lalala: :lalala: :lalala:
:includeme: :includeme: :includeme:
:sarcasm: :sarcasm: :sarcasm:
:ttc1yc: :ttc1yc: :ttc1yc:
:yougogirl: :yougogirl: :yougogirl:
:happybday: :happybday: :happybday:
:ghost: :ghost: :ghost:
:witch: :witch: :witch:
:welcome: :welcome: :welcome:
:bfn: :bfn: :bfn:
:dust: :dust: :dust:
:bfp: :bfp: :bfp:
:ditto: :ditto: :ditto:
:dothug: :dothug: :dothug:
:snowman: :snowman: :snowman:
:santa-smiley: :santa-smiley: :santa-smiley:
:santawalk: :santawalk: :santawalk:
:holidays: :holidays: :holidays:
:bluecheer: :bluecheer: :bluecheer:
:yellowcheer: :yellowcheer: :yellowcheer:
:sick: :sick: :sick:
:innocent: :innocent: :innocent:
:party: :party: :party:
:grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug:
:cloud9: :cloud9: :cloud9:
:whip: :whip: :whip:
:sick2: :sick2: :sick2:
:notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy:
:clap: :clap: :clap:
:brickwall: :brickwall: :brickwall:
:asleep: :asleep: :asleep:
:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
:excited: :excited: :excited:
:whistle: :whistle: :whistle:
:whiteflag: :whiteflag: :whiteflag:
:cold: :cold: :cold:
:drools: :drools: :drools:
:shrugs: :shrugs: :shrugs:
:hungry: :hungry: :hungry:
:iagree: :iagree: :iagree:
:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
:badpc: :badpc: :badpc:
:waves: :waves: :waves:
:badday: :badday: :badday:
:sweat: :sweat: :sweat:
:deadhorse: dead horse dead horse
:laundry: washing washing
:dork: dork dork
:blush: :blush: :blush:
:congrats: Congrats Congrats
:smackshead: Smack Head Smack Head
:grin: Grin Grin
:cries: Crying Crying
:high5: High Five High Five
:jk: Just Kidding Just Kidding
:pullhair: Hair out Hair out
:rant: Rant Rant
:ty: Thank You Thank You
:P tongue out tongue out
:giggle: Giggle Giggle
:rollseyes: Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
:gl: Good Luck Good Luck
:fyi: FYI FYI
:ily: I Love You I Love You
:evillaugh: Evil Laugh Evil Laugh
:angel: Angel Angel
:popcorn: Popcorn Popcorn
:rip: Rip Rip
:redface: Redface Redface
:phew: Phew Phew
:jawdrop: Jawdrop Jawdrop
:hug: Hug Hug
:heart: Heart Heart
:greengrin: Greengrin Greengrin
:glare: Glare Glare
:dishes: Dishes Dishes
:chin: Chin Chin
:bump: Bump Bump
:bop: Bop Bop
:scalegood: Scalegood Scalegood
:scalebad: Scalebad Scalebad
:biggrin2: Biggrin2 Biggrin2
:PP: Tongue Tongue
:2thumbsup: Two Thumbs Up Two Thumbs Up
:grats: Congrats Congrats
:baby: Stork Stork
:claps: Claps Claps
:moo: Cow Cow
:doublepost: Double Post Double Post
:drink: Drink Drink
:impatient: Impatient Impatient
:oops: Oops Oops
:overreact: Over Reaction Over Reaction
:thumbsdown: Thumbs Down Thumbs Down
:onethumbup: Cool Thumbs Up Cool Thumbs Up
:nak: NAK NAK
:queen: Queen Queen
:smh: Shaking Head Shaking Head
:fingerscrossed: Fingers Crossed Fingers Crossed
:headwall: HeadWall HeadWall
:spit: Spit drink Spit drink
:peace: Peace Peace
:dontgo: Don't Go Don't Go
:coolpics: Cool Photos Cool Photos
:roaring: Hysterical Hysterical
:shucks: Shucks Shucks
:goodpost: Good Post Good Post
:arrr: Pirate Pirate
:gn: Good Night Good Night
:coffee: Coffee Coffee
:preggo: Pregnant Pregnant
:wb: Welcome Back Welcome Back
:construction: Construction Construction
:eekrun: EEk Run EEk Run
:help: Help Help
:idea: Idea Idea
:injured: Injured Injured
:irule: I Rule I Rule
:hatsoff: Hat's Off Hat's Off
:whaa: Whaa Whaa
:yuck: Yuck Yuck
:toothorn: Toot Toot
:like: Like Like
:dislike: Dislike Dislike
:greencheer: Green Cheerleader Green Cheerleader
:easter: Easter Easter
:wow: Wow Wow
:hiya: Hiya Hiya
:ashamed: Ashamed Ashamed
:beat: Beat Beat
:shoot: Shoot Shoot
:goodevil: Good vs. Evil Good vs. Evil
:that: Yeah that Yeah that
:agreed: Agreed Agreed
:flowers: Flowers Flowers
:wtg: WTG WTG
:sup: sup sup
:censored: Censored Censored
:poke: poke poke
:eyebrow: eyebrow eyebrow
:needcoffee: Coffee Coffee
:photog: Photo Photo
:ninja: Ninja 2 Ninja 2
:shame: Shame Shame
:sing: Sing Sing
:snapoutofit: Snap Out of It Snap Out of It
:tantrum: Tantrum Tantrum
:dance: Dance Dance
:wasntme: Wasn't Me Wasn't Me
:werd: Werd Werd
:read: Reading Reading
:bravo: Bravo Bravo
:ditto2: Ditto Too Ditto Too
:getaway: Get Away Get Away
:goodone: Good One Good One
:hanginthere: Hang in There Hang in There
:breakdance: Break Dance Break Dance
:highjacked: Thread Hijacked Thread Hijacked
:meditating: Meditating Meditating
:missyou: Miss You Miss You
:partytime: Party Time Party Time
:rundance: Run Dance Run Dance
:spin: Spin Spin
:potstirring: Stir the Pot Stir the Pot
:vacuum: Vacuum Vacuum
:wine: Wine Wine
:frenchtoast: What the Frenchtoast? What the Frenchtoast?
:afshowed: AF Showed AF Showed
:babyboy: Baby Boy Baby Boy
:zombi: Zombi Zombi
:hahano: Haha No Haha No
:babygirl: Baby Girl Baby Girl
:bag: Bag Bag
:bighug: Big Hug Big Hug
:bookworm: Bookworm Bookworm
:changebaby: Changing Changing
:fart: Fart Fart
:getwell: Get Well Soon Get Well Soon
:hearts: Spreading Love Spreading Love
:hiding: Under Chair Under Chair
:needhug: I Need a Hug I Need a Hug
:knockonwood: Knock On Wood Knock On Wood
:nana: Na Na Na Na Boo Boo Na Na Na Na Boo Boo
:noaf: No AF No AF
:patback: Pat On Back Pat On Back
:penalty: Penalty Penalty
:pms: PMS PMS
:sigh: Sigh Sigh
:whine: Whine Whine
:winneris: The Winner Is The Winner Is
:superman: Superman Superman
:treehug: Tree Hugger Tree Hugger
:woohoo: Woohoo Woohoo
:bitenail: Bite Nails Bite Nails
:nailhead: Nail on Head Nail on Head
:sunny: Weather Sun Weather Sun
:snow: Weather Snow Weather Snow
:storm: Weather Storm Weather Storm
:rain: Weather Rain Weather Rain
:wagfinger: Wag Finger Wag Finger
:goosebump: Goosebump Goosebump
:giraffe: Giraffe Giraffe
:bat: Bat Crazy Bat Crazy
:dreamy: Dreamy Eyes Dreamy Eyes
:console: Consoling Consoling
:canoe: Canoe Canoe
:bedbug: Bed Bug Bed Bug

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