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hearts.0nfire December 18th, 2011 08:58 PM

A few questions
How long did it take you from the time you may have found a match to the time you actually signed the contract and started the process? I know right now we're still working on the contract and making sure everything is correct, but i'm so ready to sign it and start the process!

Also what process did you do to conceive(at home insemination, iui, ivf)?

GSLynn December 20th, 2011 01:21 PM

Re: A few questions
I don't visit this section often.

I did surrogacy and in 2009 I matched with IP's. Took 5 months from match to contracts and then an additional 3 months before first transfer. That transfer didn't take and it took 5 months from that time to get to 2nd transfer. We lost the baby 3 months later.

The second time, I matched in July, did contracts in September and transferred in October. I had the baby this past July

Now, I am still matched with my FIP's and we're doing a sibling journey in August of next year. We anticipate signing new contract around May and doing med screen in June.

We did Gestational Surrogacy so I did an "IVF" process minus going through the egg retrieval.

MommaJones December 25th, 2011 09:42 AM

Re: A few questions
With my first journey as a TS, I went through an agency. In November we chatted, signed contracts in December, did the IUI in January and ended up pregnant. It was VERY quick and very easy.

As my first GS journey, I matched again through an agency back in March of 2010. We talked for a few months, signed contracts in August of 2010. Transferred for the first time in Sept of 2010, again in January of 2011, again in May of 2011 and now for the final time in November of 2011. We are currently pregnant with twins and hopefully in for a beautiful 8 more months.

LittleWhiteside January 11th, 2012 12:30 AM

Re: A few questions
This is my first GS journey.

We matched in late Nov.

December I traveled to Texas to meet them, do psych eval and meet with RE.

We are signing contracts tomorrow.

I am flying there the following day as I am already on estrace for the Mock cycle. Friday morning the RE will measure my lining and see where were at.

February transfer.

We are doing IVF with frozen donor Eggs.

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