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dragonfly May 28th, 2012 02:19 PM

Birth Stories
Here is a place for everyone to share their birth stories :)

How was your experience bring your little bundle of joy into the world?

Taz38 May 29th, 2012 11:22 AM

Re: Birth Stories
Copied from my PR--typos and all :p

Back story - Due to have a c-section and deliver a baby girl

Birth Story:

Sunday Feb 12 I had been on the go most of the day trying to use the last 2 1/2 weeks of my pregnancy to get things squared away for the baby. I was experiencing a little discomfort - no more than I thought I should be feeling for being 36+ weeks along and walking most of the day.

Got home, fixed dinner and was getting ready to go to bed, but I made a pitstop in the bathroom first (of course). As soon as I sat down I felt something kinda heavy and unusual come out and experienced some bleeding. I called my husband in the bathroom and he was like no way. I said I need to call the doc and find out what we should be looking out for. I called the doc and got the nurse midwife on call and she said to be onthe safe side since I had already started soaking a pad to come in. So not having my hospital bag packed yet, I grabbed a pair of sweatpants and my robe and shoved them in the diaper bag.

My husband let me off in the front at the elevators I need to use and drove off to find a parking spot. Well those doors locked at 9 and it was 9:30 and my hubby had vanished. So I go walking around by the ambulance center unable to get in and then I ccrossed over into the emergency room area. I asked one of the technicans the easiest way to get to L&D (of course hoping I'd be wheeled off) but noooooooooo they told me exactly how to get there. So I'm still hoofing it through the hospital by then I'm aggravated and getting a little pain.

I make it up to L&D to find my hubby and a team of nurses waiting for me. I get into the exam room and go through a painful inspection of my lady parts and the midwife said I think your water broke. Stupid me asked what does that mean (I know I knew what if meant, but I was out of it) She said it means we may have a baby tonight - so she ran a test on my fluid and said yep we're having a baby tonight. To which I replied I'm not ready for the baby tonight - she laughed and said no time like the present. My hubby makes a phone call to my parents and tells them it's baby time and I hear my mother scream at my dad to get up and she hung up the phone.....lol priceless

So it takes them 45 mins to prep the OR meanwhile I'm being stuck, monitored, hooked up to see the baby heartrate, etc. They walk me across the hall to the OR and I get prepped for my c-section. My hubby comes in and sits behind the curtain with me and we are just talking while the docs conduct their business.

They start asking us about the sex of our baby and what we're going to name it. So we said we're having a girl and her name is Katelyn. Oh that's great blah blah blah - and then the doc says - so you're having a girl? We replied yes and he said "well I see a penis!"

My hubby yelps "WHAT?!" and the doc repeats your baby has a penis and then I chime in "holy sh*t" and the doc laughs and said yeah that's what we said too...lol

So they pulled the curtain down and let me see his penis flying in the air - and they escort my husband over to see him on the table and he walks back to me and said "it's a boy, baby" He leaves the room to tell my parents and everyone is in shock.

It's been a whirlwind since then, but I'm so in love with my baby boy.

His name is Christopher Robert 6lbs 9oz, 19 inches long.

dragonfly May 30th, 2012 05:09 PM

Re: Birth Stories
Sorry it's a long one lol. I wrote this for my blog so I figured it would just be easiest to copy and paste haha

They weren't kidding when they say it hurts!

Yes, I'm talking about the 13 hours before Charlie came into my life. Yes, I'm talking about labor! Just so that you are fore warned I'm not going to be sugar coating it for those pregnant women out there who are feeling a little nervous for their first time going through labor. You deserve to know the truth! So if you're looking for me to tell you it's a breeze and it's not as bad as you think, stop reading now!

When I thought of labor I expected to feel a huge gush of water and look down to see the floor soaking wet. Then I would waddle to the phone through painful contractions, calling my hubby home from work and then rushing into the hospital where in the next couple hours I would be holding my baby in my arms. As I now know, that was a completely unrealistic and Hollywood fantasy.

I started having contractions in the early evening on July 28th. I brushed them off as being braxton hicks simply because they weren't at all painful. "It's only false labor." I told myself seeing as how I was still 1 week and 6 days away from my due date. Boy, was I wrong! My hubby called me from work to check in and not wanting to alarm him I insisted that everything was fine and neglected to let him know that the contractions weren't going away. By the time he got home a couple hours later not only did they not go away but I was having "period like" cramps that were starting to become uncomfortable. When he walked through the door I hesitated before telling him, "Honey, I think we need to go to the hospital." His response, "Now?!"

We both rushed around the apartment as I double and triple checked my hospital bag to make sure I had everything for both myself and my new bundle of joy. I kept insisting that they would probably just send us home because this couldn't be it. It seemed so surreal.

We never took any prenatal classes so when getting to the hospital I was a little unsure on how everything worked. Walking up to the front desk on the labor and delivery ward the nurse looked at me expectantly as I half asked, "I think I'm in labor?" They didn't seem too convinced either. But they admitted me anyways giving me a room and after getting into my hospital gown I was strapped up to the monitors so they could evaluate how the baby was doing and how my contractions were coming along. They had been 4-5 minutes a part since they first started but I still didn't think they felt painful enough to be real labor. My heart started beating faster and faster the longer we were in the hospital as it started to set in that I wouldn't be going home.

Finally when the nurse checked me to see how far along I was (Which is one of the most uncomfortable parts of having a baby. When you feel like you need something out you don't want anyone shoving their hands up there!) we found out that I was 2cm dilated and 50% effaced. "Still quite a ways to go." As the nurse put it. But seeing as how we weren't going home we both pulled out our cell phones to let everyone know that pretty soon we were going to have our baby and I got on the phone to call my cousin who was my second coach so that she could get off work and get to the hospital.

Even though I was getting close to 24 hours of no sleep I couldn't even fall asleep if I wanted to. I tried walking through the halls to get things going which I soon found unbearable as the contractions got more and more intense. I had the nurse come into my room and sit down with me to discuss my options for the pain. I had it set in my mind that I was going to try to go as natural as possible and there was NO WAY that I wanted an epidural. The nurse was quite adamant on finding out why I wouldn't consider it. I didn't really appreciate how hard she was trying to push it on me either. It's almost like people think you're crazy if you go all natural. (which I later learned from my cousin's experience that at least with epidurals there's a lot less screaming and although it's not completely enjoyable, you can appreciate the moment more. Although I still wouldn't get one the next time).

I ended up scaring the poor nurse who came in to take my blood. As she was sticking the needle into my vein a contraction started and as I tensed up and held onto the side of the bed for support she almost took a step back asking me, "Am I hurting you?" I laughed it off and assured her that she was fine but in the back of my head I was trying to figure out what else they expected from someone who was in labor and I almost resented her asking such a stupid question (As you can tell, at this point I was starting to get a wee bit irritable).

I had always thought that I would have been one of those crazy angry women in labor who are screaming and yelling at everyone, dropping the "F" bomb every second word but surprisingly I suffered in silence as both my hubby and my cousin watched Batman on the television that they had in my room. I couldn't find a comfortable position anymore as everything started to ache. My hips were so sore that lying on my sides was excruciating. I started getting anxious and impatient and wished that time would just go by faster.

When my doctor finally came in to see my she gave me a questioning look. "Didn't I just see you the other day for your appointment?" she asked me as though that was supposed to make a difference. She then started to tell me that if I wanted they could break my water for me which would help move things along but she also warned me that the contractions would get 100x more painful and intense. I hesitated wishing that they would tell me what to do because at that point I wasn't sure which was best. Because I kept hesitating my doctor left me in my misery to wait it out and see if I progressed on my own (If I could do it all over again I would have definitely told them to break my water right then and there).

After 7-8 hours since the last time I got checked to see how much I was dilated, I was starting to get extremely impatient as my contractions were very close together and the pressure and pain was starting to get to me. Hospitals should seriously look into getting their rooms sound proofed because the last thing I wanted to hear (As much as I understood) was the other women in labor as they made their final pushes. It's not the most comforting and encouraging thing to hear when you're nervous and not knowing what to expect next.

Finally, FINALLY, they checked me again and the nurse was surprised to say that I was 8cm dilated and 100% effaced!!! Almost go time! I told her then that I wanted my water broken and to get things moving. At that point I gave in and told her that I needed something to take the edge of the contractions off. The nurse that I had was amazing and so unbelievably nice. Right when I agreed to Nubane she went rushing into the hall calling out to the other nurses "Get this girl some drugs! This little girl needs drugs!" I had to laugh. After a shot in my bum the pain was still there but my head became so foggy that it was hard to focus on how much it hurt. Instead I drifted on and off as I waited for my doctor to come break my water.

I have to admit though that the Nubane might have been a bad idea only because everything after that is a little bit foggy. If anyone wants to be able to fully remember their experience I would suggest staying away from Nubane!

Getting your water broken is almost scary as they pull out this HUGE crochet needle looking instrument that they use to break the membranes. The next thing I knew there was a *GUSH* and I was given a button to press once I started feeling like I had to push. And the next thing I knew I had this incredible urge to go to the bathroom and I started pushing the button like there was no tomorrow.

Everything after this point I can only remember the feelings because I had my eyes shut as tight as I could close them. When the nurse went to check me for the last time it was absolutely horrible! Charlie's head was RIGHT THERE and not only did I have the nurse's hand right up there trying to push back a piece of my cervix but Charlie was so adamant on coming out that he was moving his head around like crazy as if he was trying to wriggle his way out.

The contractions were relentless and it seemed as though they were non stop and I couldn't catch my breath in between. Every time I had to push I ended up screaming as though using my vocal chords were making the pushing easier (it doesn't). I do remember at one point I tried to close my legs and told the nurse "I change my mind! He can stay in there!" My nurse was amazing because even though I was being extremely stubborn she was so patient with me and kept encouraging me the entire time.
If I could give anyone advice it would be that when you push, keep pushing no matter how much it hurts because it will be so much easier in the end. That was the problem that I had. Once I felt that stinging sensation of his head getting closer and closer to crowning I would stop because I felt like it was ripping me in half. I actually remember the moment I teared because the doctor actually told me "I know, that has to hurt."
Now for anybody who is afraid that they'll poop during labor, it's going to happen and you're extremely lucky if you don't. On the positive side, you really won't care when it happens because you'll be too preoccupied with pushing a watermelon through a hole the size of a lemon and believe me, that takes up pretty much your entire attention span. As I've been told by my hubby and my cousin, it's amazing what the human body goes through while delivering a baby. Apparently there's fluid flying everywhere that can jet out across the room.

Through the whole thing my eyes were closed and finally when I heard his first cry as Chris cut the umbilical chord and the doctor plopped this wriggling little baby on my chest, I opened my eyes and my heart melted. The one part that I agree with, is that once you have that baby in your arms the entire part before hand almost disappears and all is right with the world. At that point I had already pushed out the placenta and the doctor was stitching me up. I could feel the needle and thread pulling at me which made me want to kick the doctor away because I didn't want anything interfering in the first moment I had with my son.

After being weighed and check Charlie was bundled up and giving to my hubby, Chris, who even cried as he held our son for the first time. From that point on, no matter how exhausted I was, I couldn't take the smile off of my face. No matter how sore I was, or how tired I was, or how much I wanted a shower (honestly the first shower you have after giving birth is the most rewarding, revitalizing, and amazing shower you will ever have!) all I could think about was the bundle of joy sleeping in the bassinet beside me.

I count myself extremely lucky that everything went really well and he came out kicking and screaming but perfectly healthy. We were able to go home from the hospital the day after and besides the stitches we both did really well.

So that was how my wonderful baby boy came into this world. And even though next time I might do things a little differently I wouldn't change it for the world. Giving birth is an experience where all of your privacy and dignity goes out the window and yes it hurts like hell but despite the poop and the fluids and the blood, it is the most beautiful and rewarding experience that you will have.

Was it all worth it? Absolutely! Would I do it all over again? Without a doubt! Do I plan on going through it again anytime soon? Ummm no.

Kit Kat June 7th, 2012 04:55 PM

Re: Birth Stories
I went into the hospital November 11th with contractions 4 minutes apart. I was dilated to 3cm and 80% effaced. Babyís head wasnít engaged, so I wasnít dilating any more, and they sent me home after 3 hours.

November 12th, I was all by myself because Nate was working and the kids {and dog} were at my parentsí. I got up to go to the bathroom when my water broke! I was so surprised because #1 I never had my water break at home before and #2 my contractions at the time were 7 minutes apart and very tolerable. I called Nate at work and when he was on his way home, I called the hospital. My midwife said to come in soon, but we didnít have to rush {as long as we didnít take hours and hours}.

Nate came home, grabbed the few things that we needed that werenít already in the car, and we were on our way. Once we got to the hospital, I had my IV of penicillin started, as well as had the monitors hooked up to me. They needed to monitor Babyís heart rate for awhile because it kept dropping.

After all that, I got into the waterbirth tub. Relief! I felt so much better with the warm water over me. The contractions were pretty painful by that point and after a little while, I needed to get out so the nurse could do a quick ultrasound and make sure Babyís head was down {they kept getting the heart beat very high up}. It was!

I got back into the tub, and the contractions just kept coming. I told my midwife that I was feeling lots of pressure and sure enough, I was 100% effaced! I was dilated to 5cm at that point, but it didnít take long to get to 10. I pushed for 10 minutes, and Tristan Seth was born at 2:30pm! He had the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck THREE times, but luckily the midwife and nurse could get it off with no problems. That is probably why his heart rate kept dropping.

I had him completely natural, in the waterbirth tub, just like I wanted. He is 7 lb 9 oz and 21.5 inches long. He is so absolutely perfect!

Social Cognition and Imagination Lab October 22nd, 2014 09:31 AM

Re: Birth Stories
These stories are wonderful. Congratulations to you all!

LinzyLu January 12th, 2015 01:54 PM

Re: Birth Stories
My birth story was definitely not the way we had imagined it to go.... First of all we were told it was impossible for us both to have a baby, 1 in 5 million shot if we were to ever conceive.

Our little girl was trouble from the time we found out.... She never cooperated during ultrasounds - and we had ALOT of ultrasounds (two vessel cord and monitoring fluid levels). My first ultrasound was a nightmare (horrible techinician). Luckily they decided to send me to Nashville for some more in depth ultrasounds where the technician was absolutely fabulous. We only received one profile shot during our entire pregnancy (she wanted her face to be a surprise)!

I never once had any contractions (Braxton hicks or normal) She was a week over due and my doctor didn't want to wait any longer. So we scheduled the induction on 10/28/14, we went into the hospital at 5am. Needless to say the night before was sleepless and me being completely blind to the fact your not supposed to eat when your being induced hadn't ate anything beforehand due to nerves.... Our little girl gave the nurses a run for the money by either hiding from the monitor or kicking it off every hour... You never get any rest in a hospital! I had some awesome nurses though bless their hearts! Glad I made them a preemptive supply of apology cookies (hospitals freak me out and I was unsure of how pleasant a patient I would be).

I only dilated to a 2 with contractions that were already off the charts, I thought I was being a baby but my nurses re-assured me that it was not the case.

My doctor came into check on me at 3am on 10/29/14 and informed me that if I didn't dilate any further we would have to do a C-section (which of course didn't make me feel exactly at ease) By this time I was already on oxygen, Pitocin, and my water had been broken for several hours... My favorite nurse came back in to check on me about 40min after my doctor had left and asked if I had felt any different and I couldn't tell the difference between contractions and pressure so she checked and was extremely shocked that I went from a 2 to a 10 and was ready to push! I guess our little diva didn't like the idea of being cut out and had finally decided to come out on her own! at 3:51am our little girl was born 6lbs and 2 oz, 20 inches long... I unfortunately didn't get to hold her for roughly 2 hours as I retained the placenta and lost ALOT of blood, but my husband was across the room falling head over heels for a precious Finley Rae.. I remember briefly my doctor ordering for them to prepare a transfusion as he was trying his best to get the placenta out and asking the head surgical nurse to get ready just in case they needed to operate in order to retrieve the placenta.... Luckily it didn't come to that, but on the other hand they believe since I retained the placenta so long it caused me to be unable to breast feed (I simply didn't produce any milk).

But our girl is now a healthy and happy baby who has completely stolen our hearts... Our 1 in 5 million shot that was according to doctors never supposed to happen!

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