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Spyctre May 1st, 2013 07:37 PM

Sensual Maternity Photography
Am I the only one that thinks this is weird? Not that I don't like sex during pregnancy(well, right now I have too much heartburn to want it), but is it weird to decide that the maternity photos you want taken are ones that you may not want to share with your friends or family?

"Hey, Mom? Do you have any pictures of yourself pregnant with me?"

"...um...noooooo...and please never ask me again."

I just got through browsing a photographer's gallery, and it's full of these underwear clad women and men. The men have their arms across the women's boobies. Ala Janet Jackson at times... In one of them a little naked boy without blacked out dingle berries got to share the spotlight. His parents had undies.

One naked preggo was in Japanese rope bondage. :mellow:

I just normally feel so crappy during pregnancy. I don't understand anyone feeling sexy. Maybe horny. I will never look back at a sexy preggo picture of myself and think those were the days. I think about sweating, farting, peeing too much, heartburn, headaches, pain, fatigue, vomiting, vomiting some more, surgery to stop vomiting only to vomit even more. Or loads and loads of MUCUS. My husband hasn't turned down pregnancy sex, but he once told me that all the changes, mood swings, and sickness definitely wasn't too much of a turn on. The man has cleaned up my vomit on more times than I can count so I understand. lol

Cccbb61013 May 1st, 2013 09:05 PM

Re: Sensual Maternity Photography
Sex during pregnancy creeps me out. I've been avoiding my poor husband for weeks. I know i'm the odd man out with this, and i wish i wasn't, but I just can't get in the mood feeling a baby move inside me!

Spyctre May 1st, 2013 09:28 PM

Re: Sensual Maternity Photography
Don't have sex! Your DH might poke the baby's head!!! LOL We don't have much not because I dislike the look of my body but because I just feel nasty. Like I haven't showered for weeks. I wash my hair and it dries oily.

*Lana* May 1st, 2013 10:18 PM

Re: Sensual Maternity Photography
I've seen some nice maternity pics, but the ones you are describing are NMS. I'm self conscious enough as it is not pregnant.

jamieshalon2 May 2nd, 2013 05:16 AM

Re: Sensual Maternity Photography
I can't imagine being half naked for any pics. Nobody needs to see this body with nothing on, pregnant or not, lol.
I don't think I could do or would do pics like that, but oh well, to each their own.

soul_donut May 2nd, 2013 06:33 AM

Re: Sensual Maternity Photography
I'd need to see some examples of how sensual you're talking. I think there is a fine line for me personally. I did a nursery for a client who had a big naked family portrait done and hanging over their fireplace. I mean, great - it was lovely, but you know, for their own photo book. It was very voyeuristic - and they lived in a little subdivision cul-de-sac, not some modern loft downtown or something where it may make more sense, you know? NMS. But I think that I'd like to have some photo evidence of this pregnancy besides my own blurry mirror pictures. My DH took a picture of me the other day all sprawled out in the buff, trying to get comfortable in the bed and it was actually really lovely. I think he deleted it, which was a little disappointing. I think he just assumed I would not want a nude pic on his ipad (which really, I don't care about). I never liked the boudoir photography for weddings trend (or when people on my FB feed POSTED SOME OF THE PICTURES FOR EVERYONE TO SEE, sooo tacky) because I feel it's gimmicky to get more $ out of brides, but something about capturing the once in a lifetime beauty of a pregnancy (because they are all different!) is kind of special. But I mean, not like sexy pin up crap. More natural or dreamy maybe? on the way Andria Lindquist

Never a picture where the wife is wearing underpants and the husband is fully clothed. That's so awkward.

MrsPea May 2nd, 2013 02:32 PM

Re: Sensual Maternity Photography
I could see doing something tasteful. In some ways I feel very in touch with my womanhood now that I'm pregnant and some of those scantly clad photos out there capture just that. I don't know about naked children in pictures or anything overly sexualized, eek.

soul_donut May 2nd, 2013 02:47 PM

Re: Sensual Maternity Photography

Originally Posted by MrsPea (Post 27335018)
I could see doing something tasteful. In some ways I feel very in touch with my womanhood now that I'm pregnant and some of those scantly clad photos out there capture just that. I don't know about naked children in pictures or anything overly sexualized, eek.

That's a good way to put it, being more in touch as a woman, which is something to be celebrated!

WorkerBeeMama May 2nd, 2013 03:10 PM

Re: Sensual Maternity Photography
I could do something cute, but not sexy. Sexy is for when I am not growing human beings.

I am not opposed to sex during pregnancy tho. We may end up DTD less but only cause I have pregnancy flatulence or I feel a little swollen and unattractive. But nothing more than that. I know baby is swimming far away from anything that would be going on.

cooper1414 May 2nd, 2013 04:12 PM

Re: Sensual Maternity Photography
I don't like the sensual ones either. They seem creepy to me.

allysmomma May 2nd, 2013 04:28 PM

Re: Sensual Maternity Photography
I've had maternity photos with both the kids, nothing too crazy, but usually just naked belly shots!! It's always done by my friend, so I feel more comfortable.

Wren May 2nd, 2013 06:10 PM

Re: Sensual Maternity Photography
I could understand doing a tasteful, artful nude, but ones that are overtly sexual to me just seem funny or tacky. If other people like it I am not going to judge them to much, I just can't imagine looking at a picture of myself in one of those shots and not laughing.

ILoveStorm2011 May 2nd, 2013 07:29 PM

Re: Sensual Maternity Photography
I would do a semi-nude, but not in a sexual way at all. I love the naked belly ones, but I probably wont get any done.
And as for sex, when Dh was here we weren't dtd too often because some days it felt like I was already being ripped open and I did NOT feel like going through that again with him.

QL1516 May 2nd, 2013 07:46 PM

Re: Sensual Maternity Photography
Sexy pin up pregnancy pics made me think of this:


I kinda l like this though not sure I'd be able to pull it off, but it is in fun also. Not so sure that pregnancy bondage is my style. Though I bet that the chick willing could make some decent money....

I think I'll probably do some belly pictures, for documentation if nothing else...

Allisonjuly May 2nd, 2013 09:10 PM

Re: Sensual Maternity Photography
My dh is very honest in telling me he finds nothing sexy about pregnant women- myself included. He's creeped out by men who have the fetish and doesn't understand it. No sensual pictures of this mama!

mizza411 May 2nd, 2013 09:41 PM

Re: Sensual Maternity Photography
I thought you were going to say you did them and I was grossed out until I opened your post! Not for me, that's for sure! It's not the nude part that bugs me it's the sexy/sensual images. Although I probably would never do those photos not pregnant too.

soul_donut May 2nd, 2013 09:53 PM

Re: Sensual Maternity Photography
sexual and sensual are quite different..

Spyctre May 2nd, 2013 11:48 PM

Re: Sensual Maternity Photography
If I come across them, I might Pm them to you, Melissa, but I didn't post them because I know I would have gotten in trouble! Lol The were almost porn. Those posted to this thread are very pretty and cute. I love old pinups! These are not those, but there seems to be a market for them.

ILoveStorm2011 May 3rd, 2013 12:48 AM

Re: Sensual Maternity Photography
Oh my!
So when I first stumbled and saw I was like "I could do artistic with the lady parts covered" and I googled "maternity pictures" to get some ideas
Some of these do kind of resemble those more raunchy romance books. Not in a good way!
And some are just too much showing, like one with no coverage at all. Some things I cannot unsee

soul_donut May 3rd, 2013 07:47 AM

Re: Sensual Maternity Photography
If we're just talking straight up raunchy then hell no. I wouldn't do that with my toned thin body from a few years ago let alone now when my muscles have gotten a little soft and little gas toots are slipping out here and there, ha.

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