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Sex selection methodology and technology have advanced significantly since Dr. Shettles first came up with his method. Because his method is non-invasive, drug-free and can be done at home, it has not raised significant ethical questions.

Yet as technology has progressed, the topic of sex selection has come under increasing scrutiny, according to the Harvard Journal of Law & Technology. It is especially controversial for methods that may involve new medical breakthroughs. Some of these medical methods include Microsort, a sperm-sorting technique that makes it possible for doctors to use the X-bearing or Y-bearing sperm to artificially inseminate the mother-to-be. A more invasive method for selecting the baby’s sex is pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD).

Should policies on non-intervention or prohibition of gender selection technologies be established? This is under discussion among regulators. The selection of a baby’s sex is a divisive issue in today’s society, particularly among feminist groups.

Whether the Shettles method can truly determine the sex of your child continues to be debated. Scientists agree that conception results from intercourse during a six-day time-frame that ends in ovulation. Ultimately, it's up to you and your partner whether you prefer to try the Shettles method for gender determination, seek professional assistance or let nature take its course.

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