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NetworkingMama February 2nd, 2011 07:20 PM

Tips for Handling the "No's" in Network Marketing
As any network marketer will tell you, “No” happens. And it happens a lot! I recently had a particularly disappointing occurrence when I was speaking to a potential lead for my business. This person was a perfect fit – very interested in working from home, sharp, energetic, and excited to move forward with my team. People like that don’t come along very often and I was very excited to have this person on my team.

I had great rapport with this person and after several phone and email conversations they were ready to begin with my team. And then nothing. No phone call, no email. I reached out a few times just to follow up but got no response. Now, I am well aware that this person doesn’t owe me anything – it’s absolutely fine if they changed their mind. Although I had invested a lot of time into this person, getting a “no” is just part of the business and I’m completely OK with that. But for some reason this “no” got me a little bit down.

Being told “no” is a natural part of any business, but it’s how you handle the “no’s” that will make a difference in your attitude and your business. I decided to reflect on three points that always help me handle the “no’s” in stride. I will share them below and I hope you will find them as useful as I have.

1) DON’T TAKE IT PERSONALLY. It’s sometimes hard to NOT take a “no” personally, but remind yourself that you are running a business and your opportunity is not going to be a fit for everybody. Even when the perfect prospect comes along, and you’ve done everything you can to develop a relationship, build rapport, and showcase your opportunity…they still might say no. There are a hundred reasons why someone may not embrace what you are offering – not the right time, not the right price, not the right “fit”…and it’s nothing against you as a person. Get some feedback from the situation if possible, and use it to make your next pitch better.

2) REST & REFLECT. As in my story above, some “no’s” can be a bit more disappointing than others. It’s important to take a pause and reflect on the situation. Depending on the time and effort you put into a prospect, you may feel a bit depleted and it can be helpful to take a mental break and rejuvenate. If you were able to get any feedback on why the “no” occurred, analyze it to see if you need to make any changes to how you present your opportunity to others.

3) GET MOTIVATED AGAIN. Although hearing a “no” can be disappointing, it’s important to focus on the positive and get back at it! Remind yourself of some of the successes you’ve had, and make it your goal to achieve that feeling again. Think about the things you enjoy about running your business and get excited again. Establish some new actions for yourself, like attending a new networking event or seeking out a speaking opportunity for your business. Above all, THINK POSITIVE!

As a network marketer you will most likely continue to receive more “no’s” than “yes’s”…that is just part of the territory. But next time you get a “no”…don’t sweat it. Take it as an opportunity to reflect, regroup and get motivated again. I hope you’ve found value in this post!

If you'd like to know more about me, feel free to check out my profile:)

To Your Success,

Kara Rosner

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